Earth Guardians & Higher Self | A QHHT Session By Steven Jones

A group of beings healing the earth after nuclear damage, a grid system connecting us all, some ET info on the vehicles we inhabit, and other conscious aspects connected into the client.


Here is a QHHT session conducted by Steven Jones with his client Tai Ashley-Jones from November, 2008. Tai is a holistic healthcare practitioner, artist and teacher of metaphysics based in England.

In 2008 Tai had an extraordinary vivid experience during an operation, one that is somewhat similar to a near death experience. Tai wanted to recall and understand more about that event and hence this QHHT session.

This Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session also showed Tai that she is existing simultaneously back here on Earth, and that she is part of a group with the role of protecting and looking after the Earth. Some information comes up about what beings outside our physical experience do to help heal the planet after the detonation of nuclear weapons.

There is mention of a grid system that connects all of us together. Tai also receives some understanding about her higher self and its location. The subject of ETs is discussed, specifically around them being another vehicle to have an experience in.

Tai begins below by introducing the session.

* * *

Steve talked me through the relaxation off the cloud to a space where I am opening a door…. Then he talked me through the whole day leading up to going to the hospital for the operation …

S.        Can you see yourself lying on the bed there in the theatre waiting for the procedure?
T.       Yes

S.        How are you feeling at the moment?
T.        Fine.  Just interested in the proceedings.

S.        So are your eyes open now then.
T.        Most of the time I close them as there is a bright light above me which hurts my eyes so I just shut them.

S.        So you have reached the time when they will inject the anesthetic in your hand and you will be aware of the sensation of the anesthetic moving through your bloodstream and I want your subconscious mind to be aware of what is now happening to you.  Everything that happened from this point on was recorded in your mind by your mind, your spirit and your subconscious.  Every little detail of what happened from here on in throughout the procedure to when you are returned to your room in the hospital… everything that you experienced throughout the night-time whilst you remained in the hospital was recorded and you are now going to access that memory.  You are going to remember every little detail of what happened to you. Although your body was asleep and your conscious mind was out of action, there was a part of you that remained totally aware and recorded everything that happened to you.  As we proceed now it is that part of you that is going to speak, that Subconscious part of you that remained totally aware of what happened to you throughout the procedure.  You have certain memories now of that time which are only the ‘sketches’ you are now going to remember the full pictures of what that was, .. the full colour movie…  You know where those memories are and you know how to re-experience it all.

So as you become aware that the body is going down.. Tell me what happens…. As the nurse tells you to start counting…
T.        The light starts jumping around.. it gets distorted… I am trying to focus on it and keep it steady it gets very surreal… 9…. very surreal…. 8… jumping around…. It’s just like … totally black….

S.        As this happens your eyes sees things happening in the room… as you reach the counting down from 10..9..8.. there is a part of you that detaches… there is a part of you that is released from your body.. the part of you that is the life force the spirit… detaches from your physical body and comes out of .. your physical body… you no longer feel the heaviness of your physical body… that magical life force that is the real you.. detaches… you can feel it floating up.. up.. up .. out of your body.  You are no longer attached to the heaviness of your physical body.. it feels wonderful safe and secure as you know that everyone is looking after your body as the procedure begins.  You have now risen up out of your body..  What can you see?
T.       I can see our  Planet. .. Earth .. I am a long, long way away.

S.        What does this feel like?  Are you scared?
T.        No.

S.        Do you realise what is happening?
T.        Mmmm….. No.

S.        Are you just floating?
T.        No I am not floating.. I am just static looking at the Planet.

S.        What does it look like to you?
T.        It is beautiful.

S.        Is it like pictures that you have seen before of the Planet?
T.        Yes.  Really beautiful..

Earth Guardians QHHT
By Josephine Wall

What does your body feel like now?
T.        I can’t feel a body… I just … AM … there..

S.        Are you aware of what is going on?
T.        I am aware that I am waiting for somebody… some.. thing…

S.        We are going to move you forwards now because you may have waited 5 minutes or 10 minutes but you may not even have been aware of the passage of time .. but the person or persons that you are waiting for have arrived… they are there now.. the waiting is over… can you see these people..
T.        He makes me jump when he arrives!

S.        Why does he make you jump?
T.        Because he is suddenly just there!  Holding out his hand.

S.        Is he in front of you?
T.        No he is on the right hand side.

S.        What does he look like?
T.        Very tall.. he has a white… I suppose it looks like a white garment of some sort… very shiny… translucent.. he is smiling at me…

S.        How does that make you feel?
T.        We are laughing…Because I say ..’Oh, it’s you!’

S.        So you have seen this person before have you?
T.        Yes.  I know him.  We are not saying it in words though..

S.        So you can just ‘hear’ him can you?
T.        Yes, he is not saying anything, just holding out his left hand…

S.        What does his hand look like?
T.        It is beautiful… very long fingers…

S.        Is it like your hand?
T.        I …. I can’t see my hand … I don’t seem to have a hand…I can’t see a body for me..

S.        What is he looking at then?
T.        He is not looking … he is just laughing …with me… he is ‘saying’ …. ‘come on we have got to go’.  I say ‘where are we going?’ and he says ‘you will see when we get there’…

S.        So you are going to leave where you are now?  (T.. Yes) So you are going to travel somewhere with this person?
T.       No there is no travelling… you are just there in an instant.

S.        No travelling… what does it look like this place that you have arrived at?
T.        Steps going up… big wide steps… steps going up…

S.        What colour are they?
T.        They are white.

S.        What do you think the material is made of?
T.        I am thinking these are marble…but I can see that there is ‘stuff’ in it sparkling.. shining.. glistening… not like anything I have ever seen before.  He is stepping behind me .. he is standing behind me to the side almost as if he has pushed me forward… but I know that he is there behind me… I can feel him….

S.        So  do you have to walk up these steps now?
T.        No… I don’t seem to have a body.. I just ..AM.

S.        This person that is with you..Is it a male or female?
T.       No.. No.. It’s a person I knew… it is my brother Kevin…but he looks very different from that now..

S.        So you sense that you know him but…
T.        Yes… he keeps laughing at me…

S.        So can you describe him for me how he looks.  You say that he is very tall and that he has got a garment on that is white and shiny and silky… with long sleeves…
T.        Yes all I can see is his hands coming out of the garment…

S.        And does it reach the floor?
T.        Yes  I can’t see feet…

S.        Describe how his face looks?  Does he look like a normal man?
T.        He is just showing me his face as it was when he was younger.. it is done so that I will recognise the ‘Energy’ that is in front of me.  He says that it is a ….’Construct’ for me.. it is not really how he looks.  He says it is a suit that he has put on so that I can recognise him…

S.        So you recognise his energy as your young brother…
T.        Yes.. Yes… He is laughing as we always did when we used to be together…

S.        So really, how he appears to you now at this moment isn’t really that important?
T.        It’s important to him.  It is how he wants me to know him.  It is important for me to know that this is what his energy is like now…Very beautiful… very black hair…

S.        Is it short this hair?
T.        No .. longish and curly..

S.        And is it dark or light coloured hair?
T.        No. Black.  He is saying that this is great fun to be able to do this….

S.        What colour are his eyes?
T.        Blue… But Kevin’s eyes were brown… He’s laughing and says ‘I can have them whatever colour I want!’..

S.        What colour is his skin?…
T.        Very, very white.

S.        How old would you say he looks?  Is he a young man?  An old man?
T.        He says he likes to be remembered when he was 20..

S.        So your brother has picked you up and bought you to this place.. he has bought you here for a reason has he?
T.        I am here to meet some people

S.        How do you know that?
T.        Because that is what he said!

S.        O.K.  So what happens now?
T.        I am standing at the top of those steps.. I don’t know how I got to the top of them but I’m there and it is a very.. very wide area.  Like a courtyard that seems to go on forever… I can’t see the outside boundary and it is not important.  Ther are very big columns in front of me.

S.        Is it a building?
T.        It appears to be to me… structured like the … Acropolis?.. Still in the same material… white… glistening bits in it…

Earth Guardians QHHT
The Acropolis, Selinunte Greek Ruins, Sicily. By Greg Robbins

So you are at the top of this wide, stone staircase, with big pillars going up in the distance?
T.        Yes up into the sky… I can’t see the end of them.

S.        Just off into the sky!.. so there is no roof to this building?
T.        Not that I am aware of .. No.

S.        What else can you see?
T.       There is somebody sitting down on a further couple of steps .. I am having to look up at them… on the left hand side…on the right hand side there are a group of people standing watching me…

S.        Do they look like your brother?
T.        No.

S.        What do they look like then?
T.        Very tall… slender… they all have an unusual colour hair… red hair… dark red hair… they all look the same except for one who is smaller and they have a cobalt blue… at first I thought it was like the same garment as the other one had on, but it is not.. it fits close to their body…they are… there is so much animation coming from them all, they are really, really excited…

S.        But there is one who is separate?
T.        There is the one who is sat on the left and then there is one who is separate from the group – just to the left of the group of people because the group of people is standing tightly together…

S.        And this is all happening on these steps?
T.        Yes.

S.        So these steps haven’t arrived at a plinth or a platform?
T.       He is on a plinth … the one on the left…He is two steps up higher to where I am or where they are.  I am having to look up to him.

S.        So what happens next?  Do you walk up and talk to him?
T.        No I don’t move he is just talking to me.

S.        What is he saying to you?
T.       I ask why I am there?  Where am I?

S.        What is his response?
T.        He says this is where you come from.  This is where you belong.  These are your people.

S.        So this is on the earth?
T.        I don’t know.  (Laughing).. if he says this is where I come from.. then this must be the Angelic Realm..

(This is in reference to many people telling me this is where I am from)

I don’t think that he is somebody that you can make jokes with!..

S.        So if ‘there’ is where you come from.. this must be how you must look… very tall.. with red hair.. I imagine?
T.        I don’t…  I can’t see me, but he says that that is me … just stepped to one side…I’m looking at him and thinking that can’t be me.. because that is a man….so I say…’Ah, are these the ‘Watchers’  …they are all laughing…so I say… ‘so you must be the ‘Watchers’…

S.        So are you just saying to the man alone or the group?
T.        I am saying it to all of them.  If this is where I come from and this is the Angelic Realm then they must be the Watchers….

They know I don’t believe that… they know I don’t believe in Angels so they know I am laughing at them…That’s O.k…. they don’t care… they are all laughing now…laughing back with me… I have a sense that I should be much more reverent… (laughing).. but I’m not!..  a little voice in me is saying… you are going to get chucked out of here!…

S.        So what do you think you are doing here now then?
T.       I don’t know.. they are saying that they have things to show me…

S.        What are they going to show you then?
T.        They said.. ‘you keep asking to see what you do.. we are going to show you’..

S.        What do they mean you keep asking?
T.        Because I keep asking… when I go to sleep.. or dream… or in meditation.. I keep asking.. show me what it is that I do?….am I doing the right thing?  Am I helping enough?  Is there something more I should be doing?  Show me something..

S.        So what do they show you finally?…
T.        Well he says… he is very strange….

S.        What is his name?  What is he called?
T.        He doesn’t give me name.

S.        Can you ask him?
T.        He says we don’t have name in the way that you     understand it… if you like..

S.        What would you call him if you were able to give him a name?
T.        Strange…

S.        You would call him Strange!
T.       Yes.  I would.  He is very strange…..A bit scary…

S.        So do you feel like he is in charge of the group?
T.       It is not like that.  Nobody is in charge.  They are just there waiting to show me things.

S.        O.K.  So just let me see if I can say what is happening now… You are standing on these white stone steps and to the left of you is this Being and to the right of you is this other group of Beings… is that correct?
T.       Yes.  But I am not standing… I am not in a body… I can’t see a body…

S.        And you say that the Being on the left and the Beings on the right … they all look the same?
T.        No.  Nothing like each other.  It is very hard to see his face as he has a hooded cloak on.  It comes right on down to his hand and the floor.

S.        So compared to how you look back on earth…how is he… is he the same height as you….as you are back on earth.
T.       I don’t know because he is in the chair but he looks very very big… He is sitting on a chair on a plinth…

S.        Where are his arms positioned…. Can you see his hands?
T.        They look very bony…

S.        Like an old mans hands?
T.        No… no… no… they are just angular… bony.. angular… strange… they don’t look real….

S.        Before they show you anything else.. let’s look over at the other group of people.. they are standing on a plinth are they?
T.        No they are actually standing on a checkerboard… at the same time I can see them yet see what they are standing on.. I am seeing them in front of me…. It has light coming up from below….

S.        Like a chessboard…
T.        NO.  No.  It’s like you are looking through a window as if it has light underneath it.  And I know as that same time as I can see them I can see what they are standing on..

S.        So with the lights going across it, you can see it is not like a coloured checkerboard.. different colours like chess?
T.        NO.  Only one square is a different colour.  Only one square has.. a colour… and that is the square that the Being has stepped off of.

S.        What do you mean he has stepped off of?
T.        He is standing to one side in front of me.  The square where he was standing, which is one up from the bottom left hand corner is turquoise and is different from the rest.

S.        And how many Beings are there on the square?
T.        Altogether there are 16 of them.

S.        What and 17 including the big guy on the chair?
T.        He is not a part of this checkerboard square thing.

S.        He is not a part of this?…(T.  No). And they all look the same you said?
T.        They all look the same except for one at the back who is smaller… hiding….shy

S.        And are they are all dressed the same in hooded robes?
T.        No they are all dressed in a one-piece outfit…blue…very shiny cobalt blue… beautiful… it just looks like it is their body…

S.        Very tight a diving suit?
T.        It just fits their body as though their body is cobalt blue…. Silky stuff…

S.        What are their eyes like?
T.        …………………. I’m not sure….  I don’t seem to be aware of their eyes.  Although they are very excited to see me… none of them … it’s like they… they are not allowed to call attention to themselves as I have to pay attention to what they are going to show me….to what he is saying to me…so they are trying to not really look at me, because we will just start laughing because we are so excited….I want them to come and cuddle me… so they are trying to suppress what they are feeling… and to not really look at me….

S.        So you said that when you first were aware  that  you were out of your body.. and the person arrived who you were aware of that he was originally your brother back on the Earth?…  so these 16 people who are on this checkerboard .. are there any there that you recognise from before?
T.        Just Carol.

S.        Who is Carol?
T.        My friend Carol?

S.        But she is a woman.
T.        So Am I.  But it is Carol..

S.        Which one is her.
T.        The top right hand one…the small one.. she is hiding.. very shy… she is hiding behind the others… but I know she is there…She kind of peeps round them and waves and then steps back in again…

S.        Is that what Carol is like in real life..
T.        Not at all!!  Not at all.

S.        So how do you know it is Carol?
T.        I just know it is her.

S.        Is it something you can see?
T.        No.  I just know…

S.        Something you can ‘feel’?
T.        Yes.  It is her.

S.        So who are these people? You say that they are not Angels?
T.        So I had said to them ‘you must be the Watchers’ and the one that stepped out is now talking to me…

S.        So what is he saying to you..
T.        (Extreme voice change)….

‘Your emphasis is on the wrong word.  We have to watch you to see what you are up to … so that we know how… we can best work… to keep up with what you are doing… you should rather call us the ‘Guardians’ or the ‘Protectors’.

S.        What are they protecting…
T.        The Planet… and the damage that we do…. I don’t like the fact that they are men… I don’t like the fact that they are telling me that that is me…

S.        Why
T.        I say.. That can’t be me because I am not a man… and they are all laughing… He says that the energy is necessary to have a mans energy … as you understand it.. don’t get caught up in it..  all this means is this …. is the energy we use to do the work that we do… and this is you and your work….as you see it as a man.. it is not important….

I am not happy with that … I don’t like that…

S.        What?… You don’t like being associated with a male energy?
T.        No.  No… lots of work that I think I am doing is to consciously get people to see that the male energy is abhorrent on the Planet….  If we could change the male energy then we could stop the fighting.. we need to become more like the women… who care… women can’t start wars… (crying)… women take care of the people they love… women can’t send their children off to die…only men do that…

S.        But might I suggest that the best way to change male energy is to know how male energy operates…
T.        We don’t have a choice!!  We know exactly how male energy operates…we have to live with it all the time..  the result of everything that is happening on the planet all the time is as the result of male energy…  we are not dealing with things that women are doing on the planet.. all the time we are dealing with the things that men are doing…men make the decisions… about war… about destroying forests and all good things on the planet… there are not women in there making those choices….only men are making those decisions…. I am very upset to be told that this is me…

S.        But you are not a man down on the planet are you…
T.        No.  Thank goodness..

S.        So what you are being shown as you there.. is it an Enlightened man  ..a male energy?
T.        I don’t know… I don’t know that that is what they are…

S.        So what else are you being shown whilst you are there and who shows you?
T.        He says that they are the Guardians and the Protectors.  I say what are you protecting? and I realise that it is the Being on the left who is now showing me…

S.        So he is communicating now is he?  (T.  yes)… What is he communicating..
T.        I am just aware that he is showing me ….. protecting…

I am seeing an Atomic Bomb which has just gone off…

S.        Are you seeing it in your mind?
T.        I am seeing the planet again as I saw it as I was collected.  On the right hand side an Atomic Bomb has just gone off and a mushroom cloud is projecting out from the planet…expanding outwards…

Atomic Bomb Test, Bikini Island, 1946
Atomic Bomb Test, Bikini Island, 1946

So right hand side is that the northern hemisphere?
T.        I don’t know which part of the Planet there is a lot of cloud and I can’t make out which area of land I am looking at… it’s not important…at the same time I am being shown a window here….

S.        What in the planet?…
T.        No … it’s to the side and I glance down and see that… I am being shown that the operation is still going on and the Being is saying…’it’s O.K…. that’s where you are’…and I say to him…’Do I have to go back there?’ and he says ‘that is up to you’..

S.        Before we talk about that let’s go back to what you are seeing on the planet…
T.        I saw it at the same time as I see the mushroom cloud… it’s like looking down through a building… a long, long way down and you can see through a glass ceiling.. and you are looking down… it’s very small… the planet is about the size  of a football and this window is about the size of a small tangerine… so I am just seeing the mushroom cloud going off…expanding outwards…

S.        Is that happening now.. at that moment… or is it a recording of something that has happened?
T.        I don’t know they are just showing me…

S.        So what is the point of them showing this?
T.        Because they are showing what the 16 Beings do…

S.        What… they set off an Atomic Bomb?
T.        No.  They form a ‘square’ of protective energy around the mushroom cloud… the cloud is the size that it is and they form energy around it as big as it is and they create the square so that they have the mushroom cloud inside the square.. on the planet…

S.        To what purpose?
T.        Well, I thought first of all that they must be trying to contain it, to stop the damage going out…but they are not… they are creating this vortex of energy and it is swirling around .. almost as if they are creating a boxed in mushroom .. they are not holding hands but it is almost like they are touching person to person creating this square…they are trying to contain… oh no… alright…

(crying and very distressed)…

(Deep sigh)…

I am seeing all these lines going out from the Planet  all these exquisite lines going out from the Planet… tightly packed… it’s a huge grid of energy…they are trying to contain it in the squares within a certain amount of the grid… they are concerned… they are trying to contain it with the energy of the vortex that they have sent up… they then turn it over and bring it back down through the middle of the mushroom cloud… and I can see it going right the way back through it and I am asking.. ‘are you trying to make all the pollution  go back down to earth?’

But it is nothing to do with that… they are pushing it down to the core of the Planet…and I am seeing it kind of go through a tunnel… and it is going right through to the centre of the planet  and I can see her…(the Planet) she is like a woman… and I can see her reeling from the effect of this…very feminine energy.. soft… and she is doing her best to try and contain it…it is going through this tunnel.. crystalline….. so it is the ‘energetic effects’ they are trying to contain and they push it through this tunnel and right to the centre of the planet… which is … huge…… huge…. And there are crystals everywhere… massive… massive crystals….and they are all vibrating… everything is so disturbed… She..  is so disturbed… the crystals are vibrating and absorbing the shock waves and trying to make it stop …to neutralise it….the vibration is so powerful… they are trying to make it stop… to calm it down… calm it down.. and the Beings keep pouring it down  though the mushroom cloud…they are having no effect on the stuff which is falling out of the cloud that is not their purpose….and they are doing this with her…

She is just trying to diffuse this energy which has been sent down to her and she is sending it back out through the grid…throughout the whole of the planet..  she diffuses it and sends it out…  it is going off and out on this side…(the left)  and it is diffusing and oscillating and it is not so bad but …when I look back over this side…(the right where the bomb went off) all the grid is twisted and gnarled and melted….and I can feel the panic.. they are really panicking…  because if it goes out too far… and it does go out a long long way into the Universe and that effect is felt way out in the universe and that is what they are trying to stop…..

She (The Planet) is so tired… of doing this… so tired…

So that’s what they do.

Earth Guardians QHHT
The Oracle by Josephine Wall

So that is what you are a part of?
T.        Yes.  Apparently.  I am back in the second square up. It is hard for  them to do it because part of me isn’t with them there.  Part of me is on the Planet … in the physical…

S.        So why didn’t you remain there… doing that work? Why didn’t you remain with these other Beings doing what you were supposed to be doing.. there?
T.        They needed me to be on the Planet as an interface between them and us, they needed me to be there.  They asked for someone to go and I said that I would go..

S.        Why did you go, why didn’t someone else go out of that group?
T.        I have the ability to be able to do that… to be on the Planet but to still be working with them at the same time… not all of them can do that.

S.        I have a question for you .. I wonder if you can answer it?  That you are part of this group and you came down to earth, which meant that you are no longer there…
T.        I am still there.. but I’m not as strong as I could be if I wasn’t down here as well… I’m not ‘quite myself’ there and they know that part of me is missing and they love the part of me that is not there….

S.        How is it then that your friend Carol is here on the Earth with you.. but you can still see her there?
T.        Because we are both still there… that’s where we ‘come from’

S.        This is what is called Heaven is it?
T.        No.   No.. It is not the Soul Energy…. It is an Energy Level.  Carol looks ‘diminished’ to me so that I could … it made me realise that that was her…  so that her little face was there somehow, but her body is not the same size as theirs and my body was stepped off to the left.. it was to show me that those two are missing…

S.        Oh I see… so Carol appears smaller than all the others because a part of her too has come down to Earth?  I understand…
T.        So they are working at not a full capacity…because they are supporting us being on the Planet at the same time…

S.        So you decided to come away.. from doing what it is you do there… to come to Earth… what is it that you can do on Earth that you can’t do there?
T.        When I am there I work with the Planet.  When I am on Earth I can work with the people…I can do the two things… most people only do the one… I can do two.

S.        So when you are with these Beings .. these Beings can’t have interface with Human Beings?
T.        They don’t need to .. they don’t want to … it’s not part of what they do.  Their focus is on keeping the Planet safe.

S.        Do you feel that your questions are being answered whilst you are with these Beings because your question whilst you are on the Earth is ‘Are you fulfilling your purpose here on the Planet’… have they shown you … giving you answers?
T.        Well, he talks… he is talking to me and he feels…I can’t say it in… I can’t use the same kind of words… if we were to say that it …in what is like.. a human emotion… then he would appear to be.. frustrated….

S.        This is the Being in the chair is it?
T.        Yes… Fed up in a way…

S.        Fed up with you?
T.        No.  Fed up with the Human Race…

S.         Which you are a part of…
T.        He doesn’t see me like that.  He knows I belong to them.  I am the interface between the Human Race and him…

S.        Why is he fed up with the Human Race?
T.        Because they are destroying the Planet and they are destroying the physical suits that have been made for us in order for us to be able to live on the Planet… we are going to … not be able to go back to the Planet…. Regardless of whether she shakes us off… and thus there is any Planet to go back to… there won’t be any physical suits to go back into … and that’s why he is ‘fed up’ ….(in our terms)… because that is what is happening and that is what he is trying to show us …but also that this damage is going out into the Universe and we won’t be allowed to get away with it.

S.        What do you mean by that… that we won’t be allowed?
T.        Because whoever these Beings are, whoever he is.. they won’t let us get away with it.. they will stop what we are doing… they have given us a ‘run’  and tried to give us the space so that we could see how totally absurd it is .. and ridiculous it is .. the way we have been testing nuclear energy.. but now.. enough is enough… and it may already be too late because we have damaged our suits so badly…

S.       So they are showing you this Bomb.. this mushroom  cloud and what has happened after that.. What happens   then?
T.        We try to repair the Grid.  We try to always energise it to bring it back down to the Planet.. we know that she can deal with it…but… She is very… very … tired…  We try to neutralise it all the time… But it is just the Energy we can’t neutralise the pollution… we just have to …. It doesn’t dissipate…I would like to say it dissipates but it doesn’t it goes in and it damages everything… changing structures.. I am being shown changing structures.. plant life… animal life… everything is changing… and it is not a natural way of change.

S.        How are you seeing this?
T.        I am being shown images…

S.        Is it like on a screen?
T.        Just in front of me .. yes… like I am watching it…

S.        What do you … back in the physical.. what do you need to do now, that you may have not done in the past.. what could you do that you haven’t already done?
T.        I don’t understand the question…

S.        O.K.  When you decided to come into the physical.. to do whatever job you had to do… do you feel that you have done that job…
T.        Yes, I have obviously been doing that job…but it just wasn’t the job that I thought I should be doing.

S.        What job do you think you should have been doing?
T.        I can only answer that question from where I am now… If you had have asked me (here and now)  what I thought I should be doing.. I would have had to say taking care of the people, children… helping people…

S.        So what is your real role then…
T.        Taking care of the Planet and the Grid.. the Connecting Grid that connects us all…

S.        So are you doing that?
T.        I am doing that.  I … Without the Grid and the Planet  then we wouldn’t be here.. so I suppose in that way I am taking care of people…  I feel disconnected from people when I talk or think about that.. the work is very mathematical… very scientific … and I don’t see myself like that….  I never felt that I was working with people… I thought that I was on my own.

S.        So in fact you are not on your own at all?
T.        I am part of a group.  We all need to be part of a group … lots of groups.. when you work in groups it works so much better.

S.        So the reason that you were taken to this place was just to have your answers… to have your questions answered.  It wasn’t to be shown how to do something or how to do something better or how to do something more.. it was just to show you how you are doing…
T.        Yes, they are saying.. it was just my treat…. A reward if you like for working so hard.. so that I can understand better.. so that I can tell people… I want to share information with people.. and this gives me such a bigger picture.. so much more information and it connects all the dots for me… I understand so much more now.  Everything is falling into place… there is no …Higher… Beings… no Higher… Selves… It is all the same.. we are all a part of the Planet… and as She is part of everything out there in the Universes.. we are a part of that also.  There is no separation.. it just… they look different .. he looks different from us…and they all look the same… but they all look the same so that I will recognise that where we ‘vibrate’ from in this place.. we are the same vibration.. so they just gave me this picture so that I would realise that it is the same vibration… but He vibrates differently and that is why He… I am a bit in awe of him…His vibration is not the same. He doesn’t feel the same.. He feels… crystal- like…

S.        Why would you be in awe of him?
T.        Because I can sense that he knows so much more than me.

S.        I want you to look to move much closer to one of the pillars…
T.        O.K.

S.        Get close enough so that you face is just a couple of inches away from one of the pillars.  How would you describe what you are seeing?
T.        It’s the same when I … That night from the operation… every time I closed my eyes…to try to sleep I immediately just saw millions of stars..  and as I look into the pillar I see stars but instead of it being a black sky with white stars… it is a white sky with black stars…and they are moving and not keeping still  and it’s molecules… just molecules…

S.        I know that ‘everything’ is alive but when you look at marble (T.  It’s not marble) on the earth… you don’t see that…
T.   It’s not marble it is just a ‘construct’ just to show me    we are all made of the same matter….

S.        O.K.  Is there anything else that happened whilst you were with these Beings that you have remembered that you want to share, that you want to record, to document… Is there anything that was said to you or anything that you saw that you wish to document.
T.        They are telling me how much they miss me.. and I am saying that I want to stay with them now.  I need to be back on the Grid now.. so they are all looking at him.  And I say..’can I stay’ ..and now I am seeing the little window down there again (operating theatre)  and He says ‘yes, you can stay.. and that is your choice’… so I ask him to help me make that choice.. and he stands up…

(big intake of breath.. and whisper….)

He is so… tall….so tall…

(stern voice)

‘I can’t help you make that choice… you make that choice’

I just so much want to stay.. I think of my children.. my little nieces… I think of Steve, but I look at them and I so much want to be back on that Grid…and the person who is supposed to be me is just looking at me and He is not pushing me one way or another… it is O.K. what ever I decide…If I go back into him that will be fine.. it will all be fine… but if I don’t stay then that will be fine also, they are all managing without me there.. so He is telling me

(stern voice)

‘There is not much time now… you have to choose’

S.        Well you know in your heart that you will return there…in the future…
T.        No.  I won’t go there…

S.        So when your physical comes to an end on the earth, you won’t go back to the Grid?
T.        No.

S.        Why?
T.        Because I will go back to my Higher Self..

S.        O.K.  So when you go back to your Higher Self do you stop existing on the Grid?
T.        I don’t know.  They are not showing me that.. they are just showing me that my Higher Self is not there.. it’s way way way … out..further…  so much further out than where we are there…at the moment … this is only half way…  this is the ‘working’ level…

S.        So do you feel that you only exist on the Grid whilst you exist in the physical on earth?
T.        They are laughing and saying.. maybe…….
This is a working level… this is a vibration working level to do what we do with the Planet. (S. O.K.) The Higher Self is way beyond that… way beyond the vibration of that… it’s much much further out.

S.        So you have come to  that moment now where you have to decide what you are going to do.  Are you going to remain on the Grid or are you going to come back into your physical …
T.        I think they all know that I am going to go back… He says you’ve come so far now, you have worked so hard… do you really want to miss the ‘Big Show’

S.        What does he mean by the ‘Big Show’?
A.        I don’t know.  He knows …and I know that there is just too much information ‘downpoured’ in one go when you said that and I get a sense that he is smiling, but it is hard to tell with his face because it doesn’t really move, it looks like it is made of crystal…

S.        So what happens now?….
T.        I can hear Steve…

S.        What is he saying?
T.        He is kind of telling me off… He says…’Tai it is time to come back now.. come back’ .. I am looking at the Planet now where I first was and the Being that was holding my hand has let go of my hand..

S.        That is your brother…
T.        The ‘Energy’ of my brother…. Yes…

S.        So you have gone back to that first stage?
T.        Yes.

S.        So you have made the decision to go back now have you?
T.        Yes.  It wasn’t difficult..

S.        Are you going back for you or for other people?
T.        Everybody I think.  Finish the job.  There is too much to do still.

S.        So you can see down to where you came from… the operating theatre.  So what has been going on whilst you were away?
T.        I don’t know and it is not important.  I don’t care.  I am fine.  The surgeon is a very good man and he knows what he is doing.  He is taking care of me.  He and I ‘know’ each other and that is why I chose him, he understands what is happening .. I am fine….

S.        So it time to say goodbye to what was the ‘Essence’ of your brother is it?
T.        He is gone.. he left already… I am on my own again.

S.        So explain to me what happens next.
T.  Someone is calling me and is touching my left hand, so I just open my eyes and I am back on the operating table and I need to wake up.

S.        So you don’t need to experience the moment when you come back into your body.
T.        No nothing like that…  nothing like that.. that is not necessary..

S.        So what is happening?..
T.        Somebody is walking past the bottom of the bed…it’s a man in blue surgical gear … and I open my eyes and I am aware that a nurse is holding my hand.. and calling me.. and he stops for a second and says ‘is everything O.K?’  and as I glance over she looks at him and says… ‘her heart stopped’  So I shut my eyes again and think  Ah… so that’s what it was… O.K.  … thank you for giving me that experience….

S.        So how are you feeling physically at this moment?
T.        I feel fine.  It is all over I’m fine and I know that there is nothing wrong with my physical body…I thank this little body for giving me the opportunity to see what I saw.  It is a good little body…over the years I have become quite attached to it.. it does a good little  job and it is a great little suit…it takes all the stresses and strains I put it through having to deal with who is living in the body.. and it does a good job.  It is brilliant and I am very grateful to it for letting me be here.  It is my little ‘vehicle’ and it is a good little vehicle …

S.        What I am going to do now is….

Toilet Break!!

S.        So as you are lying on the bed in the surgical theatre and you are not feeling pain… and you fully remember the experience that you just had with all the wisdom and knowledge that you were shown and that experience will stay in your conscious mind now, so that whenever you remember it .. it will bring you a feeling of positivity…that you understand what you have been shown and it will not make you feel pain… but it will make you feel positive that you have a job to do here and you will continue to do that job to the best of your ability at all times.. that you acknowledge that the physical body you are in is a good faithful and hard working body and you are pleased and happy to be in that body.. and you know that it is the best body that you could have chosen and you will continue to look  after and care for that body to enable it to do the task the role that it is here to do.  You bless that body.. you love that body… and you know that you will continue to look after it as best you can…so that you can continue on in the body for the length of time that you are going to be here.   The experience that you have had with these Beings and the things that you have been shown.. have been a gift that you come away.. enriched.. by seeing the things that you have seen  and the things that you have heard and experienced…it empowers you… it does not make you weaker.. it empowers you and it makes you feel blessed to be here… in this physical doing the thing that you have chosen to do…

Now lying on that bed between there and the night-time there were several things that happened.  You were returned to your room .. you saw Steve.. Steve left and went home and the nurses came in and out of the room to check on you …etc…. so all of these things were not really important.. it was only when Steve had gone home and the nurse finally left you to go to sleep… That the next stage of your experience began…

So if you can recall… if you experience now what happened…

The nurse has come in for the last time, and you have both agreed that you will try to go to sleep now..

So you are lying in your bed.. recalling re-experiencing what happened to you whilst the procedure was being done.. but now another stage of your experience begins.. new thoughts.. new words.. start to enter your mind.  You begin to see with your own eyes.. different things in your room outside in the gardens you see things…it feels as if you are being ‘fed’ new information .. new words.. experiences .. feelings…so as you lie there in your bed you are warm and you are safe and you know that whatever happens from here on it, you know that you will be safe and you will be secure…how are you feeling now?
T.        I am very tired and I want to sleep… I want to sleep… I am just trying to drift with the memory of what has happened.  I just want to go to sleep..

S.        What is going on in your mind at the moment?
T.        I can see things in the room.. little orbs of light moving around the room all the time…

S.        You can see them with your physical eyes?
T.        Yes.  I can see them out of the corner of my eyes.  I am trying to focus directly on to them.. There seems to be another one .. I am very hot.. I need fresh air.. So I go to the window and open the curtains and open up the window and I laugh as directly outside the window I see the stars of Orion.. the three stars of the pyramids lining up directly outside the window…they are so bright much brighter than I have ever seen them and the other stars  pale into insignificance.  So I am just laughing and saying.. ‘Oh.. O.K.’  … ‘Fair enough’  I watch the stars for quite a while… There seems to be someone standing under the tree…

S.        What in the garden?
T.        Yes, right at the back.. Somebody tall… I know he is there and he knows.. I know.. he is there..   I can’t see him clearly…

S.        Who do you sense it is?
T.        It is one of the Watchers… He just wants me to know that they have not gone completely they are still there…

S.        Just let me stop you there .. just for a second…I want you to be aware that the tiredness that you are experiencing is just your physical body.. the warmth… your mind is not tired it is alive and active and never sleeping.. so just if you can… step aside from what is going on for you in your physical body.. it will just lie there in the bed and as it lies there it will start to recharge and regain its energy.. But the part of you that had this continuing experience in the room is not tired at all.  It feels excited and wonderful that the experience is continuing… so as you look out of the window and you are aware of this Being standing in the garden it must make you feel very loved that these Beings are continuing to look after you and care for you?…
T.        I don’t particularly feel that… I am just aware that he is there to answer my questions… my brain is going crazy with all these questions…

S.        What questions do you have?
T.        I am asking him who was the Being that was sat on the chair.  He says I know him, that I have met him before… but I am not aware that I know him.. so then I remember being back in the room in Betty’s class and she is ‘bringing’ into the room the ‘Energies’ of her ‘Friends’ for us to sense and to ask questions of them.. There were three of them.. the one I used to ‘sense’ the most was ‘Rashid’ the one with wrap around eyes.. I used to sit and draw him.. I never used to sense ‘Absalom’ he was ‘different’ to me and then there was ‘Horse’ .. I used to sense ‘Horse’ and I used to say to her.. ‘Why have they got such strange names?’  and Betty said that ‘they don’t have names as you understand it’  (so I am seeing Betty as well)… she says.. ‘this is the names that you give them, because this is how you ‘sense’ them and ‘see’ them.. so I am saying …Ah… so this one was ‘Horse’ because of his elongated face…. And she says.. ‘yes, that is what you would call him.. and he was pleased to see you again’..

S.        So that was the Being that was seated in the chair…
T.        Yes he is one of Betty’s friends ..our friends too…Then I said who met me and he immediately showed me a picture of Kevin really laughing and saying that he couldn’t believe I didn’t realise it was him. I am saying what happened with my heart and he is saying that nothing happened that they just stopped time and took me out… that I am fine and my heart is fine. It was just seconds on this side .. and I am saying but it was such a long time that I was there and he is saying there is no time – no distance..

S.        So you are having this dialogue with this Being?
T.        Yes and I can see the Grid going off into the night sky and it is so beautiful… out of the window… so beautiful and it is turquoise…shimmering and it looks perfect and he is saying that we are doing the best we can.. and it is good.  And now I am seeing all the geometric shapes appearing in the sky … like I saw with Anne C.

(An intense dream I had where  my friend Anne C. and I were watching for Space Ships off the coast of California and suddenly geometric shapes started to form in the night sky… intricate, iridescent… and beautiful …like colourful laser lights.  Two days after the dream, the last shape I saw, appeared as a crop circle in England)

…..and I am asking him are these the Ships and he says well that’s the kind of term that you give to them but it is shapes and forms that we use to move around…not ships as such..

S.        But Vehicles?
T.        It’s energy.. it’s like trying to reduce it all the time in such a simplistic terms for something that is so far.. far … beyond that.. it is an energy form they can structure it as they want.  He is showing me such exquisite shapes made up of brightly coloured laser lights so that my brain just jumps for one thing to another and I say these colours just entrance me.. they are so vibrant.. they are translucent.. they are iridescent.. they are sparkling.. they are just not like anything that we could put down on paper…  I won’t be able to draw this.. or put it down on paper.. how am I going to be able to show people what this is like?… and he and I are both laughing and saying this is what the Earths colours are …iridescent exquisite.. sparkling colours.  He is telling me I need to lie down…there is a bolt of gold comes into the left in the sky, when that happens I need to lie down.. so I lie down for a bit and try to sleep but I can’t so in the end I get up again… and go back to the window and each time Orion has moved off a little bit to the side in the sky so I know that time is passing..

S.        So this Being  that was in the Garden was he one of the 16 people that you saw early on…
T.        He looks the same.. I can’t really see him that clearly he is a long way back in the garden.. he is shimmering… I know his hair is red so I am presuming he is one of them.

S.        So he has just come to answer your questions. (T. I suppose so).. why do you think he did not come into the room.
T.        Because I need to be looking out into the sky because everything that I am being shown is so vast out there it would not be in the room.

S.        So he was to draw you to the window?
T.        Maybe.. Maybe… but I am always drawn to a night time window anyway.. I always need to look at the night sky.

S.        So what else do you see when you look out..
T.        I am seeing a ‘conveyor belt’ coming in from the left.. it’s all different shapes and symbols.. many geometric shapes…

S.        So could you describe  one or two of these shapes or symbols..
T.        Well, when it comes in.. when the conveyor belt comes in from the left.. it is dark and it’s almost … sounds silly  it almost has the shapes in a box of chocolate.. and they drop off … there is about 4 in a row and they have squares and there are triangles.. but it is dark.. they are dark shapes…dark grey and as it drops off it creates this exquisite shape.. diamond shapes.. and the one that stays on the right..hand side is the last one that I saw with Anne C. was the diamond shape and that one keeps coming back..

S.        What is the purpose of you seeing these at this moment?
T.        Because I have asked to see craft and E.T’s  I have asked what do I need to know about it?

S.        So that is what these are .. are they?
T.        I don’t know .. it’s energy .. but I am seeing that there is no difference between it being energy or it being a craft…I just keep being shown there is…. No…. difference….. you can’t keep drawing lines around any of this and try to make it fit labels… you can’t put it in a box…

S.        So do you think that anybody else would be able to see what you are seeing at this moment?
T.        Anybody else like who?

S.        If somebody was standing next to you in that room.. now.. would they see what you are seeing?
T.        I don’t think so.

S.        So once again you are just asking for something and your questions are being answered for you..
T.        They are showing me .. yes…

S.        So how long do these go on for … these shapes?
T.        Every time the gold flash comes in from the left.. I have to go and lie down…

S.        What do you mean this gold light comes in?
T.        It is like a bolt of gold light…and it goes across the sky and when it comes in I have to go and lie down.

S.        What do you think that is?
T.        I have no idea… it is just another energy shape…

S.        So what happens when you have to lie down..
T.        When I lie down I am in dialogue with different people in my life … I am being told things about them.. Steve… others… dialogues … it is a two way dialogue with their Higher Selves .. I am being told the contracts that I have with people… I am in contracts with different people

So I have the dialogues going on in my head and then when I get tired of that I just stand up and go to the window and the shapes are still out there and the stars and the colours swirling and I just want to be able to paint it and capture it but I know I won’t be able to …

S.        But that is not important is it?..
T.        It is important to me.. it is important for me to be able to share everything with people.. it is so important to be able to talk to people about this.. My understanding of not just this but how we are all connected ..we have to share the information.. if you know something.. it is imperative that you share it with everyone you know..

S.        So how long does this go on for?
T.        All night long…

S.        Is there anything additional that happens… you’ve been in contact and you have had dialogue with this Being and you have seen this golden light that comes from the left hand side across the sky.. you have seen these symbols and shapes.. and every time you lie back into bed you are having dialogues with the Higher Self with people that are in your life now.. is there anything else that happens that you want to document at this time?
T.        I was just shown so much stuff that was to do with the Planet.  I was shown her nurturing .. female… energy.. I was shown.. an image of a Bison which is Gaia and she has thousands of arrows in her and the image is that the Bison has got its feet down very firmly planted into the ground trying to not … shake… because if she shakes… and throws all the arrows off then the whole of the surface of the Planet will distort and tremble and we’ll all be shaken off.  So I was shown the energy that she is trying to contain and hold it all in.. I was seeing Atomic Bombs going off all the time.. seeing the ones going off inside the Planet .. seeing how that energy is pushed down inside and how it shifts the plates.. seeing how that distorts the natural cycles of things.. seeing the pollution and being shown the damage to the bone level of the human suits… I am being shown the DNA structure of the physical of the children… how they have changed… I am being shown the brains how they are having trouble functioning with all the pollution… I am being shown the rivers that are polluted  … I am being shown the constant struggle to clean up our act but every time we get something sorted…we go and pollute… and destroy… I am seeing the shaven areas where the forests are being burnt the twistedness  of the trees.. of the atmosphere.. it is just like a constant.. movie screen just showing what she is dealing with.. I am being shown the E.T’s one after another..

S.        What is the purpose of that?
T.        Because I have asked to see it..

S.        Because you are inquisitive?
T.        That is a huge part of who I am.. but it is imperative that I know this.. now … for the next part … the next few years…

S.        So what positive thing can you take away from this experience?
T.        My understanding that we are all connected.  There is no separation…between any one thing… everything is connected.. we are all connected as Humans.. as Higher Selves .. we are all connected as the different types of Humans/E.t’s which aren’t E.T’s at all …they are just in different suits that appear in different ways.. they don’t have to specifically come into a physical suit … the E.T’s  that I saw can appear in different ways.. they can exist in different levels..  in different areas… but there is…. No…. difference.. there is no different ‘box’ between them and us.. we … are… all…. The … same….. We all exist around the Planet… Planets… we come and go from Planet to Planet it doesn’t matter it is not relevant… all that matters is that we keep the energy good…it connects us all… keep the Grid lines good and working properly.. don’t keep sending out shock waves ..out into the far.. far… universe….So many different species.. so many lovely faces… and I asked specifically about the Greys..  I don’t understand about the Greys.. If Peggy (Price)  says that they are Light Beings… I don’t understand that.. I understand them to be Robots.. so one is standing right in front of me and it takes the covering off the lids of its eyes… because that is all it is and….

(Deep sigh)

I am having to shut my eyes because the light is so.. huge.. the light shines out of its eyes but also comes out through its body.. there is just light behind there…

I wasn’t expecting that… that will teach me to ask!!

S.        O.K.  So just remember that your physical had a very tiring time… because of the information you were receiving and the experience that you had. You just know that the experience that you had during this two day event was of profound importance… For you as you are now and who you are in a much bigger picture.. That every single frame of that movie in experience has touched your body.. it has touched your mind and your Spirit and it has touched your Soul..and will continue to enrich who you are .. You have been given a gift that you deserved to receive.  You are correct in believing that your physical suit/body is a wonderful vehicle to transport your Spirit and as long as you continue to respect that body and protect it and nourish it and look after it, then your remaining time in this physical will be a journey of wonder.  But always it is your responsibility to care and look after that vehicle.  Your responsibility is not only to just yourself not only in this physical but beyond this physical .. you have a responsibility to ensure that your time here is a beautiful and wonder-full  experience too.  The experience that you had, will remain forever more.. knowledge that you will retain for your purpose in this life now.  Your work has been rewarded because you now understand more fully and appreciate your role whilst you are here….It is a very valuable thing to document your experience here for you.. and most importantly for you.. because at the end of the day all that mattered for you in this was that it was your experience.. Both you and everybody else in your life have learned valuable lessons through this experience…and the event was a pebble that sent out many ripples…

It is now time to complete the recording of this event and I am going to ask you now to begin to become aware of your physical body.. and return…….

S.        So how are you feeling now?
T.        O.k.  Just completely spaced out..

S.        Completely normal then…
T.  (Laughing)…. Yes….

End of session…

[Below is additional information supplied by Tai Ashley-Jones in relation to the above session. Note that this was six years ago — Laron]

Once home… every day I was given a synchronistic reminders in a number of ways…

Day one — First e mail I opened was a video of the Planet with lines radiating off it.

Day two — First E mail I opened was of a web site showing newly discovered crystal caves of huge dimensions inside the Planet.

Day three — Steve was channel hopping and suddenly we were confronted with the beginning of a Horror Movie which had continual Nuclear Blasts going off spliced with images of deformed babies and burned humans….

I read Joe Lewels superb books The God Hypothesis and Rulers of the Earth whilst I was recovering…  I would highly recommend both books..

Joe Says…

“At the quantum level there is no such thing as separation between parts.  All things are one in the universe.” And in discussing an E.T contact case, “… in fact this case serves to illustrate quite well how easily humans confuse alien contact with angelic contact.  In point of fact it may be that there is no difference, or that the difference is merely in the choice of words…”

At the last count over 2,045 Nuclear Blasts/tests have gone off on the Planet.  This amounts to one blast every 11 days for the past 50 years…… Unbelievable……but true…..

I have never been able to accept the concept of Angels even as a small child so when I asked Betty/my teacher about it and she said they got into the collective consciousness in the way they have been… because, originally in Biblical times  they were E.T’s who were visiting the Planet and as they traveled through the air their ‘power packs’ of flight gave off vapour trails in the sky.  The people on the ground thought these were wings and named them Angels..  This made perfect sense to me…

And finally…..

From my psychic reading with Susan in North Carolina September 2008…..

To my dismay given my belief about Angels this is how she started off!!…..

So all this began with our beautiful Aqua marine Angel and that is certainly not the only Angel with you  because you yourself are from the Angelic kingdom and your Angelic family are with you there are at least 12 of you probably more like 16  .. that’s a good family.. So your Angelic family decided that it would be a good thing for one of you to take up human form.  So Tai held up her hand and said ‘I’ll go’ .. So here you are and the important thing to remember is that these Angels are always with you and for my part Angels specialise in one specific energy… They are holding your place.. it is not a blank up there….

Your Angelic family just loves you so much and is so proud of you and is so thrilled with the way you are living this life.. they are all cheering you… thumbs up… wings up…

There are thousands of Angels who have agreed to come here at this time to help.  They are also subject to cosmic Law and can’t do anything that we don’t ask them to do….But they really want us to ask them to help at this time…Its very appropriate for you and Steve to share your tape here with other people….


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