The Inbetween Visit


Below is an article I wrote back in March, 2010. Its about an astral experience overlapping with a dream memory. 

Night of the 11th of March, 2010 – Lately I have been remembering my dreams a lot easier and it’s most likely because of the temperature as summer has ended here so I am sleeping a lot better. On the 11th I had an experience which was like nothing I have had before, but still much different to the other Astral experiences that I have had.

I have worked out that I had two dream memories overlapping each other. As the theory goes, when we astral travel , a copy of our physical / etheric spiritual body splits and joins the Astral body. What this means is that you are existing in two places in the same time period. (well, it’s possible to be more than two , but that’s another topic) People usually Astral travel every night, they just don’t remember it because the connection of the Etheric and the Astral body normally does not allow the Astral memory to return once the body wakes up. The Etheric bodies memory is usually too powerful and overrides the memory coming in from the Astral. On rare occasions this is not so and especially if you are in training for astral travel and dream recall as you train your spiritual bodies to work differently and for the astral memory to naturally become more apparent to the Etheric/physical body.

I also believe one of my last Astral experiences where I was fully conscious had a second dream going on at the same time but this one on the 11th was much easier to work that out compared to another Astral experience.

I will start off with what I believe to be the Astral memory. This time around I was not fully conscious so it was a different experience. I was floating in a blackness, like space. Around me I could see white lights far away, scattered like stars, but different. I have no memory of seeing my body there. I could move through this space, like flying, and when I got close to the lights, I could see that they were multi cloured sphere / bubble type objects, and were transparent so I could move through them. In my dream journal I called them globes or bubbles.

I was shown a distant image of more lights in this space and knew that I had to go there. There was like a pull for me to go there. It was either my body, perhaps one of the lights, and the pull was from the silver cord or it was a person I was searching for to visit. (which I will mention later with the other dream)

However, I was moving too fast and found myself too far away to where I wanted to go and knew I needed help. I reached the edge of the blackness, the space, where there was no longer any more lights. But there was an invisible barrier there and I could go no further. I then became afraid because I couldn’t go where I wanted to go and that’s when I woke up.

A quote from my journal after I woke up and wrote it down, “I remember pushing up against the edge of the black vastness, like I was flying through stars to the edge of the universe.”

When I woke up, it felt different to normal. In the dreams I was telling myself to wake up and when I did, I just knew I was very far away from my body… like it’s hard to put into words. It was not the memory of the dream I was feeling, it was the feeling of waking up and opening my eyes, I just had this weird feeling that I was in deep, that I was… far away.

At the same time I was having another dream. It involved one of my sisters. I can’t recall where I was, but I knew it was some earthly location, something normal from the standard dreams people have. In that dream I was telling my sisters that I wanted to visit my nephew. And I needed her help. Throughout the two dreams I was asking for her help to go there and in the first dream I thought that I was trying to find my nephew or my sisters, that’s what I was shown the far off picture of, when I felt I was being pulled. But I don’t think it was that now as the dreams were not related I don’t think. As it just makes no sense how I could be in this dimensional place and then also be back in a normal dream at the same time.

Towards the end of the second dream (which shouldn’t really be called 2nd as it was at the same time as the 1st) I remember pushing teeth together, grinding my jaw? Then my bottom teeth started dropping out into the palm of my left hand. One at a time, the teeth on the left and then the right and I was totally freaking out in the dream. I had this feeling that I was not in ‘alignment’, this feeling and message came to me towards the end and I think it relates with the other dream. It was part of my Astral experience and might be why I was not fully in control of that Astral experience.

I believe I was either in one of two places. Robert Bruce in Astral Dynamics explains an area in the Astral plane where you can get to chose which realms you visit and it was somewhat similar to what I experienced but still very different. I believe that we all can see a different interpretation of the same things based around our spiritual evolution.
The second theory of mine is that this was simply showing my people alive on earth and was a way for me to find them, to travel to them.

Well that’s about it. I plan to get back into some Gnostic courses in April and expect more experiences after that.

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Ok so the first was an astral dream? Or a memory of astral travel? I'm lost. Now u got me worried I will get lost. It's not like one can bring an astral GPS.


The first was an astral experience, the second was a dream memory and together they were overlapping within the same period in time. Two events happened at the same time as thats how astral projection works. You continue to dream and your also in your also body out doing what you do, whatever that may be on the night. Its just most of us never retain the memories of the astral experience or get conscious control of it.