Identifying Ego and Connecting to the Heart Space

Ego is a shameful word for some; it has the capacity to insult by triggering elements of the ego, such as pride.  When one has learnt to stop reacting from certain egoic elements, then if someone accuses them as acting out of ego, there may be no insult perceived at all.
From my direct experience, it takes a great deal of regular spiritual work — usually daily exercises for years — to not only identify the existence of ego within, but also within others. For when we begin to act and react through consciousness, also known as the heart space, then we also begin to see why others do what they do, as we naturally develop the ability to identify the energy and vibration of their choices.
When I speak about ego I have very little theory to get in the way — to influence what I say — as I have done the work; as a result over time, portals into my energetic makeup and soul have gradually opened.

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Through coexisting with ego, not eliminating it, is not only helpful internally in terms of the spiritual path (and development), but helps one relate to other people in a totally new light. From strangers to friendships, work colleagues to family (including relationships), human nature and what one perceives of another individual changes entirely. One comes to understand (‘know’, not ‘believe’) that each person has a consciousness beyond their physical human persona — most of the time controlled by ego — which is their true nature; while this nature still has an individual essence, or flavour, its source is made up of an energy of purity, or what some may call ‘love’.
Ego is there for a reason. If we think about the system of life running and functioning through the use of many sub-systems, such as astrology, re-incarnation, the astrological ages, karma, dimensional physics, the chakra and energy system, and so on, ego is one of these sub-systems that is a key component to our overall development as a soul that uses Earth to learn. 
Normally a regular Earth incarnate will have many lives (hundreds is what comes to me), and this is to be expected and is completely normal. Ego is meant to be there during most of these lives as it helps soul growth. Without it, a soul would not experience the same situations and act/react in the ways that they do; in this case, the purpose of their over-soul and higherself sending them here would become void from not having ego coexist. There will come a time when a soul will develop to a higher degree, based on those many lives, and will find a inkling or passion around coming to work with, and understand, ego.
My sense right now is that this is not mandatory for graduation of the Earth School, but is a… short cut, or a faster and more efficient way to progress, similar to how astral projection can be used as another powerful method of spiritual development.
There are volunteer souls here at this time to assist with the shift in consciousness. Some have returned after graduating the Earth school and moving into other roles — some roles directly related to Earth — and some volunteers are from other places, such as other star systems (‘star seeds’), which usually exist at a higher frequency in terms of the human understandings around dimensions. Volunteers function differently to regular Earth incarnates, but will likely find it easier to work with their ego, as they not only have more ease with psychic faculties, but their frequency is of a higher vibration in comparison to the average soul. This is why they are so effective with assisting with the shift and become even more ‘powerful’ or ‘higher vibrational’, after overcoming their life challenges, those of which are usually more numerous and extreme.
Ego can be fed through regular and constant actions directly relating to acting, and reacting, out of ego. In some cases a person can develop energetic attachments that are actually their own ego elements which have evolved from all the energetic ‘food’. Such situations are complex and also relates to thought forms that can reside in the etheric energy of an individual. This energy can go to influence the person, their thoughts and reactions, and in a way they create their own problems which further go towards creating more, as a loop ends up becoming established. While self-healing is always an option, in such situations a person will very likely need help from another, such as a holistic based healing facilitator.
Identifying Ego through Reflective Meditation
There are varying ways you can work on your ego. One is through reflective meditation.
When you have a quiet place with no distractions, just close your eyes and relax. You can sit, lay on your back, cross your legs, etc — it doesn’t matter. You can start this exercise by either going back or forward in time. If you choose to go back, start thinking about what went on for the day, beginning at that very moment. Go back to each event and see what was going on — just like looking in on a video recording from a camera that followed you around, or through your own eyes. Notice the decisions you made in terms of what you did in each moment. See how you interacted with the situations and the people. Think about every single conversation you had, including written based communication such as on the internet or via a text message. 
For each action and reaction you made, try and remember what the reasoning was. Try and remember what you were thinking at the time. You should begin to notice that your ego is acting and reacting, causing the choices you make.
You may want to do some research on what ego is before practicing these techniques. There are many labels that humans apply to ego, such as the seven deadly sins which is a good place to start. Basically, when we have emotional reactions we are likely to be acting out of ego — of course, there is nothing wrong with feeling joy or fear, so when I say emotions I don’t mean every single emotion.
From analysing each interaction you have, when looking back or forward, you should see the trigger, and be able to work out the exact egoic element. For example, you may have said something to someone and then realised you said that out of anger, jealousy, or pride. If you can’t remember why you did what you did, just move on back, or forward, to the next situation. At some point there should be a few things that you remember which will be helpful to you.
Do this until you reach the same time of the day you are at now, when you began (if this is the second time). If you prefer, start from when you wake up in the morning until the moment you began this process. If you start doing this on a daily basis, which you should, start from when you did the last session so you cover the 24 hours in-between. (Or go back from when you began, until the last session)
From doing this on a regular basis it will get easier, and you will start to notice more and more the way your ego plays its role, as well as how it plays out in other people. As a result, as you go about your day to day activities, you might react in a certain way in the moment, then seconds later — or minutes even — you could think back and realise you reacted from ego. You might identify the exact element, or not, but don’t worry too much about that, as it will get easier over time. From simply understanding you are not reacting from your consciousness is enough to begin this spiritual process. When you do realise you acted out of ego, don’t be angry at yourself for doing this, just acknowledge it — don’t feel guilty. It’s great that you identify it; that’s the important thing. It doesn’t matter that you acted/reacted out of ego as that is part of life — just think about this for a moment: you may have had many life time’s acting out of ego and right now you may have become conscious of it; as you begin to notice it controlling you, you will have a natural tendency to scold yourself or be upset, but instead, don’t let pride be fed, but be humble and happy for your newly developed self-awareness. Smile, acknowledge it, and move on.
Not only will you start to notice your decisions after you act/react, you will naturally gain the ability to stop ego from being part of your decision. Before you decide to act or react in a certain way, you will learn to catch yourself first. You will find that some situations in life are extremely difficult, such as with those who have been around you your entire life, such as family.
Identifying Ego through Dreams
Our dreams provide regular scenes where ego, and unhealthy patterns, are played out. For example, you may dream about a table full of food in a random location, or perhaps a familiar place. Within this dream you may be tempted to eat cakes, sweets, fatty foods, and you end up doing just that. This can show the egoic element of gluttony, which is not only pointing out that you need to stop letting that egoic element literally be fed through food, but that your health is being impacted as well and changes are required. I will quickly mention that you may experience and later recall a dream where this is repeated, and if you have done the work, you decide in the dream not to taste or eat that food — this is you passing a spiritual test.
You may notice a dream where you are yelling at someone while holding a lot of anger inside. This may be a situation that comes up on a regular basis in your dreams. This not only shows that there is a problem with anger or rage, but that you may have to start acting/reacting differently with that person who is involved in the dream, or they could be a possible archetype for someone in a similar position back in the real world. You may have to let go of conditioning, emotional attachments, or whatever it is, with that person, as well as working on not letting that egoic element control you. For example, if the situation relates to a parent figure, working solely on your ego element in this case may not be enough to heal, you may need to have further healing through other methods, such as inner child and shadow work. Some energetic / emotional blocks can be very strong to move through and heal.
Because of the importance, I need to mention this once again — when you start learning about your own ego in this way and why you do what you do, you will also start to notice the same egoic elements in others based on their actions and reactions. You will come to understand why other people do what they do out of ego. You will see it’s not really them, but their ego. This relates to many areas of life. For example, a porn addiction would come under the ego element of lust, but don’t get caught up with labels! This will help you understand that the person may have some strong ego related energy which has possibly manifested into something more than just a bad habit, and your compassion will further show itself, along with a decrease in any judgement you may have had — you don’t even have to try to be compassionate, as you will come to see that ego is ruling pretty much every situation on the planet, and this is why people do what they do. This is why there is so much corruption in government, politics, positions of power, etcetera. Of course, compassion is another topic entirely, but working with your ego is an important aspect of the spiritual path and opens up many doors which includes a stronger connection to spirit and higherself.
You will become clearer. You will become healthier. It will be like removing an entity that has been attached to you, which feeds on many of life’s situations and events. Once you stop feeding all those elements of the ego, you gain extra energy which can be harnessed elsewhere. You will start to also see mirroring more frequently. What you notice in others, is usually inside of you, and may need clearing with additional work. But the clearer you become from moving away from ego, the easier it will be to identify what you see in another is actually something you need to work on yourself, as it can be confusing — if you have done a great deal of work, it may just be familiar because you have ‘been there and done that.’
Letting Go
There are many sub-systems that manage the flow of existence for all of us here. I can’t express how important it is to understand how ego influences pretty much everything we experience and is why society exists and functions as it is today. There is nothing wrong with the state of society or the state of individuals, as this is all meant to be; this is part of the system and is what every single individual chose to be born into, for their learning as spiritual beings — with the exception of those volunteer souls who are playing a bit of a supportive role, but they need to develop to a certain degree to fulfill their purpose as effectively as they can.
If you let others judge you, they will. If your state of being and understanding right now means that you think you will be judged by another after this life, you will. There are those who are there in the afterlife to help us, not judge us, as ultimately we are the only judge. We are our over-soul. We are our higher selves, and we are source (god). Try and let go of all those expectations you have of being judged, and know that you are doing your best based on your current conditions and circumstances.

As the shift in consciousness continues on we each have the choice to move beyond ego; when we do, amazing things can happen not only in terms of our development, but our energy will continue to resonate out, influencing and changing the world — the more progress we make on an individual and spiritual level, the more we can positively bring change and the easier it is to make a real difference.

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