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Anna mentioned it would be a good idea to have a thread available for any of you to post information you run into that relate to the topics I'm covering.

Check the screen shots in my first post here, http://www.transients.info/roundtable/threads/course-and-module-ideas-very-early-draft.5205/ on this board, and you will get a general idea of the areas covered. I have changed a bit in regards to the first two courses but I'm not ready to share just yet!

What should go here? TED Talks, links to professionally written articles, videos, books, quotes, etc.


Aware Presence
Osho discuss the relation between creativity and meditation and the difference from when something is only created out of mind. He discuss that what comes out of mind only can only create agony. I think this raise an important point of reflection about what creativity really is, from where is the ideas sprung and is it really creative or is it just to be called self-expression.


Aware Presence
Are we really bringing out our creativity or are we just repeating the past? Krishnamurti suggest a different kind of creativity, not the type celebrated in popular culture and not related to bringing out things from the past. This type of creativity is related to being free from the known. I think he raise something valuable about creativity that contains our whole being but also, if we look at what most people have problems with from my understanding, its related to the first and second chakra and therefore, to express these things in any expression might be of importance for being able to reach a more clear mind which he speaks about, to let go for opening up and let in new energy and we learn things from each others processes and thoughts. But one can also question the importance of this as for example, lets say that someone have a very difficult past and decide to write a book about it. We might believe its creative and healthy to do so because we learned so in different arenas like media for example. But is it really creative or can it even be that it can hinder us on our spiritual path?


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