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Everyday Bernie gathers together a collection of recent world events and unravels them out to his readers. Here is today’s latest Unspun News.


“The Russian warships stationed in Syria’s coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers.“  But, but, why were THEY there???

“Barack Obama to block bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia“  Also see today’s book comment ….  I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry …

PEPE ESCOBAR – “The US Road Map To Balkanize Syria” – “The definitive proof of the Empire of Chaos’s real agenda in Syria may be found in a 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document declassified in May last year.”  Must read…..

“Oliver Stone’s American History – ‘We’re Not Under Threat. We Are The Threat’” … “When I studied the untold history, one thing that really hit me hard was the history of our involvement in the Middle East,” Stone said.  “It was a nefarious involvement.”

And this goes with that –
“Handle With Care: American Psycho System A ‘Co-worker Of God’“

“Syria Shows US Under Military Rule;  “A schism within US government has come spectacularly into the open, with the Pentagon and CIA militarists seemingly subverting the president’s authority over Syria policy.”  That would explain a lot….


“Ill Omen for Syria: US Killed Truce Because Regime Change Is All It Cares About”  So what’s new???

Sometimes, you see a REAL piece of information that reveals a LOT… this is one of them ….  “Nestlé Outbids Another Town for Control of Local Water Supply“

MofA – Event and motive dissected, re the aid convoy attack….

And this goes with that – “Syria: Attack on Aid Obliterates US War Crimes in Support of ISIS-Daesh Terror Group?“

Popular Putin …. “The September parliamentary elections in Russia resulted in a big win for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The ruling United Russia party gained an absolute majority of seats. All other parties represented in the parliament back the national leader.“  Who would you vote for?  Trump/Killary, or Putin?  Hmmmmm…..

“US to deploy new nukes in Europe – Moscow expresses ‘concern’“   Yeah – so would I !!!

“Strongest earthquake in 11 years hits Mozambique“
ALSO- http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/earthquake.php?id=532513


“The Japanese government plans to cover the costs of the Fukushima disaster including evacuee compensation and decommissioning of the plant site with a new public cost of $83 billion dollars.”   Remember ‘electricity so cheap it won’t be worth metering’?  I do.


Oz – “The town of Forbes in New South Wales’ central west is bracing for the impact of a major flood similar to that which hit the town 26 years ago.”

“The long-term trend in the electron density of the ionospheric F layer may be natural, not man-made.“  Is this ‘energetically’ significant?  I wonder …..

“Atmospheric oxygen levels have declined over the past 1 million years, although not nearly enough to trigger any major problems for life on Earth, a new study finds.“

“One of the main lines of evidence used by the Obama administration to justify its global warming regulations doesn’t exist in the real world, according to a new report by climate researchers.”

INDIA – “In a 24-hour period ending 08:00 local time on Wednesday, September 21, Dahanu received a whopping 529 mm (20.8 inches) of rain. Its previous record for September was 481 mm (18.9 inches). Since the onset of monsoon this year, Dahanu has received 3 700 mm (145.6 inches) of rain, an excess of 1 883 mm (74.1 inches).”  Chaotic, unprecedented, random….

“Karl Approaches Bermuda; Trouble in the Caribbean Next Week?“  “A Hurricane Watch and Tropical Storm Warning are now in effect for Bermuda, and it is not out of the question that Karl will pass near the island as a minimal hurricane.”  Will someone tell Karl it’s now September???

PHILIPPINES – “Developing typhoon threatens Taiwan & Philippines“


“A Mysterious Boom Rattles New Yorkers“

A very impressive UFO report…..


“Something is not quite right…you feel it…you may have experienced this feeling, this nagging, for a long time. So you most probably just try to ignore it and hope that it goes away; but sooner or later the persistent nagging finally brings an idea to your mind – there’s something very odd about the way the world is.”  Ain’t THAT the truth!

“Yin Yang symbol is widely recognized throughout the world, but the beginning and philosophy related to this ancient symbol originate in ancient China and old beliefs of the Chinese people, who tried to understand the workings of the universe.   Yin yang philosophy represents and explains the duality of everything in the universe.“


“China’s first-ever space lab will die a fiery death in Earth’s atmosphere toward the end of next year, Chinese officials said.”

“A meteorite impacting the earth under a grazing angle of incidence can do a lot of damage; it may travel a long way, carving a trench into the ground until it finally penetrates the surface” ….

“None of these small sunspots poses a threat for strong explosions. Solar flare activity remains very low.”  Darn near a blank Sun…..

“Galaxies often exhibit alignment with one another across vast distances.   According to Electric Universe theory, galactic evolution occurs as large-scale plasma discharges form spinning wheels of coherent filaments that display electrodynamic behavior and not merely that which gravity alone can contribute. “

“NASA Spacecraft Fly in Record-setting Formation” … “The purpose of the maneuver was to study the inner workings of magnetic reconnection-sometimes called the Universe’s favorite way of making things explode.“
Interesting – and NB the focus on magnetism…. Now, about that Electric Universe?


“Scientists in Amsterdam just destroyed breast cancer tumors in 11 days without chemo“

“… there is a growing body of scientific evidence that wireless microwave radiation is potentially harmful to human health, including damage to DNA, leakage of the blood-brain barrier, cognitive impairment and cardiac symptoms.”  Could cellphones actually be a ‘weapon’????


“Viking cats: Travelling the high seas helped felines conquer the world”


I’ve just finished Joseph Farrell’s latest – ‘Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery‘;  it is a superb research into 911, 15 years on.  IMHO, his conclusions, step by step, are almost undeniable – and the totality of his research paints a very, very intriguing picture.  Not a nice picture, but very, very interesting. As in the old curse – “May You Live in Interesting Times”…..   We do.


“It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creeds into law if it acquires the political power to do so, and will follow it by suppressing opposition, subverting all education to seize early the minds of the young, and by killing, locking up, or driving underground all heretics.”

~~ Robert A. Heinlein


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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