José Argüelles ( Valum Votan’s ) final message for humanity and the 2012 / 2013 shift in consciousness


On the 15th of November 2012 in Byron Bay (Australia) during the period of the Total Solar Eclipse, Lois Farrington Hunt interviewed Stephanie South in a 9 part series. Stephanie South is also known as Red Queen, a Mayan name. Until last year, when José Argüelles passed, Stephanie had been an apprentice to José for 9 years and had co-written many of José’s books. All of this work had been in preparation for this shift in time and mind around 2012. Stephanie South became his successor after he passed and was also his partner.

I just spent the morning transcribing all 9 audio files which are part of this interview that talks about José Argüelles work around the Mayan Factor and the shift in consciousness for not only December 21 but this general time period as we head on into 2013. Stephanie mentions José Argüelles final message to humanity for 2012. The Mayan Elders have sent José and Stephanie a special invitation which is discussed. Today on the 21st a special ceremony is taking place to honour José Argüelles work by the Mayan Elders and also to recognise Stephanie South, aka Red Queen as the archetype for the actual Mayan Red Queen.

Who is José Argüelles? He is a well known author and researcher on Mayan material. I have a number of his books. From the wiki,

José Argüelles was known for his role in organizing the Harmonic Convergence event of 1987, and his book The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, published the same year. In The Mayan Factor Argüelles devises a complicated numerological system by combining elements taken from the pre-Columbian Maya calendar with the I Ching and other esoteric influences, interspersed with concepts drawn from modern sciences such as “genetic codes” and “galactic convergences”.

What I got from this interview is that a lot of information that Stephanie and José write about and discuss is actually information that have had come to them through visions, meditation, channelling, etc. José used to get up at 2:30AM and meditate for hours each day. He was very committed to his work. Stephanie would join him and has become equally committed as his successor. This is a really interesting perspective on our times and also a very valid one in my opinion. It’s worth taking some time out and looking into José Argüelles and Stephanie South’s material.

 [Stephanie South and José Argüelles, AKA Red Queen and Valum Votan]

Part 1
Message from José left with Stephanie South when he died.

“Everything is perfect.”
“Everything is synchronised.”

“When will I see you again”, Stephanie’s asked. “I will see you again in 2013, but not in a way you would expect.”

He was extactic during his death. “I’m ready for the next adventure, I can’t wait.” he said.

He saw visions from the other side during the time he passed such as various ascended masters. He saw him self in a time space cube. A geometrical structure of the centre of a time space cube. The center is where different realities or time spaces are created. He felt he was at the central control panel.

‘It’s way more beautiful over here than on the earth plane” José said during his final moments.

Stephanie took many notes over the 3 days it took him to pass. After he passed Stephanie worked very hard with completing the second part of his biography. They had been involved with writing a seven part series of the cosmic history chronicles. They were on the last volume out of the seven.

She felt over the time she was around him that his mind was merging into her mind. After that she had him come in dreams and channelling information through her. She feels he’s looking over humanity during this time around December 21 2012.

Part 2
Lois Farrington Starts off about José bringing awareness of the shift in time to people through his material. Lois asks what the primary message is that José wanted people to have during this time.

Stephanie answers, “At the end of history, everything will be unified. All the religions, all the traditions, etc. All we be brought into one. Everything is completely interconnected by a vast web of synchronicity. What José did was discover the law of time, such like the law of gravity. The law of time shows everything is synchronised.”

The basic message from José is the ultimate oneness. The 21st of December is a doorway into a new time or a new hologram. A whole new knowledge base is coming into existence during this time.

When he was studying the ancient knowledge, the new knowledge become to come in. There are two different circuits, the AC circuit which is aboriginal continuity and the CA circuit which is cosmic awareness.

When those two circuits meet in the center, that’s what creates an inter-dimensional memory hotline that links the past, the present and the future altogether. Stephanie believes the ancients, the Aboriginals, the indigenous carry the knowledge of the stars and interconnectedness of all things. José brought this out into a new form for our generation to be able to relate to. This is so that we can recognise the multidimensional radial nature of reality, rather than the linear time system.

At the end of the cycle, the AC was reconnected with the new incoming Cosmic Awareness, and when those two meet the radial galactic consciousness is available to everybody.

Part 3
Lois starts of bringing up the question around the unity of consciousness. She talks about the major wars against the different misiars (I can not spell this word!-Laron) of the one god. She asks how do we create his unification when there are such strong belief systems out there.

How did José see the unification occurring because of this? Lois asks.

Stephanie says we can’t think about this as a human. How José saw it, when the cycle of history climaxes on the 21st of December 2012, everything would have been exhausted and everything would be brought into a state of unit or harmony.

How that plays out in our 3rd dimension, no one really knows. All these levels and streams are coming together as one. Ultimately everything has to go back to the source / god. So looking at that big picture, there is a big magnet of life or magnet of love that is pulling everything towards it, back to the highest unification of love and harmony.

When this magnet is pulling the unconscious forces we see and are playing out more intensely on the planet. So we are at the climax at all the karmic streams all the histories, all the unconsciousness playing out on the planet right now and Stephanie feels we are getting to the darkest point right before the dawn hits. She feels everything could be spontaneously changed in one moment.

Part 4
Lois starts off talking about a rift in the belief system of the Mayan Calander. She says recently Stephanie received an invitation from the Mayan Elders, an offering of unification.

Stephanie says is to declare our oneness and out unity. She says everybody that surrenders to the love and the highest dream, we are all receiving the same information, it’s time to unify and put aside our differences and that there is one creator unifying this whole thing, and that there is one divine plan.

She says that the Mayan elders know that, that we are all connected.

Lois talks about the letter of unification that was sent to Stephanie from the Mayan elders. She asks about the ceremony that is being created by the Mayan elders.

Lois mentions that there will be a part of that ceremony dedicated to José aka Pacal Votan, for his work and
information he has brought through. Lois says that José and her call the long count Mayan calendar a sychronomoniter. It’s a unification matrix she says.

Part 5
Lois starts off talking about how Stephanie has provided a wonderful understanding of the unification of all the different belief systems and uniting with the galactic awareness of the profound state of love. Lois then talks about an even more significant invitation that was given to Stephanie than the invitation from the Mayan elders. Lois asks about this other invitation.

Stephanie says the invitation recognises and honors her as the successor of José. She says it’s really about the feminine cycle and about her role playing out during this time. She says that the feminine energy is merging as this cycle of hiostory is coming to an end and the feminien energy is emerging.

The audio recording now stops at this stage and there is some discussion that can’t be heard. It is mentioned that Stephanie is a private person and has trouble talking about her self. I think she may simply be very honored about this invitation from the Mayan’s and that she is being very humble perhaps.

The next audio continues and Lois talks about archetypes and how José and Stephanie had an experience years ago about a mind meld. José recognised that he was downloading information from an entity called Valum Votan.

Lois talks about Stephanie also having something like this happen, something with the Red Queen. Stephanie talks about tombs that were side by side in Polentay (not sure of the spelling-Laron).  The Red Queen sits beside Valum Votan’s tomb. Both tombs contained a jade mask, which is the sign of immortality.

The tomb of the red queen has no inscriptions, yet other tombs there have many. In 2000 she went to Polentay with a group and at night there they all saw the sky filled with UFO’s including a mother ship. This was a day before her ‘activation’ at the tomb of the red queen. She felt that during that time information was downloaded inside of her. Her whole body was vibrating and wasn’t able to sleep that night because of this.

She had a visionary experience near the tomb after she spontaneously laid down on the steps. She didn’t understand much about this until a few years later when she came to be with José when she began an

The archetype of the red queen is the feminine energy that comes at this time. Stephanie says that in this new cycle, many of us are feeling inside our being an erasure of the old cycle. So she’s saying it’s like a fresh start as we are having our slates cleaned, such as when the tomb had no inscriptions on it.

She feels with December 21 2012, if we are open and receptive in this moment in time, this is when everything shifts over into a new feminine cycle. Not so that females are dominant, but an equalisation occurs and we move into a space of love.

Lois says the the Mayan elders in the ceremony are going to officially honour her as this red queen archetype or consciousness on planet earth.

Stephanie says that Mayan elders have seen this shift coming for a long time into the feminine energy. She says everything that José writes about in the Mayan Factor book, at the end of the cycle we reach a climax in history and we have gone as far as we can with the male energy so in this next age, it’s more of a feminine cycle.

The door is opening on this feminine cycle and the females will be free to start releasing ancient wisdom. She says the world will be transformed as a result of this. This energy is calling in a balance of both masculine and feminine energy, not a domination of one or the other.

Part 6
In part six, Lois goes over some personal details of Stephanie’s such as when she first found out about having the destiny of the Red Queen and also living with José.

Something interesting in this part was the information about the books they were working on. The Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission is the term Stephanie used. It’s an ET knowledge base  a whole new way of being for after 2013. They were working on many different codes, programs and sacred geometry. The material is like road maps for operating in the reality we are moving into.

Part 7
Stephanie says she wrote six books together and she worked on the seventh book by her self after her passing. She said that when their two energies combined, a whole flood of information was combined. They would sit together every day for over 200 days for a few hours to get this information.

She saw José as a galactic receiver and transmitter. He would see opticals, such as multicoloured patterns and colors and shapes and it may take a week or two to interpret all that because of the amount of information.

The final teaching that José left Stephanie with is something called the Holo Mind Perceiver  It’s information on how the sixth sense functions or works. It’s like a new nano chip or software program for uploading or downloading. José was mapping out, right before he passed, this new information which is like activating our pineal gland.

Part 8
Lois asks the question if the average person can be helped if they have not been studying the Mayan Factor for the last ten years.

Stephanie says one of the key messages José received in 1989, from Pacal Votan was that Pacal said he would return in everyone in a form they could understand. Pacal represents a master synchroniser  So in a nut shell, all José’s work with the 13 moon 28 day calendar was to bring a unification of consciousness.

By turning into the 13 moon 28 day cycle, your frequency can change she says. She says that many people are becoming to experience the increase in unity and synchronicity in our life.

Lois talks about the return of the Christ and the Christ light. She says it’s all one light and it may be appearing in different formats such as through the Mayan material.

Stephanie says it’s all leading us to the same ultimate stream. She says the Mayan factor links everything together, that it’s a matrix.

She says the 5,125 year cycle that is being concluded now is like an information beam of knowledge coming through other star systems. It’s like an experiment during this time period.

She feels December 21st is going to be an opportunity for a huge influx in alignment light synthesis according to a new level of consciousness.

Part 9
Lois talks about an interview she did with José back in 2004. José said when this time comes, we will lose our identity and take on a new identity. She asks what this means to Stephanie.

Stephanie says that that all the conditionings with our old self is shifting and crumbling. We will realise we are galactic beings on this planet. We will realise our true star nature and that we are here on this planet visiting.

We will learn to identify with our new higher dimensional nature.

We are dissolving our old persona and we just need to be our authentic self without trying any more, without creating an image for our self. We should be really real with each other and learn how to love and care for each other again.


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