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By Stargazer via Remembering Infinity, 30 January 2015

Over the past few months, I’ve written quite a bit about nature and creation, as well as our individual and collective abilities to bring about positive change. I’ve also written about many of the things I intend to experience in the days, months, and years ahead. What I suppose I haven’t done is develop or share a clear picture of the kinds of “Earth Changes” I expect to see.

Why not envision a world where everything exists in perfect harmony?

In the Light of new understanding, I’ve learned that to create the kind of future we wish to see, each of us must first fix our intentions firmly in mind. The more we’re able to envision it, invest feeling into it, and take whatever actions we can to help bring it into being, the sooner we’ll be able to actually experience it.

Unfortunately, far too many people still seem to be under the influence of archaic and fear-driven ways of thinking. They seem to have succumbed to those whose agenda calls for negativity, separation, and control. They insist that our future is troubled—and that change will only be brought about through a litany of catastrophic, “doom and gloom” events. While I certainly respect their Free Will choice to focus on such drama, that’s not the future I’m investing in. Not in my reality! To the contrary—I prefer to see our transition into the future as a remarkably smooth one.

In my vision for a New Earth, all of mankind has been gently, but firmly awakened to its own Divine Nature. People feel more and more connected to and guided by their own “Higher” senses of Purpose. They’ve started peacefully and gracefully becoming all they truly wish to be. As a butterfly emerges from the dark confines of its cocoon and stretches in the warm, spring sunshine, we too have begun to unfold ourselves—free and perfect expressions of Life itself.

With a speed that few would have ever thought possible, the fresh breeze of positive change has swept through our homes, communities, nations, and world. The true agendas of those who once ruled through violence, fear, manipulation, and power have been completely exposed for the world to see. Those responsible have resigned—or been peacefully removed from office. They’ve been replaced by incorruptible souls who’ve stepped forward to lead us with transparency, integrity, and honor.

The inalienable rights of all have been restored and are respected by all—for none wishes to bring harm or ill will upon any of his or her fellow beings. Through this enlightened renaissance, all have embraced a new paradigm—one in which everyone works together for the common good. We’ve cultivated a fresh, new environment where mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance are the new hallmarks for Humanity.

Suddenly free to express itself in its Divine Sovereignty, Humanity has flourished. With so many people suddenly “in tune” with the Universal Flow of creative energy, an expansive sense of Unity and the open exchange of ideas have inspired quantum leaps forward in the sciences, arts, and technology. These advancements have allowed us to quickly and easily overcome many of the challenges and limitations that have suppressed the Human Spirit for far too long.

In this vision, we live in harmony with ourselves, one another, and the Earth. Our advanced knowledge and abilities have allowed us to heal our minds and bodies, cleanse our lands and oceans, and purify our air and water. Finally able to tap into and utilize “free energy”, this non-polluting and unlimited source of power has revolutionized our transportation, industrial, and economic systems.

True balance has been restored to Nature, our global climate is pleasant, and the seasons are mild. We now enjoy an abundance of health, food, and resources—for our entire population. No longer driven by the need to simply survive, accumulate wealth and power, or abide by self-imposed limitations, each individual is free to realize his or her own potential and explore our newly restored Earth.
As one, our focus has shifted back to the things that are truly important—our relationships, our planet, and our place and purpose within the Cosmos. On this New Earth, we have a renewed appreciation for all the beauty, bounty, and diversity of Life that surrounds us. We are held in awe at the transformation that has taken place, seemingly right before our very eyes—and we find ourselves filled with Joy, Love, and Gratitude for all that has transpired.

If that’s the kind of world you’d like to experience too, by all means embrace it!   We can all share it—and we do have the power to make it happen. All it takes is one thought, one moment, and one deed at a time. To use a favorite and oft-quoted aphorism, I would assert that “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

So are you still with me? Good.

Let’s do this!


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Thanks, Stargazer, for all your kindness and generosity of feeling. I just reread this entire thread, and there is lot of fascinating material for me to chew on over the coming days and weeks, and it wouldn't have happened without you. For me, it is a vital snapshot of what many of us are growing through with all these immense challenges we face at this time. It makes me think that perhaps the final 3D showdown between Light and Dark is about to commence, and our adversaries are about to really take the gloves off. Cue the Rocky music and… Read more »


Ri (RememberingInfinity) quote Start: I don't understand how a few hundred spiritual people meditating in any way infringes upon the Free Will of 7 billion people by changing their fate. End RI, any meditation that calls for love for all, that calls for the best fate for humanity is excellent. It is a pure thought that I would never dare to criticize. I mean meditations, which have specific agendas or purpose. For example the whole Earthquake thing. That is a decision taken by Gaia, by the higher density overseers for all of humanity. Me meditating to specifically not let that… Read more »


Greg, that was such a heartfelt post. Souls like you are present in every culture, every region of the world. I think both my Mom and Dad are like you. The few, who have dreams and honesty, but the modern society just doesn't provide avenues for their aspirations. Infact, the modern society limits them through the financial system, non-stop propaganda and the entertainment culture, which constantly suffocate your drive and hopes. Greg, the whole spiritual washout thing. I go through that sometimes too. And, this is why the whole high vibration thing is confusing. What is low vibration? Hate for… Read more »


Some do get lucky, but many other loving souls have been stuck for a long time, in spite of their best intentions. Therefore, I'd rather stick to love and honesty than worry too much about high, low vibrations etc. I'd rather live freely. The more I give honest space to my low emotions, the better my spirit feels. The more I repress things due to spiritual teachings of all hues and color, the more demotivated I feel. I think life is complex, as the creator intended it to be. The universe is itself learning. We feel afraid that somehow, we… Read more »


RI, in reference to you sticking your finger in the socket: I have worked as a Hardware test engineer, and we have to deal with lots of safety standards. Where I grew up in India, due to general corruption, there were very generic standards. They could be easily circumvented. So, they had a really bad socket design, where kids' tiny fingers could easily go in and touch the metal part. Which unfortunately led to kids randomly getting shocked and some tragedies too. Look at this pic for an example on how things are run in India: They say India… Read more »


Greg, It's been a pleasure to get to know you and I'm glad we could all have such an interesting discussion! I'm sure we'll have more opportunities to chat, but in the meantime, just remember you'll always have our support. Mannizev, the very same goes for you too, of course! Again, you've made some very valid points. I understand and I agree with your point about the meditation/Free Will thing too. All I know right now is that after the rapid change and growth I've experienced over the last 2 years, my heart (or "Higher Self", I hope) seems to… Read more »


Just so you all know, I do read everything as I have to play the moderator role. Thank's for the acknowledgement of the space Greg. I'm pleased to see people are commenting more lately since I made the change to the dodgy blogger commenting system. Note that no one needs to tick that robot box, you can ignore it. (From my tests I think this applies to everyone) I haven't had a chance to jump in because of my busyness offline, but I also feel that so much that is going on within these comments, on this article, is all… Read more »


No worries, Laron! It's all good! 🙂