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Trump Calls CNN “Fake News” & Labels Buzzfeed As “Failing Pile Of Garbage”

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Trump Calls CNN “Fake News” & Labels Buzzfeed As “Failing Pile Of Garbage”

By Arjun Walia via Collective Evolution (11 January, 2016)

The smear campaign against Donald Trump continues, and some very powerful people are involved. But let’s address something first, this isn’t about being pro Trump or anti Trump, but more so observing the reality of what happens when you look at everything in that way. People are being divided, and it’s the entire focus of the media at this point.

This is about creating awareness around how this division is being pushed on us, and to see through the game of it all and remember that no change will come from arguing amongst each other as the media has us do all the time. It only...
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Boundless Creation
People in general are waking-up around the world (the reasons can be seen from different perspectives, from the mundane, the historical esoteric, etc.). The point is IMHO that as time goes by it will become more and more difficult to pull successful campaigns to keep the masses in the dark regarding what is really going on.

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