A mention of last weekends Remote Healing session


I think we should continue on with our weekly scheduled remote healing sessions. We had around 22 people in total join in last weekend. Of course, each of us won’t always be able to join in with every session, every week, because of life, but those that are able are most welcome, along with any new comers.

I wanted to discuss some of the feedback we got from various people. Our human intention that I had set for the remote healing last weekend was to send the healing energy into the group so that we could all receive. For the regular healers of the group, we most likely don’t take the time to receive from others and this is a great opportunity to do just that, but to also continue with giving.

Some of us had other intentions and possibly on a unconscious level, we each had the intention of something grander and possibly something even more important than looking after those within the group.

Gaia, Pachamama, or in other words, earth or ‘Mother Earth’ was also the recipient as can be understood through the feedback that has been sent to me and also posted via the comments on the article for last weeks remote healing session.

One participant has reported back that a health issue with her eye has since got better as a result. I am sure that a number of other people who took part have probably noticed an improvement with a physical ailment they may have had.

A number of people did describe the energy going out to the earth. There was geographic descriptions to descriptions from out in space. One person described an intelligence from space was sending energy or light signals towards the Earth during the session, as a response to what we were doing.

At least five of us described seeing us in a circle like group with two descriptions of us being spheres of energy.

Two described hearing singing and music during the session.

I had the impression of us being inside or being part of this pyramid shaped point cut crystal. Another person mentioned the following,

“Point cut diamond! That was in the centre of our group but it was a crystal our hands were on. Energy and love pouring in from The Heart, 3rd eye and Crown chakras-and bouncing back tenfold. I was emotionally healing the inner children, and all of us for Gaia. I saw us all take a replica of the crystal. I feel very honoured. And proud of us.”

A trance type message did come through after the session, via one person who gave feedback. The information is personal to me, but in a nutshell, it explained that we had started something very important which is helping the Earth in a major way. One bit of info from it I will also mention, is that we were said to be working with the an energetic barrier which was blocking certain positive events from occurring, that we helped to start to release.

As a conclusion, while we may come into the remote healing session with a specific intention, or a number of them, I do believe that we are operating on multiple levels here, simultaneously and not in a conscious manner most of that time. So certain situations that require energy work by a group, the power of a group rather than just an individual, are being worked upon on a level we do not even realise, or possibly understand because of our limitations here as energy beings in a physical body.

Some of us get glimpses or impressions of some of the work that takes place. Each of us may of course be seeing the same thing in some cases, but our own personal interpretations based upon many factors, comes through to us which we then assimilate into the human mind and understanding.

Some of you who took part may have not had any impressions, scenes, visuals, sounds, colors or anything come through to you during the session. This can be perfectly normal and it doesn’t mean that nothing is occurring. When I first started off with meditation and healing, or any situation where I closed my eyes and may have been expected to see something, I had nothing come to me and it was very frustrating. This went on for a long period of time (years) and its only been very recently , as in within the last few years, that I have started to get something appearing.

For some, it comes naturally. I have found that for females, it can be a lot easier to have an experience, in comparison to males. This is of course not always the case. If you get nothing, just keep trying. To develop this side of you, Meditation and mind concentration exercises can also help. Guided meditation would be a good place to start.

Sometimes we really do have to have a bit of faith and trust that something else is going on. In a situation like this, we can go by the feedback of others which can really support and help us understand that we are making a difference.

 ‘The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.‘ – Authur C Clarke

I will again post an entry here, this time two days beforehand, and sticky it at the top so that we can have a place to see who is taking part. Again feel free to email me if you prefer, rather than to reply with a comment, if your going to take part.

For the newcomers, there are no requirements. You don’t have to be trained in healing of any form. See my previous post for more information if you are thinking about taking part, which includes the day/time.

And for any others who have yet to provide feedback, feel free to comment here.

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Thanks for the write up and your time Laron. Sounds good to me.


That gave me the chills 🙂 Exciting news! Thanks Laron!


I think you are exactly right, Laron. This healing energy not only affects the ones participating, but also, the earth (Gaia), all of her inhabitants, and it even extends out to the entire Universe. There are many groups throughout the world doing these types of healing sessions, and it is creating a synergy that is truly changing our world.