Travelling In Parallel Worlds (Part 2/2) | Henda

This is part two of Henda's article focused on her out of body experiences in parallel worlds, the astral, and beyond. 


The Soul Journey Through Parallel Worlds

We are all here for a mission. We all know that.
As a natural projector, I have been living very weird experiences during the last 3 years since I received my Reconnection. I have been through hard moments too. It is not easy to talk about it knowing that people will probably say I am crazy.  
I remember when I was a child; I used to travel in parallel worlds and even used to walk in a sleepy state. I used to see dwarfs, and the energy moving over my head, and knew they were very kind and peaceful beings. But I could not talk about it.
These experiences are not meant to show us we are better than others, but to help us understand we are multidimensional beings. I am pretty sure we are living in different realms and that it can be as much reproduced as we could ever imagine. We are neither at the same stage nor at the same world and same age.

“Most of my colleagues who work with past life clients have listened to overlapping time chronologies from people living on Earth in two places at once. Occasionally, there are three or more parallel lives. Souls in almost any stage of development are capable of living multiple physical lives, but really don’t see much of this in my cases.” — Michael Newton, Journey of Souls

It is surely that we are here and there in different space time with different lives, same people with whom we are here; and this is very incredible. We are here and can be in the spirit world as guides or spirits. We can be human or animal spirits from a world to another.
We are multidimensional eternal souls, living in a multidimensional space and time.
These are my own experiences and I took time to talk about them and to write this paper so that it can take shape even if it is not from a “scientific” point of view. I am not a physicist or a genius; I am a soul in a continuous evolution and I am much more conscious of it now as the energies are flowing intensely and faster than ever on earth. Brian Green — in his book — says that the Universe is multiverse and that the infinite is a true reality of it. How to calculate or even put limits and boundaries to what is infinite, which means eternally expanding.
The parallel worlds are infinite bubbles created instantly and this is very true, they are all around us and we can be in any of them with the energy of the global cosmic consciousness as we are part of it as conscious beings. 

The Cave of Alesia

He took me in a cave in South Ireland, in a parallel world. In our dimension Alesia is an archeological site in France, built by the ancient people of Galois. The name “Alesia” seems to be from Irish druids. I cannot explain now the link between the two places in different dimensions, but there should be one.
We were in another dimension watching the planes opening with colored portals; we entered one of them. He landed in front of the cave hidden in a wood with huge trees and lush vegetation. Birds were there to greet Adar (Adar Llwch Gwin)who was greeting them too. They were uttering cries of welcome, and it was very amazing and beautiful.  
As we entered the cave the serpent was there standing in front of us with his seven dragon heads. Adar pushed me and stayed behind in a protective state, but it was not necessary that day. I was there to receive the attunement with this creature named Adama. I looked at his heads as each one had different eyes: the first had green/yellow eyes; the second red/blue; the third green/blue; the fourth had only red eyes; the fifth light blue eyes; the sixth head had green emerald eyes and the seventh, and last, one had yellow eyes.
He was impressive.
He said to me: “I am a creature forgotten by man although I am always in service for humanity. You are here today to receive my energy so that you can use it for your healing work. It will be of a benefit for you to heal, see and guide”.
I felt his energy in me and he asked me to keep my eyes open as I felt it entering by my first chakra in an ascending wave, it was a huge energy and I felt ecstasy. The energy was of intense fire and I felt it ascending in my higher chakras like a beam of light. I think it was my first effective kundalini awakening, and the energy was up and up. This attunement ended with a golden light I was seeing around me which went up over my head from the earth.
This energy was very helpful to heal, I could use it by just calling up on Adama, and he comes.

The Black Panther

The Black Panther is a feminine energy and her energy is helpful for astral travelling and parallel worlds. During the attunement with the Black Panther, this is what happened:
She came with a very huge and warm energy. It was very soft and vibrating slowly. She introduced herself as RosaLynda, a female with green eyes and she came with two babies: a male named ForSythe with blue eyes, and a wonderful female “BabyDoll” with green eyes like her mother.
We went through a forest and sat near a lake where some very big fish and dolphins hailed us. RosaLynda told me that we were sisters and that we were now connected as I have been connected to her in previous incarnations on earth. BabyDoll took me as by magic into a crystal dome and we crossed a big white screen. We were in 8D surrounded by gardens and at the horizon the sea was blue intense and clear. She told me that it was my home and that I could go there whenever I needed to.
It was my sanctuary to meditate, clear and heal myself nurturing my soul.
The names of the three Panthers, their orthography, and the visions were communicated to me mentally.
I also remember with the Adar that the experiences were not always the same, but the way he comes to me, the place where we always meet and leave each other is the same: The Highlands.
That is very specific as I am sure that the place we meet is somewhere in a parallel world in Scotland on one of the two banks of the Loch Ness. I remember the first time we met there, I asked him where we were and he replayed: “We are in the Highlands. It is my home”.
It looks exactly like pictures we can find on the internet. And this made me understand the fact that parallel worlds do exist for real. We are not out of our bodies, we are carried with all our bodies into a new space and time, and it can be a place where magic operates for real. I also realized from the first time that there is no way for a traveler to create anything while he/she is there; we are in a place where everything is there; every time I was flying on Adar’s back it was a new journey, he was my guide and the only one who knew were we were flying! I was like a traveler being taken, ignoring where I was going, and discovering progressively what was happening and the place we are going to. The journeys with Adar are very special as I feel the connection with the giant bird and the magic inside. I also know that the bond with Adar led me to another bond — with merlin the magician.
These experiences are one of the most important because there were things to learn and some energy attunements given in a meditative state, but a very deep state where I am stuck on earth feeling my physical body grounded and moving in circles and swinging from left to right and vice versa. It always takes some time to be back in my body as my conscience seems to come back slowly too in the physical plane.
I find this very interesting the way we can be taken and projected with the help of spiritual creatures to learn and to heal. Parallel worlds are really whenever we are as the way to go in is facilitated by an open mind and without any intent or a programmed vision. I just go with the flow and let things happen without fear, knowing I am protected and safe.

A Cosmic Re-Integration Chamber of Light

Brought by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, May, 22, 2016
This one hour distance healing session was conducted by Dean Kingett from Hessel, UK. A Cosmic Re-integration Chamber of Light –
“This Chamber of Light is brought in by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. It takes all the Soul Consciousness aspects of you at a multidimensional level and anchors them through your body, energy field and hologram in this Now”. (Dean Kingett). To experience this Chamber, I had to state at the time we were doing this: “I request that the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light bring in a Cosmic Re-integration Chamber of Light”.
Expectations from this session by Dean Kingett
“You step more fully into your multidimensional and multifaceted nature, while experiencing a deeper sense of the infinite now. You may experience numerous prisms of Light coming through at all angles into the body and energy field in a beautiful silver ray, and further experience a sense of merging with all Life – of stepping into the infinite Now as each atom and molecule in your body experiences what it is like to feel and experience the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, and through this, all Life. You may also experience this Oneness with your 12 Higher Selves of the Light, some of whom you are already familiar with, and others with whom you will shortly be re-united.”
My own experience was quite amazing. It is linked to a healing that came after my QHHT with Laron. When asking my higher self if I have been abducted by ET’s, the answer came and actually I have been abducted by pleaidians from Pleiades B when I was 8 years old. They implanted in my crown and in my neck a white light to prepare me for a future mission on Gaia. This is why I have been re-incarnated here. So since that info came, I have had no impacting events to see much more about what is awaiting me here.
My friend Dean Kingett who is a Master Reiki Teacher and healer, invited me to do this healing session with the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. I accepted and a message from them came a few days ago on May the 17th, 2016. I have shared this on the Facebook page. This is the message:
“Strings of Light coming your way,
You are here submerged by these frequencies as they are huge and powerful NOW
These are the materials of the new creation you are, as you are moving through a new Realm with PoeTrY in your heart
Leave the Past and the Old behind; there will be no coming back / returning
You have been here doing what you do and have done, it is part of your pAth, NOW
New DoORs open and you have to go INN/ IN
You have been through changing most of these times, and you are worth it, worth going further
We ArE here to Help
Radiant Energy is Flowing on Gaia, you are receiving all its treasures,
You are meeting the oldest ferries of your mother, Nature is your Mother and you have to listen to Earth’s VIbRAtiOn now
It is a different OnE with much a CRiSTALLiNe energy, but Much Thicker and WiLDer,
This is Not a wave, this is A Spiaralling Energy of Unconditional Love moving so FasTer now,
To kEEp your EntiRe Being in this New WaterFaLL, irradiating you with FiRe and All you truly ArE
You have nothing to be afraid of
You are receiving CaRe and LoVe  much StRenGth
Will be ComINg INn/ IN you
You are here to feel that StRenGth and to go FAr beyond any old ReStriCtions
You Are keeping your connection to Source pure and IllUmINation is coming too from the highest Realms,
You ArE so Worth It
No Judgments, no pain Every PASTLIFEIS RELEASED
It was the first time I have a message that way with this new way to transcribe the uppercase I had to write, I was guided during the transcription. This is an awesome experience in channeling as I had a few recent ones in French, but not in that way.
This is what happened during the healing session with the Galactic Pleaidian Emissaries of the Light:
I saw 3 beings who were not humans wearing white capes and I could only see their big and wide blue electric eyes. They introduced themselves as Lyas, Hamel and Moyra. I knew the first two were males and the third a female creature. They were leading me in a very wide white room, and then I saw myself laying on a table surrounded by 8 beings (the same species) they were placing their hands a few centimeters over me, moving them from back to front in a very harmonious way. There were 3 beings on my left, 3 on my right side, one behind my head the last one behind my legs. All my body was softly tingling and felt many vibrations in my head, my forehead (3rd eye) and in my hands. I heard “your life mission is in a box, open it”. So I opened the box mentally and received much light. I had silver beams of light, purple/golden and green orbs most of the time during the session then Blue-purplish orbs. I felt much warmth then little cold, the energy was flowing like a circle around me and I could not control the circling movement of my eyes. At that moment, many silver stars appeared in my view surrounding me. I felt so good and much bless all the time.
When I was up at 13:09pm, I knew it ended, I felt dizziness and vertigo. But then felt I feel now good hoping this would be the beginning of a new cycle in my life.

During Sleeping State. The City of Dragons and the Pleiadian Portal

This time it is in my hometown (Bizerte/Tunisia) that I was sent. But it was a parallel world.
The City of Dragons, March 18, 2016: The city was old and I was there. I heard about a dragon coming in to invade it and take it under his control. He was a giant brown-red dragon.
People were not allowed to leave their houses. I was in my car in a gas station when I heard the beast coming. I had to leave fast. My guides showed me a parallel world where dragons are real rulers with some of them governing people’s lives. That world I visited was also governed by magic; the dragons were not killing people but are able to do it.
A dragon similar to what Henda saw. Image ©
The male dragon I saw I was connected to was the Head or Master of the others, as they were companions and servants of the spiritual world. Humans had a sense of fear and respect at the same time toward these dragons. It seemed that it is a world conducted and ruled by the dragon’s spirit and power.
They seem to live with it. Dragons don’t hunt in that plane; they are fed with spirit energy on the etheric realms, and that is an energy conducted by light beings from the 6th dimension.
A future world, or a past one, it seemed not very important in that case, it does exist for real. Dragons are here as spirits to raise the vibration of the earth by the way of humans to help build the crystalline world. 

The Pleiadian Portal (November 9, 2015)

This was a very clear travel into a parallel world in Bizerte too. I was fully there on the physical as a consciousness but stayed in between dimensions as my body was also here on my bed. My daughter was with me. We landed in one of the banks of the Old Port of Bizerte. It was all empty. The sea seemed to have withered. A man passing by understood why I was there — I think it was a spiritual guide who was there to help us understand why we were there — he told me to go and see a fisherman who was in his office on the other side of the port.
We flied there naturally. We knew where to find him, and we found him in his little local he wore a red fez and a white traditional / local robe; he was handsome with very dark shining hair. He told me “your father is here” and actually I saw my dad sitting there but he was just looking at me, we did not talk. He also explained to me why I was there; my mission was to help cleanse the energies of the Old Port so that purified sea water can bring happiness and peace in the city and help the Pleaidian positive energies pass through interdimensional gates for protection. The fisherman was in luck of healers for this mission; I accepted and was sent back in my physical body. When I woke up I asked my spiritual guides and they told me that I was in a parallel world where life is simple but with many humans having special powers and gifts far exceeding those we have now as the earth is ascending now. My mission was to send clearing and cleansing energy to the old port which is a pleiadian portal, an energetic center opening to other universes. It was urgent.
I decided then to travel in Tunisia during the three last weeks of December. My guides told me I have to do the mission in the physical there.
Once there, I told my father about the mission I had to do. He asked me where was the local I saw in the parallel world, I told him that it was on the other side of the port just facing the ancient city of the Medina. So he gave me the answer to the part I was ignoring: the man was his uncle and he was a fisherman he had dark eyes and hair and he was very handsome, he showed me his photo, and I was speechless because it was the man I encountered there. He also told me that just near the local and in the sea there is a huge stone that no one could remove from there because the fisherman used to hit with their boats as it caused a lot of injuries to the fisherman and broke many boats too. That stone is always there. It was the place where the pleiadian portal is. It was closed by reptilians ET’s to spread war and much suffering into human life.  My fathers’ uncle was a Pleiadian being too, he knew this about himself when he passed.
During the first week I used to cleanse and clear the energies. On December 21st, the day of the winter solstice, I was guided to help open that portal. It was an intense moment as I was connected to the Pleiades by the sun which was clear blue at the beginning and electric blue at the end, in my vision/view. I was outside on my balcony there and I was guided doing circles with my hands, sweating hard, from 12:00 pm to 12:22 pm. At 12:12 pm I saw the Pleiadian blue portal opening; at 12:22 the winter solstice portal opened too.
This was a very different experience from the other ones as it had an effective extension on this dimension. I was really proud to achieve it.
On the 23rd of the same month, as I was still there with my family, I took my two nephews for a walk on the old Port and something very beautiful happened: I was guided to take some pics of the Port with my nephews, and when watching the photos later I discovered a rainbow with the three colors of my nephews’ clothes (Orange, green, yellow) on the port from our side to the other where the pleiadian portal was (photo) near the fisherman’s local. I learned that my nephews were both Rainbow children and that I was there to help them too. One of them has healing abilities and is drawn to the Reconnective Healing frequencies. He can actually activate them even if I did not yet gave him his Reconnection.
I also learned that death does not really exist and that my father’s uncle is living now in a parallel dimension to the one that exists as Bizerte on 2015; and that I received that message from him as he has now special powers because he belongs to another space and time, he may be a spiritual guide.

Encountering Alesia

I was sent to the world of faeries and entities of the forests. The Divine Alesia — the name came one more time, but for a faery, reminding me of my Celtic past lives — came to me. She was green emerald, like a tree, moving like a snake and I heard her little bells ringing. I also encountered Pan and his servants with their strange and scary faces, but they were magical beings who live in the forests of the crystalline dimension. I was in that parallel world to see how these beings are fed with light energy and I received healing from them. What we see here in our forests is only an existing reality of an extension in different planes. The branches of the trees are antennae nurturing this bond in-between space and time.

Encountering my Twin Flame in the Spiritual World (March, 12, 2016)

I was in another plane. It happened when I was sleeping and a being came to tell me he has been with me from the first time I was created as a soul. He came in the shape of a man. He was handsome and very pure inside. As we were talking he told me he knows me well as he is my twin flame, but in the spirit world, and that he won’t reincarnate as a human. He is a projector like me and he is now in between Sirius B, Orion and the Pleiades B. During my QHHT with Laron (March, 2016) my higher self told me that my twin flame is not reincarnated and that he is in the spiritual world, but that I could connect with him anytime I needed.
So he came that night during my sleep and took me with him for a walk. He reminded me of another time I met him back in December, 2006. I now understand the meaning of that experience and can go on my path in peace.
In a Strange World
It was in an area not so far from where I am here in France, called Bois-Guillaume. In this world it is an urban place where people have very nice but traditional houses surrounded by forests. Places like this are open to multidimensional spaces, as the trees are sort of antenna linking the different realms. In the parallel world of that main area there was very sophisticated white apartments and it was all closed. There are some plants in the spaces and no trees. I was walking in that place inside a building wide and white, so clean.
I found myself there and the first thought which came was how to get out of it. I don’t know why but I think I had a mission there. I had to clear and cleanse the space there as negative energy had been floating there and many people were sick.
It was empty and I felt lost, but knowing I was able to be back home. So I walked along a corridor saying to myself that I should not have come here to find myself lost, as I was at that moment. But this happened to me many times during involuntarily astral travel too, so in my deep conscience I know that there is always a way to go back home, and “home” is my physical body.
So I was searching for an exit when I saw a little girl with brown hair and skin. I asked her to help me find my way out of the building. She was very kind telling me that the only exit door was on the other side showing me with her finger; then she said to me “look at my cat”; a little kitten was actually playing beside her, so I just gently touched him. But when I was up on my feet, I looked at the kitten one second time: he was getting bigger; as big as a baby lion. I was startled but the little girl told me with a smile: “Oh! Don’t worry; it is going to get bigger later too. Animals here are giants, but they love and respect us, and so we do towards them. They are our companions and friends. You will hear them talking to you and that will make you happy. Have no fear from them”. That little girl knew who I was and what I came there to do. I am sure of it. I felt the presence of a spiritual guide who was there to help me go back to my body. Spiritual beings and guides can take any figure or shape just for help. This was a little child, and may be one of those I used to help on the spirit world as a guide too.
The link with the crystalline world I projected to on the 6thdimension with Thoth two weeks before this one, came quickly in my conscience showing me the animal kingdom filled with peace and a very light white crystalline energy.
When writing this I felt very conscious that I am continually floating in-between dimensions, even when I am awake, as I see the energies and spend time watching them moving around me; I also see the astral plane when I am fully awake as flames and orbs are very obvious to me; I can see the objects of the physical realm in their astral and etheric bodies like shadows, and the auras too. That travel happened one day before the New Moon of October, 2015.

Travel To Sirius B (1st June 2016)

I had a very strange sleep as I was in between two states all the time during 4 hours and 30 minutes, until my phone rang at 6:30 am. Then I got back in that state for almost 2 hours. I had an exhausting night from all that time out of my body.
I have projected to Sirius B to meet the Galactic Council of Sirius B. The members of the Council were gathering for two reasons: To help the Dolphins who are threatened now much more than ever in the history of the Earth. I cannot remember the faces of the members of this council — probably not physical beings.
I was hearing them and could not see anyone; it was like computer program. They were computerized entities. There was a being in the big white chamber. He was not very tall with a big white head and two big eyes, no nose and no mouth. He was coordinating the meeting and sending the information to the other parts of Sirius.
The Galactic Council of Sirius B is now sending into Gaia via this robotic information. (There were large screens in the oval room) There are huge energies to help people be much more aware of the importance of taking care of the Dolphins and all cetaceans as they are beings from Sirius who came to earth for a soul contract, which is to raise its vibration. Gaia is aware of it and it has been always that way. Those who have been killed through the last years and decades are now there in Sirius B to stand up for those who are still on Gaia for their mission.
The message is to protect and help those beings of light and information. They are channels of the new energies coming now to us. In the Council there was one of these who has been sacrificed by humans, called Headra, and his message is clear : « we have been sent to Gaia to help her and to raise her energy at a very high level. We are beings of Love and Peace is our ethic. We have no way to harm anyone, we are trustful and loving beings, always ready to help humans and many other creatures. But humans are enslaving us and killing us. This cannot continue, and the energies we are sending now are making a change »

Travelling in the Kingdom of Bees With Chiron (June 12, 2016)

I asked him to come during a meditation, but I felt I was guided to do it as if the call came from him first. He came so fast making circles around me, jumping over the circle to fix the crystal dome. There he took me on his back, and we stopped on the bank of a lake, “this is the Lake of Mercy,” he said. We were watching the surface of the water.

There were four big waves turning in a spiraling way like tunnels inside the lake. So he said, “those are portals to multidimensional worlds. Choose the one you would enter.” I was not afraid of this journey with him, as I felt he was guiding me and although I did not know where this would lead me. I choose the one which was in front of us, in the middle of the lake.
We entered that portal guided by the light of the crystal dome. We were getting deeper and deeper inside and I did not feel we were wet. We finally landed in a city whose inhabitants looked like bees. “This is the kingdom of bees,” he said. But these are different from the earth’s ones. They have no wings to fly and they look like insects, tall  — about 1,50 meters — they have thin legs and hands, and bees heads.
We met the Queen: she was there to welcome us: “Welcome to my Kingdom,” she said. “Here we are the spirit world of these creature of love we sent to earth to bring health, joy and to tighten its frequency, but they are killed because of human’s unawareness. Those who leave the earth come back here in their homeland, and then send them through this tunnel in other dimensions to raise the frequency and vibration of Gaia if they are willing to do so. But they can also stay here if they need to. We work here as multidimensional beings caring for the harmony of everything on Earth. You are here to see that every being on it comes from a different dimension and that you are living in a paradise. Please treat bees with honor and treat them good, as they need your protection and love. Once they are on earth, they give too much and have no other choice. They are givers, as they are healers just like you. This is part of the knowledge Chiron is teaching you. Be in peace my friend.”
When I was back in my room the window was open and a bee came in. I was stuck on my bed watching the creature flying in my room. She did a circle and then left. The Queen of the bees was Arena.
[Editor/Laron’s note: There have been a few topics which Henda touched upon, that had very similar info to what my QHHT client Lai had come through, within the past life regression sessions I conducted with him; the information on the Bees and Dolphins are two things that matched up closely.]
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