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The readings by Maryann Rada

Discussion in 'Channeling & Interdimensional Communication' started by Out of Time, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Out of Time

    Out of Time Visiting Paragon

    It appears that I am a huge fan of the work of our frequency modulator (and non-frequency moderator) Maryann . I've read all her books and struggled understanding them. I still do, but am making a slow and steady progress. I've also asked for a total of three readings. Those are quite personal in general, but I do want to share a few points that may be helpful to others.

    This excerpt is an answer to my quest of understanding what happens when we die, and what the light at the end of the tunnel is:

    When you are born, your soul is squeezed into the tiny package of a baby. However, a soul is
    a thing that has a lot of work to do, so sometimes it may enter the body of a fully grown
    human. This still has with it the experience of squeezing into a tiny package, for the man is
    not much bigger than the child, from the soul’s perspective. Likewise, if you consider the
    relative perspectives involved, the soul leaving the body goes through an un-squeezing of
    sorts, an expansion, moving from a very small package back into the dimension of life outside
    of form. In the experience of moving from within the body to without, the soul has to exit
    somewhere. Unless the body is blown to bits or otherwise disintegrated, the natural process
    you know as dying involves the conduit that binds the soul to the form opening its aperture
    and the soul within following the suction that draws it back into itself on the other side. As the
    other side is formless light, from the perspective of the human being, the thing that is seen is
    light… tiny at first as the conduit begins to release the lock, then growing in aperture to allow
    the soul to escape the package and return whence it came. The mind translates this quite
    naturally as the emergence of light at a far distant point, and the feeling of rushing toward it
    as if through a tunnel. This is the natural route back home for the soul that has finished its 3D
    journey and it is not to be mistrusted as long as the peace of homegoing is sensed. To look
    away is to draw the soul into a dead end, and the way back to soul-home is unnecessarily
    detoured into other adventures not appropriately cast for that particular soul’s journey. Of
    course, everything is a choice, and to choose to bypass the one for the other will only add to
    the soul’s repertoire of experience. However, we don’t recommend it, as there is much to do
    for the soul once it is finished with one adventure at a time, and relatively unsavory denizens
    of alternate pathways for the soul are not necessarily going to have the greatest of intentions
    for the one so led. The way to moving toward the home of your memory, however, is best
    sought through the way of natural forces moving through the recognition of love. If you feel
    love, move in that direction. This is natural. Light is there, and home. Of course, this requires
    honesty and a certain degree of letting go, but it will serve you in more situations than the
    transitionary experience of death. Love will guide you even beyond that point in your soul’s
    experience. This is the essence of self-recognition.​
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  2. Stargazer

    Stargazer Boundless Creation Staff Member Moderator

    Fabulous post, Slayer! Im so glad you had that experience and that you could share it with us!

    I've often felt that, once the portion of our soul that is in the physical returns to the other side, we remember fully who and what we are. Most of us have likely been through the process countless times--and as long as our intentions remain focused on our own "higher" good, I think we'll go exactly where we're supposed to.

    This post brings to mind something I'm pretty sure is a very old and familiar memory...I've had it since I was a small child and I'm pretty sure it's a remnant of my first entering this body. I recall being shoved into a much too small space, one where everything seems very, very slow...the only example I can think of is if one were stuck in a giant vat of gooey tar. I remember being forced into this state and clearly thinking something like, "Oh, no...here I go again!!!"

    I can also remember looking at myself in the mirror at a very young age and wondering who on earth I was.

    This physical life sure isn't for the weak at heart!!!

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  3. June

    June Boundless Creation

    Thankyou for sharing Slayer, what a wonderful experience. How does one go about getting a reading from Maryann?
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  4. Maryann

    Maryann Frequency Modulator Staff Member Global Moderator

    Just to clarify regarding the light... don't forget how good we are at tricking ourselves. We seem to make a career out of it over successive lifetimes, probably for good reason (at least at first).

    Not being familiar with Alex Collier's admonition to avoid the light, but being somewhat fascinated with the twists and turns of his own public life, I can't readily comment on what he meant. However, I've seen elsewhere that people have warned, "avoid the light". Consider that there is false light as well as true light. How often are we glammed out over some new trinket in our hands, later in wisdom and experience to recognize it was just shiny paint and chrome-plating? If you've ever held real gold, you recognize the metal just by its silky feel and weighty presence.

    Turn away from the false light. Let your heart lead you to love's light. That's the way home.
    Ha, yes!

    During the experiences of soul transition that I've had in this life, I remember very distinctly the feeling of being shoved into a small space, being very uncomfortable, and complaining that it was too cramped, how would I function? And waking up looking at my hands, thinking, what are these things? Are they mine? It was a very strange experience for sure. It helped me understand some of the expressions I caught on my son's face when he was a baby and couldn't figure out why he couldn't do certain things, like pull a blanket through his body in his crib.

    Sometimes, it feels like we learn about life by slamming into walls and bouncing into new discoveries of limitation and form. :ROFL::-)):eek::)|
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  5. Out of Time

    Out of Time Visiting Paragon

    Simon Parkes says that the false light feels like a mixture of violence and sexual energy. I have the feeling you need to have a particular vibration to be attracted to that mixture.

    I am sure being stuffed in a small body feels bad, but at least it is (more or less) a human body genetically capable of feeling high-vibrational love. I bet having a reptilian incarnation would suck even more.
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