The great control based questions of your individual spirituality


A lot of you wonder how much effort you should put in for your spiritual growth. Some of you may have questions come up such as:

  • What should I be doing and how often should I be doing it?
  • Should I focus on this one thing, more so than another?
  • How do I know what will actually help me progress?
  • What is the best method and who should I put my trust in?
  • Does it matter if I don’t progress too far in this life time, if we really do reincarnate after this?
  • Is it a bad thing not to put so much effort in, all the way up until the day I pass on?

Control of your individual journey can be on your mind a lot, depending on how free the mind is to think of such things, as most people do lead rather busy lives on average. Society is set-up in such a way as to push certain requirements and restrictions onto us.

Questions? By Matthias Ripp

People are forced into building a career, mostly within jobs which drain our energy. Society requires that we have a certain amount of income to support our needs, and many of our needs are also controlled without most people even realising it — it’s hard to come to terms with what is actually important to us, when we are having our ego stimulated from so many directions.

These needs are driven by the control systems in place, that powerful individuals and groups influence and direct down, through those many systems, such as advertising, education, big pharmaceutical companies, mainstream media, Governments, monopoly based corporations and so on.

It can be difficult to break through the barriers — of which there are so many — that lay between us and understanding our true nature and the truth behind what is actually going on in the world. But once you break through enough barriers, you start to realise certain things, and breaking through also means your consciousness has made some level of progress along the way.

When I say all of this, I don’t mean to say it for us to manifest hate, and place blame on those individuals and groups who obviously control aspects of life, those aspects which don’t at all help our health or our spiritual development. All is going as it should be — this situation that each of us are in, is not a surprise to another part of us that was aware of what we were getting ourselves into, before we came here, before we were born. In a way, we really are simply coming to remember what we have once lost, through breaking down those barriers that lead us more into our intuition, and therefore our true self(s) that exists beyond this earthly realm.

The conditions of our life, from birth up until right now, were known about before we came here. Of course, there is free will in play and our soul contract. The planning of a life takes into account the different situations that may come up (based on probabilities), and does become revisited along the way while we live out our lives.

Everything we go through is for the purpose of soul growth, but there are exceptions which apply to spirits who have come in, in a volunteer type fashion, to help out. This help can relate to so many different situations, including raising the vibrations for the shift in consciousness and progression of this cycle, which we all are fortunate to be apart of, as there are only so many ‘spots’ available to beings wishing to be experiencing a life right now on Earth.

However, generally speaking, most spirits who are here on Earth — a high percentage — are part of the Earth School, and have had lives before on Earth before, for the growth of the soul (lives and experiences not just as ‘humans’).

You may hear talk about duality. How there has to be both light and dark and that everything comes back into balance eventually. This may seem like a very simple explanation of a much grander spiritual law, which can only partly be understood, as we are humans, here and now, and humans are limited to understanding such concepts while they are on Earth. We may travel outside of our bodies and gain understandings about many things, but when we return, we have to integrate that understanding back into our human mind, and that in itself means we will loose a part of what we did pick up.

If you do happen to be a volunteer soul, it’s important to understand that volunteers are here for very different reasons than regular Earth bound souls who are part of the incarnation system. Volunteers are not common, but they can be common in groups of people who are drawn to each other. As with connection to spirituality — we are energetic conscious beings, and we each vibrate at a certain frequency; these frequencies are attracted and resonate best with that of a similar frequency, so we may find ourselves drawn into groups, and drawn to certain people who become our friends. In these situations, that is when it may just be common to have more volunteers together.

The Earth bound souls who are part of the incarnation cycle are all at varying levels of progression, and therefore the frequency of their energy will be vibrating at the levels they are at. If those levels are of a certain frequency, then they will also be part of the groups that mingle, who are drawn to each other, and of which some may be volunteer souls. Volunteer souls not only consist of what some people may refer to as star seeds, the label volunteer can also refer to souls who have ‘graduated’ the Earth School, and have simply returned to help out for specific reasons during this period of time.

A soul could slightly resonate with another soul, but not fully; this can be a hint for that particular soul, as they may be picking up (unconsciously or consciously) on the energy and frequency — the direction that they want to flow towards, with regards to their spiritual learning and progression, may just be pulling them into the group, the friendship, or even a relationship. It’s important to understanding this, as there can be groups or communities of people, whether they are groups meeting face to face, or online based groups that may not have ever physically met. Distance is irrelevant.

To answer all those questions, which I started this article off with, depends on so many different elements in relation to the individual. To cover the answers to those questions can therefore be difficult, as each individual is in a unique position. As you can understand, direct answers could therefore be rather lengthy and shorter answers will not cover everyone’s circumstances.

Volunteer souls will usually have a hard and challenging life — up until a certain point — so that they can overcome many trials and challenges, and eventually slip into their power and purpose. They are usually more advanced souls, meaning they have reached a higher stage of spiritual development, to varying degrees, and for some the difference will be minimal in comparison to an Earth incarnate who has reached a higher level. This means that they are able to come into a human body and go through a tough life, with the assistance of imprint based past life memories — which are lives that they have not actually lived before, but borrowed from other souls. However, not every volunteer will manage this. Some will leave the Earth earlier than they had planned, because the Earth life can be extremely challenging. It is said that it’s one of the hardest learning experience that a soul can choose to go through. A lot of over-souls decide to take on experiences outside of the physical third dimension, because they are easier, but not as efficient.

There are many methods to pick, to find out who you are and why you are here. My recommendation is past life regression in this case. Knowing the answers to these questions will be the building blocks behind where you can go from there.

For some, you will have a knowing and understanding of your purpose, based on your connection to the other side. The clearer the connection is, the clearer your understanding can be. The health of your physical body, and energetic body, ties directly into how clear your connection to the other side will be, generally speaking, with a few exceptions — as some people come into this life with a natural psychic based facility. With regards to already having an understanding and knowing, this may just be all you need, as the foundation towards working on your self further, by purposefully choosing to take action with additional spiritual development.

Many areas of development will come naturally, as you go through one method, and another, and progress. As one example you will find that the answers around what food you should eat will eventually come to you intuitively, based on what your body physically accepts. From listening to your body, all the answers will become available. You will find that as you progress, as your vibration raises, that your body will succumb to different requirements in regards to what you not only consume into it, but apply onto the outside of it, such as with shampoo, soap, make-up, deodorants, the material of clothes, the types and colours of clothes and so on.

When I say areas of development, what I mean is that you may do some research and read that this is how something is meant to be, and this is what you should do which may be more healthier than not doing something else… and so on, but you will reach a point where it will be an individual experience for you, unrelated to an external source of information. That information will provide validation in some cases, and act as a guide, but the answers will just be there for you. This will increase — as you progress. This will become more commonplace for you. You will eventually not need to learn from others, you won’t need a teacher or mentor anymore.

You’re in a Situation

You are where you are at for a reason. The conditions and situation of your life right now is not random. The choices that you have made in the past, based on your setting at the time of the decisions, were in part part freewill, but also partly influenced by your guides and other factors — we don’t have as much control as we realise, but we have the capacity to develop to a stage where we no longer need that guidance, and where we begin to manifest more and more situations which we choose to move into. Each of you are already manifesting, but unconsciously if you are just starting out on the path.

For example, there are people that play the victim mentality. Without even realising, they are creating negative situations which go towards enhancing and feeding their troubled position. They have the capacity to move beyond this, and move out of that mentality. Not everyone is ready to move beyond such situations, as their conditions are unique, and some conditions will just not be overcome in this life, as some people are born into very difficult situations on purpose, out of choice — for their learning.

Returning to the situation you may be in right now, this situation will enable you to do certain things and take certain actions towards your consciousness growth. You may have limited money. You may have limited time based on having to look after others, even if you would or would not consider that a burden. You may be in a position which doesn’t allow you to do certain things in relation to the growth of your soul, such things which may look very strange to those around you, so much so that you would have to sacrifice too much to get out of that position to enable you to act.

Our situation is very helpful to understanding where we are at. We can only do so much — if we can do little, then we can only do little. There is nothing wrong with doing little. There will be other opportunities in other lives (and experiences) for further progression. The reason you are in your situation right now, is not random. While karma can play a role, before souls come each time to Earth, we are all involved with the design of who we choose to be and what lessons we go through in life, with karma usually being part of the structure, interlinking into why things happen and providing you with the opportunities to make decisions, based on your intentions and freewill. The more you develop your consciousness and move beyond your ego, the less karma you will take on, based on your intentions when making choices. You will reach a point where you no longer take on karma, and you will be able to release all your karmic ties.

So, you can only do so much depending on your life situation, and this is alright. You may be able to sacrifice a lot, or only a little, or you may be stuck in a situation where sacrifice is not an option. Don’t worry about it — it’s not a bad thing. You are doing your best based on the situation you are in. In five years time, ten years time, or in twenty years time, your situation may be different and you may have more of an opportunity to go beyond where you are at, and explore the things you wanted to explore in regards to spiritual growth — you can step back onto that path.

So where do you go on from here? Some of you will have an inkling of an idea, or a pretty good understanding of what you could do, and what you are doing right now. There are just so many things that you can do, and it doesn’t have to be in a specific order. As previously mentioned, the advice and guidance around what you do will vary a great deal, based on where you are at.

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