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Wrangler jeans just got cooler - really


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Realizing that most of you all are not part of the cowboy / cowgirl world, I have to explain about jeans. For real western wear there are only Wranglers and Levis, and Wranglers are more associated with rodeo riders. They have a particular fit that makes them more comfortable for riding.

I came across an ad for a new version of Wrangler jeans. I was flummoxed - a longtime tradition meets the modern world. Now you can get jeans with a wicking material - Cool Vantage. I am a big fan of this type of material - it really works. I want people to be comfortable as they work outside, but what a leap. Western wear meets REI (store that carries specialized outdoor wear and gear). :-Ds They cost a pretty penny, too.


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I'm pretty straight forward when it comes to jeans. I tend to not ever try anything fancy and go more for jeans that actually fit me, as not many do. The color is always important to me.

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