Love and self-love


By Eva Kuhar via Soul Talk, 17 June 2014

Love and self-love

Love is high vibrational energy and star seeds are well aware of this fact.

We have existed in higher dimensions and realities, therefore many of us have memories of how pure love energy feels.

We often ‘miss Home’ because we miss the purity of love. We remember our effortless existence within those incredible high vibrational energies and of course we wish to experience the same feeling in this reality on this planet.

However, we are experiencing love very differently in this realm.

Many believe that unconditional love is the highest form of love in this reality and for them that is the truth.
But for most people love is always conditional and for this reason that is their experience of it without consciously realizing this fact.

The purity of love energy cannot be felt when expectations and conditions are attached to it. Those attachments are significantly lowering the vibration of universal high energies, therefore losing their purity and power by manipulation.

Throughout this ongoing ascension process, all of us are infinitely supplied by high vibrational universal love energies. It is an important part of the process for many people in their present life to shift their experiences and perception of love to a much higher level.

And it means that letting go of old beliefs and expectations about love is necessary in order to be open for new experiences.

We are transforming physically, mentally and emotionally with the help and support of all universal energies every single day and night.

When we release old, stuck, karmic energies, we can instantly fill up our bodies and aura with crystalline energy as many people experience this in their process lately.

We feel undeniably different and uplifted as the process goes on and our bodies vibrate on a higher level by having more and more crystalline energy within them.

As a result, we start to vibrate on a higher frequency and our interaction with multidimensional energies is purified, therefore we perceive love in its pure form. We feel self-love on the highest level, regardless of any outer conditions or circumstances. We feel and experience self-love fully and we also understand that this amazing, uplifting emotion is not dependent on anything or anyone.

It is a pure interaction with high vibrational universal love energies.

When we are filled with these energies, our perception of ourselves and others shifts and changes dramatically.

We do not look for love energy outside of ourselves as we feel fulfilled, complete and as though nothing is ‘missing’.

Star seeds experience this type of higher connection as a ‘Home feeling’ and for many it is a very new emotional experience.

This ascension process provides a unique opportunity for many people (Souls) to evolve and shift to a new level of love experiences and that is why they have chosen to take part of this often challenging and confusing process. And even if many are still not fully aware of the changes that they are going through, nevertheless the energy exchange within their bodies is constant.

My personal experience this year is that, I’m seeing and meeting more and more people who are filled with crystalline energy within their bodies and energy field. Some are aware that they are interacting with new energies and others might feel the changes but they have no conscious knowledge and understanding of it.

However, it is a great new experience to see an ever-increasing light within others as many of us have been waiting for these uplifting images for a long time.


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Fantastic Fox

I can relate to that, alot!


Yes, definately on the increase. Also not a solo occurrance, others around you pick up on the vibe. Wonderful article thank you.