Astral Projection, Source of our Soul & Questioned from a Higher Being : Discussions around the Convoluted Universe Book One – Part 2


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While I continue discussing various parts of Dolores Cannon’s book, The Convoluted Universe Book One, I thought this quote below from a higher being / energy, was an excellent way to explain the complexity of communication coming through the client’s of Dolores.

“That has, as you yourself have noted previously, always been our trade mark. (Dolores before said “I wanted those to be present who could provide information in analogies, if possible, to make it easier for the average person to understand.”) “To use your simplified symbolisms to convey the abstract concepts which we would impact to you. We find that it is perhaps easier for the human mind to visualize that which is familiar, as apposed to trying to conceptualise that which is abstract. It is necessary, due to the unique structure of your human mind – and we would clarify here, not to say the brain, but rather the mind itself. The mental processes which are inherent in your human existence are not conventional. They are somewhat modified from the accepted norm of what we would call the ‘universal reality’.”

Topics covered,
Vibrating feeling upon waking (astral related)
A Question that a higher being asks
The Soul and it’s Source

Vibrating feeling upon waking
Dolores sometimes has had situations where a group of people are with her who can ask questions to the client. In these situations the client is one Dolores has worked with many times and who happens to be able to have very high entities come through to communicate.

One question asked relates to Astral Projection and I knew the answer without having to read what the higher entity said (I don’t say that out of ego, I just say that because I am very aware of many things relating to astral projection). However, it was answered in a way that was one of the best answers you would find for such a question, because of the detail and also additional information.
The question from one of the people in the group was “Many times when I wake up from a deep sleep, I feel like I’m vibrating, or my body is pulsating at a high rate. What causes this?”

I have friends that have asked me the same question and I have had this happen as well, also during mantra’s I have felt this sensation.

The quoted answer was,
“Your soul, as you call it, is returning from a higher charged state, from being in the astral plane, which is a higher level of awareness. And you are returning to a lower awareness, so that your soul can return to your body. For your body vibrates at a certain frequency, and while your soul is in your body, it is necessary that your soul be close to that variational frequency. For were your soul to be vibrating too fast, it would separate from your body. In your dream state oftentimes your dreams spur your soul onto a higher level of energy. And so you separate from your body and experience astral projection. Your soul and body must vibrate at, not necessarily, an equal frequency but similar or close frequency. Oftentimes when you are in depression your soul as lowered its vibration below that of your body, and so you feel quite blue or moody. Your moments of elevation are oftentimes when your soul is vibrating at a frequency higher than your body.”

One of my astral experiences happened exactly like what is explained above, during a dream. There are various ways of projecting and that is just one of them. For me to read this, it was great to have that confirmation as I have read many books written about this, but to actually have it come down through a being existing on such a higher level to us, it is just… great to read that.

A Question that a higher being asks
Dolores and the ones that do this work are always the ones that ask the questions. For the first time in one of her books, she was asked if the beings she was talking to could ask her questions.

So, the situation was as I mentioned earlier, there was a group of people with Dolores and each of them were asking questions from time to time relating to various topics. The same client was in this situation as before. This is going to be hard to explain but I need to so that the reader can understand the source of the beings that want to ask the questions.
Dolores had made contact through the client with a group consciousness. It was multiple individuals that had become one. Think of it as if each of us plugged ourselves into a computer network and our decisions were based around a group decision, not an individual decision and when plugged in, we were then one, not individuals anymore. That was my impression.

I now have to bring up the location and spiritual evolution status of this group consciousness. They gave an analogy of a plateau. They were at a certain point near the top of the plateau. They had reached that level from their own path of evolution. The level being a certain vibration that is high, as in the top of the plateau is a very high vibration and where the bottom is a very low vibration. (I am not quoting the analogy but I am using the same one they used)

So while we are not near their level, we are probably near the bottom of the plateau, or at least below the middle, they were higher up, and we can got to our stage of evolution from a different path, where they have never been on earth or incarnated in a physical body on another planet, they got to their current vibration from going down a different path.

They explained what they did there, which was rather complex but involved working with ripples of energy and affecting other energies/beings. They seemed very unique to many things I have read about but I am sure they are just one of many different beings when learning about the various existences in the higher dimensions and what they get up to.

So they wanted to ask questions as they had never experienced what we have experienced up until that stage of spiritual evolution, so this made sense to me about asking questions. Even though I think they could probably access vast amounts of information from various sources to learn about us, but then perhaps getting a direct answer from us is a very different learning concept from accessing a history of everything perhaps.

The first question was, “We should say that we have very little understanding of your level of fairness. For what is fair to one is oftentimes not fair to another. And yet perhaps tomorrow it could be entirely reversed. How is it that your standards of justice can be so flexible?”

Dolores then said, “That was a biggie”. I agree with her. So the group and Dolores came up with various answers to that. As you can imagine, to answer that question in a way that a higher being understand could take a group effort with multiple minds contributing to get a good answer.

Afterwards when the client woke up, he remembered listening to the group consciousness discuss the topic around the question they asked. He remembered them saying “Why is it right to kill a man on the battlefield and not a child in the womb?”

When you step back for a moment and really considering that statement above, it makes you wonder doesn’t it.

The Soul and it’s Source
Dolores asked the following question, “Can you elaborate on what we call our ‘Soul’?

It was in response to another question which was answered and related to our energies and the energies around the planet earth.

She has had explanations before of our spirited, soul and higher self, this is just another one but in more detail. I am still on a personal journey to understand more about our higher self and how it relates to the soul/spirit and the many parts of it self that gets sent out. I am still yet to fully grasp in a logical sense how this actually works and I am rather curious to find a decent explanation in one of Dolores’s books, but so far the information has been very sporadic and in little detail. While the answer to the question Dolores now asks does explain a few things, it doesn’t answer what I need answering in relation to this. I will keep reading her books and hopefully I will find this answer in another book.

The answer from the higher being was, “There is separateness here. We speak of energies in a very free manner, which the soul processes. The soul here would be the functioning machinery, if you might say that. The energies would be the fuels which feed the soul. The soul is a spark, a fragment of the original One Soul. For all, at one time, were simply whole and together. And in what you call the beginning of creation, this wholeness was splintered. And each of you were cast off to begin experiencing life as separate identities. This is what you have called the time of the Fall, where the knowledge was lost and the consciousness turned down towards the Earth. And these higher energy planes were disregarded and discarded. So you can see from a strictly analogy standpoint there was a definite fall of consciousness, from the higher plane to the more base Earth plane. There was not, as has previously been felt, a surge of evil present when this fall occurred. It was simply that the attention of those inhabitants was shifted from the higher to the lower planes. That is what is meant by the Fall. This is not a right or wrong judgement. It is simply a fact which is in the realm of truth. And so you can see that when you lose your sight of who and what you are, then you would tend to wander, as mankind has done on this planet for many millennia now. Thus the Fall is simply a forgetting of the true identity. A lowering of the consciousness and forgetting that all are truly part of the whole.”

Dolores, “What caused the splintering, the breaking-up, in the first place?”

Entity, “This was an intentional act by the entire Soul, the One Whole Soul, so that experience could be diverse. There was felt at that time the need for more diverse experience. It was recognised that to enable one to fully comprehend All That Is, then more experience would be necessary.”

More questions and answers go on from there, but you get the general idea I am talking about. All of it is very interesting isn’t it!

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