The Auditorium| A QHHT Session By Tai Ashley-Jones

A QHHT session: Dolores Cannon’s life purpose and advice to QHHT practitioners, volunteer souls, belief systems being removed, earth changes, the new earth and more.


Here is a past life regression session that Tai Ashley-Jones conducted with her QHHT client Lorna Wilson back in September, 2012. Lorna is one of our Global Moderators over on transients’ Roundtable Forum.

This is a fascinating session with a lot of deep information. See the topics covered below.

  • Information on Dolores Cannon’s life purpose and impact on the global consciousness.
  • Dolores Cannon provides advice for QHHT practitioners through a spiritual classroom setting.
  • Explanation of an energetic suit in relation to travel and movement between dimensions/realms.
  • Volunteer earth based souls and info around requiring energetic vibrational adjustments from not having lived many lives on Earth previously.
  • The time to remove layers of belief to find and become our true selves and information around how belief systems infect souls in a negative way on Earth.
  • The reasons around why the coastlines around the world are changing from rising ocean levels and earth changes, including mention of the 2004 Sumatra tsunami impacting consciousness.
  • Classroom based teachings that souls receive while their human form sleeps and their astral body travels.
  • A description and look into the New Earth environment as well as an explanation expanding our understanding of what the ‘New Earth’ actually is.

Tai Ashley-Jones is a holistic healthcare practitioner, artist and teacher of metaphysics in Essex, England. Lorna Wilson, author of Healing Journeys Through Quantum Realities: The Handbook, is an advanced hypnotherapist, mentor and life coach, Shamanic practitioner and a QHHT practitioner based in England.

The information presented below based upon belief systems and people becoming trapped and blocked because of them compliments and correlates with what Thomas Campbell has shared and touched upon within his three book trilogy, My Big Toe. For those unaware, Tom Campbell is a very advanced out of body explorer and this is where his insight originally came from.

A section below that contains an expanded understanding of how we can think of the ‘New Earth’, specifically the state of consciousness relating to our experience of it, reminds me very much of how astral projection teacher and author William Buhlman, a former student at the Monroe Institute, explained in his book Adventures Beyond the Body. He wrote that some people with very strong beliefs based upon their experiences on Earth, especially religious based beliefs, do actually hang out together in a plane based upon their belief system in the astral, after life on Earth. As they are stuck in that belief system and the power of all their thoughts have created and manifested the actual realities there.

* * *

The Symbol

Tai –  Can you describe your beautiful place to me?
Lorna –  It is a jungle setting .. a jungle in that it is huge plants and  flowers.. big shiny leaves  and deep, deep rich green…

I am thinking I have been here before…….I know this place  it is my place…

T –  Just enjoy it. Are you walking through it or are you just watching it?
L –  I am standing here just feeling that I have been here before and how wonderful it is to be here.  It is my place and that makes me feel really good.

T –  What is the temperature like here?
L –  It is just humid… moist and warm.. I am listening to the birds and everything knows me here… this is my place.

T –  Well take some time to enjoy it .. and tell me what you are doing as you make your way through this vista
L –  I am telling it all that I love it and they are saying ‘welcome back’ home hearing the birds…and I am seeing the birds…It just feels really good.  It feels like home .. one  of my homes.. I know this place.. The leaves are just big and green and shiny and just lush..  deep, deep emerald green…    (T –  Wonderful)…The leaves I am looking at are kind of like a round shape …..

T –  So they are round shape.. So a deep, deep emerald round shape are they a normal leaves
L –  Like they are jungle over-sized plants. The birds are oversized… Some of the birds are yellow and they have the tail that goes up and in bit of a spiral. The leaves are just big and round and green …and shiny.

The Auditrium QHHT Past Life Regression
Image from the movie Avatar

T –  Is there something about the leaves that is particularly of importance to you or is it that you are amazed by the size of these things?
L –  No I am just amazed. I don’t think it is that important  but it is like they draw my attention because they are just beautiful and …..

T –  Are there trees there as well or is it just leaves?
L –  No… there are trees

T –  So can you describe the trees for me?
L –  Well there are loads of them.. it is like being in a forest.. But I am just seeing the base of them as they go up so high in the sky…but a jungle kind of forest…. a rich green one with lots of vines and life.

T –  And you said you can hear the sounds of the birds can you hear anything else?
L –  Just other nature sounds …like many different types of birds..  insects.. sounds…. and  I can actually can hear ‘sounds’ of the plants as welL -. the trees…and the leaves…  it is kind of like a ‘harmony’ .. a bit like chimes but not chimes..

“Gathering of Souls”  now why did I just think that?

Ah!!….  The plants and nature and stuff it’s telling me …a “Gathering of Souls”

T –  The plants are telling you that?
L –  Yes.  I can hear that in the background in this like  musical kind of harmony and so I am one of .. me being there in this place that is mine.. Where all this one ‘Gathering of Souls’ …. And that we are varied in that we have different externals but we are just this “Gathering of Souls” and it is like the harmony is the sounds of our Souls in harmony with each other and it is ‘my place.’

T –  Mmmm that sounds wonderful…So is no-one else there then.. it is just you?
L –  Well the plants and the nature and birds.. they are not people but they are with me…

T –  But there are no other humans in this place.?  O.K. Where would you like to go in this jungle would you like to walk somewhere or to move somewhere.. do  you have a body?
L –  O.K. I have just put myself in my symbol

Oh I see!!!   My symbol all these things are inside my symbol and so what I am experiencing is all within my symbol …because as I am talking I am seeing it  expanding but my special place is inside my symbol where nature and life and the Gathering of Souls is within the symbol.

T –  So the symbol contains it all?
L –  Yes.  And that is why it is my place

T –  Do you want to explore more of what is inside the symbol?
L –  I just saw a path open up…

T –  Shall we walk down that path.. tell me what is happening?…
L –  Well everything just kind of opens out and there is a doorway…

T –  Can you describe it to me?
L –  It is just like a doorway like an entry way in the middle of nowhere but I don’t see what it is attached to..

T –  Is it important?  (Yes)  O.k. then just take  a bit of  time…….
L –  AAAAhhh I see.. O.K. It is the entry-way through a dimension and I go through it and I find myself in the Auditorium.

Dolores and The Auditorium

T – Wonderful. Can you spend a bit of time and describe the Auditorium for me?
L –  Well  there are some Beings standing near the doorway and they say.. laughing with me and they are saying..”Ah.. I almost fooled you”  And they are having fun with me and they are saying “You take yourself far too seriously”  and they are telling me there are many different ways to enter this place.

T –  Do they want you to know about the different places or is it not important?
L – They are telling me that… however I enter it is not important that is it just by desire and alignment with the heart and the heart’s purpose that I can enter it

But I make it seem too difficult as thought I have to take the time and …by having to make the time….

And they are showing me driving in circles coming over here (laughing).. making it all difficult and I could have just entered it from home, so they are laughing with me but they  say “that’s what happens when you find yourself in a human body you see barriers and restrictions that are not there they are all mostly self-created”

T –  So ask them what would be the purpose of you doing it this way via our working together?
L –  They need you to know …and they need you to tell others that there is a time of ripening that others need to know and they are showing me  loads of different path-ways that are opening that are leading to this place…. it is  a bit like a half-way house.. not  a half-way house …but more like a junction when you have to pass through it to go elsewhere it is like a….

T –  Like a meeting house or more than that?
L –  Yes but it is more than that, it is like a docking station and so many pass through here to go to their destination and you are to tell them that…

T –  Tell them that the way that they can access this, is by intent and through the heart.. Kind of like…ask and it will be given?
L – Yes.   And they are to ask …of themselves and of their higher selves to….. be led to their right place and so I am being told to tell them …and to tell you that

It is not about ….seeking for others to lead you somewhere, it is about them to go into their own hearts asking for their own higher self to lead them to where they are meant to be. I am seeing loads…it is like.. I don’t know why. LA comes to mind but one of those cities that but it is just like seeing motorways on top of motorways and all leading to different places… and I am seeing that…

T –  Like Spaghetti Junction?
L –  Yes just loads of them and it is … and they lead through to different dimensions as well as different aspect of “being” and they are showing me that people are stripping off layers of themselves and are revealing their true selves underneath all these layers that they have piled on top of each other.

They are telling me that people have to take their confusion off …that the confusion is like layers of heaviness and encrusted (that is the word they use) encrusted… densities and they have to peel those layers off and they will reveal their true self ….that it is no longer a time to be hiding behind layers… of false…

That the layers are how they think..    They are showing me a big blackboard and standing at the blackboard is Dolores.. (L –  Laughing..)… and Dolores  is telling them to “Strip off these layers and that “They” who you are hoping to communicate with is yourself that you are the ‘They!!”…

T –  Who is she telling this too can you see the people she is talking to?
L –   It is just I am now in like a big hall ..It is a big auditorium …. There are desks and chairs and bleachers and just loads of them and there are a few TV type cameras so she is broadcasting this to the world. And that the “They” that she has been communicating with and speaking with, is really the people …it is the  collective consciousness of the people on the planet.

She has been the ‘voice’ of the collective consciousness of the people on the planet and where she thinks of it as ‘They’ as though it is some other ‘They’….

She has actually been speaking and communicating from  the voice and the life of the planet

How do I explain this?

T –  I can understand it completely that is wonderful…
L –  The planet is embodied as a Soul and this is the ‘Gathering of the Souls” and so the ‘souls’ voice and is being communicated through Dolores and because Dolores does not realize it is the collective consciousness she is thinking it is a ‘They’ as in some other distant ‘They’ but it is not it is the collective.. undercurrent.. as in the collective.. ‘sub’… consciousness but not ‘sub’ as in the lower-sub but the sub as in the  undercurrent …buried sub but .. how do I explain this?..

T –  You are doing really well
L –  But she is the voice and what she is telling people is telling them about themselves.. that part of themselves that they don’t see.. know.. hear…or .. understand for the most part.

T –  I understand.
L –  So she is the voice of the people telling them this.  I am seeing her standing at the blackboard and I am seeing the image of her as she is now..  Lorna groaning.. “Oh I am so full of goosebumps” – which is Lorna’s body recognition of a truth.

But behind and around her is multi-layers of colours and different forms and so the form she is presenting to the world as her her human form and I am seeing just these ‘others.’ .. It is like when you look at a Neon sign that just has all these different shapes behind it and  colours and it is rippling out for like…ever it is like.. infinity.. comes to mind.

T –  Is she aware of this as she is standing there  do you think?
L –  Yes she is aware as she has looked over at me and she has winked and smiled and it is like she has given me a nod.

T –  Would you like to go and speak with her?
L –  I can but she is speaking to everyone. And so I am just kind of standing on the side but where she has done the wink and the nod it is to let me know that she knows that I am there and I see her.

T –  Right.  So when she utilizes all this energy in what she is doing and passes it through in her sessions .. is there just one aspect of that energy which talks with her directly? Or is it just a kind of a frissom of energy from the  WHOLE… collective.. that she then collates and gives out the information?
L –  It is the whole thing that is why she calls it ‘they’ and so she gives to the person what they can relate to at that moment in time, but it is ‘They’ she does not differentiate she just says ‘They’..

T –  So she collates the ‘Vibrations’ of the entire energy source (of the collective).. and she gives it the voice?
L –  She is the mouthpiece of this .. she gives it the voice… she committed to this and this is her.. the word obligation comes to mind.. but this is her ‘purpose’ she is the voice of ‘They” and she is trying to explain to people.. Let me listen to what she is saying  (pause)

She is trying to explain to people to stop imitating her.. to just connect to ‘They’… “Stop trying to be me or anyone else.  Just connect to ‘They.’  They are quite happy to use you.. just as they have been using me.. but they cannot use you if you are trying to be ME!! because you then put up a block and I keep trying to tell you that it is ‘THEY!!’..”

(L –  Laughing..)  This is so funny because she is getting a bit like.. “How many times do I have to keep telling you that I am Dolores and you are you, if you do as I tell you then you will have them speak through you”

And then she smiles sweetly  (laughing) .. and this is so funny as I am watching her because when she is talking all these colours .. forms behind her are also moving as well…

T –  Can we ask for some explanation of how she is able to do this work whilst doing her very busy schedule?
L –  That is why .. she is doing her busy schedule they are telling me, because that is the work.. all these different parts and pieces that are behind her and working through her are all the parts and pieces that are doing the work and so she is .. en..liv..ened.. by all these multi-dimensional aspects and part and pieces and they need her to keep moving around as she does as she keeps picking up  and depositing other parts and pieces of the work.. and herself in different places.  So not only does she visit the places but she leaves behind .. and as I am telling you this.. I am seeing it..  the different pieces of all of these.. It is quite interesting to see all the different forms and colours and shapes behind her.. but pieces of them drop off each time and other pieces come on, so there is this collective thing that is taking place where there….    She is never any less than she was… because where she drops off a piece she picks up another piece so there is this interchanging of energetic frequencies and colours and form and that is why it is important that she is …‘Global’…

T –  So wherever she goes she is energizing it with these aspects of vibrational energy?
L –  Yes.  And also picking up some other bits.

T –  Yes.  Can we ask her why she is doing such a complicated and difficult job and yet others feel like they just want to stay put?
L –  She said it is not complicated.

T –  What she is doing or the what others are doing?
L –  Yes she saying that ‘you’ are making it complicated and she has this… (Laughing).. it is almost like a little tirade.. that she says…


T –  Which aspect of what she is trying to tell us is so important?
L –  “Just allow them to work through you.  All of this Jingle-Jangle (New age rituals)… all that stuff.. it is not necessary.  It is simply that .. you open your mouth, you open your heart and you open your thoughts.  All that other stuff is just…… not… necessary…            YOU DON’T NEED IT!! Sometimes when I listen to some of you, I think.. WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT!!  You don’t need that.  You don’t need to do any of it.. all this clearing of the spaces.. and suchlike.. YOU DON’T NEED THAT .. THEY DON’T NEED THAT..  Listen .. they need nothing but just a willing mouth to be open”

T –  Amazing ..
L –  She has now flipped over a sheet (on the Blackboard)..

T –  To show what is on the next page?
L –  Yes.  And it is just a blank page and she says…”THIS IS ALL YOU NEED!  Nothing… just this blank willing page.. all this other.. pretty stuff… and things you put out and bells clanging.. (Both laughing….)…NO!! YOU DON’T NEED ANY OF THAT!!”

And then she is looking around sweetly and saying… “I am just trying to tell you .. You are enough… You need NONE of that”

And there are some people sitting there furiously writing and she is saying.. “Look what you are writing.. you don’t need NONE OF THAT!!  You just need to open your mouth and they will speak through you”

T –  Does she recommend ways of ‘Being’ to be able to do that… other than in hypnosis sessions?
L –  She says you don’t even need to do the hypnosis.  She says you have to trust and believe.. it is… “believe”…. Just like you expect people to get fixed because they believe you can do the work.. you can do the work if you believe.  She says…”See this clean board?  All you need to do the work is to be clean and empty like this.. Empty yourselves of all the thoughts of how you think and just empty  yourself.. You need to be clean and just like this board.. Just clean and THEY will speak through you.  I keep telling you this.. I don’t know what more you want me to tell you”

T –  What is happening now?
L –  I am just watching her as she is looking around at everyone and smiling sweetly. It is like she gives this explanation and then she smiles sweetly.  And then I just see her and she just… grows.. it is like her whole being.. it just grows… and it kind of becomes like… light…. It is like they are putting all this light around her and in her and she just glows.  As she is just talking it is just like light is coming out of her mouth ..  so it is like the form.. of Dolores and then the form of the ‘Theys’ behind her …and with her.. and it is just…. Light.

I don’t quite know how to explain it, it is just fascinating to watch…

T –  See if you can.. see if you can expand on it some more…
L – It is like the light is just pouring into her and her form itself just somehow disappears and it just is.. becomes… just light… so it is like the presence of her is really.. just ….light

T –  Can I ask a question then, do you think she is showing you her Higher Self energy … her… Soul Energy or is it some other kind of energetic expression?
L –  It must be.. let me just look at this again.. (pause).. O.K. whilst this is happening and it is in this huge space (auditorium)  kind of lecture space and it is in a sector of the Auditorium and ‘They’ are pushing all this light through her and it is going out and it is connecting to everyone there.. so it is like… she is…. OH I SEE!!.  The words and what she is saying …is being broken down into light and that light is then going out to people and I am seeing them being washed with this kind of light and .. they are ‘Getting it!’ .. and they are understanding what she is saying because the light is connecting within their own light.. so there is a Soul thing happening again because I am hearing ‘Gathering of Souls’ and that harmonious musical note kind of thing.. Oh I see!!.. Her words and light are like a frequency and sound and a tone and it connecting and touching different chords in different people and at the same time that it is doing that it is … changing.. or …opening.. or … releasing.. is not the word.. it is like it is connecting with the chord within people.  It is like… oh how do I explain this?..

T –  Can I ask  she putting out  one frequency that she has gathered….?
L –  No it is loads.. there are all these different things behind her (T – that are coming into her..)  are passing through her and as they pass through her, it is not that she herself is doing it .. it is like it is coming out through her and touching everyone and connecting or changing or ‘turning on’ something with them or shifting  something..

T –  I understand that…. so my question is as she puts it through …. being like the Channeller  of this the ‘They’ energy…  is it up to the individual that receives it to use the energy  in a way that they respond to for themselves so it will be different for each person so it would be their..  choice.. how they receive it? … and use it?
L –  How it is affecting people is how they .. choose to ..allow themselves to be. So it is only personalized according to a persons make up.  But it is collectively coming…  Mmmm O.k… This is the image I am seeing.  I’m seeing the planet and I am seeing all this colour and it is coming up collectively from the planet just like swirling and it is all coming into these coloured things behind Dolores and it is coming through her and it is almost like it is being stepped down or ordered in some way and then it is coming out to her and is connecting to others.  And it is not only just connecting to others that are there in that moment but it is connecting elsewhere in the planet and for some people it is just washing over them and for some people it is just passing through and changing something within them..

T –  Right..  So that is up to the individual how they respond to what is being offered?
L –  Yes. And even those that aren’t even thinking of anything ‘to do with anything’ are still being connected or touched or having the opportunity ..

T –  And these ‘energies’ of these people have they chosen to be in that Auditorium?
L –  Those in the Auditorium are a part of the plan.

T –  Can you tell us more about that?

L –  O.K. Let me just see.  O.K. …so these Beings are taking me and we are walking around on the side and I have left that part where Dolores is.. We are walking past there.  It is kind of a funny image I am looking at.. it is like when you see Santa Claus’s Elves all working in different sections and creating things.. it is kind of like that cartoony feel…Oh they are laughing with me.

They are saying it’s close in a sense that  whoever wrote those kinds of fairy tales are working from imagery from how it is in the Auditorium.  They have ‘stepped-down’ the imagery to have it connect with children at a consciousness level, but it is similar to that.

The Auditrium QHHT Past Life Regression
‘The Enchanted Flute’ by Josephine Wall

Tai –     How interesting!
L –  Yes. So they are showing me that it is an overlay and so they have peeled back the overlay… Oh.. I see!… they say that everything on the planet that we do and think and realize is … OH I SEE!!!…… that’s the overlays that we are to be stripping off!!    Stripping off of ourselves to reveal the truth to ourselves.  So we are just overlays on top of overlays of story-lines and imaginations but strip that away and then you will get to the core essence of ‘what is’ …

The Silver Suit

T –     So it is time now to strip those coverings  and get back to the essence of what is.. the true source, which is where they came from in the first place?
L –  Yes..  And they told me to look at myself because I am one of them and I could see .. it is just like ‘Light’.. it is just a tall Being.. kind of silvery…  I’ve seen.. I’ve been .. I know….

T –    Are you looking at that or are you feeling yourself just be that?
L –  I am seeing and I am knowing.. I am really tall and stretched out and thin..

T –    Are you inside that energy or just still looking at it?
L –  I am there with them I am just long and thin… and really, really tall.

T –    How tall do you think you are can you get an idea of height?  What about a kind of face?
L –  I am tall and thin and have some kind a silvery kind of a suit on an all-in-one kind of a thing.

T –    Tell me about the face.. Can you see/know some kind of face?
L –  I cannot see the face.  It has not got any strong features.  It is just tall and silvery.

T –    Can we ask the question.. What is the purpose of the silvery suit?  Is it actually an item of apparel?  Or is there any other  aspect to it?
L –  It is for ‘Radar’  It is like a protective suit that protects from the ‘radiation’ and the energies of the planet and of.. Let me get this right.. It is a protective barrier, which protects the inner me from all the things which I have to experience in this project… in this place.

It is like a suit of ‘covering’ which allows me to lower my frequency and to protect my ‘Essence’ for when I come and go and it is also a suit which allows me to be transformed without harm.  It is like putting on a suit or ‘shields’ that prevent harm to the internal me.

T –    Is it a Metaphysical suit  or is it something that you do physically wear when you go out onto the planet?
L –  It is a combination because it is made of some kind of fibre but it allows me to move between dimensions without affecting my Essence .  It allows me to travel through dimensional frequency changes and barriers without harm..

T –    Can we expand on that then?.. so if it is both and it is Metaphysical them is it something that the energy that you are … is ….. choosing to put on when you are about to make a journey through physical dimensions….
L –  Yes it allows me to move through physical dimensions without harm. So ordinarily you have to adjust and shift but this allows me to be able to adjust and shift without having to change my Essence.

T –  I understand.  What would happen if you did not put the suit on?
L –  Then I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t move through them.  So It is like the people who are working on the planet and the ‘volunteers’ to use that term.. assisting have had to also come through by virtue of the type of Soul that they have so that they can work in this frequency without being harmed.  So not everyone who answered ‘the call’ was able to be a part of coming through to this dimension so some stay in the other.. places to work without physically being embodied and those that were able to be here by being physically embodied had to be of the right Soul Nature.

T –    What about our understandings that they might have come from different planets and may never have had a physical life here?
L –  They would still have to be of the right Soul nature or Soul Matrix.  All souls have different constructions.. different…… em….. constructions!!  They are composed in different ways with different capabilities so they are the Souls that were able to ….. morph … and embody a human form in this place and time.  Had to be of a certain type of the Matrix.  And that is why at this time when sometimes when they are new to this .. Matrix.. that they find it hard adjusting but after they have had a few lifetimes here they are able to adjust and be fully within this  … ‘now’ time and place.  And so the ones that are ‘first-timers’ that is their difficulty in that their Soul Matrix has to be in a ‘place of adjustment’ and they have not fully adjusted and those that have been here many times are able to just … do it. .. because they have got the Soul construction which allows them to do that.

T –    Yes.  Because some of them have a hard time don’t they, or believe that they are having a hard time…
L –  Well, they believe they are having a hard time because their Soul Matrix has not been fully adjusted .. It is like… em… if you were dipped in chocolate and the chocolate doesn’t have the right consistence and it won’t stick or you will melt and so you cannot exist, whereas if you have the right form and you can just have the chocolate covering.. and so those that are not familiar with this.. they do have the basic composition of the right Soul Matrix but not the right composition and the depth and the strength of it to sustain it.  You get that through learning and by being here.  To be able to describe this is like saying that to understand this and how to relate you have to have enough abilities and strength of substance to be able to do it without falling apart, so they are too fragile.. that is it.. the ‘fragility’ has to keep building and it builds with life-times and experiences.

T –    It is almost as if they have a layer of skin missing isn’t it?  A protective layer of skin?
L –  Yes. Or like they haven’t toughened up their skin and their sinews.. and their flexibility.   It is like looking at a baby who hasn’t toughened up enough to be able to go out into world so it is still very…. raw… or over-sensitive..

T –    I see.  So do you feel they understand that and the reasons for coming here under those kinds of circumstances or do you feel that there is confusion for them?
L –  The conscious mind might not understand but the Soul does and the Soul obligates itself through the desire to learn and grow and … ‘obligates’ …is not a completely accurate word but is like an obligation that they take on.. in that they will seek to grow and see through so they are obliged to see through once they make the commitment because what happens is that even if they were to ‘take themselves out” they are a part of this matrix and this dimension and so they will find that they are on a treadmill of having to come back.  So even though it is free will it is also obligation and duty.

T –    Yes.  So it behooves them to actually see it through doesn’t it really?
L –  Yes.  The part of it is that they end up feeling sorry for themselves and there is no place in creation to feel sorry for yourself because each aspect of creation is of love and joy and so it is a disconnection…. from their own love and joy.

Layers of Belief

T –    I suppose that dis-connection is what gives them their lack of love and joy and loneliness  and isolation isn’t it, but if I am getting this right, it is their own self that  they need to re-connect with?
L –  Yes and this is why we are saying in this time and I am being told to tell you that everyone who chooses should be peeling away those layers of … em…..encrusted… rubbish.. is the word that comes to mind.  Because I am being shown piles of just …litter and rubbish…

T –    Can you take a look at them and give us some idea of what is deemed to be the most ‘rubbishy’ of those layers for us to work on?
L –  Yes.  It is that.. a person is dis-connected from love or that they need to follow any special ritual or belief…

T –     Would that include religious doctrines?
L –  Anything that is ritual or belief.  It is like they are showing me once again when I went into my special place in nature where I belong and it is like people are dis-connected from nature and so they do not realize that they themselves are nature and belong and so the rubbish layers that they put on themselves to separate themselves from the truth of love ..

T –    It always appears then to come back to the concept of ‘being at one’ with all living creatures doesn’t it?  That we are all connected?
L –  Mmmm.  Yes.  I am back in the Auditorium looking at the work being done and and they are telling me that this is one… it is one  work it is one life it is one breathe.

T –    O.k.  Can you ask them to expand on that for us?
L –  They are showing me that all the work that is taking place it is all one unified work and it is all one unified work that every soul is participating in…. that although there might be different sections of this one work… it is all one.

T –    Can we then ask then how that works with regards to those parts of that plan that seem to be working against the others making life difficult and painful and war-mongering.. how does that work in this plan then?
L –  Because in this war-mongering each individual is having to choose the ‘Higher path of Love’. So it is like having a family where everyone is clamoring for attention of the parents and wanting the parents to love them more than another and not realizing that the parents love them all the same!

T –    So they are given that scenario so that they can step out of it and  choose to do things with love and care?
L –  For themselves primarily …. And for themselves will be the same as doing it for others…And so it is not to think O.k. I am doing this for me and I am the only one that will benefit… but when they see that it is all one and they see that what they do for themselves they also do for others and what they do for others they also do for themselves … and I am being shown this whole section over here on the Auditorium and there is a group and the whole thing for this group is to just keep picking off these layers of beliefs off of people (laughing)… It is quite funny really because I am seeing cities and cultures and people just weighed down with this stuff and this is just beliefs and they are just dead beliefs.. ancient beliefs  and  there is this group that is just taking it off and they have like.. cranes..   .. do you know the games where you just put your money in and you like….

T –     Yes at the see-side…
L –  Yes!! And they are having fun with it  and they are just picking up these beliefs and just dropping them away and then they are just re-growing and like an unending thing it’s this thing of just like picking off leaves and dropping them and then while people get free they just go out and then they come back in and so wherever the beliefs are they just go back in and find that and get more… so it is very funny… really….

T –     Do the workers actually believe they are getting somewhere or are they despondent about trying to get these beliefs and layers off and then they just come back and they return?
L – No they just love the job.  It is what they do. They are just there taking the beliefs and they are laughing and having fun because the groups of people they remove them from or almost half of them sometimes more, they just run back in to find some new beliefs and it is just a funny thing  to watch.

And the group of Beings that I am with.. it is actually 5 of us they are just looking at each other and at me and just kind of shrugging and saying.. you see that their work is never ending..

T –    Can we ask these layers of beliefs and this crustiness where did it originate from?  Was it there right at the beginning or has it been just added through our histories.. What would its purpose have been?
L –  O.K. they are showing me as if on a screen, I am seeing  one person comes up with an idea or a thought and he is standing and telling everyone about this and others are coming and they are taking and accepting that thought and the thought is becoming harder and harder like it is .. first it is like wavebands going out and these wavebands are attracting people and the wavebands are floating over them and it is like ‘staying’ and because of the amount of people it is just getting harder and harder and it is attaching onto their head and I am seeing it like seeping in.. it seeps in through the crown and starts covering their body and I am seeing that their body kind of becomes frozen in a sense that it just becomes hard  and I am now seeing that they then become ‘encased’ in this belief and then they go out and ‘’infect’ people.. Belief systems are like viruses and infections they infect people and I see them now going and affecting others and also like dragging them in and then it is almost like.. it is like a vaccine .. like you vaccinate someone else and they become infected and then they go off into wherever they go and they then infect others.

T –    This is interesting as it was a thread on the Forum this week, so would I be correct in thinking that the Muslim system of belief is not a system of heart-felt or a spiritual system but as you have described it… it is instead a mind-indoctrination which has gone in through the head and created this hard effect we see where they would want to have everybody believe the same and act the same and….
L –  All belief systems operate in the same way…

T –    But some belief systems come from the heart do you feel?
L –  NO.  What comes from the heart is ‘knowing’  what comes from the head is believing.  They are showing me the difference.  So over here is another group and they are sending out rays from their hearts and it is connecting to rays of the hearts of  others and it is coming out through them ….and it is not infecting their body in any way.  If any thing, I am seeing that as they walk or stand… the beliefs are coming in like dark mass through the crown and it kind of deadening  the body and I am seeing the heart energy radiating out and it is connecting coming up through the ground connecting to the planet and it is coming up through the body but it is light and it radiating out through the heart so it is connecting ‘knowing’ and it is the heart is …..  Knowing that .. You.. I …Us… Love… Share… Think… Infinity.. the head belief is coming in like….. the word ‘Accursed’ came to mind  The word ‘Curse’ like a ….harsh like a whip…  So in the body I am seeing it is very different in the body.

T –     As you are seeing that, do you see any colours with that or is it just your sense of it….
L –  With the heart?

T –    With either..
L – (indicating head).. This is just black – like coffee grounds just black.. and initially when the first person is standing up there.. he is just .. I say he …but when the first person is speaking out what looks to be like colours… and as it hits a bunch of people it is going black.. OH I SEE.  What is coming out of a person becomes stagnant when it goes and hits someone else in the crown because there is a kind of a force with it, so it is almost like what is coming out becomes like a poisoned dart.

T –    Even if it is sent out with good intent?
L –  The intention changes.  It starts out with…. ‘I have an idea’ but by the time it hits a lot of people it ends up it becoming an energy that no longer moves.  So it is almost like they have cut off the flow.  So it begins as a flow…. but then it just stops… so it is like…. where energy would flow…. like this ….it just stopped in the middle of (making flowing movements with her hands)..  so it is almost as if they have only grasped or hang onto the middle section of it.   It is no longer flowing ….this middle section becomes the total bit and that is where it becomes dead instead of flowing and continuing.

T –     Does that come back again to our concept then that the energy being sent out and the ideas should just be within ones own self?
L –  It needs to flow and any energy which stops and becomes a condensed thoughts and ideas then it just .. dies.. because energy has to flow.  So a thought that goes out  and then stimulates someone else’s thoughts to keep expanding is not the same as a thought that says… ‘this is it”

T –    Yes.. because there is nowhere to go with that is there?  It is just a statement of supposed fact..
L –  Yes and it just dies.  It is stagnant .. energy…

T –    So a thought which goes out with an ‘expansive expression’ will continue to grow but one that goes out and says ‘this is how it is’ .. has nowhere to go/grow?
L –    Yes right.

T –    This is very interesting isn’t it.
L –  Yes.  So  a thought that can expand has to be given the opportunity to expand and that is why it is more important to stimulate ‘thoughts’ than it is to tell them how to think.  So I am being shown a school and that the best schooling is where you teach the children to think and listen to their responses rather than testing them on the limitation of what you tell them.

T –    Absolutely!!  Is there any sense that that will change in the future?
L –  It is all changing and that is why it is important and needed now that people peel off the layers .. their thoughts and that parent do this with children and that they listen to other peoples children because sometimes those children do not get   listened to …in their own environments but they can if other adults listen to them.

T –    And what would be the best way to do that would it be to say to the child “what do you think about this?”  Or are there other suggestions you would make?
L –  That is one way.  That is an important way.. to say.. “What do you think?  How do you think this could be?  Why do you think that is?”

T –    Yes I agree.  It is rarely asked in schools nowadays is it?
L –  Yes.. but everything is changing……….

Coastlines & Earth Changes

T –    Are you still in the Auditorium?
L –  Yes.  They are showing me different parts.. different things taking place on the screens… I am just walking around and seeing that it is ‘overlays on overlays’…

Tai –     Are there many other people that you can see in the Auditorium or are you just focusing when you come to a particular area?
L –  There are loads… just loads…. I can see to a degree,  when I come to particular area and I ‘know’.. and when I focus the rest just fazes out.  But there is just loads of activities taking place.

Oh!! There is one over there.  This is interesting as it is with Water. There is a group that is like singing.. to Water.  They are singing .. into Water.

T –    Mmmm This is something that is very dear to your heart isn’t it.. it is something that you feel very connected to?
L –  Mmmm.  I don’t why what this connection is.

T –     Can you walk over there go over there?
L –  Yes they are singing…

T –    Can you hear them?  (L –  Yes) .. and is it possible to describe it to me?
L –  It is like the same kind of chimey kind of tones… (that was heard in the forest during the opening Beautiful place section)… Oh I know!!… they are singing and I am watching shapes come out into the water.  It is like ‘Sacred Geometry’ .. and they are …. ‘feeding’ … life and messages to water. They are ‘structuring’ the water.. to bring … information…. Right!!! So why plants and life and us and everything is composed of water, is because the water carries the information of ‘LIFE’ and that is why Life will not thrive without water.  The Ancients all knew this and so they always built their homes around water.  They are telling me that that is why the coastlines are now changing because the coastlines are going to have to change to re-structure the information that takes place on the land. The water on the coastlines are going to be ….changing ….so that they can destroy the old.. to bring in the new.

Earthcnages The Auditrium QHHT Past Life Regression
Photo by Victor

T –    Right!!  I see.  Can you expand on that a bit more?  Do you mean that it is going to …subsume more of the earth parts and be more Water.. how will it work?
L –  The Coastline.. there is going to be destruction of coastlines…

T –    Sorry… when you say ‘destruction’ do you just mean that the coastlines are going to disappear because of the just the water?
L –  Some coastlines will disappear but then some coastlines will come back to the surface.  But it is necessary because the coastlines ….with the water …is what is going to change the energy of the land around it.

And I am seeing them singing into the water, what is needed to be done and I can’t quite tell what the effect of that is going to be… let me just ask….

The planetary changes is coming through … Water… (oooohhh goosebumps) and that is also why there has been loads of Ice Ages and floods because it is water and the Ice was frozen water  and the Flooding and the Tsunamis.. they are….Water.  And the Tsunamis.. they are telling me about that Tsunami  Thailand Tsunami.. it changed the consciousness of many people on the planet at the time and that was one of the fore-boding or the fore-telling of the changes to come.

T –    Yes.  And we have also heard that the Japanese Tsunami actually had a huge impact on the  psychology of the Japanese people didn’t we?
L –  Absolutely and the world (T – Yes and the world because of that) and so these things that is why the tectonic plates are  shifting it is a way of stirring up water.

T –    Where does the energy for that to happen come from?  Is that from the planet itself?  An effect of Collective Consciousness?
L –  It is coming from a different dimension and it is part of the Project Earth People to … use that term.. Energies… shifting and changing things through the different dimensions and bringing it down to the earth and that is why those that are in the Auditorium at night while their bodies sleep, who actually live on earth have structures changed within their bodies that they then bring through into Earth..

Classes, Thoughts and Heart Messages

L – O.K.  As I am seeing this water being ‘blown (on/in)’ I am also seeing it also coming through  into the people the sitting in these classrooms and there are quite a few – like classroom settings – where they are learning different things and I am seeing that this ‘blowing’ of messages and shapes and structures into water is radiating out through the Auditorium and passing through.. so when people go there at night while their bodies sleep – and some people go there in the afternoon when they take naps – and some even go in meditation… but while their bodies on earth is resting and they are free and in the Auditorium.. ‘teaching setting’… they are being ‘affected’ by the changes in the water and bringing that through into their earth zone.  So it is happening at lots of different levels.

T –    And can people choose to be able to be part of that or is it a specific group of energies who are  doing that?
L –  People can choose.. but they are not always chosen.  Sometimes people choose but it is because of their Egos and then they are not chosen so it has to be of the right Soul Matrix there are those that is what they can do… Ah!!! That is why people are being told just to ‘BE’…… And so it is when that they just ‘BE’.. that this things can be done naturally.

T –    Ahhh.. and so is that a bit of the answer to the question that although we think we are just ‘Being’…. And not actually doing.. anything.. in fact we might be doing lots of this kind of energy work?
L –  Yes.  We are always doing lots of it.

T –   So is it about trusting in the concept of… not wanting to be doing something and trust that you can be …actually working when you are…. just ‘Being?’
L –  They are laughing again and telling me and shaking their heads and saying… (T –  Laughing.. always trying to work it out!!).. and they are saying.. “ Peel off the thoughts and the layers and it is like you keep putting back on the thoughts and the layers”!!

T –    Laughing… Yes… But we are just trying to understand why we cannot be happy with just the thought of just… ‘Being’….  (L – Mmmm  yes).. We feel that we should be doing ‘stuff’.. all the time.
L –   They are saying that this is why many of us are feeling the need to just be still. Because we are actually physically still… but in no other way are we stil. We are being utilized.  They are showing me… I don’t know why the word ‘Sentries’ .. come to mind, but Sentries as Guardian types of Sentries… that we are all like Sentries .. at our outposts wherever they are and it is just that we are being ‘worked through’.. just by Being…

T –    If we were able to pass on this information to people who struggle and feel guilty about not believing that they are doing enough.. that would be a good thing wouldn’t it?
L –  They are saying that your thought goes out into the ‘Collective’ and that is more than trying to verbalise it physically and that some people are to be speaking  publicly and others are just to be ‘sending it out’ .. but one is no more important than the other.  So first adjust to the thought that ‘Being’ .. is perfectly fine..

T –    To just trust what you feel in your own heart?
L –  M.mmm and when you said that I saw the heart messages going out and coming up through the feet.  The heart messages go out to the planet and come up through the earth…

T –    Again that is showing the connection with have with the Planet- Earth and how important that is as well doesn’t it?
L –  Yes.  They say that that is more important than anything else.

T –    Yes.  Absolutely…  ……… Are you still in the Auditorium?
L –  Yes we are in a … it is like we are standing on something.. looking down at some activity…..

T –    Can you get a sense of what it might be?  If so.. can you share it with us?
L –  Hmm … O.k.  They are making something down there at this particular section…

T –    When you say ‘They’ are you seeing a number of Beings?  Are they like you.. in these special (silver) suits?
L –  No they are not.  We are in the suits walking around but it is almost like when you have a visitor comes to your factory and you take them on a tour…  (T –  Yes that was what I was seeing,  I can understand that).. they are taking me on a tour if you can see what I mean.. showing us different things..

T –    So, when you say ‘They’ .. is that still  Beings in the special suits or is there some other ‘Energy Sources’ with you.. as well as?...
L –  No it is us in the Suits but as they are taking me around they are nudging me and laughing and saying “we are showing you what you already know!”

T –    (Both laughing).. Yes .. it’s like they are giving you the tour but you could actually take the tour anyway!! (Be the tour guide)
L –  Yes because I  am one of them.

The New Earth & Belief Systems

T –    None-the-less we really appreciate that we are being given this opportunity of taking the tour.. through you…  (L… Mmmm mmm)
L –  They say.. “Do you want to see something really great?”  I have said “yes”.. so they have taken me now to.. it is like a round .. like a fence but more like a balcony that you can look over and I am looking down into this.. .. Lush… Green…. It looks like a planet!!  It is Earth but it is just so …lush and green.. It is huge this place… I don’t know how to say it is huge but it is not huge and I am just looking down and it is like… (oooh goosebumps again)… they are telling me that this is Earth .. but this is the new Earth .. this is where it is moving to.. this is just so … clean.. and … lush.. and vibrant… and the colours  are just amazing.. and they are saying that this is the new ‘whitewashed’ Earth.  It is like it has just been clear and washed and is so clean.. it is just… beautiful  (T –  Oh.. how wonderful)… and Earth itself is just humming in tones.. and sound and it is just….. such harmony!!

T –    Wow..   Please take a little while to really enjoy that….
L –  I am just looking down and it is just so beautiful…

T –    Is it just you looking? Or are you all looking?
L –  We are all looking because they are showing me but I can see others looking from different parts. It is like being in a huge warehouse but it is not a warehouse but looking down

T –    Just a big space?
L –  It is just fabulous….

T –    Are there living creatures there, or is it just the Planet?
L –  Everything.. it is just amazing…. It is like a Planet.. but it is like I am not that far… it is like I am in Space… looking at it, but I am not in space if you see what I mean?  It is like I am in space but I am not up with the stars I am on this ‘balcony’ kind of a setting.  This kind of a setting.. it is like the images that come to mind when you see them showing a prison and the prisoners and the guards are standing and looking down at the prisoners… it is that kind of thing and we are looking down there. It is only the top part of the Earth that I am seeing and it is just colours .. and vibrance… it is like looking at the maps when you look at  the globe and you see all this lovely soft blues and different colours and it is kind of giving off a ‘pulsing’ kind of radiation.. not radiation .. a radiating-frequency that just goes out into the Cosmos.

T –    Wonderful.  Can we ask why you are being shown this is it something which is actually being constructed.. or is it for you to have a sense of what a new earth could look like?
L –  No.  This is what we are moving in to.

T –    Ah.  We are moving into this and you are being shown this for that reason?

L –  This is a glimpse of where we are moving… This is a glimpse of what the ‘Projects’ plan is…

T –    This is the work that they are all doing? (The people working in the Auditorium)..
L –  This is the ‘cleansing’ … of all the heavy dark… mass… belief systems.. structures…. static.. still… condensed.. energies… having now been removed.  This is the layers.. this is after … this is like having a bit of ‘skin peeling’ you have now got the fresh skin underneath.

T –    Yes.  If I were to clarify.. if I am understanding this correctly.. if we were able to remove all these heavy encrusted layers of old beliefs and stuff around ourselves… we could have this impact on the earth.. to remove the same from the earth to come to this cleaner .. Earth?
L –  Yes.  But it is not.. “if”  .. it is happening…

T –    It is when it will happen .. yes…

L –  Yes.  It will happen …I am seeing that those that still keep choosing to have those beliefs.. they are just falling away… into a kind of an Abyss…

T –    What will happen to them?   Can you ask?
L –  It is like they just fall away into a lower dimension where they will have to… crawl back out… craw… that is the word that comes to mind.  They have to crawl back out to be able again to stand upright to reach for the stars.  So it is like they revert to being on their hands and knees.  I see… there is some kind of animalistic ..’Hive’ .. kind of mind … mentality…………… right!!… I see!!  It is something to do with… they lose their ability of ‘free will’ because they have misused free will to affect and infect others.  So they have to evolve back into.. being able to use free will… for the good of all. So those who connect with… and through … the heart.. recognize and understand their ‘connectedness to everything’ …will move into further right use of ..’Will’.. and those that are into controlling and imprisoning the mind will fall back down …and have to then work their way back up into being the  upright ‘Beings’ .. of recognizing and understanding the inter-connectedness of  life.

T –    Do you see any kind of image of ‘Time-scale’ of how long that might take them?
L –  No.  They are telling me they have as long as Eternity.

T –    As long as it takes…..
L –  So that is just… it does not matter..

There is no judgment because they are all. it is all ‘Love’.. and it is all about Self-love discovering of the ‘Love’… for… all of life and not just the parts that they judge in any way, shape, or form and that is what they have to learn.

T –    But it is interesting in a way isn’t it, that the thought is that they will lose their opportunity for free will and so in fact by ‘buying into’ Belief systems and mind-controlling religions it would seem that they have already given up… their free will . Doesn’t it?
L –  Exactly!!   So they will create.. what they have created…  and it is simply that .. it is very much like how one would describe.. KarmT -. in that the action that they have created.. they will now get to live it and grow from it.  So it is all ‘Love’  … all ‘Love’… whether they understand it or not… it is all the same..

T –    Yes.. Are you being shown that there are two separate kinds of Earths as we are being told or just that this particular Earth  that we are on will be a cleaner place to be?
L –  The Earth we are on will be a cleaner place and others might still think that they are still on Earth or a place like earth but really it is just like a lower dimension.  It is just like.. even now.. in the Astral some people might think that they are still in Egypt.. but they are just in the ‘Egyptian memory of the Astrals’ and so it is like that.  And so the division.. is a ‘division of consciousness’ rather than a ‘division of place’  And your ‘place’ is consciousness because it is all states of consciousness.

T –     That is a wonderful way to put it isn’t it.. a division of consciousness rather than a division of space.
L –  Mmmm.  It is all consciousness.. We are the ‘dream’… of the Creator and within the Auditorium we are doing the Creators work and those that have volunteered to inhabit ‘the body’ with the purpose of doing the Creators work it is all the same…

T –     Wonderful are you still in the Auditorium are you still looking at this wonderful  ‘clean earth?’
L –  Yes and I am holding it to memory so that it is something that will sustain me in my life.  It is an image that I am told to share with others.

T –  When you are looking at it is there anything that feels more important to you than others? Or is it the overall picture?  Do you remember before that you liked a particular round leaf, is there anything, which is standing out to you now?
L –  It is just a beautiful blue..

T –  So the colour is important?
L –  Yes it is soothing, it is sooooo lovely but now the whole thing is ‘refreshing’.. and ‘re-newing’ and looking at that and I am understanding the importance of them blowing into the water and transforming life through the water and I am also thinking about the coastlines and the necessity of that changing and bringing that through (ooh.. goosebumps) .. so there are multi-layers of me in this moment.

T –  We know that one of those ‘multi-personas’ of yours is very much involved with water don’t we… is that part of this project or is that a different project?
L –  No this is a part of .. this is about the understanding of the importance of water.

T –  Was that something that the Soul Energy of Lorna chose specifically to do?
L –  It was chosen for her.

(At this stage of the session, healing takes place for Lorna based around personal situations in her life that are touched upon,  and beliefs she has built up. I have taken this part out as per Lorna’s request. I did include some information near the end of that section as I resonated with the shaving of the head.. I have felt exactly the same in the past as Lorna, with relation to short hair – Laron)

A Clear Head

L –  It just reminded me as well because I just said to my daughter that I have been thinking of shaving all my hair off again… and I have been thinking of doing that as I always find when I do that that I become so clear headed.. because I then have nothing to hide behind and they just showed me that again…

T –      Yes I saw that when you first sat down today.  I saw you doing that  (L –  Really?!)..  Yes.
L –  Well that is what I have been feeling in the last four days especially and it has just dawned on me as I am laying here that that is now what I need to do is to go back to being almost bald and having nothing to hide behind. ….I might do that either today or tomorrow.

T –  That would be interesting.. to see how you feel after that.  So.. a  shaven head with your heart in your head (laughing) that would be a really clear head wouldn’t it?
L –  Mmm Yes I look like a Buddhist monk when I do that but I always find when I do that that I become so clear headed and sure of who I am.

T –    Yes.  The concept of how much energy we really hold in our hair I believe to be true.. we all feel very energized once we have our hair cut and/or washed or tended to.
Is there anything more that Lorna might need to understand about herself while we have this opportunity?  I am trusting that you are going to let me know when she has reached a point where she will need to return? She is very open to knowing any new things about herself that you could share with us?  Can I just take this opportunity to say thank you for looking after her when she was a child as there was such a difficult background to her childhood.  It was wonderful to know that someone was taking care of her and that she was very much loved.
L –  Yes.. that was how I survived.  They are telling me now that I don’t need to survive now, it is time to live.  Time to move away from survival, and they are shaking me. they are shaking me up and say it is O.K. and it is time to get back to work and they want me to remember the images that they have shown me and they have said that Dolores is very important on my path because I have known her before in the Auditorium and she was to ‘wake me up’ and that there are times that she did that. They are saying that I have known that but they are confirming it as well as others… that are now working with Dolores that they know her from the Auditorium.

Dolores Cannon & Heart Consciousness Manifestation

T –  Are there many people there then, that have found their way to her through the Hypnosis then?
L –  It is to do with changing consciousness and Dolores’s role is to do with the shifting of the consciousness and there is that in her in the different classes.  Some of us go to different classes as well as teach some of the classes and they are showing me again that I teach classes about the heart and they are reminding me that I saw that when I did my “life-between-lives” and that to teach about the heart I had to come down to learn about the heart and that is why the heart has been very significant in the abuse of power which is the disconnection from the heart and that I am going back into the jungle to have the heart restored back to its divine self and purposes so that it can.. be.. whole… continuously which is what I will take into the new consciousness..

(The below question is related to an upcoming journey that Lorna had planned back in 2012. A similar journey to what I had been on myself a year earlier, from what I understand – Laron)

T –  Is there anything when she is there in the jungle, that she should be looking out for especially.. any people that she needs to meet?
L –  Yes.  She will meet them and she will know.. they are telling me that they will not tell me in advance so that I don’t go into my head and I wear my heart on my sleeve..

T –  Or under your shaven head!!
L –  Yes (laughing) they are showing me that I am just one big heart!

T –  So there is no point being warned in advance what is to come?
L –  No.  I just need to know that I will come out with my heart intact.  It is about the heart, which is my role and the things that they showed me in the Auditorium is to do with consciousness manifesting through the heart.  People think that it manifests through the mind and brains but it is not.. it is the heart.  They are showing me glimpses of this and that is what I am to take into the new earth and to take others with me on the consciousness/vibration of the heart.

Bringing out…

Wide awake…

After the QHHT Session

T –  How was that?
L –  I will never forget that image of looking down on the earth.. (T- Yeh!!).. it was like factories that have those viewing platforms but it was just huuuuuggggeeee and we looked down on it and it was just wonderful.

T –  Yes I know that feeling.. It was what I saw when I had my near death experience (L-Did you?!)  Yes because the first thing I knew when I was in the experience was that I was looking at the planet and it was about the size of a football and I was just looking down on it and the colour of it .. (the blues .. baby blue)  Yes… the blue colour and it was just soooooo vibrant.  It was incredible.
L –  Yes and so clean..

T –  But I remember that I was trying to work out.. “Hey hold on a minute why am I looking at the planet down there?” (laughing)…

L –  I saw that all the people that are so full of inaccurate beliefs.. they were just falling down, just falling away and there was just this wonderful colour in the place left and they just fell down as if they had nothing left to hold onto and it was as if they were just falling into an ‘Abyss’

T –  Did you get a sense that there was any fear whilst that was happening to them?
L –  No.  It was almost like the old time religion when the people they describe hell. And people were dropping into hell. It wasn’t hell as such it was just dark.. blackness..

T –  And you would be the first one to say.. wouldn’t you, that it is just .. lack of light..
L –  Yes they weren’t  afraid, they were just falling and when I saw them when they fell into the blackness it was that they were now on their hands and knees and then they had to start learning how to stand up again, it was like they just went backwards somehow.  And then I saw where people who have the belief systems came to be and there would be one person on their soapbox saying.. “oh, everyone listen to this .. blah.. blah” and that those that were listening were just hanging onto pieces of it.. not even thinking for themselves and just taking that and then it just hardens .. that energy .. it is as if… they cut off a chunk so that is has nowhere to go and so it hardens in their crown and I just saw that they become hardened – statue – roboty – lifeless – no longer thinking or feeling – being – people.. and then they would go out and they would be hanging on to others.. it is like how churches have that fellowship thing.. and I saw some people and they were dragging others and it was like cranes just lifting off the beliefs systems and removing all the crap and then they go..  ”oh.. I am naked underneath” and so then they go running back..

T –  To put some layers back on?
L –  Yes and some of them were running free.. not that many.. but then running back under there, so it is just an ongoing job.. that spirit has to take away the belief systems..

T –  Laughing.. Yes it is a bit like when you lift up a rock isn’t it and you get all those little creatures which roll into a ball .. immediately you lift the rock and they are exposed to the sun then they frantically run to get under another rock don’t they!
L –  Yes it was all really quite interesting and in the Auditorium there were all these different things going on  and of course there was Dolores standing there and she was saying.. “I tell you .. just BE.. you don’t need any of this and you don’t need any of that .. look.. just BE.. and THEEEEY … will do the work” It is like she has 100% trust in ‘THEY’ and THEY will do all the work  and THEY  are like all these Light forms behind her.. you know what it is like when you have the neon light strips and it was like that all lit up behind her and they just appeared to go on and on and on and she just kept saying.. “And I tell you .. just.. just.. let THEM talk.. let THEM… you are all stopping THEM with your this and your that and your jingling of your bells over here .. (laughing)… you know how some people go..”Oh.. I have got to clear the space  all these incredible preparations?… She was like… “FORGET THAT.. just open the heart and let them do the work” and then she looked over and saw me and winked with a kind of twinkle in her eye and smiled and it was like..”I see you over there!”

T –  Excellent
L –  And then she smiled sweetly after because she gets into this kind of space where she …

T –  Yes she can get irascible can’t she but that is because I suppose she is fed up with all the extras… but she really said some pretty interesting things there..

Talking about the recording..

T –  There were a couple of really good phrases, which she used which I haven’t heard her use before and they were just brilliant  such as the ‘THEY’ is the voice .. the life .. of the planet. And that she is telling people about themselves .. also that she collates the vibration and then she is the voice.. the mouthpiece… so is she aware that she is doing that?  This is her purpose.. that she is the voice of ..‘THEY’?
L –  I saw that the energy of all these things behind her these love .. light.. coming through her and I saw with some people it just washed right over their heads and then I saw with others that it actually went in and then came out.  So some people.. I think  that those where it just went over their heads.. – I don’t know this for a fact but – I think those are the ones who join her classes for the EGO.. saying.. “I am going to see what she does… or how she does it”… or whatever and then it washes over them…

Talking about the conference and people who were advertising there

L –  So those that allow it to just wash over their heads are ones who aren’t really going to change to function at that level .. but those that are actually taking on board what she does might not even be a dedicated practitioner… but it is just that it is changing and working with them somehow.. but she was stood there as this human part.. this tiny little lady.. and then you just saw all this energy behind her… so the ‘They’ that she talks about  as another ‘They’ is really the collective energy of the planet… and so that is why her information is about the planet, even if it is off-planet.. whereas in  a different galaxy it might be a different ‘They’

If you see what I mean?

T –  Yes of course it would be the collective consciousness around that planet.  Yes I suppose that when she speaks in that way it gives the impression that there might just be a little group of a half dozen or so but…
L –  Yes.. it is a collective.. of the planet… and to do with the planet…

T –  I think we covered most of the questions that you had..
L –  I didn’t really have questions as such.. it was interesting watching the ‘blowing’ and seeing that in the water and then thinking and seeing the coastlines and then the water changes.. things.. and why floods have happened/happening and why we have got all these ancient cities that get buried.. it is the water .. it is always to do with the water and why the flood story is in every culture.. it is to do with water…

T –  Yes but you were very specific you kept saying the coastline and the changing by the water were you seeing the coast disappearing with the water being more invasive?
L –  Yes.  The coastlines are going to change and that is how the land mass changes around the planet so we are in for coastlines changing..  I don’t know how or why..

T –  Or how extensively?
L –  But yes.. they are going to change and I saw that the tsunamis and the water things really affect the planet.  I didn’t see it with volcanoes and earthquakes.. I saw that it was the water-type of event, which makes those changes.

T –  Yes well the volcanoes trigger off the water displacement don’t they?  So really they are the cause but the water then becomes the effect doesn’t it?  It is all very interesting.
L –  Yes because I never thought about that I just saw that the water that they were constantly changing and I just saw them singing into it and blowing it and it was just alive and it was coming out of their mouth.. singing was like shapes .. just coming out into the water… and that was somehow changing or structuring the water.


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