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Thought forms. What am I talking about? The topic has come up many times through many different books I have read as well as from many other areas of life. Recently I got myself copy of Thought Forms by Annie Wood Besant and C. W. Leadbeater, which is a ‘bible’ when it comes to Thought Forms. (It’s clearly the most useful known book write about them)

Thought forms are basically what we think in our minds. We picture scenes based from images in our head. These can be…
formed from such situations as our emotional state, our worries, our fears, our fantasies, from simply missing a loved one or thinking about a disaster or a miracle, etc.

When we think of things, when we are not in the now, the current moment with a clear mind (very rare for most people), and those thoughts put out energy and can be psychically directed at people, depending on the nature of the thought. Not only can these thoughts affect other people and life, they actually form physical real images which can be seen and interpreted by sensitives. (a generic term for people with the ability to psychically sense using their 5 senses)

Our thoughts can generate physically using etheric matter and the strength of these all depends on the quality of the thought based upon how long we think about something, how clearly we think about it and our personal spiritual evolution I would think.

The book mentioned earlier, has pictures and examples of what people may be thinking about. It’s similar to the way people can learn what specific colors of the aura can mean.

Your thoughts can effect others without you even knowing. Your thoughts move out like a ripple in a pond and people with low energy and/or or a specific vibration (based upon their spiritual evolution and spirit) can unknowingly to them, pick this thought up, this energy , and it can attach to them and effect them in whatever way the thought was about. Thinking is a very powerful tool, but very few of us understand that because we just don’t see this whole other dimension that the very few of us can.

This answers so many of life’s mysteries about why people act the way they do and why people make specific decisions like they do, etc.

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