Pendulums and Crystals


I wanted to share with you four of my Pendulums and what I sometimes use them for.

With the first one, the name escapes me. But its said this is a new crystal that has recently been discovered and has strong healing properties. It’s not a Tourmaline Crystal or an Obsidian crystal. 
The second is an Amethyst crystal. 

The third and fourth are quartz crystals. With the fourth, you can see some kind of melted effect. I’m not sure if this is natural or not.

Here is a picture of the chains.

Pendulums can be used in many different ways. I have been taught how to use them within various healing technqiues, as I have a certificate in crystal healing and another certificate in crystal wand healing. One technique would be to use the Pendulum to calculate the amount of time that specific crystals sit in a layout on or near a persons body.
Another technique is to use the Pendulum to determine if a chakra is out of balance. The Pendulum it self can also be used as a tool to adjust the flow of energy to the auric bodies and chakras, for example.
Some people use Pendulums to answer questions relating to the future. You would first work out which direction that the Pendulum swings for ‘Yes’ answers and ‘No’ answers. Then you would ask your question. Last year a friend asked me when she would have her baby, so I used the Pendulum to find the answer. This is one example of a question. Another question was if the baby would be a girl or a boy.
Pendulums can also be used to active other crystals. When you receive a new crystal, whether you buy it, find it, or are given it as a gift, you should first cleanse it and then activate it. 
Well, this is a short one but you may find it interesting to learn this little bit of information about Pendulums. 
And Pendulums don’t have to be crystals! They can be anything you want them to be. 

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Troy Robins

Very nice Squire. You don't often see hypnotists using pendulums. Really nice Laron.


Thanks Troy!