Status of the Shift in Consciousness as of March, 2015 – A message from Laron


In connection with my higherself, I wish to touch upon as many areas as possible in relation to the situation surrounding this shift of ages. Throw your expectations away, leave them behind you along with your disappointments. Become one with the present moment and start your own future through what it is that you want within it.

There has already been great leaps and bounds with in the average souls consciousness on this planet, as this process keeps on occurring. These changes within are in relation also to vibrationary changes of the energetic makeup of the soul. A small increase here, and then another small increase there, goes towards an overall increase over time as the energies continue to come down and influence life and the planet Earth.

The New Earth is there, it resides in a higher vibration with it’s own set of laws, as per the design and wishes of who will inhabit it, but also through the wishes of the consciousness of the New Earth. As one could imagine, the consciousnesses has moved from an old Earth which was occupied by those doing a lot of damage, and it would want to make sure the conditions were appropriate for an experience in a higher vibration, so that the situation beforehand could not be repeated.

The New Earth is a combination of the wishes and wants of those who are part of the process, who are either going to inhabit the location, and who helped to create it and it’s space. It is a construct of thoughts, it is contained within a realm, a space, which can be thought of as an ethereal based location where the energies are less dense.

Imagine the most beautiful scenery or setting that you have come across on Earth and then increase that tenfold. That is one way to look at what the experience can be like, for those wanting to be there and for those who are manifesting the areas pertaining to the New Earth.

There is no politics, there is no control, there is no military, it is a place of purity, a place of innocence, a place of beauty. As mentioned already, it is a construct of thoughts, and therefore the mind, but the mind of multiple individual consciousness and group consciousnesses. The Earth is also a creation of thought, it just sits at a much lower density where everything is so much more physical.

This timeline, this reality, this space that we all inhabit on Earth right now is your setting. It is your version of existence and it is therefore your focus. The focus of your consciousness. There are many versions or copies of you and that which surrounds you, but such information is not so commonly explained or delved into because that type of information can create concerns, worries and therefore fears. There are just some subjects which are best left to be understood after ones passing from this experience as a human.

True humbleness can be experienced when one has a fuller understanding of how one exists beyond time and space. In other words, there are many yous. There are many versions of you. You may be doing your best from time to time, or you may think that you do your best all the time, but here are versions of you which make different decisions and those decisions are played out. Each of these is as equal as the other, but there is a process of how all this plays out in the end.

As the growth of the consciousness expands, evolves and becomes less dense, it moves back into it self, it returns eventually to where it originates. This journey back to its source, or higher self, means the traversing of frequencies, and going beyond this concept of the multi-soul.

The Shift in Consciousness is turning out in such a way now, that change is going to be left to occur through the daily happenings of society, so that life can go on without the extremities of the loss of life, as what may have been expected by some through major and extreme earth changes. While there will still be earth changes, they will be spread out and they will have less of an impact. There was a time where there would have been a great loss of life, and this would have answered the question of an ET influence on this world. This would have allowed for certain actions by races of ET’s who have not been able to openly show themselves in a greater way.

But that situation is very separate to what would be perceived as UFO’s coming to evacuate certain numbers of the population, for the purpose of transference to their next experience, which would be chosen by each individual consciousness, consciously.

At this point in time, it seems that the possibility of the above situations are becoming less and less, as the goings on are much more positive than what might have been expected, and predicted, by many sources in Earth’s past.

The choice of souls to remain with the Earth for this current future, is not as simple as one may think.

While there are doors that open which allow certain souls to move on, there have been many doors that have been locked shut because of the lack of earth based changes. So one from the Earth’s perspective could look at the situation as both positive, and negative, depending on what they want right now, as they perceive themselves from their focused individual consciousness. But from the point of focus from whence they exist outside of this experience, simultaneously, they would understand that there is no disadvantage, there is so negativity or punishment from remaining with the Earth until their life is lived out, as this is a learning experience and opportunity for the growth of the soul. This is a very special time where the soul can experience a new age of the old Earth’s progression into the new renaissance.

Time is irrelevant when one is focused outside of this human experience. They will come to understand how the Earth life, with it’s pains, but also with it’s pleasures, is simply an experience. An experience that is chosen, and which is one of the greatest and most challenging experiences which a soul can have for the growth and development of what some humans would understand as their higher self.

There is no loss, there is no going backwards because a soul still remains on Earth right now. This is the whole purpose of such an experience.

The regular souls who come to Earth to incarnate, within hundreds of lives spanning thousands of years, need to follow the Earthly based rules pertaining to that system. They will generate karma. They will need to work with that karma which is a system in place to help the growth of the souls. They now have the opportunity to let go and disconnect from that karma, based on the many methods which are being taught out there. They now have the opportunity to graduate from the Earth experience if they are able to do just that.

The extra time that is now here for those individual souls with this current focus, is of great benefit to them, as it gives them the opportunity for more spiritual growth over an extended period of time. If the Earth no longer supported the population, in comparison to what it can right now, many would have had to continue on with their karma, and their spiritual based progress, in another location within the physical Universe.

This is a time for souls to awaken. And they are awakening. This is a time for souls to jump more directly into their consciousness and therefore spiritual development. This is turning into the easiest period of time within thousands of years, where a soul can greatly advance in leaps and bounds, where before it could have taken multiple lives to do what a soul can do within this one life.

That is what the shift in consciousness is about. It’s about a period of time where an opportunity is given to each individual soul, and that soul can take advantage of it, through going beyond their mundane lives and exploring the unknown. It’s an opportunity for great spiritual advancement and growth.

What will the future bring? The future is full of possibilities, and those possibilities can and will change, even when there are likelihoods which are stronger than others. The country Russia is the country to watch, as it is they who will make great advancements which will benefit humanity as a whole. They will step beyond the control mechanisms which rule the western world. But for them to do this, there will have to be great change and this change may just mean great conflict.

There are dates mentioned for the future of the Earth, and there is wonder around what will occur during such years as 2016 and 2017. This will just be a period of greater change. This will be a time when there will be more noticeable actions taken on a world wide scale. This time is likely to coincide with additional earth changes, of a lesser degree, but which will be obvious. The Earth needs to expand as part of it’s own process of shifting. It is a natural process, similar to how one could suddenly have an increase in height, but at such a speed which would cause great movement, instead of a slow and steady height increase.

Change is here, with regards to the consciousness based changes within humanity. These energies will continue to influence life here, as part of this astrological age, but this is now more of a slower process than what had been expected before. The changes that will be more noticeable are within humanity and the actions humans will take over the short term future.

Each one of you is in control of your own life. Each one of you has to take action and take part in these shifts. Each one of you needs to awaken. There is no one else who will suddenly appear and guide you on your journey. Your experience will always be an individual experience when playing by the rules of the Earth experience. This is how life functions in this realm. While there are short cuts, and certain things an individual soul can do to make great progress, there is no bridge that one can cross to get all the way to the other side without progressing to a certain stage of their own personal and individual development.

The volunteer souls have come here to help with the greater number, who are what have been referred to as the regular incarnates of Earth. These volunteers have of course helped raise the vibrations of the Earth and of the energies of the souls on the Earth, but they can also act as a guide because they are advanced beings from an Earth perspective, some of which have experienced the Earth life before and have chosen to come back to help. These souls know that they can become encompassed inside the karmic system of Earth and the physical Universe, if they don’t reach a certain point of personal consciousness development and remain with as little karmic ties as possible. They are more likely to succeed with their development because of their position before coming here, so can be of great assistance to those seeking their own growth and development. These such volunteer souls do not even have to interact with another directly, their energies can lighten the way without them, or others, even knowing.

How does one determine who is a volunteer soul? It would depend on the state of the human, the regular incarnate or volunteer, who is trying to make that determination. For some, they will just intuit in and know. For others, they will not be able to accurately come to a conclusion. There are characteristics that can help one to know if another is a volunteer, but this is meant to be a mystery, unless it is obvious to the seeker. Just like many aspects of the Earth life, things are hidden for a reason, things are meant to be overcome and known based on the state of the individual and their progression. This is like a reward, a benefit, or a gold star of a sorts for accomplishing a certain level of progression, when something is intuited in and found out. An individuals experience is an individual journey, so each can be unique and be experienced in unique ways.

Know that each of you is not only loved from the other aspects of what makes you, you, but from those that guide you, from those from whence you are from, whether you are a volunteer or a regular incarnate here on Earth. But also understand that this concept of needing and requiring love is an Earth based perception, an Earth based need. It’s a human concept and as one grows and develops spiritually, in other words consciously, one will move beyond the concern of needing to be loved and having that desire that one will take care of them. As the many elements of a souls fear slowly dissolves through their advancement, so does this other aspect.

But from the perspective of those that interact with you here on Earth, those with ties directly, or not so directly, you really are looked after and you really are loved. There really is nothing to fear, and we can understand the suffering and hardships you all go through, but please trust that this is limited to this experience on Earth and is an important part of your growth as a being here. You will know and come to understand this when your experience here is complete.

Laron will end now with very strong blessings to all of you, and these blessings also come from other aspects of his higher self –

“May you take with you the strength and bravery to surpass your human experience. May you go beyond what you are now and traverse into levels of your being that you might never have known existed. May you focus and manifest your experience within each and every moment without thoughts of your future, or your past.”

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