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Transcending victim consciousness is an interesting topic to contemplate. On a human level our awareness is somewhat limited, in comparison to our soul’s level of awareness. We all have a soul, but it can be a faint whisper in our lives, unless you nurture this connection. For many the ego and personality are the driving force in one’s life, but this is also gradually changing, as we go through the shift in consciousness. As human beings we have free will, so whether these inner and outer changes happen quickly or slowly is up to us.
In the spirit world before we are born and have decided to come to earth, a contract or soul agreement is drawn up with our guides. This contract also involves other people, our family, friends and future partners, who we choose to grow and learn from. When we are born into this world, for the most part we agree to forget our real home, our past lives and our soul agreements.
To transcend our awareness from feeling like a victim of circumstance to an empowered human being usually takes quite a bit of inner work and growth. Many people are on this path and more will follow. You may eventually come to the realization that life is not happening ‘to you’, but is happening ‘for you’. Despite all of the pain and suffering that happens in our world, this planet is a benevolent system to support our evolution. If there were no challenges or hard times, we would potentially become complacent and stagnant. Often it is these very challenges that are the precursor to our growth and expansion.
So, how does one transcend feeling like a victim, you may wonder? Firstly, it can help to have the realization that on a soul level you have agreed to experience these circumstances for your growth. On a human level these circumstances can be difficult to understand or accept. Perhaps you have lost loved-ones in your life, or developed a chronic illness or disease. You may question, who in their right mind would choose these circumstances? This is where it can become complicated, with many layers.
First of all, realizing that your soul is immortal and can’t be destroyed can be reassuring. A soul can choose an illness or disease to clear karma from past actions or lifetimes – and to propel one’s evolution. In that light, the illness or disability is a great enabler for one’s growth. Remember that whatever you are going through at the moment will pass and despite any ups and downs, things usually get better. When going through hard times, afterwards you often come to realize how much resilience and growth you have attained.
Many light workers have agreed to take on heavy burdens to clear and transmute the collective consciousness; dark and heavy emotions that only warrior souls would be brave enough to face. This is spiritual alchemy at its finest, transmuting darkness into light or en-light-enment. Many healers on the planet have agreed to take on illness or disease at one point or another to cultivate healing abilities, which is ultimately in service of humanity. If you resonate with these examples, pat yourself on the back for becoming the healer and light warrior that you are – this planet needs you!
Ultimately, if you have chosen difficult circumstances in your life, it is because your soul knows you can cope with it, and even help another’s path become smoother because of it. Often, before incarnating, a soul will choose an uphill climb to grow faster than they would have with an easier or smoother path. The end reward is spiritual growth and the illumination of consciousness.
It is human nature to feel helpless or hopeless at times in one’s life. Transcending victim consciousness takes a shift in consciousness to be empowered with one’s life and outlook – but it can be achieved! When you are between lives in the spirit world, growth is much slower due to fewer challenges, as compared to when on earth. Looking at your current challenges in a new light can be helpful. After all, on some level you have agreed to experience and learn from them for your greater and higher good.

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