A personal healing experience & my thoughts around over-soul’s interactions in this world


It’s a little over three weeks since the healing happened. I wanted to wait this long to make sure it wasn’t just a coincidence or happened to be a period of time where the pain I had just wasn’t coming up. But I think three weeks is long enough for me to believe it’s been taken away completely.

During the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis course that I went to in Melbourne 3 weeks ago, at the end of the demonstration, Dolores asked the sub-conscious/higher self if it was possible to heal everyone in the room. It said ‘yes’, ‘you only have to ask’. And that was it, Dolores didn’t ask, she finished off the demonstration.

So, I strait away asked inside my head to heal one of three issues I could currently think of. I knew at the time that most likely only one could be healed, not all three, as Dolores had talked about another course she was teaching and at the end, for the first time, the sub/conscious said it had been waiting for a long time to heal everyone else. It also said that it could only chose one thing for each person, because of how many people there were.
So, that’s why I thought that only one thing would be healed.

It’s just about been three years since I had a motorbike accident over in New Zealand. Since then I have had continuing pain down on the lower left side of my back. It would come and go though, it was not there every day, but it would easily come back after I lifted something in my right hand, or carried something in that hand. It also kept coming back every time I jumped back into training in Muaythai Kickboxing. So I had to stop the martial arts because of it.

I got used to the pain. It was probably on a scale of 4/10, the actual pain… sometimes it would head up to maybe 6/10 depending on how bad it was. It would pop up probably at least once a week or once every 3-4 days at the very least.

Anyways, that back pain was one of the three issues I had that I asked about. And since then, it’s gone. Not once have I felt pain in that area, and I have been purposefully carrying things in my right hand and lifting heavy things to see if it would come back. (yeah , see… I just don’t believe in things, I do actually have a scientific mind)

How do I feel about this? I still find it hard to just accept that it’s been healed just like that. A miracle really. I’m not surprised, but at the same time I feel that this is rather cool

I have had spiritual healers try and heal it, even the Shaman Q’ero Healer in Peru did some wrok on it, and no one could make the pain go away.

So, after that day the healing took place, people came up to Dolores and said they had also been healed of certain things. She told us the next day in the level 2 course. But she said that happened even before the higher selves started offering healings in the courses.

This makes me wonder about the rules around all of this. How can spirit, the higher self, aka the oversouls, or what Dolores calls the sub-conscious be allowed to just heal us like this? I am talking about the instant healings. Throughout history we have heard stories of people with the ability to instantly heal. Jesus was also one of these people. While energy healers work with the universal white light energy and act as a vessel to heal, that is a totally different technique to having the over-souls come in directly and take part in a healing.

The way I am look at this is that through the past life experience , which is the first part of Dolores’s technique, the person is actually directed to the life that is the source and cause of whatever issue they have, which they have come to get resolved. So they are shown this event and they can then understand and acknowledge it. Many healers out there that do past life regression, find that this simple process can heal issues in their current life, that won’t go away.

So simply through the person acknowledging the past experience, the reason behind why an issue arose, the issue then goes away. Perhaps this is why the second part of the technique where the over-souls come in and do an instant healing. As the issue has been brought up in the past life and no universal directives or rules are then being broken.

This is all very fascinating. It brings up the question of spirit/over-souls coming in and pushing someone back onto the true life’s path and purpose through subtle ways that are not so obvious. If you had seen the movie The Adjustment Bureau, you would have an idea of what I am talking about here. That movie may be very extreme and far different from how it works, but it actually helps you understand what spirit gets up to on the other side by trying to help us get back on the right track in our life.

Well, that’s all that’s on my mind for now. =)

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🙂 Well, you haven't asked for a discourse so I'll suffice it to say that I agree with you that people stopped believing in it. Beliefs form the tangible structures of our reality so for me, the best question to ask is what part of the 'I' keeps the structure in place? Nice work anyway, and thanks for the Dolores info.


We all are the I =)