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Here is an article written by Henda focused on her out of body experiences in parallel worlds, plus the astral and beyond. Memories of her travels provide examples throughout this two part series.

Scientists Talk About It
I did not read many books about this topic, but I began to explore one of them written by Brian Greene, The Hidden reality (2011), translated into French. I remember the beginning of the first chapter when he talks about one of his many childhood memories, and what it is said in the book confirms the reality of parallel worlds from my perspective.
Brian Greene first suggests that if he had only one mirror in his room during his childhood, his dreams would have been pretty different, and yet he had two mirrors. Every morning when opening the cupboard to take his clothes, the mirror on the door was aligned with the other one placed on the wall — reflecting endlessly what was there in-between.

It was fascinating and he was delighted to see these images filling the parallel mirrors, as far as his eyes could see. All the reflections seemed to move in a combined way — but he knew that it was only a constraint of human perception. He learned very early that the speed of light was not infinite, and back then with his internal eye he was always imagining round trips of light rays. His slight head, or hand, movement, was co-echoing silently between the mirrors, every reflected image bringing the next. He was imagining sometimes a “sassy me” of himself, who was refusing to align with the others, breaking by this way the progressive concatenation and inducing a new reality which would be formed by the following. When he was at school during pausing times, he thought about the reflected morning light always rebounding between the mirrors and he was seeing himself joining one of his images in a parallel world of light and dreams.
According to Brian Greene, these reflections we see in a mirror are not endowed with reason. But these enlightened youthful ramblings with their parallel realities find an echo in a much more, and more significant, theme in modern sciences: the possible existence of worlds beyond the one we know, the one we are pretty sure we are living in actually.

My Experience: A Spiritual Process Through The Quantum Field

I don’t have the scientific knowledge of the topic, but let’s say an experimental spiritual knowledge of it, as I have been in parallel worlds many times and still can experience such travels involuntarily. They happen when I am in-between an awake and sleeping state, and it is part of the astral projection and OBE (Out of body Experience).
I have been trying to understand the way it works and how to know if it is a parallel world. It was difficult at first step to distinguish OBE, astral projection and parallel worlds, and dreams. I was asking myself if dreams really exist.
I can say that we have many ways to explore ourselves and the consciousness’ field which is part of us. This is the gate that opens many others. When we have Out of Body Experiences and Astral Projection, we can split off to visit many planes and dimensions. We can be protected and helped by our spiritual guides and they show themselves to us, as we feel their presence and care. Among those dimensions, parallel worlds do exist for real. We are everywhere and we impact these lives in different worlds with our thoughts.
We also realize that we are not at the same stage/phase in every world. This is showed to us for a purpose: it is a way to understand Karma and how we are evolving during our spiritual awakening.
Astral Projection And Travel In Parallel Worlds: How To Make A Distinction?
It happened to me to go in a parallel world and to be with my family. I can feel my presence there as I realize that I am in-between two different times and spaces. It is very interesting to notice in a way how I feel my physical body, but in another way, as if I was the energy of the physical shape with all the senses of the physical and the emotional too. This is very much different from the AP or OBE I had visiting my family, as I can see them, hear them talking but cannot communicate with them as we used to in the physical. They cannot see me or hear me when I speak to them because I am just consciousness and energy.
I experienced that once and that what made me understand the difference between being in parallel worlds and astral projecting.
This is what happened. During that AP I was flying and found myself standing in front of the door of my parents’ house. I crossed the door like ghosts do and entered the house and felt it was very cool. My parents were talking to my brother and I was so happy to see them all, that I cried and told them how much I was happy to see them (In the physical as it was so real, and it was night time) but they carried on talking together and did not notice my presence nor the phrase I was saying. Then actually I fully realized that I was in the astral, and that they could not see me. Why was I sent there?  
My guides did not give me all the answers I wanted to have, as they told me that consciousness is like a pyramid; it is built progressively and the foundations are very important in the construction. I was happy to see my family that day because I have failed in a previous AP, as I felt a dangerous being was chasing me, and my guides told me to fly faster and to return in my physical body. Fear always makes us go back in the physical when we are in the astral, and it is one of the reasons astral travelling fails to happen. The other reason, I guess, is to help me understand and experience the difference between AP and travelling in parallel worlds, as I am an involuntary projector.  

Amazing Experiences Through Parallel Worlds

One of the most amazing places I have been was a trip with all my family members. We were at a beach I have never seen back in real life. It was a sandy beach and we were standing at  a place designed for visitors, built on the ground. I was not married yet, and did not have my children too. I was younger and I was playing with my little sister who had a dog (in this world, my sister is married, has two children and never had a dog, although she would love to have one).
When experiencing the differences between the two realities/worlds I was conscious that I was part of that world as much as of the one I am in here at that moment when I was sleeping in my bed, and conscious that I am in an in-between sleepy/awake state too.
That trip on the beach with my family helped me understand how I can navigate the parallel worlds while sleeping and I learned that my life there was not in the same stage or phase as here. I woke up when my little sister came with her dog and ordered him to bite me, just for fun… she was joking.
That trip was not a dream because I was back in my physical body when I asked for it. And it took me a while to be fully awake. When we dream, we are fully awake at the end of the dream, with no sensation of fatigue or dizziness. I also feel vibrations all over my body when I am back in the physical after an OBE/astral travel.
Visiting parallel worlds is a way to clear and cleanse Karma too. I know this from seeing myself in other worlds with the same people I know here, but in different contexts and situations which explains why I have been experiencing the things I have been through in my dimension here. The message from my spiritual guides comes very fast after the travel, when I am fully awake in my bed. So I always write down the wisdom behind these visits. I also understood that I am sent there with their help so that I can release karma and traverse my current life path more easily.
I had many experiences visiting parallel worlds to learn from my relationships with members of my family, my ex and friends, and to release karma by understanding why some things happened in this realm and how they were related to what was there. Some of those showed me painful experiences I was having there which were explaining issues I personally had from my family and personal relationships. My spiritual guides are always there to show me the wisdom behind such things. I could understand much better the whys and how’s of an event, or conflicts, with people around me.

Travelling Into The Spirit World

Another amazing experience of parallel worlds was in a spirit world where I met some of my family who passed in this realm, which was in a past life. I had a mission and when I was back in my body the mission was explained clearly by my guides.
Once I had to help two of three daughters I had in a past life as they were in pain in a plane that separates them from their sister. I found myself up on my feet in a typical old Roman town with stone walls and alleys on the ground, with old stones like in the old Italian neighborhoods. When I was there I did not understand first what I was going to achieve in my spiritual mission. A young teenage girl ran to me and told me, “Mum you are here back for us! I am so happy to see you. You came to help us, we need you here.” I first mentally understood I was dead in that plane and came as a spirit to help my daughters, but I did not recognize them as it was dark. They were asking for me to go with them to the counselor reunion as I was awaited there. I had only one thing in my “head” which was to run far away. I tried to fly but could hardly do it at first. Finally I flew as they chased me and called “Mum please come back you should help us! We need you”.  I landed on one of the walls facing the sea and waited till they were far away. I was then back in my body, eyes open, as I did not understand anything. First thing I did was to ask for guidance as the two girls were mine, but I could not remember them. And the information came from my spiritual guides and higher self. I was stuck on my bed hearing the words coming in my head and I learned so much that day.
I was there as a spirit, so that made me understand that I am also a spirit somewhere in a parallel world, with an incarnation here on Earth. Then I was told that those two girls were mine and that I had them with a soul mate I know in my actual life here, who is just a friend. They are two of the three we had in that life. It was in Italy. I have no idea of the time we were there together, but I had visions about our life there and the way I passed away when I was young leaving him alone with our three daughters. My mission was to channel the energy which is necessary to help my two daughters who were on the way to join their sister on another spiritual plane/dimension. The counselors who were waiting for me are a group of spiritual advisors who were meant to welcome me and clarify my mission. It happens so frequently when we are in the astral, or travelling the worlds and dimensions, to forget things that are also part of our soul. It was a Wednesday morning, I was meant to help them pass and I did not have time to do it that day. On Friday I was in-between a sleepy/awake state and I was hearing my two daughters calling me; it was so real that I thought it was my actual daughter in this plane. I got up to see what was happening, but my daughter was still sleeping.
I lit a candle and with my spiritual guides I helped them pass from that plane to the other one: I saw a portal opening: a huge wide white light which was guiding them as they were passing. My third daughter was on the other side of the passageway waiting for them with a wonderful smile. Spiritual guides were there too, in assistance. Once they were all there they looked back at me and thanked me. I was feeling numb and dizzy, vertigo and nausea; it was very intense as I had been channeling so much energy to help these souls. I saw myself as a light being too; I saw myself as energy and the way it works when I am healing or sending healing to someone.
I understood that healing is part of what I do as a spirit when I travel in parallel worlds.
In his book Journey of Souls: Case Studies Of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton relates to these counselors in the spiritual realm in these terms:
“As I mentioned earlier, after souls arrive back into their soul groups, they are summoned to appear before a Council of Elders. While the Council is not prosecutorial, they do engage in direct examination of a soul’s activities before returning them to their groups (…)”, but few of those he had were able to talk or remind it as he says “It is not unusual for my subjects to have some difficulty providing me with full details of what transpires at these hearings, and I am sure these blocks are intentional.” (p.85)

But he reported a case that was much more interesting in terms of details about these Counselors:
“After I meet with my friends, my guide Veronica (Subject’s younger teacher) takes me to another place to meet with my panel of Elders. She is at my side as an interpreter for what I don’t understand and to provide support for explanations of my conduct in the last life. At times, she speaks on my behalf as a kind of defense advocate but Quazel (subject senior guide who arrived before Veronica) carries the most weight with the panel. There are always the same six Elders in front of me who wear long white robes. Their faces are kindly, and they evaluate my perceptions of the life I have just lived and how I could have done better with my talents and what I did that was beneficial.” (p.86 “Transition”)
A few years ago (from 1998 to July 2015) I met, in a spiritual world, a cousin of mine who passed at age 39. We were very good friends when he was alive. After he passed, he used to come and take me with him for a walk in strange places, which looked like old cities or narrow roads. We would talk and laugh together. The memory of these astral trips is still vivid and clear. He used to talk to me about my marriage and the way I was abused. He used to come to free my soul from a situation I was hardly living.
But during the last three years as I was awakening to my spiritual path, I began noticing that these trips were real travels within a parallel world and specific spiritual plane. I could not know why he came during these times, but I now know he was helping me in my personal life.
Some spirits come to visit their friends and family to guide them in the right direction. He certainly saw me as I was struggling in my life trying to be something other than who I really am. He was gentle and very soft. I remember feeling healed and eased after a travel with him.

Helping A Soul

The soul is not only energy of light, it’s an “energetic organ”. That was shown to me during another astral travel, as I was sent to a very strange place. I felt myself flying and ascending, transporting a white organ in my hands. I was fully conscious of being sent at high speed, like a rocket.
It was like a spiraling climb and I was feeling very cold. I was hearing voices shouting loudly at me, “Carry on! Carry on! Carry on!!!”, so that I continue my ascension.
In my mind there was the information of a place to reach. Suddenly I was seeing strange beings around me helping me to go further and faster during my ascension and was quite anxious, as I ignored totally what I was doing and who these beings were.
Then I stepped on my feet in an extraordinary place but could not see more than I was allowed to see: an all-white building that appears to be covered with a semi- circular roof inside, in which there was a depository looking like a bowl and where I put the white organ. Then I saw myself descending progressively and this time it was with less speed, as the beings were smiling at me and sending starlight into my body, making me feel dizzy, but completely healed.
Once I was back in my physical body it took me some time to wake up completely. I saw myself surrounded by a huge golden energy and felt warmth within my body. I was sweating. I sat on my back and asked my spiritual guides what I was doing and where they sent me. The answer came quickly and the message was in French. They sent me to a spirit world to release the soul of a teenage boy who committed suicide. As he was dying his soul was wandering and he was in pain. By putting his soul in that place I helped him pass into the spirit world where his guide was waiting for him. He was lost in-between planes — my mission was to help him find his way to the spiritual place he was destined to be.

Artwork by noisecraft.
Two days later I heard that a young teenager committed suicide in Tunisia and that he had been in a coma for two days, as he took toxic medicine. The information came from my spiritual guides that he was the one I helped. I saw his picture on the internet, as he was a victim struggling against the Islamic transitioning government during 2011-2013. He was one of many others who were upset of that political situation.
In the worlds we cross when we are out of our bodies, there are people from our very near ones, like family and friends. There are also other people we don’t know but it is given to us to encounter them on the other side for help. I don’t remember how I split off; I also don’t feel the process of splitting off. I am just sent out of my body and always find myself where my soul has to be at that moment. It seems that my soul is very conscious of its mission and contracts everywhere it can be, even if it is in a spiritual world. I know now that I go in many of those planes for a mission.
During the QHHT session with Laron, last February 2016 in Houston (Texas), I saw myself as a spiritual guide helping a child who passed to detach from his mother who was in pain for his death. I was also teaching him how to help his mother detach from him and then I was healing both of them. Helping this teenage soul was part of my mission as a spiritual guide in the spirit world.

Helping In A Trance State

These experiences were very helpful for me as I discovered one day, during a chat with a friend whose sister passed, that I can connect with the spirit world and with those who need help over there. The experience I had was not in a sleepy/awake state, but I felt in trance during the connection with that woman. The information I had was amazing as my friend was confirming what I was hearing and feeling from her passed sister. The spirit/soul of the woman was in a plane called “fourth dimension”, I saw her hiding in a dark place but where she could still keep in touch with her family, especially her mother and nephews. She did not know where she was and why she could not reach her home. I told her that she passed, and I felt so much sadness. I told her that I would be happy to help her with my spiritual guides to reach the Light, but she said to me “I want to stay close to my Mum, she needs me”. She told me, “She was there for 6 weeks, but she died 6 months ago”. Time is different on that plane from the one we deal with here on Earth. My friend also told me that actually her sister did not get married and that she was living with her mother helping her in her daily occupations and taking care of her nephews.
I felt the anger of the spirit.
She said that it was not fair that she was taken while she was still young, she said “I am 36”, but her sister told me she was 56 when she died from a cancer. She also told me that they did not tell her about her illness and that she was going to die; and that explains why she was feeling lost there in a place she choose to be as the nearest place to her family on the Astral. I had the vision of a lost soul.
I realized that after death our thoughts are still connected to the physical body for a while, and that in spirit many people can carry on connecting with the third dimension as it is the physical one. That goes with what anyone can create on astral, and the huge possibilities within to build its world.
So when I told her that they did not tell her she was going to die from cancer, she was very angry, and I felt her anger like I never felt it in a human being. I saw lights flashing from her and she was feeling trapped and told me that she was really upset as she was not ready to face death and be prepared to it. As I finally explained to her that sometimes family don’t say the truth in such situations to maintain the hope to be healed by the person who is ill, and some other times to ovoid the pain while facing death. I also told her that she was not feeling good in that plane (She was in the 4thdimension) and that the spiritual guides were ready to help her reach the Light, and by the way keep in touch with her family as a light being. She had another stage to reach and a guide to help her soul understand why she died from cancer and how she is going to evolve as a soul.
The last time I had some news from her was a day after, as I was doing some housework, she came in my mind and thanked me with a bright smile, telling me she was safe and in a very bright and beautiful place surrounded with other souls from her family.
This was the first time I helped a soul to step from a plane to another and it was weird, amazing, and beautiful. I also understood that it is part of my mission to help those souls from Earth while I am in my physical body as a human. Those worlds are parallel worlds from the point of view of the biophysicist Robert Lanza who writes in his book Biocentrism that death does not exist and that as humans death means leaving our physical bodies to reach a parallel world. In the last chapter of his book, Where do we go from here?, he explains that biocentrism is a result of quantum theory and that, “experiments in the quantum mechanics will include working on brain and consciousness.”
Science has been stuck in the physical for decades now. But beyond the physical there is consciousness which really does exist; the Quantum Physics and the Theory of Everything opened new perspectives in our way to see the Universe as a multiverse and we as multidimensional beings. We are multidimensional in a multidimensional space and time.

Through Meditation, Healing Sessions And Attunements

Well this may sound incredible but I also have been in parallel worlds through meditation and healing sessions. The visions are very clear and I can see myself in a plane as that time when I encountered Thoth and Horus, the Egyptian Gods on the 6th dimension. I also encountered Thoth during an astral travel (The event is related in my first article about my astral travelling).
Some may have lucid dreams during meditation and this can help them to build the structure of a new consciousness.
When we are in parallel worlds during meditation we really are in between dimensions as if we have left a place to another, we don’t see ourselves in the physical but we are fully conscious of it. When we astral travel during meditation we don’t always see our physical body as it is on physical. This is pretty weird as the colors and textures change. Even the objects in a room are different in the astral. A white candle can appear purple or pink or blue with the same structure. I think it is directly linked to the humor and state of mind of the traveler at that time. I can also see the objects in my room or any place I am at that moment floating in the space around me with a white light around them, and flames with three or more colors surrounding me and floating too, touching me, which gives me the confirmation of the etheric/astral worlds and which are parts of who we are.
That is at least what happens to me every time. These moments of real surrender where I try to be out of ego and to leave things as they are without judgment. Leaving the physical is a natural state of mind where we can feel strongly the multidimensional beings we truly are and the way consciousness works on us. So I was always not creating a world, but being there and watching what was happening like a child discovering a new experience of that kind.
I also had a few experiences during some attunements with animal totems and even with trees; and this was not an astral travel but really found myself with these creatures in another plane which is parallel to earth.
I am sure now that what we see on the physical is only a little part of the reality. These attunements gave me an energy that helps me enter new portals in the multidimensional world and helped me understand much better myself as a multidimensional being.
I remember the Adar Llwch Gwin flying with majesty, his giant wings as I was feeling his soft and protective feathers around me. He has a special way to protect me from cold when he takes me somewhere in a lake, a sea, or a waterfall to clear and cleanse my energy: he surrounds me with his wings and I feel protected and in peace with his healing energy around me. I can also use this energy to give healing, and can also send the attunement to anyone who wishes to have it. This is what he said to me the first time we met during that attunement:
“I am here to serve your healing and guiding interests, in honor to all those who are connected to my Energy. You are a Light worker and we are now working together as a team to spread love and light in this world, into Gaia Mother-Earth. God Bless You.”
I also channeled this message from him later:
« I am standing here. I have been through many worlds and experienced so much.
Humans are friendly and they can show cruelty and stubbornness.
Be what you want in the Name of The Divine,
Go where this path life is leading you,
Be the Present you are, and learn, for this time is given to you for growth and learning purposes. My Energy is immensely powerful and you are learning how to use it. Take your time to attune it more and more in you, so that balance and peace spread their lightening energies inside your heart body and mind.”
One of the best experiences with him was in Hawaii, but in a parallel world where I met two dolphins. It was on August 2, 2015. We land there and the sea was so clear that we could see anything into it. He suggested that I swim, and when I was in the sea I was surrounded with little fishes who opened up a little space for me to swim, and a dolphin came to me with two of his family members. He said hello and welcome—Adar was protecting me behind—he said to me, “You are a Sirian child of God. We were crying for our brothers recently, millions were killed, the sea was red, and their souls left in a suffering hallow. They are so sad seeing human brutality.” I put my hand on his head to heal him; he was pleased with it, and felt much comfort and love with the healing.
We prayed for the souls who passed. Adar said to me: «You know the Ocean is a living creature of Spirit/God. It was created from the deepest depth of mother Earth Gaia. Showing respect and honor to this immense and powerful creature is growing in humility and in your spiritual journey. This is your task to show the world around what it is to be an Ocean: It is a big heart beating with Love and Compassion”. We flew back home and landed on the Loch Ness bank. I had many other experiences with Adar, like the travel in the Cave of Alesia the serpent with seven dragon heads.
Part two coming soon…

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