Techniques for remembering your Dreams


There are a number of techniques that you can try to help you remember your dreams. I am going to tell you exactly what I did for a number of years to help me recall my dreams. After that period of time, I was able to lay there and remember up to six or so dreams, one after the other and in decent detail, where before I began the techniques, I was lucky to remember one.

Firstly I will go into a few things before I get to that information.

We all Dream
You may say that you don’t dream. We all dream. Those of us who say we don’t dream, simply don’t remember our dreams. There are people who have short periods of actually being asleep for a number of reasons,  and therefore don’t so frequently fall into a deeper state, where dreams can be more vivid. I believe that even these people dream.

We all Astral Travel
I  have come to also learn that each and everyone of us, while dreaming, astral project each night. Most of the time we of course don’t remember the experience. You may say how could I be astral travelling when I am dreaming? That’s just how it works. We all dream when we astral travel as we are in two places in the same moment in time.

When we fall asleep a copy of us moves into our astral body which then splits and goes off and does its thing while our physical body dreams. This may be hard to accept, but I have had experiences that have shown me that this is so. Robert Bruce in his book Astral Dynamics explains this situation in great detail if you what to learn more. I won’t go into what our astral bodies get up to at night as that is another topic.

How I started to recall my Dreams
Years ago I was reading up on such topics as astral projection and dreams. I also attended a 9 week astral projection course run by a Gnostic centre in Sydney. I learnt many techniques for remembering my dreams through that course, but also through various books I read.

Eating before Bed
A deeper sleep does help you have more vivid dreams. Vivid dreams are easier to remember. What can you do to let your self have a deeper sleep? Don’t eat too close to bedtime. Your body has to process that food within your stomach while you sleep, and the processing of that food is not just related to your physical body, but also to your energetic bodies and chakras. You will have less energy and you will not have such a deep sleep.

I have had many occasions where I have tested this theory and it is true for me.

I find that if I am too hot, I sleep terribly. I wake up much more frequently. Where if I have the temperature just right, I have a deeper sleep. Make sure your body temperature while sleeping suits your needs as we are all different. You may wear socks to bed. Take them off. You may need socks to sleep better. Put them on!

Don’t move
The first most important rule is that when you wake up, do not move. This is very simple, but can be a very hard thing to remember. When we move our body, we lose our dream recall ability more and more. I don’t want to make this too long so I won’t go into the details, but you will find if you lay there still, and try and remember the dream before moving, it will be a lot easier than moving around, sitting on the side of the bed, standing up.. moving to a desk… and so on. You will most likely forget the dream by then.

So wake up and realise that you had a dream and try and recall it. Go over it there and then before writing it down.

Write it down!
The second most important rule is to write down the dream. So you need a ‘dream journal’ or ‘dream diary’. Put the date and time. Yes, if its the middle of the night, write it down. If you wake up at 3AM, write it down. Do not wait until morning. If you wait until morning, you would have likely lost that dream.

By writing down our dreams, we get into a routine of dream recall. This helps us a great deal with remembering those memories within our dreams. Over a period of time, I found that this was a very effective technique. But remember, don’t move until you have remembered the dream(s) first.

You may find it easier to quickly write down key words about each dream, if you had more than one, so that while your writing down the dreams you can remember the others by referring to the key words, if you happen to forget them.

Also, you may want to use an alarm to wake your self up during the night. This is what I did on a regular basis. I found it hard to remember to write down my dreams from randomly waking during the night, so I set an alarm once a night to wake my self up, after around 3 hours of deep sleep.

Mantra (optional)
This may be a surprise to you, but there is a mantra that I have used which helps me remember dreams. I am talking about if I have no memory of a dream I just had… I can use this mantra and the dream will come back. I remember one time I used this and three or four dreams suddenly came back into memory.

Saying a mantra is not always appropriate to your physical location. Instead of saying this out loud, say it internally in your mind.

The mantra is ‘Raom Gaom’. The way you say it is like this, take a deep breath and start with ‘Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

take another breath,


You will get used to it, as in the timing of saying each word within a breath. This can be a very powerful technique as it stimulates the chakras and in turn helps with dream recall.

Concentration Exercises
At the time I was also performing meditation classes, visualisation and concentration exercises and also mantra classes. These techniques can help increase your energy system(flow of energy and health of the chakras). They also help you to focus and your concentration which in turn helps with your dream recall.

But these are optional. The most important thing is to get a good sleep and after waking up during the night (or morning) and not moving, then of course writing down the dream(s) once you have the memories ready to record.

You just need to keep up the routine, every night, and the dream recall will get easier and easier. It’s like with anything you practice, you will get better at it.

I have been brief on a number of topics here for the purpose of not making this too long. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to comment.

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I had a dream last night that a man-made space-faring vehicle crashed into Manhattan. I live in NYC, and in the dream my wife was away visiting Washington, DC. The effects of the crash were monumental – the entire city was in social disarray, and I was helping people in my community locate their children. It may have just been a reaction from steeping myself pretty heavily in this stuff recently, but it was very vivid!

Diane Emerson

Thank you so much for these concise tips, Laron. You have saved me a whole lot of reading and study, as it has been on my list for a while to remember my dreams. And I have no question that we astral travel as we sleep. Makes perfect sense to me.Diane


The webbot talks a lot about aliens visiting the planet after the Global Coastal Event has occurred. (if it does) Its possible that your dream may come true. During the GCE, the Sun will be most likely getting up to some strange things… perhaps this would catch some UFOs off guard. From a recent talk I went to by Charles Hall who worked in the US Military and interacted with Aliens, he said that from time to time the UFOs would have technical difficulties and would have to land to get assistance in the Government controlled areas. UFOs are not… Read more »


It is said that we sometimes plan our days, based around our soul contracts with people, while we astral travel. So perhaps that we not only do this before each life, but during it as well.


There are also prophecies that a space station will fall from the sky. 😉


It better not fall down on my head here.