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Recurring Dream

Discussion in 'Out-of-body Experiences, NDEs & Dreams' started by Toller, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Toller

    Toller Shimmering Soul

    I'd just like to mention a recurring dream that I used to have when I was four years old to see if anyone can throw any light on it.

    I would be travelling through black space towards a very bright light, as I got closer it would enlarge into a very large circle of of incredibly bright light (a star, the sun?), the closer I got the more fear that I would feel until I woke up.

    I've looked up dream interpretations on the net but they only mention dreaming of stars (in the plural) or the sun in an earthly sky.

    When I was five years old I had a bad accident and haven't had this dream since. I'd be interested if it means anything to someone.
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  2. Lorna Wilson

    Lorna Wilson Resolute Spirit Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

    Sounds like a birthing process of coming into life. I might have read similar things in this book. I'll go through it to find something similar. It might very well be that your accident 'cemented' you completely into this reality and took away the immediate memory connection to your memories of bringing you here to earth.

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  3. Toller

    Toller Shimmering Soul

    Thank You Lorna, I had a look at the website for the author and book (it appears to be broken), what I could find to read didn't resonate with me I'm afraid. Perhaps there was something in the broken links.

    The description is a bit vague to make too much of, so I can understand if nobody else has any ideas.
  4. Lorna Wilson

    Lorna Wilson Resolute Spirit Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

    Here's the website link and it doesn't seem broken. Perhaps through some subconscious exploration you'll find the correct meaning of your dream.
    Pre-birth stories Archives - Cosmic Cradle

    It probably no longer interest you but I'll share this video about their research in case anyone else is interested in the topic.

    'Who were you before the world told you who you should be? As the veil thins between dimensions, we discover natural memories of Eternity, heavenly beings, Heaven itself: “Don’t you remember before we came here, when we were all part of the One?” “I came from the Light.” “I saw Earth before I was born.” “I fell from the Sky.” “I chose you to be my Mommy.” “Was I placed with you and Dad when you were in a car?” Elizabeth and Neil Carman will present a talk that weaves together pre-birth memories, past-life memories, and NDEs. They will discuss how we are souls who exist before we were conceived, how we come from the Divine, and all loving, compassionate Intelligence, and how our life plan is part of a learning, an evolutionary journey, something our soul pre-selected, including an “exit” plan. Some select NDEs! They will also explore why people forget pre-birth, past-lives, and NDEs. Various theories offer insight into why clinical death is experienced with varying degrees of awareness (NDE) or unconsciousness.'

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