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In this article Henda discusses her astral projection experiences as well what she has had occur since getting into Reconnective healing, such as metaphysical abilities mannifesting. The subject of the New Earth is touched upon within one of her travels.

It is never easy here to be conscious of this reality opening us to our multidimensional being. I always thought that I was dreaming, but in fact, it is so real as I am flying and tasting things, hearing sounds and voices, visiting and seeing strange places, or being with people I know, but in different ways than they are in 3D.

When I received my Reconnection I found myself travelling in the astral almost every day; it could happen to me during any time of the day and any place I was at the time. I went through past lives by asking a question about someone, or about myself, in relation to an event in my actual incarnation. I was guided to heal myself without even knowing anything about spiritual paths. I was an atheist.

Now I don’t even need to ask about a previous incarnation or past life for anyone the information comes when my spiritual guides think it is appropriate for it to be shared. I think that this is part of my spiritual evolution here.

It is known from Dr. Eric Peal’s research that the Reconnective Healing frequencies open gates to parallel worlds. And it is true, because it is something I am living without doing anything other than closing my eyes when I suddenly feel tired, when I am unable to keep them open his has happened to me many times.

The most amazing astral projection experience was one afternoon while I was at a professional appointment sitting on a chair waiting for a lady to call me. I now know that it was my first ascension and contact with my spiritual guides, back on October the 24th, 2013. Sitting there I felt fatigue and numbness reaching every part of my body. My right hand was vibrating and shaking intensely, as if the cosmic energy was trying to connect with me. I was playing with the frequencies and they were like an elastic ball or a massive energy between my hands.

I was playing with the energy stretching it between my palms, feeling it moving from one palm to another was part of my earlier connection to the RH frequencies. It was at that moment that I needed to close my eyes, feeling I could no longer keep them open. They were closing against all my efforts to try and stay awake.It was so unexpected. I felt great fatigue, then a trance, and I found myself between two dimensions. My eyelids were closed and I saw what I have seen during my Reconnection two weeks earlier. It was the same spiralling movement; I can describe it as an in between sleep and awakened state.

I was in another time and space with strange creatures.

As I was awakening to the mysteries of the multi-universal dimensions of our reality. I felt loneliness growing every time I needed help from others. I had some very hard times and when talking about those experiences, people were gazing at my face as if I was a zombie.

“Never mind,” is a phrase I was hearing deep inside of me. It was as real and as perceivable as any sound or voice I could hear.

Channeling the messages of my spiritual guides was also a kind of split off of my physical body; my right hand would start to shake and vibrate at a very high level and the phrases would come like an attached file. I started writing automatically and my physical body would feel like it was nearly out. I would feel crystal protection around me. I knew from the first day that they were with me helping and guiding me in my new journey.

I was safe and at ease. No one could ever disturb that new state of mind.

The out of body experiences became more and more realistic. I could touch myself, see what was happening all around me, feel the energies and communicate with light beings. Here are some of the experiences I won’t ever forget.

The Healing Galactic Temple

October 29, 2013

This is one of the weirdest and most insightful astral experiences I have had. It happened a few weeks after my Reconnection.

I was teleported by my spiritual guides to a place lit by torches. I was greeted by a being that looked like an Egyptian woman, with ebony short cut hair and eyes surrounded by a wide layer of kohl (black powder). I asked about the kohl and she said that it was necessary for the healer to be seen. She led me to a room where everything was silent and calm even though many others were there. They were dressed in togas which reminding me of the ancient Egyptian priests.

We entered a room where there is a water source in the middle. It was made of iron and green emerald fluid was flowing. My host didn’t say anything about it, but welcome me with these words:

“Dear healer, you are in the Galactic Temple of Healing. This is the green energy you have in your heart chakra, running into your veins, into your divine aura, and flowing from your hands. This fountain is your home. You came here before your incarnation on Earth. It is the divine flow of Alcyone, the center of the healing energy provided by Source. The Temple of the Galactic Healers is on Orion. You are here with us and every time you heal, or are healed, it is here that you are on an energetic level.” (I know that Orion is part of Sirius, and my spiritual guides told me very earlier that I am partly Sirian and Pleiadian B)

“In this plane you are surrounded by healers. We were sent to Earth during the Ancient Egypt era, and now we have ascended to guide your steps and those who are now on Gaia. The message you hear is part of your Akashic memory. You are learning to reconnect to your higher self. You are here to heal others and heal yourself. You are an Alchemist healer and you can notice your healing abilities around you. Your astral connection to the Temple is leading you to your soul contract and life purpose. This green emerald liquid flows out of you naturally.”

This information was, as usual, given to me after astral traveling. The out of body experiences are always tiresome on a physical and mental level.

This was the second time I was led to my life purpose. The first time it happened was when I was driving my car few days after my Reconnection. I felt fire in my right hand. It became red and swollen, and a cut appeared in the palm, near my third finger.

I was unable to move as the car kept going and my hand was bleeding. I did not understand anything. However, a few minutes later the information came that I have healing abilities and that I should no longer hold any feeling of doubt about it. The practitioner, who gave me my Reconnection as a gift, told me that the frequencies I feel have do not relate to healing abilities she was trying to fool me and keep me away from my life path.

The Galactic Garden

4 January, 2016

One of the most recent trips out of space and time took me to a very beautiful garden. The message comes always after I am back in my physical body, as I am sent there involuntarily, so I sometime forget the place and the things I did and saw. “You were in a Galactic Garden on West Orion. You needed to nurture your soul with special Fruits as they have the benefit to clear your energetic body and clean your aura. (I actually asked my spiritual guides to clear and clean me in my sleep). You now have a pure green aura, with an energetic body filled with white light. You have been currently in that part of Orion because it is a safe place for you. You have also met other soul mates there. When flying over Orion, they knew you were coming because they saw your green aura which is as green as the fluid in the source of the Healing Galactic Temple! You have been there almost every night to learn who you are and how to heal; information comes to you with your connection to Orion. This is part of your mission here on Earth. You are a projector, a spontaneous natural soul projector. Have faith in yourself and this will help you remember where you project every time you sleep here. Just ask for help and it will come and cleans all your bodies.”


February 21, 2016

I have been on a planet where the soil was red. My guides told me it was planet Mars. There were beings there who looked human but are not really human. There was a sandstorm which formed triangles out of rocky red sand. Some beings has been caught in these rocks and needed help. I was opening the rocks with my hands to free them. I remember very well that I saved two animals who are like sheep, and were nearly dying. I did this mission with Archangel Jeremiel.

The heads you see inside are the beings I was freeing. They were there for a long time waiting for death to come. They were innocent beings. I was sent there to help them breaking the cones which were very high, was easy, as I was helped by a light being.
Travelling to my Past Lives and Parallel Worlds
While traveling out of body, I saw myself in different experiences and realised that I have been a blue eagle, a black wolf, and even a healer who was burnt on a scaffold for sorcery. This made me think, because I now understood why I did not listen to that part of me during this incarnation and many others in the past. I also smiled and even laughed, because I love Merlin. I have read many books about his life and gifts. A few days ago I discovered while writing this article that I have in me the spirit and energy of Merlin. It is written in my Akashic records.
I have had many OBEs in parallel worlds while meditating too, as I went into the 6th dimension last September, on the 27th. It occurred during the weekly distant healing session. I was meditating and was in a moment of infinity and extreme pleasure. The Great Central Sun shined in me and surrounded my bodies with his warm and divine energy. I found myself projected inside a space station. It was a white and clear room / office surrounded with big computers and screens, and the energies were pure. A being of human appearance came to me and took my hand. I thought of one of those Egyptian Gods. The message he sent eas mental: “I am Thot”.
It was actually that day when a full moon and a eclipse was occurring. I learned that he was a lunar God and the eclipse was an event that had not happened since 1987! While writing about this travel to the 6th dimension, he was in my head guiding me to remember every part of it.
Thot showed me the room where a big circle of light beings were, looking at robots and working together. There were types of automated beings working as counsellors where the energies were visualized and then directed into the giant computers mentally. They were made of bright white light which hid their robotic appearance. The work was done mentally. There was no sound. “Those are divine beings. There are angels, archangels and ascended masters among them,” said Thot.
He took me outside the office as I requested. It was immense and I felt as if we were suspended between dimensions, between heaven and Earth. There were huge spaces with an expanding nature. Peaceful animals were there surrounded by light and much love was stemming from their auras as they healed me. There were dinosaurs and I asked if they are carnivores, he said “they no longer need to hunt to be fed. They are fed with pure energy. All these animals live here in peace. Earth is moving to a similar reality / dimension.”
He showed me the new Terra with all her new landmarks: no more struggle to live, no need to work as it is our current slavery condition. We only have a life mission on a 6th Earth dimension with our potentials and gifts. As I did not want to go back into my human body, he said that I was on the right path with a deep connection with the 6th dimension. My mission on the current Earth is still not over.
The cosmic rays are still coming down to Gaia in waves and we are forced today to welcome and integrate them as part of what we really are. The message of Thot was clear: “Open your hearts and don’t be daunted by your ancient pains. These are experiments to help you grow. Ask for integrating the New Earth and you will move in magically. The Light is in you.”
My hands were once again burning and I was sent in my physical body through a spinning vortex. Thot sent me his empowerment that day, as I received his energy.
I am much more conscious today that everything is in human hands here and those who SEE have the obligation to help those who want to evolve and heal. I also learned from my astral travels that those who die pass to another plane. But it is very complex as everyone goes where his heart leads him. There are many astral planes low and high; it is not a matter of superimposed dimensions, but of energy and vibration.
When we dream of those who passed who are our family or friends, it is not a dream but a connection with another plane. We only need to focus on it and we can remember the message held by this encounter.
The Archangels and Ascended Masters have the most subtle vibration and purest energy they can be seen in the form of rays and colors here on earth. In the Astral I am connected to them with my heart and receive their messages in my mind. They have their own language which is very close to Sanskrit. I have received some messages with its specific orthography and pronunciation. Some signs are not easy to be written with the universal alphabet. I received these teachings while I was out of my body during my sleeping or meditative state channeling my spiritual guides.
I think that there is so much to learn in the astral plane. I have not been trying hard to project. I believe it is one of my gifts. I am trying also to be humble and have had to work on my Ego for three years now this work is unending.


Article edited by Laron

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