2012 : Pole shift, ET / UFO involvement, Dolores Cannon and the New Earth


Be prepared, this one is going to be a longer entry that my average one. It will cover my original theory of what 2012 will bring, after all my research, and then it will go over Dolores Cannon’s material which I believe is very accurate because of its source. This material covers 2012 but goes into so much more. Here we go…

It’s been a while since I wrote my last entry on here. This one is going to be an important one as I think I have finally found a source of information that can be trusted, for what may take place this year and the following years.

A couple of years ago I had finished studying all things 2012. I had been focused on it for five or six years through reading various books participating and reading a lot of material on 2012 Forums online and just picking up patterns here and there which pointed to the same time period and matching events. I stayed away from the weird conspiracy theories which I found came through such things as you tube videos and random 2012 websites. I have always believed books to be the best source because of the time that most authors put into their research. They were not
making stuff up obviously.

I had a pretty good idea at that stage what may happen, if something was to happen, but also by that stage I could already see it all beginning and starting to occur. There’s now been many major earth changes, many record breaking events and the prophesised war/fighting related government/country situations are building to something that may resemble WW3 as I write this. Many things are coming to a tipping point. Many areas of life including the earth changes. At the same time, people were becoming more and more interested in the spiritual side of life, including myself. Some countries are having major seasonal changes where it’s currently looking that specific seasons are being skipped and the next season is appearing.(this relates to a pole shift). Many of the people in my world, that being mostly spiritually related people now, have commented how people are awakening up and becoming more interested in the unknown, the esoteric and spiritualism. This is also one of the signs as the earth and its beings move into a higher vibration, the Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age.

My theory back then, after studying all of that, is that there were two sides to 2012, the physical earth changes and the spiritual/energetic/dna changes. But really, they are both related to each other and connected to each other. I have come to understand this even better after reading a few of Dolores’s books.

My theory was that this was a cycle and it had happened before. The Mayan long count matches up with the astrological age/precession of the equinoxes and here we were moving into another age and changes were to be expected. This is directly related to the Galactic Alignment as well of course as the numbers match up with the astrological ages.

So because of the planets moving around, doing their thing and the influences of such things as gravity and magnetism, and the energy from the galactic alignment, would be one cause of what was all going to happen and what was going on. I thought back then that the sun had an important part to play with all of this as it would probably be the trigger for the many physical changes on earth. We are currently expecting the next polar reversal of the sun which is said to be near the end of the years or into 2013 now.

So basically, everything has been becoming very active. Right now in March 2012, there are many volcanoes around the world waking up. That’s just one example of many unusual and major changes going on as of now.

What was going to happen? Well, it was said our DNA was changing. That we were becoming more spiritual. What this would mean to me is that our energetic vibration was becoming higher. Some theories said our kundalini’s would rise during this time. People would become more interested in the spiritual side of life. At the same time the earth would have increased activity with it’s physical changes, such as larger earth quakes, floods and major storms, tsunami’s. And this has been increasing and happening as we have landed into 2012.

What was the final event going to be? I knew there was a possibility of WW3, a Global Financial Crisis, and a few other things coming to a head. But I think the big question was, was there going to be a pole shift? Or a crustal displacement? Would the earth tilt on its axis which in turn would cause major problems for us beings on it. My research showed there was a possibility of Planet X causing major earth changes and Comets/Asteroids, but I didn’t take into that. I knew this was most likely going to be part of a cycle and I didn’t think they related to a cycle that has been happening over and over for a long time. As Dolores’s material points out, this time in history has happened before but the earth was stopped from moving into a higher vibration. But this time it is not going to be stopped.

So what was going to be the major ‘end game’ event? The one expected on December the 21st, 2012. My theory was that the earth would have some kind of polar shift which would cause major destruction on the earth. But I have always said that this had a chance of happening, and it wasn’t 110% going to happen. But this is what I have leaned towards since I finished my research.
As for the spiritual side, I expected people to become more spiritually connected, have increased psychic related abilities, and some people have the abilities develop more easier, possibly just out of the blue. And we would the world may hopefully change a bit and have a future of fewer egos, less power and greed…

But now UFO’s/ET’s have come into the picture and I had no idea they were part of all of this. And in fact, they are a major part of what is going on. It is said that they are our creators, and also our custodians. I had just ignored UFO related material up until recently. It had never really interested me. While I believed in UFO’s, I didn’t understand what they were up to, and how many different species there are. Now I understand them very well. More on this soon.

So, in early 2011, I attended a talk by Dolores Cannon in Sydney. She went over her theories on 2012 among other things, but that information just touched the surface and at that time I had no reason to believe in what she was actually saying. It was just another talk on 2012 for me as I have been to a few from well known authors and 2012 speakers.

At that point in my life I was learning various modalities of energetic healing, trying to find which one resonated with me but also learning as much as I could from the different one’s out there. I knew that past life regression was something I was going to have to look at, as some issues just can not be healed simply with spiritual/energy healing as they developed in a past life and wouldn’t be released until that memory was brought up and acknowledged. I decided to do Dolores’s past life regression course in November, 2011.

I was blown away as it wasn’t just past life regression, there was a second part to it. The second part may not make sense to people who are not aware of what the higher self is, or the over soul. The client is put into a state of trance by using hypnosis and the higher self is brought down to talk via the person.
There are ascended masters/avatars(i.e. sai baba, jesus), spiritual helpers, guides, angels, etc, and they are on a level existing , say.. just above us. As in a dimensional level. But the higher self is much higher than them and it is said that the higher self sits next to the source or some may call that God. (I am not one to use the word God) And the source, the one, the all knowing… is at the top of this.. system of life we are in.

Therefore the information that comes down through the higher self is very accurate in comparison to typical trance situations which also relate to where mediums and psychics get messages. These messages are coming from guides, not from the higher self. Some people, such as David Wilcock (aka Edgar Cayce) have a stronger and direct connection to their higher self, but it’s not as common.

Since the course, I have had clients and I have talked with the higher self. I am able to tell if it’s the person or the higher self speaking, through experience but also through a number of factors. I have also started reading Dolores’s books and this is why I am writing this article today as I want to talk about the information she has got through her many clients, from the higher self but not only from the higher self as she has had contact with alien beings that come through the same way as the higher self.

This may be hard to accept for some. But for me, because of where I am in my life, I am accepting and considering this information as if it was fact. I am heavily leaning towards this information I am learning. I have read many books in the past on esoteric related topics and been taught many things through the healing related courses I have done. I have also had personal experiences which have shown me some things are actually real, and not all theorised. Astral Projection, which I have been involved in a lot, also relates to this. (UFO abductions either take the astral body or the physical, depending on the situation) Because of where I am at, I am taking this information seriously and I am presenting it on my blog here.

With Dolores’s books, I have ran into concepts that are very complicated and a lot of people would not understand much of the material unless they have had a similar background to people like me, who have delved into such material before and are aware of many different topics, subjects and concepts. I think it also helps me understand this better because I have actually become a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practioner and I have seen it work and seen the information come through from the same sources that the books information are accumulated from.

I have mentioned Lobsang Rampa in past articles on my blog, his books match up with the information that Dolores has presented but are just not as detailed and don’t delve down so deep as Dolores does.

It would take a lot of writing to go into the background of all of this, mainly relating to the ET involvement, so I have to be very brief with some things I write. You can get a very good understanding about 2012 from reading the Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth by Dolores Cannon. I am buying copies of this to give to friends as that’s how important I think this book is.

The Custodians is a great book to begin with to understand the ET’s involvement with the earth, 2012 and so much more. It also mentions some material directly related to 2012 as well.

‘All eyes are on earth right now…” p546 – The three Waves of Volunteers

So, it is said that in this point in our history and in time we are being watched. Many different kinds of ET’s are watching this 2012 event that is about to happen to the earth. Some are in ships around the earth. Some are watching, some are here to help. This is a major event in the universe and from what I understand, has never happened before having a whole planet move into a higher dimension as well as those beings on the planet that have a high enough vibration to make that shift.

It is said that many souls have fought to be here in this time in earths history. Even if just for a few hours, it’s an honour to live during this time beings have said. This of course relates to those who incarnate here during this time period.

I just want to add something that is important to me. It is said that most other races and existences have a connection and a knowing of the source/god. They are not cut off from it and are not disconnected from it. The earth and our existence here is a very unique one and some of us have that urge to search for this connection to the source or to god. But it’s normal to have that connection already for other existences. And from what I am understanding, a lot of other races/beings exist in a higher dimension as well as in the 3rd dimension, where we only function in the third. (well that’s not technically true but in general it is)

There is a coming shift where some of us will stay with this dimensional earth and some will go a new earth but which is part of a higher dimension .Those that meet a certain vibration or frequency, that you can think of as being related to our spiritual growth as a human being, will have the choice whether to go or not. There is a lot of information in the books explaining what this new earth is like, how the laws of that dimension work and so on. Also there are descriptions about what will happen when the shift occurs.

One description of the shift from earth to the new earth is outlined here,

“It seems to be physical, but just not of the earth plane. It feels like the Earth is vibrating somewhere else. As if there’s an overlay of the dimension over the earth this would be in the overlay. It might have been at one time third dimensional and it increased in vibration. And it’s now almost like a parallel in that universe or something related to the Earth, but not the third dimensional Earth.” –p480, The Three Waves of Volunteers.

I have to be honest, Dolores has a way of putting a positive spin on all of this and she kind of side steps the more fearful discussion, but throughout her books, she does ask the hard questions of what will physically happen to the earth and those that don’t ‘shift’. There are very good reasons not to put the fear into people so I do support this but then at the same time, I want to include information on what is predicted to happen to the earth.

In the custodians there is a section with information coming from an ET explaining that the earth will have a pole shift. ET’s are actually stopping the earth changes from being so large from working with the energy of the earth. But they are not going to stop the pole shift from happening because that needs to happen. Earthquakes are a big part of this and there will be a lot of them when the pole shift occurs. And as you expect, many other reactions from the earth as a result of that.

“The ones who are prepared to see these changes and not crumble in fear will be the pillars on which others will lean when nothing makes sense to them.” P466, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.

Now, actual descriptions of the physical earth changes and what will happen are spread out throughout the books and are not really concentrated in one place as the information just pops up here and there and Dolores doesn’t want to cause fear so I think this is why it’s not included in one section. As with the third wave of volunteers and the new earth book is written, it’s pretty much concentrating on providing information on the new earth it self and the ET’s involvement with assisting people and the whole process to occur. So to get more specific information on what a pole shift would actually do, you will need to read the books. But something I remember reading was that the outcome of the pole shift is dependent upon a few things, meaning it may transition more fluently that expected. i.e. , not like the move 2012. (I am confident it won’t be like that, but from the sounds of it… it may be somewhat similar, just not so extreme)

From the material I have read, when the time comes when all this is starts to happen and I am talking about a possible WW3, pole shift’s and the dimensional shift, UFO craft are going to present themselves to the general population around the world. All these things will be signs for us to know that it is really going to happen.

What involvement do the ET’s have? Well, so much. They are involved with so many things and people have no idea. In this case, I expect them to help with the dimensional shift for those going. But I also understand there are warriors on the craft as well so perhaps they will assist the earth if there is war. I’m not sure how that is going to work though.

I wouldn’t be surprised if later in the year we start seeing ET craft appearing on media stations. But from the sounds of it, the corporations and governments would probably try and block media coverage but then we will just be looking outside and we would see them so we wouldn’t need to look at them online or on the TV.

I could go into detail on many things, but it’s all covered in Dolores’s books. I highly recommend you read them, especially the Third Wave of Volunteers and the New Earth. She has a series called the Convoluted Universe which talks about many things but from my perspective, I would say it’s a good series for understanding the system of life everywhere.
The Custodians covers UFO abductions and the reasons behind them, but also the involvement ET’s have with the earth and many other areas. They play an important part in our life and soon people are going to understand that first hand I think. This is what I get out of all these books and is what my current understanding is.

I plan to keep reading the rest of her books as I am finding this information is… priceless.

I wrote the above a week ago now and since then I have started reading the Convoluted Universe book 1 in the series by Dolores. I am finding bits and peaces relating to 2012 as I go along and this time I am taking notes so that I may possibly write up stuff on here to discuss and mention. I find it all very interesting.

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Diane Emerson

Thank you very much for your post. I discovered Dolores Cannon's Volunteers book last summer, as I was bicycling through France, and immediately realized its importance. I decided not to leave the campground I was in until I had completed the book. I have also done much study, and saw that Dolores' information confirmed Seth, and added much, much more. I also decided to believe it, and have been buying her books for any of my my friends who want a copy. We all should know what is happening, how the world/universe/existence works, and it is time now to lift… Read more »

Mary Sicora

Laron's article renewed my drive to know more about the year 2012. I have read Dolores Cannon's Volunteers book and I plan on reading it again. I didn't know there was a Convoluted Universe 4. I will quickly purchase and add that to my reading material. Thank you both for your comments…they have filled me with renewed energy. Blessings to you both, Mary


Thanks for your replies Mary and Diane. I will reply to these properly within the next few days.


Diane, There are many reasons behind why it seems to be the time to get the information out there, but I think one of the more important reasons is that I think we are running out of time. Perhaps the internet will not be around in the coming years or the ability to just buy a book and give it to a friend or loved one. I am tempted to jump to 4 (I have all 3, I should buy #4), but I always go in order with everything I do, whether it’s a TV series or series of books.… Read more »


Something else that is different about this method is that it takes a lot longer. Where healers may take an hour or so, and typical past life regressionists may take two hours, this can take three to four hours if done correctly. That does not always fit into people’s current practices and systems. All in all, I don’t think a big number of her students end up sticking to the method and actually doing it long term. That is my guess. It’s a responsibility to do this work and it takes dedication and a bit of faith. So after mentioning… Read more »


I think I will probably read it a second time once I have read all the other books of hers!