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 This information was originally posted in’s Facebook Group, so the context was focused towards the regular group members who may not be familiar with me, as the group does have over three thousand with new people joining each day. Below I talk about my background and education as the healing facilitator and host of our weekend distant global group healing sessions, as well as my perspective on healing. At the end I include links to some of my articles based on healing. 
Sometimes I see people asking for healing around a specific situation in our Facebook group, which could be included in our weekends healing session — all you have to do is ask.
While I wouldn’t normally use the word powerful, our healing group can be looked at in that basic way, and has achieved a great deal over the last three years, every weekend it has been running. The first purpose of the group is to send healing to those participating, as we all need to look after our energy body on a regular basis which greatly helps us help others — it is a foundation for our physical health. We also include requests, and as a secondary focus each of us can work on anything we want to, such as sending healing/intentions to specific events going on in the world. On other levels, we are doing a lot more as well, which can be learnt from the feedback that people sometimes leave in a comment on each sessions article.

Each Friday, my time, I usually post the healing session’s article on the site, and this is where you can join or even mention a request in the comments (on occasion I will post about the session in the Facebook group here). I also manually stick in a link to each session on this page, which is accessible also through the menu here on the site under ‘Weekly Healing’.
Sometimes it can help to explain a person’s background. I have personally been healing in many different ways since about ten years ago, but got more into it seriously about five years back. I spent a year and half learning healing in great detail in 2010 and received a Diploma in Energetic Healing from a Metaphysical college in Sydney. The programme consisted of many courses from counselling, meridian lines, the emotional link, holding the space, shaman based healing including medicine wheels, anatomy, energetic anatomy, meditation, chakras & the energy system including the auric layers, and more. I was taught by Stephen Bishop and a few other teachers at his College. Before his stroke he was known as one of Australia’s top healers and psychics and helped to design the original Diploma in Healing course at Nature Care in Sydney, which is probably one of Australia’s most well-known metaphysical College’s. Stephen was also a consultant on the channel 7 TV series, ‘The One’, in Australia, and trained & guided psychics who participated in the show. 

For those coming to Peru with me next year for the plant medicine focused spiritual journey, one of our two hosts, Sue, is a former student of Stephen — Stephen did visit Sue’s retreat in Peru to experience the plant medicine many years ago now.

This Medicine Wheel is located in the Bighorn National Forest, east of Lovell, Wyoming in the USA. The wheel was constructed by Native Americans around 700 years ago and is aligned with the stars. It is said to be the most important of the several medicine wheels in the American West. It was used by the Natives for rituals and other Indian practices.

I am also a traditionally taught Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I have done two courses in Crystal healing, with one being a wand focused course. I’ve attended a one day workshop with Brandon Bays, and learnt her journey technique. As well as being a Lvl 1 & 2 QHHT practitioner, taught by Dolores in person, I have attended lectures by many well-known healers, regressionists and psychics (I have also done training with Amanda Rossetti, one of Australia’s top psychics at the time). I have read many published books about healing.
Hands ofLight by Barbara Ann Brennan and The Creation of Health by Caroline Myss, & C. Norman Shealy, M.D., are two great books to learn some of the more important aspects of being a healer. For a quick reference in terms of the emotional links, The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal is the best and most accurate resource I have come across.
While we can keep on learning forever, as there are so many forms of healing, I did get to the stage where I felt comfortable with my knowledge and that I no longer needed to actively pursue healing based training. However, I still plan to get into sound healing eventually and incorporate that into what I do.
In addition to being a healer, it’s important to heal yourself, which I view as an on-going process through life; you will become a clearer channel for the energy coming through you into the client as a result, even when you are not consciously ‘healing’ — your presence can be powerful and have an effect from being in the same location when reaching higher stages of progression. This is another area I have focused on in great depth and detail, alongside spiritual development.
In conclusion, some of you may have learnt a few new things about me and I hope it was interesting. We have trained healers that join us each week, and each one will also have an interesting background, but you don’t have to be trained to be a healer. Putting your hand on someone’s shoulder can be enough. Massage therapists usually don’t realise that they are not just providing a massage, but also sending healing into their clients unconsciously, as an example, and this is why so many become drained from the work, especially if they are more sensitive to energies; there are methods to use to stop yourself becoming drained.
From my point of view the most important thing about being a healer is healing your self, and there are so many methods of self-development out there. Some of those will resonate and some may not, based on a lot of factors. I think that learning about how the chakras form, up into early adulthood, is also really important for people to be aware of — see my chakra based articles below for more information on that, but the best book out there on that topic that I have ran into is Working With Your Chakras by Ruth White.
Here are a few of the articles I have written which are focused on the area of healing.
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About the Author 
Editor of, Laron is a writer, healing facilitator, poet and spiritual teacher from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others through sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see as the observer — we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, trained Crystal Healer and Tarot reader. You can find Laron on Facebook.

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