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The Metaphysical meanings of Physical symptoms


Illusion Investigator
From the Compassionate Dragon Healing website (which disappeared in 2015) :-

Metaphysics means anything that is beyond the physical frame of reference. That is anything that is beyond the range of the 5 physical senses. Anything that cannot be touched, tasted, heard, seen, or smelled can be placed in the Metaphysical Realm.

If you think about it, we encounter the Metaphysical world every day, in a myriad different ways. Our thoughts, our dreams, our emotions, our intuition are all aspects of the Metaphysical world.

We speak of having a '6th sense', of having 'feelings', or 'luck', or of things being 'coincidences.' For many, experiences with the Metaphysical world seem like miracles. We hear of a full recovery of someone who should have died, according to all the physical evidence. We hear of unlikely coincidences that bring good fortune or misfortune. We have feelings of deja vu. We have dreams that seem too real. There are chance meetings that set us off on life changing paths. There are illnesses that cannot be detected in the body and so on.

In healing, we speak of the 'Mind/Body' connection, or of wholistic healing which encompasses the Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

On a personal level we may think of Life's experiences of the Metaphysical realms as getting to know our own Spirit Self. In healing, my experiences of the Metaphysical take the form of physical manifestations of mainly Emotional and Mental disharmonies. These pages deal with the Metaphysical meanings of Physical symptoms we usually describe as illness. Ultimately we all experience the Physical and Metaphysical worlds in our own ways.

The following is a partial list of body parts and symptoms manifest in the body and suggested emotional and metaphysical meanings. Links to the page upon which an explanation occurs is provided. Hopefully this will make things a bit easier for those who are dealing with specific symptoms.

Compassionate Dragon Metaphysics

Lorna Wilson

Ancient Consciousness
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This is my favorite book on the topic.



Boundless Creation
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What a good website you shared with us. He explains everything so well & succinctly. He also goes into Chinese medicine and reiki. I bookmarked this website.
Thank you.

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