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The supplement industry is IN DENIAL about its huge heavy metals problem

Discussion in 'Health, Somatics & Psychological Well-being' started by Vickie, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Vickie

    Vickie Visiting Paragon Retired Moderator


    By Mike, The Health Ranger

    Although most nutritional supplements are very safe, effective and affordable, there is a "fringe wing" of the industry that routinely sells nutritional products that are loaded with toxic heavy metals.

    Today, I'm going public with details about that huge problem that's being swept under the rug across the industry... with companies hiding the facts from their own customers while selling poison that causes serious health problems for millions.

    And "organic" just isn't enough, frustratingly, because "organic" doesn't cover heavy metals and requires no limits at all. (Organic is still important to avoid chemical pesticides and GMOs, but organic products can still contain high heavy metals.)

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  2. Lilia

    Lilia Aware Presence Retired Moderator

    :eek: wow i didnt know that heavy metal toxicity was still an issue for things that should be safe to ingest. when i clicked the link, there is a list of things to avoid. (none of them i would ever have considered using though... i didnt know half of them)

    i use mineral supplements and chlorella for over a year now and i found that my intuition led me to this particular brand i buy now, although there are others on the market too. it feels ok to me. chlorella and spirulina are said to, depending on the producer, be loaded with unhealthy stuff too sometimes, as the environmental conditions where they are "grown" can be less than optimal.
  3. Vickie

    Vickie Visiting Paragon Retired Moderator

    I had heard chlorella and spirulina weren't great and also turmeric has been shown to have heavy metals. It's hard to know what's safe anymore.
  4. Lorna Wilson

    Lorna Wilson Consciousness Creator Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

    I have a friend who swears by an ionic foot bath to remove toxins through our feet including heavy metals. This article is a review, and details one persons experience. Apparently this is the meaning of color of the water after.

    The idea is that in 30 minutes, The Detox Foot Spa Purifier will pull toxins, including heavy metals, out of your body. The water in the foot-bath changes color. Each color relates to toxicity of a different organ or system of the body.

    • Brown = Liver and Joints
    • Green = Gall Bladder
    • Yellow = Urinary Tract
    • Orange = Joints
    • White = Lymphatic and/or Yeast
    • Blue = Kidneys
    • Black Flecks = heavy metals toxins
    So if the water turns blue, your kidneys are the most toxic part of your body, and the foot bath is pulling toxins from your kidneys through the soles of your feet.
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  5. Vickie

    Vickie Visiting Paragon Retired Moderator

    This sounds like the way to detox! I don't like taking things by mouth especially with information on so many natural products having heavy metals in them. I read the reviews and it sounds like this really does work. Does your friend own an ionic foot bath or does he/she go to a holistic doctor?
  6. Lorna Wilson

    Lorna Wilson Consciousness Creator Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

    She goes for therapy but I see there are quite a few home machines to choose from
  7. Vickie

    Vickie Visiting Paragon Retired Moderator

    I'm thinking I may buy one when I can. They aren't too expensive and with all the toxic chemicals we are exposed to everyday it sounds like something I would want to do often. Thanks for posting this. I'm very sensitive to toxins. This is perfect for me!

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