A Life At The Time Of Yeshua | A QHHT Session By Tai Ashley-Jones

The QHHT client experiences a life at the time of Jesus (Yeshua) in this past life regression session.


This Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session had a life come up for Steve, the client, which happened to be in the time of Yeshua (Jesus) and provides some insight into the situation surrounding Jesus’s life leading up to his crucifixion, as well as what went on with those who were spreading his teachings.

Tai, a holistic healthcare practitioner, artist and teacher of metaphysics based in Essex, England, conducted this session back in February, 2008.

For those new to QHHT it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, taught by Dolores Cannon. This is the method that Dolores used to obtain the information within her published books. While there are multiple forms of past life regression, this style is unique as it calls in the higher self / over-soul whicih speaks through in a trance type of state. Very accurate information can then come through, as well as healing taking place, depending on the circumstances.

The session begins immediately below.

* * *

Tai – You’re coming down off the cloud.. what do you see?
Steve – I’m kneeling down

T – Can you describe what you are kneeling on?
S – I am in a room.  It is dark.

T – Take a look at your body.  What are you wearing?
S – It’s some kind of smock, it’s black and covers my whole body.

T – Are you male or female?
S – I am a man, not young but not too old.  Mid thirties?  Seems healthy, black hair with a ring effect at the side.

T – Why is it worn like that?
S – Has to be worn that way, it’s just the way it is worn.  There is a cap on the head.. it’s a small covering and the beard is long.  There are some brown wooden beads on a cord.

T – What is their purpose?
S – To focus .. for my concentration.  For my prayers.

T – What are you doing?
S – I am praying for my brother…. My friend…

QHHT Yeshua
A 19th-century painting by Carl Bloch depicting the Sermon by Jesus on the Mount – Wikipedia

A 19th-century painting by Carl Bloch depicting the Sermon by Jesus on the Mount – Wikipedia

T – Why are you praying for him?
S – Because I fear for his safety.  Certain factions mean to do him harm.

T – What factions are these?
S – Those that are self-evidently our enemies.

T – Why is he in danger?
S – He is coming back to the city and he must be told things…He must be made aware of the dangers….

T – Do you know your name?
S – It is not important.  It’s not for you to know.

T – Can you tell me your friends name?
S – No.  I don’t know who you are.

T – I’m a friend and you can trust me, I mean you no harm… or your friend.
Silence………….. tell me about your friend.

S – He is a man of great intelligence.  He makes decisions and teaches people…he gives them information…but now there are forces at work which mean to do him harm.  Certain people have voiced opinions about him and this has now increased the attention on him.  He is returning to the city and it will be very dangerous for him.  I have to see him and warn him.

T – O.K. So we can just move you forward a bit in time to when you are able to meet him and see him again…. So just move forward in time and tell me what is happening?
S – I am on the steps of the Temple.  It is morning and the sun is low.

T – What is the Temple like?
S – It was once a thing of beauty and great comfort to me, not now so.  The Temple has been corrupted by those within.  I feel such a growing cynicism and am losing faith…  The Human Spirit is being distorted… Gods words are being distorted….  So, the structure remains pure but what is within does not.  The words of my friend have made me think differently…He is a True Man of God.

There are groups of people on the steps, which are wide… and steep….

(Steve became very animated) He sees me….He knows something is wrong… he is not acknowledging me… he is showing no recognition… I will go to see him later and talk to him when he is on his own…

T – Well, we can do that… just move forward in time to when you meet up with him….Where are you? 
S – Where are you?

T – What do you mean?
S – I can hear your voice, but I don’t know who you are..

T – Who do you think I am?
S – I thought you were the voice of God, but I hear his words in my heart, I am hearing your words in my head…

T – All you need to know is that you are safe with me… your Higher Self knows that you are safe with me and that no harm will come to you or your friend if you talk to me..
Where are you now?  What can you see?  Is your friend there with you?

S – I have gone to his home.

T – Does he live alone?
S – Yes.

T – Can you tell me his name?
S – No.

T – What are you doing?
S – I embrace him, it is so good to see him.  He kisses my cheek, we are brothers.  I ask why he has returned and tell him of the heaviness in my heart and the danger that he is in. I see no fear in his face.

T – What does your friend look like?
S – He has light hair… reddish in hue… curled….the candlelight picks up the red/golden lights in his hair.

T – What colour are his eyes?
S – They are different at different times… they have sometimes a grey/blueness and at others they are bluer than the night sky.   He has a very attractive look, but that beauty comes from within.  He knows my fear.  He knows things about me.  He knows my heart.  He says…”Fear not brother”  This is not helping me, it does not … it increases my fear for him.
Somehow there is an “inevitability in anticipation”…

T -What do you mean?
S – I want him to leave the city… I beg him to go… go back to the villages… The Villagers will protect him, he will be safe there… he is not safe here.

T -What does he say?
S – He says that I know that he cannot do that!  He says that this is his destiny and that we both know that this is.

T – What it is?
(Steve sometimes experiences his body like stone… it is to do with his past abduction experiences. At this point he felt his body become like stone…)

T – What is happening?
S – My fear…. My body is like stone… like its immoveable… soft but hard at the same time… I cannot move…

(Talked through the fear aspect and moved him on through him)

T – What is happening now?
S – The fear for him is gone…I say that I will break my cover and just be with him.. He says I can not do that.  I will need the cover for my role purpose in the future to come.

T – What does he mean?
S – He says that the time will come when I will know what my purpose is and I am to trust him. He says I have a far greater purpose…


T – What is happening now?
S – I am waiting for another friend…

T – Who is that?
S – I cannot speak her name… she is like him…. And I fear for her too.  They teach as equals they give out equal counsel.  My relationship with them has grown to an equal basis…

T – What do they teach?
S – That kindness is great!!  (Laughing…)  They teach about spirit, wisdom and love..He says that he is but a human man… but he is more than that….All that know them see that and fear it.  They want to destroy them because they are greater than that….

T – What is your fear?
S – My fear is that their world will cease to be… The Rabbis will be seen as hypocrites and liars and their words will be seen in all their falsehoods….
They know little of her…Their mission is as one…

T – Do they teach side by side?
S – No she does not teach beside him.. she teaches in her own home… he teaches in the home of others…It is a secret teaching and I should not be going to see them as I am a Rabbi… so I have to go in secret and I disguise myself…  She laughs to see me… She says she likes the disguises but she always knows that it is me and that I am there…. I go to her home and she teaches me just one to one… We talk of many things … we talk of my conversations with him…

Long pause…

T – O.K.   We can move you forward to another time in your story … tell me what is happening now… where are you….
S – (Extremely distressed and agitated).. I am walking through the streets   I need to seek him out… I have to tell him what has been said (By the Rabbis in the temple)…

(Steve was shivering with fear and distress so talked him through the fear…)

T – What has been said?
S – Their energy is Black.. their hearts are black… the fear they feel is overwhelming them… they are creating untruths…

(At this point he became extremely angry and vehement in his expression)

They are going to arrest him… The danger is greater than ever…. I am hiding in the shadows .. it is dark  I have to get to warn him… I must go to his house…

He is in the house… there are three people standing outside.. they won’t let me go in…I am being told that he is eating and I cannot go in.. I do not know these people… they are looking at me strangely…  These people outside are very controlling and determined… there is an energy about them…. About this……  I must go to her….

T – Move forward to her now then…
S – She is not there… She’s there with him… the danger will be on her too… I must go back to his house then…..

The guards have gone….  My love for him is too great to fear for myself..

They are all gone…

(Crying… despairing….)

They are all gone.. there is no-one there… I don’t know what to do…. I don’t know if to stand still or walk….

QHHT Yeshua
The Crucifixion, seen from the Cross, by James Tissot, 19th century – Wikipedia

T – Move forward…
S – It is dawn… I’m walking in the gardens….(Extreme distress… crying…)

T – What is happening?
S – I am being told that they have got him… It is crushing me…

T – Have they taken her?
S – No… He deliberately exposed himself… he stepped forward…  he could have faded away but he didn’t.  A Roman soldier is threatening me.

T – What is he saying?
S – “Begone  Holy Man or we will tell your brothers… you shouldn’t be here”…
I’m telling him that he is the Messiah…. (cries out)   he has hit me with his sword….

I feel so useless… I have no power to help him…

It is time to step forward I will go to him.. I will not stay hidden any more…

T – Move forward then to the next time you see him… where are you now?
S – I am outside I have gone to the place where they have taken him… There are many here.. they say that others were arrested, but they were not his followers…  We hope that they may release him… they say some are to be released….some.. maybe one….The people are shouting out They call out … ‘Messiah’… ‘The Jew King’… the crowd is strange… its as if an energy controls them…. There is an expectancy… I am standing with the crowd…. I can see his followers in the crowd….

T – How long do you wait there?
S – It is two days now and we have just been told that he will not be released… (Crying.. enormous sadness)….

They are trying to break up the crowd now…. The energy is changing now that they know he will not be released.  It is like a spell has been broken…

What will I do… They are calling his name….

She is there with me… she has me by the arm… both arms… she is looking into my eyes and she  is saying that I have to leave here and go with her.   I must go with her friends and her people…. We move as one and I feel great comfort from her.  There are no need for words… she looks me in the eye and I know her heart and she knows mine.. mind to mind… no need for words….  I am comforted by the energy of her….  We are out of the city… she knows where to go….

T – Where are you now?
S – We are out of the city… it is late afternoon, the sky is black…

T – Why has she bought you here?
S – Her hand is on my forehead, she is stroking my face…. She says I must sleep as I have not slept for two days… I am too tired to sleep…. She is making me….

It is nighttime and she is gone.  People are sitting talking… She comes back smiling… she says to me…”He is gone….”  I know what she is saying to me… I am surprised at how I am responding… I feel…..

(Calm… accepting…)

His physical body is gone….

Long Pause…

T – What is happening now?
S – I have left the city… I have removed all signature of my belief.   It is now DEAD to me.  I see it for what it was….  She says I have to go with her….So my journey will continue with her.. We are a small party…. One other man…. We are taking a boat somewhere.  I can’t function… I am broken man.. she is caring for me…  I have been broken and I need to reassemble… my belief system is shattered… the life I knew is no more… I have to learn a new way of Being… I have to re-assimilate all the experience… I am unable to make a contribution to her… but it is alright…  She is so much more than that…  We are heading West I am told…. As I continue to recover I draw on her strength… She says she is tending my garden waiting for the new growth to appear.  I have feelings for her as I see her for the woman that she is… I am ashamed of these feelings…. I feel such an intimate love for her…

T – Where are you living now?
S – We are in a mountainous area… it is very green… We are living in seclusion….The other man has gone on but he will return,…

I have taken a companion…. And I am becoming comfortable with myself and this new man that I have become…The growth takes place from within… I will carry on his mission….

T – What was that mission?
S – To help our brother man become the best that he can be…
He came to me… once whilst I was sitting by the fire.. I saw somebody in the shadows and I knew that it was him….We sat by the fire talking…

T – Was he physical?
S – Yes.  A totally physical body.. We talked of many things it was natural and normal.. I had felt him very close many times before…  He is there and the sense of him remains.  And it gives me great comfort.  ………

Many new things give me great comfort…

Long Pause…

T – O.K.  It is time now for you to move forward to the end of this life… It is the day that you leave this body and return to your higher self… What can you see?
S – I am old..  I am white haired and my skin is wrinkled… I don’t know how old I am…
I have come back to the home where I was born.

T – What was the purpose of this life you have seen here?
S – It was to help others through our own examples…
It was to say that being Human is a wonderful thing.
It was to stay true to myself.
Was I honest enough?
I would like to think that I was…………………..

Subconscious input… (higher self is brought in)

S.C. – Why this life?
It is very important at this time for the planet.
The information of this life will not sit comfortably with Steve.
It might be too big for Steve to accept.
He will be able to influence others around him.
But certain humans subscribe to hierarchy and Steve does not.
It showed him about Truth and loyalty and also about facing fear with courage.
It gave him certain opportunities and such gifts.
It says to not waste a single moment as a Human Being and it is Now that is important. This is a game and this moment is all that is important.

He was the reason for the life (Jesus).
It is as important as any other life.
He has been with him two other times on this planet.
Can’t talk about it.

Just try to not let life get too distracting.
Try to not let others lives get too distracting to him.
Writing his book isn’t important as such, it’s the message that is important.
It’s an alarm clock to wake people up.
His tool is his speaking ability.
It is important to reach one person at a time if necessary.

The breakdown of his psyche through his experience in the life was the same as he has gone through in this life.
His fear for his “brother and her” is the fear for humanity now.

(Steve’s book is available on Amazon now, ‘An Invitation To The Dance: The Awakening of the Extended Human Family‘ published in 2010)

T -What is the meaning of the symbols and the information that gets ‘downloaded’ into Steves brain by the E.T’s?
S.C. –  It is a symbolic manual and it will be shown in the next 3 – 4 years…

There will come loads of times… particular to him and I will answer your questions every time you ask.

We want to say that we are proud of the choices he has made and we care for him and will always be there for him. The SC said he had to be bought out of the session as he had been under for 3 hours……

* * *

Included from Tai in relation to this session: “I find it interesting that from this time which was over 8 years ago there have been programmes on TV about Yeshua….. saying that maybe was he himself, who orchestrated the whole event to happen in the way it did. That he totally knew what would happen and how it should all occur. Before that it was always about trying to place blame, especially on Judas, for things going the way they did.

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Thank you for sharing. I have also read Jesus & the Essenes (sp?) by Dolores Cannon. This period in time is fascinating. Do you know of any other QHHT sessions pertaining to Yeshua?


Fascinating! I read it ALL! Thank you so much for doing QHHT work. Should I learn it? Should I seek a QHHT session for myself? Perhaps both! Laron, has anyone done a reading for you? Do you mind sharing your past lives?