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Rene Mey - Beyond the Light

Discussion in 'Energy & Sound Healing' started by Out of Time, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Out of Time

    Out of Time Ancient Consciousness

    Today, my mom called me to say that a healer by the name of Rene Mey was coming to Bulgaria and she was very excited about that. She asked me to see the biographical video about him and to say what I think about it.

    The truth is I understand little about healing, and this is why I am asking you to share any insights you might have about this individual.

    He is supposed to have hospitals in Mexico, and this is why I am tagging my sis KarlaSM .

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  2. June

    June Visiting Paragon

    This guy is doing wonderful things in healing people for free, but we already know than anyone can heal, that we shouldn't judge. We know it's all done with love, pour enough love, genuinely desire to heal and it happens. He is right when he says we complicate things , we do, it should be kept simple. I didn't listen to it to the end but heard him talk about the cells which is certainly interesting. . He obviously has a strong desire to heal and masses of love which makes him such a strong healer, but we can all heal. I expect KarlaSM will have much more to say about it but that my thoughts on it dear Slayer. <3
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  3. KarlaSM

    KarlaSM Guest

    Well, this one seems to be a very interesting case in which discernment must be used. It might be great to go to a conference of his and learn about all the concepts he talks about and what he does. Much of what he says is definitely true. It seems that supposedly many people have found out some apparently not positive aspects of this man throughout his career as healer, among those, that he has a way to make a lot of money from the people. There are so many people like him who seem to do miracles, and it would be really difficult to know him, so who knows if what people have found out is really true or not. Talk about judgement lol. I do believe in miracles though and I do believe in much of what is shown in the movie, whether the movie portrays reality of things that happened or something distorted. Another thing is that there is too much contrast in Mexico when it comes to these topics, it is very difficult to really approach these things compared to other countries.

    One of the things that comes to my mind is that, assuming that his work is 100% honest or that he has some human aspects like everyone else and even if he can do miracles he makes other mistakes, that not everyone who is touched by his powers can heal. It is said that not even Jesus at his time could heal everyone, so it depends on what the one being healed believes, how open he/she is to accepting healing and the values he talks about. So deep healing and miracles definitely is something we all can do in one way or another. When our "junk" DNA becomes fully activated, everything that is seen as miraculous becomes our natural state. Our cells do regenerate and it is something that I see within myself.

    There are still days when I still struggle very much with the cancerous cells taking over my body, but when I am shown by spirit a deeper layer of the problems, and deeper solutions, there are moments when such waves of energy flow and are condensed into my physical body that I see and feel almost instant regeneration of my lungs and my hair. Some days my hair looks very thin and death for the most part, falls off a lot, and other days after a deep healing takes place related to another layer of negative imprints, my remaining hair looks black again and healthy and new hair grows faster. I have to say that I have a very amazing team of guides and soul family helping me learn so much.

    Today I was telling Slayer that I felt for a moment a very strong shift in my energy, after doing some inner work and that if I learn to stay in that particular vibration which is like a middle point between the aspects of the psyche and the soul that feel victimized and vulnerable and the aspects that feel stronger and more dominant somehow, then I felt like a balance was reached and my body instantly felt healthy and all those damaged cells were regenerated. However, I am still finding it difficult to stay fully in this state but it is definitely related to what Rene Mey says about love in his simple language.

    Love is vibration and sometimes we tend to confuse love for allowance of things that are not beneficial for us, but if we learn to love ourselves and give to ourselves the safety that we need and the nurturing that we need, over time it becomes much easier to give unconditional love to others and detach from that which harms us without judgement. Some people can show the way to us but each person has to do their job. :)
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  4. Out of Time

    Out of Time Ancient Consciousness

    Thank you very much, dear ladies :)

    June , this is what I generally believe in and it is the only method of healing I know of in this lifetime. Just send love and good intentions.

    KarlaSM , what you say reminds me of a quote shared by Maryann, according to which the healer "just" activates the ability of the patient to heal themselves.

    Hm, could it be that Jesus was a good healer because of his ability to love? In this case, he is very smart in coming here with his lady Mary Magdalene, that was probably a huge boost for his powers :)
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  5. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Realized Sentience

    I only know that not only should the one receiving healing be open, receptive, fearless, non-judgmental of any responses or negativity arising to be thrown out of their psyche, and not emotionally attached to any potential outcome, but the one sending the healing should be as a reed open at both ends with the energy moving through, but not because of him/her.
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  6. KarlaSM

    KarlaSM Guest

    Very true Slayer, there are some interesting stories about how Jesus and Mary Magdalene brought in some civilizations the same mission of love. :)
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  7. Out of Time

    Out of Time Ancient Consciousness

    There are some guys that you can't help but love (and there is no point in not loving them). Those two are among them.
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  8. KarlaSM

    KarlaSM Guest

    True...both have such a balanced energy as for them to express such gentleness and determination. I guess that they were pioneers in many areas. Now so many can bring forth such energies to this world and many others.
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