Identifying ego and expanding your consciousness


Becoming fully and consciously aware of your actions and reactions when interacting with the various forms of life out there, from humans and animals to even plant based life, is one of the most important areas to focus on when developing the quality of your consciousness in relation to the progression of individual soul advancement while here on Earth.

For some that go through this process over time, and over many lives, they will naturally start to become aware that not only human life is sentient, containing an individual spirit with learning based tasks set out for them, planned out through this experience, but that other forms of life are sentient and have consciousness as well. While the human experiences around learning and development is usually more focused on the interactions with other humans, and sometimes pets, people do start to come to a knowing, and therefore an understanding, that life exists within many other physical forms.

As an example, when I was a child I would go fishing with my father. Back then I would say that the amount of energy and consciousness available to me as an individual, was of a smaller amount in comparison to where I am at now. I was very much a typical child growing up and doing what children do, gaining experiences based upon the social conditions contained within my physical location in society, at that point in time. For my father, fishing was a sport, it was entertainment, it was a source of food, it was natural and normal, and it continues to be for him to this day.

There is nothing wrong with that and I hold no judgement, even though I have changed a great deal with my own personal views, based on my understandings around life and consciousness.

It’s coming up on six years now since I became a vegetarian, which of course means I don’t eat any form of flesh including seafood. The reasons why I did that pertained to an experiment of a sorts, based on information I had learnt, around wanting to enhance the quality of my energy system, putting it very basically. Over time, there were many other benefits I came to understand and learn about from becoming vegetarian, including major benefits to my health. From that direct experience, I was able to come to many conclusions without needing to do research and fall into various beliefs based on any research. But to support my teachings for others, I have learnt a lot about it because of that direct experience.

In this moment, I have no desire to go and hunt any form of life, for sport, for entertainment, or for a source of food. I also don’t have any desire or need, around consuming fish or seafood, and its not because of my understanding around the ocean having radiation in it, and the chance of seafood also having elements of radiation. It’s not because I am worried about chemicals from the dumping of toxic waste into our oceans, or even any feelings I could have around not wanting to harm a living animal.

It’s because I have come to a knowing around consciousness and life, which is hard to explain in words. I have an understanding around what makes up each form of life out there, and as a result of this, my own actions and decisions have evolved to where they are right now. It is not something I have to force, it’s natural to me. It’s what I choose without having to explain to my self, or think into the actual choice, unless I decide to.

To reach such a stage that I have explained above, there would be no point whatsoever in trying to convince another human being to stop eating meat, or to stop eating seafood, as no matter what I say in direct connection to it, the person is not going to suddenly come to an understanding or knowing, based upon another persons words or research. They have to reach their own understanding, they have to have their own experiences, and in turn they will develop on a personal and consciousness level.

I am definitely not saying that on the path of ascension or spiritual and consciousnesses development, that every single person would have and come to the exact same knowing or understanding as me in relation to this one example, that being diet. There are many paths a person can take, so this is just an example of one of the side effects, or benefits, or points, that can be reached along the path. When I use the word benefit, as one example I can say that personally, for me, my health has benefited from my decisions and choices in relation to my diet, in a big way.

When saying all of this, I am also aware that I am most likely a volunteer soul, which is a word I use to define individual souls who are having a life on Earth just now, who have not been part of the regular incarnation cycle where an individual would have multiple lives here in the past. The primary purpose of volunteer souls is to help the general process of the shift in consciousness going on and those going through it. So, this may just mean that my own personal development could work somewhat differently from the average person in relation to diet and frequency. While I have an understanding, and knowing around what my diet should be, I also sense that this relates directly to the frequency of energy and what I consume in relation to my own individual frequency.

What I find is that the older I get, the more I feel connected to who I was, or am, outside of this existence right now. When saying that, perhaps the more I become connected to my true self, the more my personal frequency needs to change, be modified and resonate with those other parts of me, and by modifying my diet, I may just be assisting with that process.


There is a popular fishing based sport that has its season in New Zealand, which is the country I am from originally. Its called whitebaiting. Whitebaiting is the term for catching the whitebait, which are immature shoals of fish that swim up rivers from the coast.

Whitebait are tender and edible, and can be regarded as a delicacy. The entire fish is eaten including head, fins, bones, and guts and is commonly cooked within a whitebait fritter.

The whitebait actually consist of many different species of fish, such as herring, sprat, sardines, mackerel and bass, for example. So as you can imagine, these whitebait eventually will grow into the larger sized fish. They don’t remain whitebait forever.

People in New Zealand actually get a bit crazy about this sport, which I find personally amusing, (because of my understanding of consciousness and ego), and they spend hours of their time on the banks of rivers trying to catch whitebait. There can sometimes be a bit of conflict between different groups of individuals whitebaiting, because they are trying to get the best spots, the most perfect spots on the rivers so that they can catch a large amount.

Whitebait- Image Credit: Flickr

Recently I was over in New Zealand visiting family, and very near to where I was staying at the time I heard that the police were called in because a jet ski was used to try and intimidate one group of whitebaiters so that they would move from their spot on the river bank, which was a desired spot. When you think of the situation I mentioned just now, you can imagine the many different factors involved with a persons action, and reaction, to get to a stage of confronting another, just so they can catch some more whitebait. Whitebait is treated as delicacy, so people do profit from selling it to others and local restaurants and cafe’s.

This is where ego comes in, as ego controls and rules most of the population of the planet, and therefore their reactions to pretty much everything they do in life.


The ramifications of identifying ego, understanding ego, and reaching a point of no longer responding or reacting from ego, within our daily lives, will bring in a massive consciousness and therefore spiritual change within a persons being. By reaching a certain stage of development where ego no longer controls you, your life will start to have a different meaning and what you do on a day to day basis will no longer be controlled by the many needs that are fed, in relation to ego.

What is ego? Ego can be looked at as a multitude of elements that make up a greater whole. It can be looked as as a type of entity, as the greater whole, that evolves or de-evolves based on our actions, reactions and thoughts, every day of our lives.

We have many needs that most people are usually trying to feed unconsciously through the decisions they make, whether those decisions are from an action after making a decision, or from a reaction in response to a situation. Usually, those actions and reactions are automatic, they are out of our hands, because its our ego that is at play, not our consciousness, not that deep down part of us that is the real us. You could say that we are also responding from the heart space, when we are not responding from ego, as there are different terms to use for our real soul based responses and choices.

There are communication courses out there, commonly taught in the corporate world, which include a lesson around waiting so many seconds before responding to a situation, such as the six second rule. The usual reason for waiting six seconds before responding to someone, in an emotional and/or conflict based situation, is because you have the chance to then think clearly and decide to then respond without using your emotion. But the deep down reason for this is actually connected directly to our ego as a whole.

There are many emotions that come up, which we express and take action with, through communication and physical based action. We have many different feelings and emotions from jealousy, anger, pride, fear, frustration, envy, greed, lust, gluttony and so on. All of these are tied directly into what makes up that ego as a whole, which is apart of every one of us.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda | Image Credit: Flickr

From my experience, it’s not important to concern ourselves too much about applying labels to meet the exact name of the emotion or need that relates to our actions and reactions. It is pointless to get into a debate over what may or may not pertain to what ego actually is. What’s important is identifying the situation and feeling around each response or action that we take and breaking the patterns and overcoming those situations. Direct experience is the key. This can easily be done with motivation and effort, so then there is no need to spend our time and energy analysing the finer details when we can just jump in and take action, which in turn will help to develop the quality of our consciousness in a considerable way.

Just being aware of all of this, is not enough. If you want to work on your consciousness development, you need to start identifying your individual ego based elements, on a daily basis, and use techniques to stop the automatic actions and reactions that pertain to your day to day lives.

Going from direct experience, we do not need to eliminate our egos entirely. There are techniques that can be used to do exactly this which have been taught by spiritual teachers in the past. Simply becoming fully conscious and having the ability to not respond from ego, is enough, in my opinion. We may still make choices, on purpose, that may be perceived as coming from ego… this is up to us if we have reached a certain stage, and if we do this, it may simply be for the benefit of another if we have an intention of helping others grow consciously and a certain action or reaction is required.

We are Human

We are living here as a human being. We are having this experience out of a conscious choice. We exist as consciousness outside of this experience simultaneously, and within it, but, from our viewpoint, most of us perceive only this existence within the physical human body, day to day.

Part of being human is having emotions. It is natural. There is nothing wrong with having emotions and acting out through emotional based reactions or actions. Emotions, which the human form contains and functions with, is a part of the reason why most of us chose to come here and have this experience, and many other experiences on Earth, through reincarnations.

Painting by Sabine Wurz

The learning experience of this existence, on the planet Earth, is known as one of the more advanced experiences we can have, that we can choose from, so that we , and other parts of what makes us, us, can have the opportunity to develop the quality of our consciousness.

Eventually, through experience, by the passing of time and through developing and obtaining wisdom, just about everyone will each reach a point in this life, or the next, where they will find the desire, the will, the drive, the push, and possibly some forgotten memories, to step up and take a leap across a chasm and greatly expand on their spiritual development. A major part of that development is working on and moving away from our egoic based nature. From doing this, many doors will open for the individual.


One of the easier ways of identifying individual elements of our ego which may be stronger than others and pertinent to the particular stage and time in our life in that moment, that needs some development and focus on, is through our dreams.

We may have reoccurring dreams which are trying to show us the nature of a situation which we can approach differently in our day to day life. We may have dreams which are similar through a common theme or pattern that we can analyse and focus on to see what specific ego element is appearing.

For example, from time to time I will have a dream about eating food. The food is usually unhealthy food and there may be a lot of it in the dream. This is showing me that I need to take more care with that aspect of my ego, which I can just label as gluttony for the purpose of this explanation, but don’t focus to hard on that term.

Photo credit: Mike Bitzenhofer

I consciously know that I could eat less and have smaller helpings. This has been a long term issue for me. I also know that I need to eat more healthily, cut down on my sugar intake and the amount of carbohydrates I take in. So in this example, I can identify what the dreams are referring to. This is just one example of many different types of dreams we can have.

Dreams are not always going to directly relate to ego, there are other reasons we dream what we dream, but, the deep down cause of most of the situations we run into in life and the patterns we get into, or a problems we can’t resolve, are likely directly connected to our egoic nature and therefore when our dreams occur, we have the opportunity to identify the element of the go.

If we are going to use dreams as a tool to work on our ego, its important we record our dreams upon waking every day. This is a big commitment and it is not always convenient, especially if you are sharing your bed with another individual. Turning the bedside lamp on and writing down our dreams on paper, or on a laptop perhaps, are two options for recording them. I would suggest these are the best solutions, rather that using a digital audio recording, as you can then easily and quickly reference and share your dreams for interpretation.

There are also many benefits from recording our dream. By doing this on a regular basis, our dream memory recall will increase dramatically over time, simply from the act of recording them each night. From becoming aware of all our dreams, this can lead to other spiritual experiences later on, such as lucid dreams where we become conscious we are dreaming within a dream, and from that point we can use techniques to project into an out of body experience and leave the dream state. Spontaneous astral projection can also start to occur. Astral projection, in my opinion, is what everyone needs to head towards eventually, with regards greatly advancing their spiritual and therefore consciousness development. Through direct experience in the astral, we can find answers and have experiences that will greatly enhance the quality of our consciousness back here on Earth.

For techniques on remembering your dreams, see my article here.

Meditating on a Day

A very effective technique for identifying the elements of our egos is to focus in and go over our interactions for the day. If this is done at the end of the day, you would focus on what occurred that day. If it is done in the morning, you would think back on the previous day.

While this is really best taught in a group setting or a one on one setting, I will explain the process here.

Find a quiet spot and get comfortable. If you meditate, get into your usual position. It’s best to be sitting, rather than laying down, as you don’t want to be too relaxed.

Close your eyes and then spend some time going through the various parts of your body, relaxing each part. To find a more detailed description of this relaxation method, see this article here and find the section titled, ‘Relaxation and Energy Clearing’. Don’t spend too long on this, over time relaxing your body will become very easy, and very fast. Just a few minutes is best, but five minutes would still be fine to start with.

Now, firstly, if any thoughts come to you within this process, at any time, which are thoughts you are not consciously wanting, just acknowledge them and push them away and out of your thought space.

You can do this in one of two ways, you can start the process from when you woke up for the day, or, from the end of the day and take it in reverse. If you are performing this method in the afternoon, you can just go backwards from where you are at right now.

Image Credit: Paco Flores

I will explain the method of starting the day, as by working in this order you will be going forward only, where if you start from your current time and space, you will go back, and forward and back and forward as you try and remember events.

While you are relaxed and your mind is empty, start to think what happened after you woke up that day, or the day before if you are doing this at the beginning of the day. Try and remember what you did, who you ran into within each moment and think about the decisions you made with each event and situation. Process what you were thinking at the time of each decision, whether that decision was in relation to taking an action, or responding to a situation.

Think about what drove you to perform the action or response for everything that you did. You will start to identify situations where your ego has been responsible for your actions and your reactions.

As an example, you may have had to drive to work. There may have been some heavy traffic which made you frustrated. That frustration is ego based. Think about why you got frustrated. Think more into that. If someone cuts you off in the traffic that day, what did you feel? How did you react? Did you get angry for a moment? Did you do anything to react to that, or did you ignore that and continue on with your drive to work?

Another example is that you could have met a friend for lunch on the weekend. You are sitting at a table having a drink, and your friend is talking about a situation in their life. Perhaps the situation is in relation to them inheriting money. What did you feel at the time when you found out your friend just inherited a large amount of money? Did jealously come up? Or was it envy? What feelings arose? How did that make you feel during that moment and did you respond from the heart space after hearing that, or did you become consumed with various thoughts, based around your ego, and react in a way which you may have preferred not to?

This process will get easier the more you do it. It can be really difficult to recall what you were thinking about, in your mind 24 hours before, or even 8 hours before. But, if you remember the action you took, you may then remember the thoughts you had which went towards deciding upon that action.

It is best to do this on a daily basis, once a day, if you want to use this technique. Over time, you will start to become aware of what you are doing, before you do it. You will start to realise that you don’t have to act or react from ego, and that you can make decisions from your consciousness, from your heart space.

With a combination of mediation, in addition to this, and other techniques such as analysing your dreams, you can greatly improve the quality of your interactions with others, your relationships with your partner, your family, your friends, acquaintances and complete strangers. Your ego does not have to rule who you are.

Meditating on Thought

Meditation is usually about focusing solely on a single thing. You could be visualising your heart beating. You could use deep breathing as a technique to meditate with. You may have a mantra that you say internally, or externally. You could even be using your five senses.

During whatever method you are using, you will get thoughts that pop into your mind. Usually you would acknowledge the thoughts and push them away, as that is the purpose of meditation, to keep those thoughts out. But, if you are experienced with meditation, there is a technique you can use to help identify your egoic elements from actually letting those thoughts in.

I have an article here, all about meditation, which includes the space, atmosphere, positions and so on, so I won’t get into detail again on what I have already covered within that, but when you are in a meditative state, and you are using your preferred method, when a thought comes up, let it come up.

A mural from a bridge in Frederick, Maryland, near Washington D.C, USA – Source

Start to analyse and identify those thoughts for what they are, don’t get lost in them and go down the line of continuing them on. Look at what they are about, what they represent and try and identify if ego is involved in those situations, then work out what egoic element is prevalent. This is similar to anaylsing your dreams, but, you are analysing your thoughts. If we are in a focused and deep state, meditating, our thoughts that appear will be much more intuitive and much more relevant than what we would be generally thinking. While we would have the same kind of thoughts come up, the thoughts will be much more valid and much more important to take note of.

For example, say I am meditating using a method of trying to feel my heart beat. I have my eyes closed, I am focusing on my chest and I am breathing more deeply as this can help with sensing it. A thought comes to me. The thought is about a situation I could have been in the day before. I may have had an disagreement with a boss at work. So I would grab onto that thought and analyse what happened, what action or reaction I took, and work out what ego was involved and what I was thinking at the time. This would give me an understanding around not only the way I acted, but what ego I need to be more mindful of. Was it anger? Was it pride?

You may be thinking, what do I do then? When you are comfortable that you understand the situation around the thought that came up, then let it go and return to your meditative technique. Each thought that appears is important and should be looked into. Some may be completely silly thoughts and if so, there is no learning to be had from them, just let them go.

Energetic Attachments & Thought Forms

People can run into situations where they pick up other energy. Most of the time they are unaware that something foreign is sitting within their energy field. We are energetic beings, as well as physical beings, and as we travel through life and go through our day to day situations, we run into many different forms of energy.

Some of these attachments can actually influence our decisions, and therefore our reactions and actions without us even being aware of them. Some energetic attachments can feed our ego, and in turn make it harder for us to respond from consciousness. They can affect our mental, emotional and spiritual energy and this can be a drain on all of these levels.

The state and quality of our consciousness heavily influences the health of our energetic form. For example, if our consciousness has developed to a higher degree, as in the quality of our spiritual progress which includes our vibrational resonance, external energy influences may not even impact us, or at least have very little effect, and it is not something we should be concerned about. But generally speaking, most people can pick things up.

Image Credit: Alice Popkorn

Thought forms are also another factor to be aware of. Thoughts are powerful and with every thought we think, the thoughts can manifest into form and substance within the etheric energy which surrounds the Earth and therefore all of us. We have to be mindful of our thoughts, for this reason. If we are constantly thinking about something of an egoic nature, we can actually feed that ego element within us. We can make it worse and it can inhibit our spiritual progress. Positive thinking is therefore very powerful, just like negative thinking is.

As you can imagine, if we have people in our life which are very negative, who are manifesting and thinking certain things which are not healthy, this can have an impact on us.

I have an article here, ‘Clearing your Energy and Energetic Shield Visualisations‘, which covers techniques for clearing your energy and also for providing an energetic form of protection for those that feel drawn, or feel the need to do this. If you are self aware and intuitive, you may know and feel if you need to take steps to address this situation.

Getting energetic healing is very helpful not only for maintaining and balancing our physical and energetic health, or for working on specific issues, its also of great benefit for clearing energy which does not belong to us and may not be of our best interest to have around us.

Getting out of your Head

I will just touch on this briefly, but while you are on the path actively improving the quality of your consciousness, which in turn means the development of your spiritual self, you will reach a point where it will become very beneficial to stay out of your head.

What I mean is that you don’t need to generate thoughts 24/7. While this directly relates to the many benefits of mediation, I look at it as a separate area to focus on and mention.

In addition to working with identifying our ego’s and getting to a stage of becoming fully conscious and responding from our heart center, all our problems, all our issues including any past psychological trauma, can be resolved from staying out of our head and being in the now, especially so if we have addressed all those issues, acknowledged them, used techniques to disconnect their energy from us, and have therefore built a bridge and gone over it.

One of the best techniques to achieve this, is to use our five senses. When we are walking down the street, brushing our teeth, having a shower, hiking up a mountain, standing on shoreline of a beach, or even washing our car, we can use this technique.

From pushing all our thoughts away and becoming aware of what our five senses are relating and communicating to us, without focusing or thinking about anything, we are being in the now.

We are not thinking about what to eat for dinner tonight, we are not wondering about how much money we need to save to buy everyone a Christmas present, we are not considering revenge on the neighbor dog who left a present on our lawn. Our mood is not changing or being impacted from thinking about an argument we had with a family member about a movie we liked, that they didn’t like. We are not focusing on a chocolate mud cake which we might pick up from the shop on the way home that would not be healthy for us, especially because we had already eaten one the day before, and so on and so forth.

With a combination of working on our egoic nature, the more we can be in the now and remain in that state, the more we will increase the quality of our consciousness and our connection to other aspects of our self, as well as our guides. When we need to make a decision and ponder over it, we are very likely going to have a much easier time as well as have some intuitive help come to us, to do exactly that. We don’t need to think about a decision for six hours, we can think about it within a few minutes and make it.

I just can’t express enough how important it is to get out of your head. This will also help with recognising and understanding your decisions and interactions in life, in connection to your egoic nature.


As I mentioned earlier on, the benefits of becoming more aware of our decisions through our actions and reactions in life, in any situation, and coming to a point of accessing and using that fully conscious part of us, our true self, our heart space, has great and very positive ramifications.

We will become more humble, we will find and enhance our compassion, and we will naturally develop our love and understanding for all consciousness. We will begin to connect to other parts of ourselves and come to an understanding of who we really are.

If you get to a stage where you start exploring conscious astral projection, having control and a greater understanding of your ego is crucial. Within the astral dimensions and realms, thought becomes very powerful. Depending on the laws and physics of the environment we are in at the time, thoughts can come into manifestation very easily and impact our experience. I have had this happen, so from direct experience I can understand this. Fear is one egoic element that will stop your progression, and its very important to overcome this as soon as you can, as it also heavily impacts your learning and development in connection to your consciousness.

Part of your spiritual education as a regular soul on earth will contain spiritual based tests while outside of your physical Earth based waking moments. These tests are based upon your decisions made while certain situations are presented to you. On top of your current spiritual progress, from your wisdom gained through many experiences and lessons, you will also need to have control of your ego to succeed with these tests. It is common for those that are consciously projecting out of their body to run into such tests during their astral travels. These tests will also take place, whether you remember them or not and can come through and be mixed in with dreams.

If you are on the path and involved with working on your ego, and reach a certain level of progression, you will also start to identify and become aware of your personal attachments. These attachments will just drop off as time passes, because they are connected to our ego. As an example, we may have a desire for material objects and one day we will suddenly realise that desire is dissipating or will just not be there anymore. We will feel different about relationships and connections with others.

Attachments can be worked on with various other methods, but from my experience, they will leave us naturally while on the path, as this is what I have experienced along the way. Attachments will dissolve like other aspects in relation to spiritual progression that block and keep us back, which is mentioned through spiritual based material out there.

I could say a whole lot more, but I have covered what I have wanted to and included a few things I wasn’t expecting I would. I did feel some of these items just flowed into me along the way.

I like to remind my self, and others, that there are many paths we can take with the process around consciousness and spiritual progression. I feel I have been strongly guided within my life so far, guided so that I find the primary ways of doing this, and from my experience, they have worked and they have got me where I have progressed to, today.

The most important thing in connection to all of this, is that you each have direct experiences and obtain direct knowledge for your self. Don’t fall into any belief traps. Keep an open mind. Keep your spirit free. Stay away from fear. Don’t lock your self into anything and do your best to develop and trust in your intuition and that connection to what makes you, you. Each of us are so much more than we realise. Only we can truly judge ourselves, as it is our own self that we will return back to eventually.

Blessings to you all and may you reach your individual goals,


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Editor of, Laron is a writer, healer, and consciousness development based spiritual teacher. One passion of Laron’s is to expand the consciousness of others through presenting and sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer, so we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained Lvl1 & 2 QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer and  is also trained in Tarot. You can find Laron on Facebook.

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Ivan Lukačević

five senses is best in my case! 🙂 while working, i just focus on the senses and toon out everything. i function and respond to communication when needed but soon as situation allows i toon back out! its the best rest for my mind and spirit. always feel better even if its hard work, it rejuvenates me! 🙂 looking forward to tonights session and the healing! be well everyone! 🙂

Fantastic Fox

Three and a half years ago I bought Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now" and it changed everything for me and made me understand what the ego and pain body actually are and how we are acting out from them if we're not consciously aware. Great article, Laron! 🙂


FF, I read that book after I had learnt and been heavily into what he was discussing within, so while it was a good book, I didn't get much out of it. I preferred his book 'A New Earth'. And thanks FF!


Something that all of you may well enjoy … I know I got a lot out of it …. IMHO, this movie has a lot more to do with Laron's essay above than the description below describes.


"Four years, 19 countries, and 24 experts in anthropology, medicine, ecology, and health have exposed the roots of our DNA and how to prevent the modern world from making you sick."

Movie will only be available for free though this weekend!


Angelic View

"The Power of Now" fell into my hands exactly when I needed it – shortly after it came out – because I had never considered those concepts before. They're all good 🙂