Ivan’s QHHT Experience | A QHHT Session by Mirela Vukman Neylan


Ivan, one of transients.info’s readers, shared this QHHT experience with us which Mirela Vukman Neylan conducted back in early 2015. This past life regression session also includes a message from his higher self for those regulars of transients.info.

Topics covered

  • A past experience in a settlement where a volcano erupts nearby and having a child, living through a life with a family.
  • Meeting with a guide to review the life after the above experience.
  • A sun like energy (possibly his higher self) healing Ivan after he returns to it.
  • Questions answered by Ivan’s higher self around smoking, his need to use intuition more, overcoming fear, his soul contract.
  • An Andromeda connection; a part of his being is from there, existing simultaneously.
  • Ivan using energy for healing and his need to meditate and use crystals.
  • The new earth and where Ivan will go, and also his origins before being on Earth.
  • Information focused around the year 2017 and a message for light workers / souls.
  • Ivan’s purpose on Earth and information around an ET contact experience.

Ivan introduces the session below.

* * *

The QHHT session transcribed here was held by practitioner Mirela Vukman Neylan who works in both London and Croatia. I was lead to her by my intuition and soon enough we managed to arrange an appointment.

I am very happy and grateful for this and plan to continue working with Mirela. Please note, translation from Croatian to English is extremely difficult because of the difference in these languages. English is very intuitive and depends on context while Croatian is very semantically specific, so I believe at least some of what was said is lost in translation.

Furthermore, some info relates to private matters which I do not feel comfortable sharing here, I hope you understand.

Mirela started the session and the first stage of it will not be mentioned here so those who have not yet went through this are not influenced by this too much.

Mirela:  Have you begun to descend from the cloud?
Ivan:  Yes

Mirela:  What do you see below you?
Ivan: Everything is brown

Mirela: Everything is brown?
Ivan:  Yes. The ground, the sky, the mountains. Everything is brown. Like…. its like an image… like a vulcano erupting. Everything is reddish-brow

Mirela: Can you tell is it day or night?
Ivan: No. Everything is same color. I think the volcano erupted.

Past Life QHHT Ivan

Mirela: Can you see your feet?
Ivan: Yes

Mirela: Describe them for me please. Are you wearing any shoes or feet covering?
Ivan: No. My feet are bare. I think my legs are dark.

Mirela: Just legs or your skin?
Ivan: My skin.

Mirela: So you are of darker complexion?
Ivan: Yes

Mirela: Where are you standing? Whats the terrain like?
Ivan: I’m on the ground

Mirela: Is it the same color like the surroundings?
Ivan: Yes, everything is. The ground seems dry and cracked.

Mirela: Can you look from your feet up to see how you are dressed?
Ivan: I think… i have like a cloth around my waist, light yellow-brownish color. And a band around my waist with small rocks hanging from it.

Mirela: Does your body feel male or female?
Ivan: Male

Mirela: Old or young?
Ivan: Middle age

Mirela: Can you guess approximately how old?
Ivan: 35-36

Mirela: Does your body feel healthy?
Ivan: Yes. Strong.

Mirela: Are you wearing any jewelry or tattoos?
Ivan: Ar round the neck. Necklace of some animal fangs. And arm band that looks made of something like dry grass or hair, something thin, very thin. No tattoos.

Mirela: Hair?
Ivan: Short, very short. Black

Mirela: How do you feel standing there?
Ivan: Scared, excited, surprised, amazed

Mirela: Do you know why?
Ivan: Because of the vulcano

Mirela: Did the vulcano recently erupt?
Ivan: Just now. Nobody knew this can happen

Mirela: So you’re in a settlement?
Ivan: I think so. I think there should be people near me

Mirela: Do you see anyone close by?
Ivan; Im looking but i cant find anyone. I think i live in some settlement but I’m not there now. I’m looking around to see if anyone else is here

Mirela: So you are alone in the scene you are seeing?
Ivan: Yes

Mirela: No people or animals with you there?
Ivan: No

Mirela: How did you get to be there, at the place you are at?
Ivan: I was…. searching for something, maybe scouting… searching for something in the vicinity, checking something out…

Mirela: Who else of yours is in the settlement?
Ivan: Not many people in it. Someone is close to me. A woman. I dont see any children. Very few young people. Mostly old people. I think i stayed to help them.

Mirela: Can you go to your habitat and describe it?
Ivan: Its small. Hut or houslet. It has like…. one wall and the rest… its like rectangle but rounded from one side. From clay or dirt. Not too firm.

Mirela: Something very modest?
Ivan: Yes. Very simple.There is a roof up. Branches covered with dry long grass.

Mirela: Is your wife inside?
Ivan: No

Mirela: Where is she?
Ivan: I dont know. Only few people are here and they are running and telling me to run.

Mirela: What was your duty there? Your daily tasks?
Ivan: I brought water. I think that’s what I went for. There is a river near by and I was going to get water. I was helping the old people. They couldn’t do much for them selves. I think there was more of us before. Many left somewhere.

Mirela: We will now leave this scene and move forward to an important day. A day when somethign is happening, something important. What do you see?
(smiling, grinning)

Mirela: What do you see now?
Ivan: My wife is holding a baby. I became a father. (still smiling and chuckling)

Mirela: So we are speaking of the same man you were watching before and now he became a dad?
Ivan: Yes

Mirela: A wonderful feeling, isn’t it!
Ivan: Yes, very!

Mirela: Is it your first baby?

Ivan: Yes

Past Life Ivan QHHT
Photo by Eric Fleming

Mirela: Boy or girl?
Ivan: Son, healthy.

Mirela: Where are you? In a house? Outside?
Ivan: In a house, but bigger one, much more light. Older woman delivered the baby. I think there is a lot of people outside, around the house. They are singing

Mirela: So everyone is happy for you?
Ivan: Yes, we weren’t able to have a baby for a long time

Mirela: What changed now to make it possible after such a long time?
Ivan: I think our relationship changed after the volcano. We found each other again somehow and from then things are better. Better for us

Mirela: Is your wife someone you know in this life?
Ivan: No. She is black like me. I dont know anyone like that in this life.
Ivan: (smiling)

Mirela: What is goign on?
Ivan: Im looking at her…. She has a  very beautifull face and I love her very much.

Mirela: What are your plans for your son?
Ivan: Teaching him how to live, care for for his health and teach him to help others and be grateful. Let him know he is loved.

Mirela: Are you still in the same settlement where you cared for older people?
Ivan: No, somewhere else. No more mountains. More green arround.

Mirela: What do you do in this new settlement? How do you pass the days?
Ivan: I care for my family, I bring water and food for them, I hunt, I help others when needed. I play with my son (smiles again)

Mirela: We will now leave this scene and move forward, forward and forward to an important day. We will go forward to the last day of this persons life you are seeing. You can simply observe. You dont have to feel any of what happens. What is going on now? What do you see?
Ivan: Im siting in front of the house. Seems like there is now more wood in it. Its more firm. There is like a little bench in front. Im sitting there. Im old

Mirela: How old? Can you tell?
Ivan: Over 90… very old… I dont see well. I know I will die that day. Its a feeling I have.

Mirela: Did you get your affairs in order?
Ivan: Yes. I’m  looking back on my life, son is married with a family of his own, my wife died… I did all i was supposed to do here….and  It was a good life… now i wait…

(a pause when the death happens and a few moments go by in silence between Mirela and myself)

Mirela: Is anyone with you in the moment of your death?
Ivan: (pause) yes..

Mirela: Who is it?
Ivan: Its… like… a sphere or circle, no body… i see a face but no body and its laughing. Like i did something funny. (laughs) And i’m laughing because i don’t know what we are laughing about.

(laughs again)   {loved this, was a hoot :D}

Mirela: Do you recognize this face? Is it familiar?
Ivan: No, it just a face. I’m not even sure i see it but i sense it somehow as a face. I cant explain how but it just is a face.

Mirela: I suppose this sphere is energy? Some entity you are meeting?
Ivan: Yes. Its not like anything i ever saw but its good. I’m not scared. I think in some way we are watching my life and we are both agreeing that it was a good life. Ivan: (pause) i think i know this entity. Maybe before this life. I’m not sure but it feels familiar somehow. At first no but now yes.

Mirela: And do you know why it came? What is its purpose?
Ivan: To remind me

Mirela: To remind you of what?
Ivan:  That this is the real me and that i chose to have that life. To see with me if i learned all i was supposed to in that life. I think its my guide.

Mirela: Every life has a purpose and a lesson. What did you learn in that life you are observing with your guide?
Ivan: That its very simple to have a simple and fulfilled life. It doesn’t take much.

Mirela: And why were you shown the scene with volcano?
Ivan: I was suppsoed to learn how to deal with fear and hardship in life.

Mirela: Life often throws us a curve, doesnt it.
Ivan: Yes

Mirela: Are you warm enough? Do you need to be covered?
Ivan: A bit cold on the feet

Mirela: Ok, while i’m covering you, tell me what is going on? Are you still with the guide?
Ivan: Yes

Mirela: What is happening?
Ivan: I think he is waiting. Like we are supposed to go somewhere. I think its up to me. I have to say i want us to go

Mirela: And are you ready to go on?
Ivan: Yes

Mirela: Now whats happening?
Ivan: We crossed over to someplace else. That was blue. Light blue all arround us. Now its very white, lots of light everywhere (breathes heavily) its a very strong light…. incredibly bright…. soo much energy radiating from it… (short breaths, heavy) i think…. this is…. some greater being… my higher self? …. something incredibly big… i cant… i cant get used to the energy…. so intense… its so much… (heavy breaths)

Mirela: Breathe deeply so you can adapt more easily to the light and energy
Ivan: (slows down breath and relaxes) now its a bit easier

Mirela: You adapted?
Ivan: Yes. I think we went there too suddenly…. we are just watching it. Its like a Sun, huge Sun just before us. I think…. i think this is restoring me. I think im here to recover. Life had exhausted me.

Mirela: You werent sent there for no reason.
Ivan: Im recovering again. Now its ok.

Mirela: Can you ask the light does it have a message for you?
Ivan: (laughs) its responding in english and says: welcome back. Heal… just heal.

Mirela: Awesome! (laughs a bit)
Ivan: We are talking in English. Seems more natural. I asked: are you my higher self? It says yes…. i feel happy. I’m home…

(short pause to let the healing take hold)

Mirela: We will let that healing continue and we will move on. We will simply let the process continue and we will now move on. We are moving away fom this scene and we are leaving that person to continue his journey. He will find peace and all that he was looking for. We will now drift away, away from that scene and those events. 

(Mirela now speaks and brings the subconsciousness forward. She asked for permission and starts asking the questions. A slight change in my voice occurred when this started)

For those that are unaware, the subconscious is the higher self of the individual. – Laron

Mirela: I would like to ask Ivans subconscious to scan Ivans body and report if there are any concerns for his health physically. Will you do this for us?
SC: Yes

Mirela: Has the scanning process begun?
SC: Yes

Mirela: Ivan has prepared a few questions and would like to know what must he do regarding his lifestyle to improve his energetic growth? What would you recommend?
SC: He has most of the information he needs. He needs to stop smoking.

Mirela: Stop smoking?
SC:  Yes. He has been pondering this for some time now and the time is right to do it now. It wont be difficult for him.

Mirela:  But his subconscious can help with this if he really wants it?
SC: Yes, he will stop soon. By smoking, he thinks he is slowing down his progress. He does this intentionally because he feels he isn’t ready. That he still needs to do some things from his soul contract. Not much is left. Few things.

Mirela: What would those be?
SC: Companionship

Mirela: Anything else?
SC: To work on accepting persons that seem different from him. He works on acceptance and listening to his intuition. It guides him well. But he needs to learn how to follow it more without fear of consequence. There will not be any bad consequence.

Mirela: Do you mean something specific by fear of consequence?
SC: He is afraid.

Mirela: Of what?
SC: That his choices will hurt those around him. So he slows him self down.

Mirela: Any advice about that?
SC: He should put himself first. Its nice to help others but he needs to think of himself. If he does that he will be able to help others more.

Mirela: And what about his fear of his choices? Can you give him advice on how to handle that?
SC: He thought all this through. He likes to analyze. He knows all happens for a reason. Its a part of his soul contract. Those arround him are there to learn some of their lessons through him. There is no need to fear the choices ahead of him.

Mirela: Can you maybe help him to remove this fear or deal with it better after this?
SC: Yes, Slowly

Mirela: Its a process
SC: He just needs to first get secure enough through his lesson to realize it is ok to let others know that he is happy in his choices and their oppinion is not rellevant to that.

(skipping some private matters now)

Mirela:  Is Ivan in any way connected to Andromeda?
SC: He is seeking confirmation of something he already knows.

Mirela: And what would that be?
SC: Another aspect of his higher self exists there as an Andromedan female. She is aware of him here on earth because she is far more evolved and knows far more about nature of existence. She is assisting him

Mirela: Is she something as a guide for him or…?
Mirela: She is a simultaneous aspect of his higher self on another planet in another galaxy. They both serve to help the higher self achieve growth through them. In this case they just happen to coexist parallel one to another, in same linear time, in same space just at different locations. She knows he is here and sometimes can hear thoughts he directs at her because sometimes he speaks to her. She hears him, but he cannot hear her. She is helping him.

{Just to clear this up, Laron is the first to tell me of this Andromedan counterpart of higher self so i wished to get a confirmation and further info about this. From the first moment he told me about this i did really direct thoughts to this other aspect but i faintly sensed only some positive echo.}

Mirela:  So they are both aware of each other but only she can hear Ivan?
SC: Yes, that’s right. She can direct some of her energy to assist him. He has not figured out yet how to do this.

Andromeda Galax M31 by Luca Argalia. Retouched by Laron
Andromeda Galax M31 by Luca Argalia. Retouched by Laron

Mirela: Will he learn this?
SC: Yes

Mirela: Can we know when?
SC: Soon

Mirela: Speaking in linear time, are we talking about years, months…?
SC: Close to 10 years

Mirela: Very well. Does Ivan has any connection to Pleiades?
SC: Pleiades for Ivan were a signpost to Andromeda and Andromeda was a way to his spiritual awakening and  growth. It was the easiest way to bring him to this life path. He enjoys watching the stars. From childhood he has been gazing at Pleiades. He used to think it was the small dipper. Then he was given an encyclopedia where he tracked down the constellation and this was the easiest way to direct him to his right path.  He found out about Pleiades, other people talking about Pleiades – Billy Meier. Regardless of what Ivan might think of him, Billy Meier is irrelevant to him, he was only a means to help him find about his spiritual growth.

Mirela: What of Sirius? Has he got a connection with Sirius?
SC: One of his previous lives was there. It is currently irrelevant for him.

Mirela: So from all of them mentioned here, the most important for Ivan is the communication with the Andromedan female?
SC: Yes

Mirela: Are there other beings on other planets that he might be interacting with without knowing it, without being aware of it? Or that they might be communicating with him?
SC: He does not remember his dreams because he is not there when dreaming. He goes to learn about what he will need.

Mirela: Where does he  go?
SC: To places where the collective consciousness sends him.

Mirela: Collective consciousness of Earth?
SC: Collective consciousness set forth by the Source to care for energetic growth and progress of planets and galaxies in this universe.

{i think this refers to what Laron calls grid consciousness or something maybe a degree lower, more specific to just our universe but i don’t know. Words used often reminded me of matters i read about here so sometimes i wonder how much did information acquired here influence me in this session or it just is so and i got pure confirmation of it all. I am a bit skeptic because it all sounded so familiar when i was hearing it at home}

Mirela: Is  there a specific location, planet, constellation with which Ivan is communicating in unconscious state?
SC: Yes, he thinks of it as the constellation of Canis Major. He always stares there in the sky. There are some souls there he is working with in physical location in space.

{i checked this later and found out i was wrong, canis major is in southern celestial hemisphere. I’m still trying to figure out which is the true name of where i look at}

Mirela:  For what purpose is he working with them?
SC: He is learning to channel his energy for the purpose of healing. When he has completed his lessons he will be able to help others using his energy. Currently he is performing this at the very basic level. He still doesn’t know how to channel his potential.

Mirela: What would be the best way for him to learn this?
SC: He needs to meditate more often. In nature. His house is not energetically suitable for this kind of work. Too much interference.  He needs to meditate outdoors. He needs to connect further to the earth and nature. He needs to progress with the aid of earth energy not to separate from it. It is the key for him, nature is the key for him. Crystals. He needs stronger crystals. Those he has have helped him but they got him as far as he can go with those. Now he needs a stronger crystal to help him untill he can work alone with energies.

Mirela: Can a man i know help him get the crystal he needs?
SC: So far he has listened to his intuition when acquiring crystals and it guided him well. He should keep doing this. But this man could help him.

Mirela: Of course. Is there a specific type of crystal that he needs now?
SC: A large citrine.

Crystal QHHT Ivan Past Life Regression
A Citrine cluster. Photo by cobalt123

Mirela: At the beginning of the session Ivan was shown a forest of crystal trees. Can you help him understand why was he shown this?
SC: For a long time has desired to see the New Earth and it was shown to him.

Mirela: So it was New Earth that he saw?
SC: Yes

Mirela: Will this New Earth look the same for everyone as for Ivan?
SC: It is currently being shaped to the desires of those who will get there. This is his contribution.

Mirela: So all those who will get there are helping co-create it?
SC: Yes

{and again, same info as heard here from Lai’s sessions. Confirmation or repetition?}

Mirela: When will the creation of this New Earth come to being?
SC: It is there already

Mirela: When will start to move there? When will it happen for Ivan?
SC: Maybe in old age, maybe not even in this body in this life. He should not be concerned with this.

Mirela:  So it is not certain that in this life he will see the New Earth?
SC:  It was not arranged upon his arrival here. It is an option. In different circumstances he is already there. In current one shaped by his choices in his reality, he is still not there. It is not necessary for him to get there.

Mirela: Because a part of him is already there or for some other reason?
SC:  One of possible realizations of his life is already there and for that fact it is helping him to get there but for this current reality of his, it is not necessary

Mirela:  Has Ivan progressed enough to detach from the karmic cycle?
SC: He is very close. He has the needed understanding but still needs to work out certain matters. He just needs to let go of all fear. Then he will be fine.

Mirela: Is there a certain karmic issue that he might be helped with? Something you can advise him with to help him further?
{private issue regarding a soul attachment, cant be healed with just energy work but with actual communication and i’m not really sure will i be able to accomplish this}

Mirela: Then supposing that in this life he will succeed in finishing his lessons, he will no longer have to return as per the rules of karmic cycle?
SC: Should he then so desire he can come back, but he will not be obligated to return.

Mirela: So it is up to him?
SC: He has been here many many times though he did not start of as an earth soul.

Mirela: Then where has he started? How?
SC: On a different level. Not on physical plane. His initial growth started on a different level. Then he wished to experience the physical reality. He made some choices then that built up much karma and got bound to the karmic cycle. He became an earth soul. Still, compared to true earth souls, he is not here that long. He is learning quickly.

Mirela:  Can we get more information about this initial state where he began? What was this like?
SC:  Spiritual state. He came to being as a parcel, wholesome, rounded, full being from the Source. A spark of the Source energy. He was given self awareness. He learned truths, great truths which he is now still not able to comprehend. In learning these truths he also learned about different levels of existence. He mastered lower levels of existence quickly enough. On physical plane of existence he got caught up in the karmic cycle. He attempted to change something that was not meant to be. Therefore he became obligated to learn the lessons set forth for him. That’s why he is returning here but soon it will be over.

Mirela: Why was he shown the past life which he saw? I know you could have taken him anywhere in past, present or future. Why was he shown that life in particular?
SC: It is the ideal life for him. Nature, unburdened with technology. After he learns how to work energetically and to channel his energy in unison with the energy of Earth and Source he will live a similar version of such life but much easier. That is what is for him.

Mirela: So it is like a pattern..?
SC: It is what he must strive for.

Mirela: As a life best for him?
SC:  A life in which he can achieve most  growth and progress.

Mirela: Has the scanning process been completed?
SC: Yes

Mirela: Are there any reasons for concern or anything out of balance?
SC: No. There were issues that might have caused cancer but the meditation he performs have helped with this. He has managed to align his energy body and cleanse it. He should continue meditations with connecting to the Earth energy. He is in need of this energy.

Mirela: Can we check are there any other energy blockades or problems?
SC: Only the one issue he is now made aware of and knows what needs to be done.

Mirela: Is there a special message for the group of people Ivan works with on the web page transients.info? Any message that Ivan’s subconscious wishes to relay to this group?
SC: They are doing a good thing which is helping a lot of people to become aware of the true nature of existence and the purpose of life here. Their group meditations are very very useful. Laron knows well what he is doing and is here for a purpose. Ivan found out about him with a purpose.

Edition by Laron – I removed some personal information about me here which related to my purpose, the new earth and some timing around my journey to it. (It would have been more of an ego feeding reason if I had left it in, not so much about a decision based on sharing metaphysical based educational info)

Mirela: A large number of people is talking about the year 2017.
SC: Ivan came to this information spontaneously. He is not certain how. He was lead to this information to become aware of it and to do all he can to prepare for it as much as he can.

Mirela: What would the message be to other lightworkers in the sense of preparing for this year?
SC: The year itself is not equally relevant to all. Some have achieved enough progress to sense this coming, they do not need to know it is coming but they will know when it does. Others, like Ivan, have learned of this but are not quite ready yet. Those far enough ahead in their progress will at this time be given the opportunity to start actively manifesting that which they desire in this reality  and it will come to them much faster and also to use their energy channeling to help those who need it or come seeking them for help.

Mirela:  What is Ivan’s mission on Earth at this time, in this life?
SC:  First and foremost, he is fulfilling duties of his soul contract. Along side this he was aware of the significance of the time he is coming into, its significance for all of Earth and humanity and he chose to assist with this in a quieter way. To help those around him become aware of the changes in the world surrounding them. He is performing this in various ways, most of which he isn’t aware of. Those arround him can feel this. They do not notice it but they feel it.

Mirela:  Can you give an example of a way in which Ivan helps others and isn’t aware of it?
SC:  By his proximity

Mirela: Energetically?
SC: His energy is slightly different but enough so that others feel it. They feel a bit different when around him. In time this will grow to the point where others will start to notice this and ask themselves what this is and that will bring them to their paths to spiritual growth. He is here to help spread the way of awakening similar to his own.

Mirela:  Is Ivan in communication with ET beings, if i may call them that?
SC: No. At one instance in the past, he is now made aware of this, he set his intentions to achieve contact with those he perceived as progressive then later came to think of them as regressive. It took a great deal of effort to prevent this. Very, very close. He sensed them. He thought them to be something else.

Mirela: We are talking about extraterrestrial lifeforms?
SC: Yes. He didn’t asses information objectively enough about the grey collective and perceived them as a positive force. He channeled a great deal of energy of his being into the intention of a contact with them and they came. At the last moment he received the warning message which he experienced as an explainable feeling of dread which instantly changed his mind. This much energy stopped the contact from happening. He should not do this ever again.

Edition from Laron  – I removed some information right here, based on a final message for Ivan that Mirela asked about as it related to a more personal situation which isn’t relevant. I also removed some info from the end.

Mirela: As  I was taught by Dolores, at the end of a session I ask is there an advice or message for me?
SC: Ivan does have a message for you.

Mirela: What would that be?
SC:  Avagradeyki yoruk vamuli

Mirela: What does it mean?
SC: Thank you white shaman

Mirela: Well, thank you. What language was that?
SC: Quechua

{apart from QHHT, Mirelas main focus of work is shamanic healing and she learned from the people of quechua}

* * *

That is all the info that Ivan has sent onto me in relation to this QHHT experience, conducted by Mirela Vukman Neylan. You can find Mirela’s website here, http://heartmedicine.co.uk/ and articles based on the QHHT sessions I and others have conducted and shared, here.


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