Crop Circles, Kalma, Energy Healing, 2012 and more : Discussions around the Convoluted Universe Book One – Part 1


I wanted to continue down the path of discussing information coming up in the books of Dolores Cannon which I am currently reading. I am over half way through the Convoluted Universe book one and as I go through it, I have been marking down interesting subjects, mainly 2012 related but also a few about our system of life in general, that I find rather fascinating.

In this blog and the following blogs I am going to post about the books, I am going to leave out the information behind the source material as I have come to trust in the information she is getting and it would be time consuming for me to look back and write up exactly who is providing the information and the situation around that. Just be aware that it’s always coming through her clients who are usually in a deep state and also who are under hypnosis. Various entities and intelligences from higher dimensions then talk through the client. Sometimes information is accessed from the akashic records and also a planet with the three spires, which is said to be a similar location of the bank of universal information, very similar to the akashic records.

Areas discussed,
Energy when Communicating
Earth, the Holiday Destination
Crop Circles and stabilising Earths Mantle
Moving to a higher level in mass
The source of us from an energy perspective
Kalma, Negativity Attracts Negativity and Energy Layer Healing

In some situations I will explain what the source is. When I quote, that will mean it’s come directly out of the book.

Energy when Communicating
I just wanted to bring up a situation that came up in the Convoluted Universe Book One. Dolores was receiving information from a circle or council of higher beings through her client. They were taking turns answering questions based upon their expertise. It was my impression that the entities were very high up as in a dimensional evolution sense and also because of the work they were involved with on that level and many other levels. (level being a term to mean dimensions or areas of work in many places)

When this was going on, a situation came up that required Dolores to have them guide her to use acupuncture/meridian line points on the clients head to adjust the energy of the physical body, because of the energy requirements of having the communication open from them via the client. It is rarer that Dolores talks to such entities but it does show that it’s not that simple sometimes and can be rather complex on other levels.

For me it also goes to show that this is just more evidence for my mind that something special and important is going on and the information coming up is also… very special and its source is just not from a random trance session with a random being that can not be trusted. While interpretation through the clients can sometimes limit the beings communicating, whether through the client’s vocabulary in their mind to the analogies being used, it still can be accurate information. I have become to pick up, from the language being used, how accurate the information may be though. There are certain situations where things are being explained and I just that the entity being that information on the other side of the client is a very evolved and high up being, while sometimes it can be from a lower level being but still sounding accurate.

In Robert Munroe’s astral series of three books, he writes about energy a lot as well. And these situations such as above, remind me of the many levels of vibration in an energetic sense, that exist when you move up the dimensional energetic scales. I remember Robert explaining when he was out astral travelling, that his energy had to be adjusted to be able to visit certain locations which were very high on a dimensional sense. By the time he wrote the third and final book, he was able to go very high and the information coming through was rather fascinating and amazing for my own mind to read, analyse and ponder over. It’s been a long journey for me, but all of this information I read in all of these books do make a lot of sense to me and I love thinking about all of this and sharing it with others.

Getting back to that situation with the client, it is explained how developed she is and how much work she does in a multi-dimensional sense. Meaning that some of us are existing on more than just this physical level here and now, we are also in higher dimensions performing other work, helping other beings, performing important projects and such. So because of her progress as a spiritual being on the earth, she was able to have such high beings communicate through her. That was key to that session working as well and getting such information.

Earth, the Holiday Destination
It is said that before humans habited the earth, space beings from far off would come here and use earth as a holiday type destination. It is said that Earth is the most beautiful planet in this Universe. It’s one of the rare places where beings can experience emotion and physical pleasures which the beings from afar would not normally experience.

Some of the ones that came for this purpose ended up getting far too involved with their experience here, that they did not leave.

It is said there was a master plan for earth “In the beginning, the plan was a beautiful plan. The plan would allow souls to come to Earth to visit the beauty, to take pleasure in Earthly things, as a reward for things they had done in other worlds. It was meant to be a short vacation, a pleasurable experience, and then to leave and go on about their existence.

Dolores then states that this is not the first time she has heard this and that in other regressions dealing with other subjects, Earth is mentioned in a similar manner. “…where beings from many different worlds and dimensions came in the early days before the world was contaminated by humans. This was said to be before souls became entrapped in the physicality of Earth.

Crop Circles and stabilising Earths Mantle
In the Convoluted Universe Book One, Dolores goes into a lot of detail on crop circles. Something that stood out to me that some of them are being used to help stabilise the earths mantle because of the fragile situation that the earth is currently in.

It is said that the crop circles have been around a long time, but because of the situation with the earth changing so much, the crop circles have become more visible. “The shifting on your planet has been another manner that has caused them to come to the surface.”

It is said that the crop circles are used as a focal point for vibrations and energy entrance.

The crop circles have multiple functions so note this is just one of a number of different functions. Dolores asks the question, “And this is part of the project that is helpful in stabilising the Earths’ movements. In the Plates?” and the answer is “Yes, it is.”

It’s important for me to mention that Dolores brings up various bit and peaces of information throughout her books which discuss how some of us are involved with ‘projects’ to help stabilise the energy of the earth because of the situation it is currently in. These projects are happening on different levels so you can’t just think of this in a physical sense, this is multi dimensional.

Moving to a higher level in mass
While Dolores was asking about specific civilisations in our past who had suddenly disappeared, the information came up which I will quote with the following,

(through the client) “I will say one thing about the mass disasters. If it’s a civilisation, or if it’s a group of people, those souls, those beings chose that at that time, as a way of going to another level. Or to another place where they could grow in a different way. It is a choice”.

This relates to Atlantis and also the Mayan’s. Both are mentioned in this specific book, the Convoluted Universe Book one. So the reason I bring this up is because of it’s possible relation to what is going on now in 2012. I think this is what would happen if us humans in this time now end up in such a situation. While Dolores goes into great detail on the new earth and how we may get there, I think this is all connected to that in a sense.

The source of us from an energy perspective
Dolores’s client was communicating information from a higher than usual entity and the discussion was moving into how time worked between our dimension and higher dimensions. During that discussion, there was a long section discussing where we come from and what we exist as. Note this is just another version of where we come from, told from a specific perspective and I just loved reading it as it really stimulated my mind.

So think of this as an answer to where we come from and what we exist as, in a quick one page summary. Here is the full quote,

“The particle that you discovered was actually a source particle. (referring to a previous discussion on how the client’s communication was working with this entity in with regards to dimensional time-Laron) Everything that is begins as the most minute pore of your skin. If you could image a molecule, you could see a pinpoint of light. You would know that in the ultimate source, that is all you are. So what I am telling you is that, within that source of “All That Is” the interconnections between particles from a source energy. If you see a type of pattern within a particle, and you place that particle over another particle, they will totally match in every minute detail. Now, as every comes matter, from that source energy, it travels down the beam – or out of the beam – depending upon your concept, or how you wish to relate to it. And as it implodes, explodes out, it divides as a cell divides, to form different individuals. It can divide many times. It can divide once. It can divide millions of times. As it divides it becomes either male, female, or male-male, or female-female, male-female. As it continues to divide out and travel through dimensional shifts, it becomes in each dimension what it is ultimately at its source. And it beings to grow. And as it goes through universes and galaxies, every place it goes it still is. When you bring the particle down to practical reality, in Earth terms, you have human beings who are: as in mates. You have similarities in human beings. You have strangers who instantaneously become total friends, because they sub-divided at the source level .Rarely do the people become fused. Only when there is a higher purpose would that union take place. Because mankind has a way of altering reality in such a fashion that rarely does the highest ultimate possible reality, in this earth plane level, become realised. So what you have depends on planetary purposes. A common purpose for the ultimate benefit of mankind must be realised and depends upon the choices. The highest possible ending. You are locked into an energy pattern, and will ultimately return to the source in that same energy pattern from whence you came. I am speaking of beyond time and beyond space and beyond creation. I am telling you that I am talking to you from beyond creation .Creation is the circle of which I spoke through which mankind can come. And mankind can return knowing how, to their source. However, before that happens you do have some work to do on that planet, because it is time. As I spoke to you in relation to time, as I spoke to you in relation to mankind’s time, and in relation to interdimenstional time. I’m trying to explain time to you. You have to understand time. And that is your job. Because that is what you are dealing with in your books. You are dealing with interdimensional time. (the entity is referring to Dolores with ‘your’-Laron)
Dolores – “And also with very complicated concepts”.
“Complicated concepts that it is your job to simplify, so that the man on the street and read it and go, “Oh!” So that people will begin to learn to live lifetimes at the same time. Understanding that everything they do here in the physical on this planet affects every other lifetime. Their line goes all the way. That trail of every from where we are now, what we are saying now, what you are saying from where you are to where I am, will always stay. The difference is, as you move from dimension to dimension.”

Kalma, Negativity Attracts Negativity and Energy Layer Healing
Through her client, Dolores is discussing information Atlantis. The information this time is coming directly from the Akashic records. Here is a quote,

“And when one uses one’s negativity so strongly, one attracts negativity. And this was how the Atlantian civilisation finally collapsed.”

This is regarding the earth changes which caused the downfall of Atlantis. I won’t go into all the information around what happened, but it’s all available in the book. There is a lot of information about the negative experiments the Atlantian’s were up to.

So this brings up the law of attraction for me, but also how Kalma works. Kalma is a hugely confused area I think as many people have different concept of how it works. I am still yet to get my head fully around it, but there is one area of Kalma that I do believe in and the above situation with Atlantis is a good example of how one thing can attract something else.

So, because the Atlantian people were acting in a more negative way because of their boredom but also their curiosity, they ended up bringing Kalma onto them selves and in the end they were destroyed from earth changes. It is said some of these changes were brought on by them because of what they did, while my impression is that it was part of a cycle at the same time and it was also going to happen no matter what.

While finding out information on Atlantis, Dolores asked many questions about crystals and their use with the Atlantian’s. I found this very fascinating for many reason as I have a passion for crystals. I have around a hundred of them at home and I use them in my healing. I am also a certified crystal healer. Anyways, they were used for many different aspects of the Atlantian’s lives. We are talking about powering transportation, lights in houses, building materials, enhancing psychic communication and also healing. Here is a quote from the book.

“He’s showing me this beautiful crystal room .There are thousands of crystals all over this room. It’s almost like frosted panes of glass, but they’re all made out of crystals that they manufacture. They take gel they have discovered, and mix it with sand, and this forms these most perfect crystals. But there’s a special apparatus that it’s in .It’s almost biological looking. He is showing me this wonderful area that has different coloured lights. These are green, blue, red, violet, yellow, orange and white. And each one of these, he says, represents a different part of the body to heal. The white is to heal the physical body. The blue is to heal the emotional body. The red is to heal the causal body. These are all different bodies of the person. By sitting in these coloured rays, in the harmony and it’s sequence, one would be healed of any difficulty that lies within himself. Also there are terminators of crystals arranged in different patterns around a board that the person lies on. It looks sort of like a stone board, but at the same time it’s very comfortable…”

The reason I mention the above is because of what I have learnt through books I have read and what is being taught now in a Diploma of Energetic healing that I have just about completed. Specifically the mention of the bodies of the person and the colors. I find it great confirmation to have these teachings match up with what the Atlantian’s were up to thousands of years ago.

Part Two can be found here, ‘Astral Projection, Source of our Soul & Questioned from a Higher Being : Discussions around the Convoluted Universe Book One – Part 2‘.

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That crop circles are in part used to stabilize the earth's mantle…..I thought 'Of course! Why didn't we think of that!'. And the 'source of us from an energy perspective'……. :)). I can't comment on crystals but I'm glad others can. I have just been taught that the UVblue body is the Lord of our Light body (next level up) – which is why Shiva is often depicted as blue, and I know many who have healed themselves from so-called 'incurable' things using a discipline that accesses that frequency. It's all wonderfully interesting! Can't wait to get the gift of… Read more »


Interesting about the bodies.