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What Is A Dream?

Discussion in 'Out-of-body Experiences, NDEs & Dreams' started by Laron, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Laron

    Laron Healing Facilitator & Consciousness Guide Staff Member Administrator Creator of transients.info & The Roundtable

    What in your opinion is a dream? That is a question Glo asked me recently and I thought I would create a thread in response.

    From an intuitive viewpoint, which my answer is based on, our lives tend to create thought based forms and energy that reside around and within our subtle bodies, or auric layers. These are based on the reactions, and actions, we have and take during each day of life. The more we put our energy into a thought and situation, whatever it is, the stronger that energy becomes and the longer is resides.

    Our dreams are a mix of many things, but for most people the energy that resides within and around us, based on those events, manifest into a dream format with symbolic elements. The dreams help us to see the issues in our lives that we can work on, and over come,in turn improving our health, put also raising our consciousness. They show patterns and problems that we need to address, which usually would reside around ego elements, as people tend to always react and act from ego (see the seven deadly sins to understand ego more), including fear.

    The symbolism of what each thing means is similar for everyone, but then there are some things that have a different meaning because we are each unique individuals.

    So our nights are filled with the processing of our days, which takes place outside of our physical body, so within the frequencies we are usually not aware of while awake.

    But dreams can be so much more as sometimes we have out of body experiences, and those events intermingle with a dream, so a combination of a dream, and real experience, occurs, but which we think is simply a dream.

    Bot consider this; is a dream not a real experience? Isn't everything an illusion, or isn't everything real? Our focus at any moment is going through a conscious experience, one at a time, based around time — so no matter what our focus is, that is real. A dream can be as equally as real as what we are experiencing here, as everything is energy, after all.

    Sometimes we spontaneously wake up fully in the astral from a dream, or a deeper in location (higher dimension). When that occurs we are conscious, in control, and existing in a space away from our physical body and dreams it may still be having.

    A copy of our consciousness splits off when we sleep and dream (astral projection), and depending on our state in terms of spiritual development here on earth, it may lay close to us, or it may be off on adventures, and/or attending classes, and learning from teachers, for spiritual growth. Our life plan is updated as we live through it as well, so that is another place we could be, unconsciously, out of body.

    What can also happen in dreams is that the flow of our lives sometimes seep through from our akashic record, and we have a premonition, but usually still in symbolic form. From my experiences monitoring those closely for years, I found that I was not being shown things to help me, in terms of the future, but I had access to possible futures. Based on free will, of all on Earth, and those interfering with Earth from elsewhere, not everything I saw manifested. It's possible my life was directed in a certain direction based on what I saw, or was shown, which I admit, as not everything is as it seems.

    We can learn to become aware of our dreams using reality checks, and take control of them. From there we can create our dream, but the most efficient use of a conscious state at that point is to use techniques to go out of body, or in that case, out of dreams, as we can obtain a lot of spiritual growth from learning to astral project on a regular basis.
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  2. Glo

    Glo Astute Creature

    Hmmm, very well said Mr. Laron, you are a very deep minded being!!! As far as your last paragraph goes......think now....visualize...."we already are right now"!!
    Take a walk down the hall to the next available holodeck! :)

    ps: Also, think about how with each decision we make there is always the one we choose and the one we don't but in reality we walk in both because the other goes on living also and maybe we step into those places in dream time! Do you see how many possibilities there are in just one decision or choice and how many eternities we are involved in? Amazing huh! My Mom's spirit told me not long ago that when we re-lease from our bodies that or essence goes to the one of those realites of us that need the most of energizing.
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    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  3. Laron

    Laron Healing Facilitator & Consciousness Guide Staff Member Administrator Creator of transients.info & The Roundtable

    This is also something I teach and explain to people. One of our moderators, Henda, has regular out of body adventures in parallel worlds like your example, which she has posted about on the front page of transients.info.
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  4. Sinera

    Sinera Visiting Paragon Staff Member Moderator

    For me a dream is an astral projection just with your subconscious at the steering wheel. There are different degrees of lucidity possible and sometimes the conscious mind can take over completely for a while.

    The Dream Zone (a label Kurt Leland uses which I like) is the 'place' (or better state) we are then normally in. It's part of 'the astral'.

    There we can be tested and/or attend training sessions. We can receive information and get visits by other discarnate beings (or other sleepers?). We can get information about the possible future. I had some quite exact precognitive dreams. We can contact other people via dream telepathy and 'shared dreaming'. I experienced variants of all of it. I even had a 'live' telepathy event with my mother who was awake while I was in a dream at that time (with her while she communicated via emotion to me). I wanted to write about this on the telepathy thread I created a while ago.
    Some say it is 'all illusion'. I also belong to the other fraction that says 'all is real'. Sometimes I shock people by saying that there are no hallucinations (at least in the way they - or the 'science' they trust in - think about them). Same with dreams. Anything that consiousness has its focus on and experiences is ... REAL.

    It's that we experience REAL-ities (dream, physical, astral, mental, whatever) and not unrealities, after all.
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  5. Sinera

    Sinera Visiting Paragon Staff Member Moderator

    My 2nd take on a dream is not contradictory to what I wrote before, but it is a different angle from a 'physical' daytime view. An interesting and intriguing one in my opinion because it is hardly talked about or noticed - even among experienced dreamers who take on the 'astral' projection view about dreams like me.

    Many people state that dreams are highly 'confusing'. And therefore 'nonsense', right? It's normal for us to say that. But wait a moment, is this really true?

    My response to that is surprising to the people who say that: You are wrong!

    They are not confusing at all. Not in the least.

    This makes them give me frowns and strange looks (even more when I say that hallucinations are 'real' thought-forms). Likewise it is hard enough for them to swallow the equation of DREAMS = REAL.

    But DREAMS = REASONABLE, RATIONAL, LOGICAL / NOT CONFUSING is what really makes most of them lose it with me somehow. (I'm strange, I know). o_O

    What is my 'reason'-ing here? Well, it's pretty simple and straightforward. There is another definition for me about dreams, it is not a 'correct' one actually, but the one that applies in most of the situations. It is because of the fact that we often talk about or reflect on dreams when we make a judgement about dreams. This is what most 'normal' people do not realise.

    So what is a dream seen from this angle? The answer:

    A DREAM is a MEMORY.

    It is not the dream itself. Consider that for a while. Most people don't. Seriously, they never do.

    We remember dreams. Most don't of course, you have to practice it. But dreams are memories when we think about them.

    And the bits you remember, what do we do? We assess, judge and analyse your dream-memories with our current 'rational' waking-state minds. Then, of course, all the mumbo-jumbo, the mess, the insanity, the strange symbolic imagery, the ever-changing unstable sceneries and situations are the basis of our analysis. And they do not 'make sense' (for most people) most of the times indeed.

    But let's re-consider this important fact again: Is it the DREAM we analyse or is it the DREAM MEMORY we analyse?

    Right! It's the memory. We do NOT analyse the dream. We can't. It's impossible. We are not able to.

    First, because we only remember bits and pieces of it. A tiny fraction. Or fractions with many holes and gaps. And then these bits are even 'sur-real' from our viewpoint.

    Secondly, and what's even more important: How was your state when you were "in" the dream, experiencing it?
    How was the makeup or state of your mind? Is it so very different from when you analyse 'later on' in the physical?

    What is the state of your 'dream mind' or your so-called 'un-conscious' mind at the time when you are dreaming? Compared to the so-called 'analytical' mind later on?

    How were you as a person in the dream? Were you 'really' irrational? Were you 'really' confused? Were you 'really' delirious? Were you insane? Were you schizophrenic in any way? Were you stupid? Were you helpless?

    The answer is ... "no" because EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT !!! :nailO.o:D

    Your dream mind and dream body were interacting perfectly with the scenes and situations you were confronted with. No confusion, no delir, no helplessness. Nothing of that. You were prefectly sane. You were acting and reacting, interacting, fighting, socialising, playing, discussing, talking, chatting, frowning, agreeing and disagreeing, thinking, even judging, liking and disliking etc - just like you do in the physical.
    Moreover, even if there are emotional issues (anger, joy, fear, etc.) involved, they are not so different from the physical either. It's not pathological, at least most of the time.

    Now think about that for a while: It was NOT CONFUSING. You were NOT CONFUSED. You were not OUT-OF-YOUR-MIND or whatever. You were not asking why are the scenes changing all the time or why everything is so mixed-up and stating you don't follow and 'get it'. You 'got' everything and you followed perfectly, all the time. It's because it wasn't confusing for you ... then! Everything was PERFECT the way it was, despite the mostly problem-solving tasks and situations you were confronted with - or better... maybe even because of that! O.o:D

    Only in 'hindsight' we are confused ... because we are unable to really memorise what happened and what we experienced and 'make sense' of it all.

    In my view that is because we interacted in an environment with a kind of "higher mind" even if we call it "sub"-(=latin prefix meaning low/lower)consciousness. That is why we do not understand it, and cannot 'rationalise' about it later on.

    Hence my daring hypothesis involving a reconsidering of our concept of "lucidity": We have a 'lower' rational mind in the 3d world we call the physical than we have in the 'dream world' when we are 'not lucid'. (And now go explain that to a 'scientist', yeah, I know :rolleyes: ...)

    But the evidence for this 'hypothesis' imv is the fact that we are in a perfectly healthy mind state when we are 'in' the dream. And we are not 'alien' to or 'alienated by' our surroundings. This, btw, is not the same when you are drunk or delirious in the physical.
    Ok, that's maybe yet another topic. Just as an aside note, a few comments: The pathological / irrational / insane behaviour shown due to drugs of any kind for me is also explained by the fact that we also experience other realities then simultaneously while still experiencing the physical and can not unite both, plus our emotional set-up and the physical body is affected and thus we can really become 'delirious' in the physical, e.g. by alcohol or medication.
    It is different during altered states without drugs e.g. during meditative trance or hypnosis when we can experience other realities and maybe even still 'report back' in real-time quite rationally. Regressed persons relating what they experience or the Explorer Tapes at the Monroe Institute are evidence for this. But back on topic:


    Hilarious, isn't it? :) Go figure that for a moment. :ROFL: Took me a while, but it makes sense to me the more I think about it. :cool:
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  6. Lorna Wilson

    Lorna Wilson Ancient Consciousness Staff Member Global Moderator

    I think that our left brain takes in a lot of information during the day and when we sleep the right brain processes it all. Because its use of language is symbolic and not analytical it because hard for our conscious mind to understand easily.

    I've often woken up listening to myself having a dialogue with someone else, or with words on my tongue that I have to look up or research as it might be in a different language. Other times I'm told that I speak a lot during my sleep and it sounds like an alien language. lol. Those incidents including my dream memories are not ones that I can decipher in the usual ways, and often I'll have no memory of them.

    As time goes on the more inclined I am to think that dreams are our multi-selves interacting through many timelines, engaging our past, present, or future selves or experiences. Some dreams may be the direct result of our 'now' daily activities, and others probabilities or in some cases actualities beyond our awareness as they encompass many differing layers of consciousness.

    I used to think that Jung and other 'experts' had a great explanation of dreams, but I suspect if they were alive today they would have evolved their understanding in line with quantum physics, neuroscience and consciousness exploration in general.
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  7. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Boundless Creation

    Lorna, I love your concept. Nothing is static in the burgeoning of consciousness. All these giants of humanity are footsteps on the path.
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  8. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Boundless Creation

    I had a dream that my twin brother was getting about in a green metallic pod that was fully encasing, and had quite a complicated set of valves, exhausts, and other paraphernalia on it. He was himself indistinguishable from this outer casing. It was like a giant iron lung that was built for his entire head and body.

    Only in the cold, hard light of day did I realise that this was him carrying around his perception filters.
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  9. Lila

    Lila Visiting Paragon Staff Member Moderator

    Sinera, Lorna, it seems to me that we are so much more capable in our dream states and that, too can be confusing when we wake, in our small body-encased worlds, lol!

    The first dream I recall was as a small child. I woke up, enraptured, describing ihe dream to family, emphasizing it's reality. In fact, I was feeling the flying feeling so strongly I still felt I could fly when I chose to. The response was such a definite 'that is not real' that, once the clincher question came: 'why don't you fly now?' I had to put away the idea of dream reality away for many years.

    Now I would say that the idea/concept/thought-form that dreams and what we do in them are real is a critical one. If you do not believe in the dream of flying then you cannot fly...there goes whole slew of potential, capabi!ities and a whole lot of sovereignty with it!

    The flip side is that if you believe your dreams are real then your potential and capabi!ities within the dreams also become real and one gains a huge swatb of sovereignty with that one 'big' little thought :)
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  10. Lorna Wilson

    Lorna Wilson Ancient Consciousness Staff Member Global Moderator

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