and Webbot IDIR Global Coastal Event Updates – 3 May 2013


Firstly I wanted to mention that posts will be sparse over the next day or two as I am out and about, and don’t have access to a computer.

I have been receiving some very good links from a lot of folks in relation to our current times here on Earth, so please continue to contact me through the Menu on the right side of the page and send in anything you may think is appropriate.

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Also, if you are having any dreams of late which you may think relates to our times, or future times, then feel free to send them in to me. I do interpret dreams for friends from time to time.

Thanks to those out there who contacted me about the latest webbot IDIR in relation to information on the Global Coastal Event. (IDIR May 2)

Some notes are below in relation to questions Clif High has addressed that a number of us have had surrounding the webbot and the Global Coastal Event, among a few other things.

Clif High mentioned that Western and Asian Scientists have began discussing the cracks in the Earth which goes towards the Earth Expansion theory, that supports the trigger events behind the possible Global Coastal Event.

Clif High says that he plans to release a new Global Coastal Event free Wujo this weekend and will go through all the past data since 2003. Data which directly relates to the Global Coastal Event. He will also be going over the predictions from the past and discussing the validating events which have come to fruition from those predictions, as well as discussing new IDIR data showing, I assume.

In relation to Clif High stating recently that he doesn’t expect anymore Global Costal Event data, he has explained that it’s a technical limitation of how the webbot immediacy data intelligence reports functions.

Basically, the amount of data coming in pushes other data out of the way in a kind of real time fashion. So it’s like going fishing and grabbing bits of data here and there.

He did explain that limitations on his time recently has meant he has been unable to improve the webbot software to better handle this technical limitation.

Something else I should mention is that Clif High never had a specific time mentioned within the webbot data over the years so his prediction date of May is based upon the climate change remote viewing study and a number of other factors such as the data gaps showing in the webbot and the month the webbot stops producing (receiving) data, which is May.

However, what is the most important thing to remember here is that the GCE has started showing in the weekly IDIRs. This means that if it happens, it’s very likely it will occur within the timeframe that the IDIR recently showed. That being around the 20th of May, 2013.

All signs as of now are still pointing to the Global Coastal Event still occurring. Clif High is very specific about making sure everyone understands that.

In relation to the validation studies that I mentioned in my last GCE update, Clif has also addressed our concerns around them.

He said that the remote viewing study was not him saying ‘describe the GCE’. He has given examples of how it worked, such as ‘will I have dirty laundry to do on a specific date’, and by using this target, the remote viewer would pick up the location and what’s happened to that area. If the house is standing or if there is damage, etc.

So the nature of the remote viewing validation studies were similar to that.

That’s about it for this update. The Wujo coming up will be one worth listening to.

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