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Travelling The Dimensions Through Healing: New Feedbacks


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Opening Portals to Parallel Worlds and Parallel Spectrum of Energy

The energy is constantly evolving with people according to their spiritual path and other cultural, metaphysical and scientific backgrounds. We don't heal the same way, everyone has its own process and all my clients don't see the same things.
But what is now very obvious, is that the majority of my clients have Out Of Body Experiences during and after every session. They feel being pulled out of the space they are laying in during the healing. I thought it was only related to RH but it is wider and greater. The RH frequencies have been evolving through me as I have been learning more and more through different healing modalities. This Feedback comes from Lada from Vancouver who asked for a healing session with the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace ( The GCLG)

How does this happens ?

When I used to activate the Reconnective frequencies, I was opening portals. It happens by itself because of the large spectrum of energy field it holds. Some would say :"It is all Source, coming from the same place". I know it is. But we don't channel energy all with the same way because everyone has a specific connection to Source. Source gives us the same energy, but we are not all able to connect to it the same way because of our physical reality. To connect to Source fully, we have to get out of the physical reality we are. As Source is not physical, it is ENERGY. In projecting during the healing sessions I could open myself to new fields, to higher dimensions and to upper frequencies.
I think that this is how I was led to the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace. I know it has a very long name. The first name which came during the reception of this energy was The Golden Crystalline Energy. Then It changed into The GCLG as I received an update few days later.
So energy just moves and changes because we channel it for healing it knows that it has to work to the best. It is magical.

When we astral project during healing sessions given in person or distantly, we have that ability to connect fully to Source, and see miracles happen as we begin having access to parallel worlds, and other dimensions and realties that are not very common on Earth. We also begin receiving more and more energy updates for healing and that have been happening to me during the last year until today. On April 22, I received an update from the Earth Dragons' Energy and today April 24, I received the Level 3 of The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace.

Energy Updates is Energy Upgrades
When we receive updates we also receive upgrades of energy in any of the energies I work with. Reconnective Healing has been upgrading in me with the healing sessions I was giving as the more I interact with people, the more the energy becomes intense and effective. That is a reality even though we all know that healing is a personal process and that we don't heal all the same way.

So this means that healing oneself and most of all others is important to have access to a wider spectrum. This is part of the process of self healing too. Accessing a wider spectrum of energy field is an amazing thing that can be brought through astral travel and Out of Body Experiences. The quantum field is a place where all is free and all is flowing according to a natural and logical way. It has its own logic and own nature. That is what I mean. We cannot manipulate the energy field it has to do its own work because it is immense, intelligent and independent in its ways to work on every living creature. When we manipulate, we are receiving the energy manipulated and not at its purest reality.

I always have been amazed by the feedbacks of my clients. I really don't make any conscious work on visualizing things or worlds, I don't create it consciously when I am on a healing session. It happens to my clients to experience things and to have visualisations according to their own perceptions and spiritual awareness. It also happened to me to see what my clients are seeing or where they are during the session, including Out of Body Experiences. I cannot explain it but it happens all the time or most of it.
As a traveller I can now understand that I have access to a wider field of energy because of my own OBE's and those I helped my clients with during healing sessions.

Here what happened to Lada from Vancouver few months ago, it is her own text and I wanted to share it here with her authorization to post it in an article about Reconnective Healing and the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace. For me the two are interconnected.

Lada's OBE During A Healing Session with the GCLG

Lada is the 7th person of the Ring of 7 I was conducted to create by my spiritual guides in Orion when I received that energy. It is the first Ring Of Seven, the second is not yet entirely defined.

Lada saw many of my totems and the beings who are connected to me and part of my energy field. I never told her about it before and she contacted me via my email and not from Facebook. She does not have a facebook account.

So all that she says here is really true. The griffin she talks about in the session is my Adar Llwch Gwin, the giant bird of many of my astral travels. The Lion is also my totem I received its energy one day last august during the Lion's Gate. I talked about it in one of my articles here about my Astral projections. That is why I believe that Astral Projections and Out Of Body experiences are not the same things. They are different eve though many use the two for one definition. I am no more okay with this. I know by my own experience and the ones my clients had that the two are different and I am working now to prove it. Si here is one of the proofs I will give more and more. For me OBE's are open gates to parallel worlds. Astral projection is a conscious way to leave the physical. Out of Body Experiences can happen during healing sessions and are not always affected by any previous vision. It happens and we don't know where we are heading, something and someone are guiding us: we discover and learn.

We can astral project during healing and meditation too, but the process is different. We split consciously out of the physical body, we know where we want to go. And these are for me the two principal differences between them.

This is Lada's testimony:

« It started with my looking at you, all lit up in golden colors. There was a lion there. Then I was on my dragon, alternately riding it and flying with you. Your griffin was there. When I had trouble spelling his name he got rather serious and decided to show me a bit of his history. He showed me that in the Welsh countryside there is a large treasure well hidden deep beneath the earth. I saw a crystal and buildings before we went on our way. I understood that if one knew where to dig, it would be an amazing archeologic discovery. But it will not be dug up. It sill stay hidden until it is time, he seemed to say.

From there we flew on, up and away. We got to a place of joy. Lots of laughter and song rang out there. In fact, joy was its purpose, and it seemed that I was in need of a big dose. So much so that I was assigned my own guide, a dark haired sister, to show me around and introduce me to some ways of focusing more on joy.
To me, this place seemed utterly beautiful but I immediately wondered how could it interact with sorrows and help with the tough things we deal with every day? I wondered what did the joy do? And especially how did it do it?
They understood my question and took us to the most holy place, where the joy was focused. I had my joy center in my head polished off so that it could shine. I didn't realize I had a joy center in my head. There were three of us there. We then attuned my joy crystal to the altar at the place of joy. I was shown how there are levels of joy, building from a base of many people, who can, together, create little groupings, then bigger ones, to make ever higher levels of joy. This peaked in a sort of joy mountain. The three of us spent some time at the peak and then I was allowed to take the peak spot myself for a while, to experience it.

This took me to a white, stark mountain, alone in a place of peace. The view was incredible. I could see so very, very far. There didn't seem to be a horizon. Then, after a while, there was a horizon and there were others at the edges of my perception. We got in touch and started to bring our lights together. This created a hole in the snowy landscape through which we looked down. A bubble emerged, a sort of view into another place.

This other place was a paradise that felt full of light and brightness. I felt lightweight there as well as light colored. I saw the water and dived in as soon as I saw the dolphins playing, to join them. We cavorted a long time in the crystal clear blue green water with the sun shining down brightly on us. It was wonderful. We visited the great big whales and our cousins the orcas. I felt so at home there. I could stay there forever. Now I know I can return.

Next, the bubble in the snow and ice showed a tropical place. This was beautiful too, but not as joyful and no companions came so that bubble didn't stay open long. I was intrigued to find out how to safely interact with some of the dangerous creatures there, to find how to make some medicines and other useful tools out of their poisons.

From there the bubble opened to a place where prayer was the focus of everyone's efforts. It was beautiful in a much more austere and serious way. I understood that this is where I was from. There was someone there with moons in their hand, planets at their feet and suns within reach, moving them thoughtfully around, looking for the best configurations.
Another person held a being in their hands that looked a lot like a griffin, rotating it around to make the best possible body, healthy and strong for the tasks it was suited to. There was another person, laying quite still, with a mind full of the forces between solar systems and galaxies, watching how they interacted and tweaking balances and placements, birthing suns out of the gases between systems and letting others die down or explode. Another someone was at that moment sifting some water through their hands, finding the right mix of ingredients for that piece of the biosphere they were working with. I understood that they mixed the various elements together to find the healthiest balance. There was one other area of work that I saw and cannot now remember.

Then we came to the section where energy was the focus, specifically, the energies of life.
There people would balance, focus or modulate energies with the aim of keeping them moving and interacting in the healthiest way available. I found myself making such adjustments as soon as I arrived and understood that this was where I belonged and that this was my primary work. My body started doing it as soon as I entered this area. It seemed it was made to do this. Interestingly, it was time for an adjustment in me, a shift in my focus.

There was a part of me that needed to make a shift, like a switch or dial being turned to a completely new setting. Once the switch was made we were put on a golden elevator to return to our places. As we were going, we were given a blessing on the tops of our heads. It was quite clear when we were done.

The last thing I heard was that you will bring you again, so I guess I'll be having another session. I am looking forward to it. »

To conclude this amazing experience, I would say that Lada was really diving in the many multidimensional worlds I had visited during my OBE's as they are also part of parallel worlds I choose to incarnate in in past lives and in this life too.
It may sound weird to be in many places in one incarnation, but this is real.
The soul has so many information within it and we only have to connect to it, on our own and with the help of others to remember and recognize. Nothing is already done or finished, all is moving. We are movers and we move with our experiences to different places and spaces to learn more.
I did a big jump in few days moving from RH to GCLG.
Feeling much blessings and Love within
Much Love to All

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When we astral project during healing sessions given in person or distantly
Hi Henda, I have a question, especially as an aspiring (soon-to-become) energy healer. I can well see how we can as healers astral project during distance healing sessions when we lie down ourselves as well as the client lies down in their location. But how do you do it during a table session when your client is present and we as healers are awake and standing there at the table and make movements? Is it a form of awake projection where a part of you in the astral world while you're still in the physical moving? A kind of bilocation or phasing?

Second question would be, is this crystalline energy available to everyone who asks to receive it? What do I do to try it out then, just ask Source/Higher Self for receiving it? I'd maybe like to give it a try at night when I try to project or in dream state where I already received quite a few energetic events and downloads in the past. So it could work for me if I try it more often.

Thanks in advance. :)


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Thank you Sinera
We Astral travel during healing even if it is done in person I could feel it
The connection between the energetic bodies is a kind of Astral projection that we do. It is different from those we experience during our sleep time
During the sleep time it is related to personal experiences and your soul will lead you to learning from it
During healing you will receive information about your client, it is given through the energetic body on the Astral plane
Many times when we do distance healing it stays on the Astral and many times carries on working on the person and in the healer himself.
That's why in case of remote group healing the energy stays for a while so that in a group everyone can grab it when ready. It is the same when the remote healing is for only one person.
It happened to me to forget a healing and it happens anyway. The persons received the healing and I remember when the energy begins being Channelled from me. We feel very warm energy flowing from us suddenly. That is the remainder !

The Crystalline energy is present on Earth since 2012. It is an energy coming from Crystalline lights to help the New Earth emerge from the old one. So we are all as healers receiving it. It has common symptoms : feeling heat and warm uploads of energy during the day and night at specific moments according to the movement of the planets
For example during the moon cycles and the effect of other planets we will feel it with more effectiveness
But there are moments where we receive uploads of energy during the day and we need to lay down like when we receive a healing because we cannot stay in another position as the energy is very intense it needs us to be receptive and fully relaxed.

All the uploads I have been receiving happened that way
When I received the first time the Crystalline energy I could be more stay on my chair ( I was trying to take my breakfast) my hands were shaking and vibrating very intensely That I could not stop them from that vibrational state
Then all my body and I just when to sit on my couch and let the energy do whatever work she had to do.
I layed down in a moment and heard voices talking in me
And saw golden orbs all around me
It was very intense but beautiful as it comes through the heart and we can barely breathe.
So it is now at its4th level of crystallization in me
I received the 4th level two days ago and it was like more intense. It came softly but then the work on my bodies was asking me to take time to adjust and relax. Yesterday I experienced a big big cleansing and tonight too
So yes everyone can receive it but you will have signs for you if you are channeling it.
We dont' Channel it by asking to receive it
It is the energy that comes to you !
But you can receive it from those who already had receive it and that way it will begin embracing you. It will help you be more and more able to work with it and will evolve in you !
That's how I feel it
Energy is really amazing
We cannot own it
We cannot manipulate it
It is and it has its own life and way of being
A huge intelligence in the quantum field
If you need me to help you and feel you are ready to receive it you can ask. It pushes us to go beyond our limits and when we carry on being in between the old and the new it kicks us and we move on in few days
That is what happened to me the las week
I moved on in 3 days !


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I will post another feed back from the latest session I conducted last night distantly
With the GCLG
The person is a Reconnective healing practitioner from Germany


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Thanks a lot for your answer, Henda. Looking forward to the new feedback.

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