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New Frequencies on Gaia, by The Pleiadian League of the Light


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Hear the new frequencies of Earth playing games in your bodies
You are feeling the fire in your hands and all your being
You are uploading the new sounds of inspiration and awakening
You can be bit surprised by this intense conversation Earth is having with the multiverse
But it is more than just a new wave of healing energy
It is you changing as you hear the sounds of Gaia slamming you hands and entire being

This frequency is of a higher level of awareness given to you all to help this current shift
To shift in you
You may feel hands burning with fire and tingling
But this is only the visual part of the show

These frequencies are working on your brains
They are meant to balance your left and right brains
You may already felt it during the last day and today
The work once done it will carry on on your centers of energy and your field
Your personal experiences will show up in Dreaming and Astral projections to let you see where you are at this stage here and in parallel lives may be you will be able to see past lives too
Because you are connected with more intensity to your soul purpose
You are remembering who you are

Earth frequency is now available in you because you can no more handle the old energies / world / Matrix
You are pushed very hard and deeply on the new earth and a new level of consciousness
This is the gift we have for you
To help you heal with it
The Earth ´s current frequencies are now available for all of living beings
Take you time to rest, breathe, and adjust

You may feel other symptoms
Like being tired
Or overwhelmed with the living
You may feel super charged with an energy that your bodies cannot handle in the beginning
This is because the frequencies are supercharged with atoms of tiny waves helping you on a cellular level
You are upgrading to your new Crystalline body
With more crystals in you
Everyone is going through this
You will feel it or already do at different levels
This energy comes directed into the crown
You are invited to honor this process and the healing coming with it

You are masters of your own life
Co-creators of the New Earth and Era
Bring the love and light in you
They are held in these new Earth frequencies
Let your heart Shine brighter and your heads up

Channelling The Pleiadian League of the Ligh
August 11, 2017
By Henda

Here is a preview of my new Wave Tree, its name is still kept secret for now but it holds the energies that are now coming on Earth.

And here is one of the blue eyes that showed up today


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Are those the people Maryann channels?
Doesn't sound like my crew, but I suppose anyone can channel anyone... after all, I can channel other sources too, but my sole mission is as liaison for the LOL, specifically the Temmerians. I mean, they can talk to whomever they wish, and they've said they telepath to others. So does Asket. The LOL is a pretty big organization (understatement!) and they've been working with our planet for literally eons and millennia, so perhaps Henda is receiving a message from another contingent than the ones I do. It's a very friendly message!


Multidimensional Healer, Astral Projector & writer
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Actually they are numerous
The voices I was hearing were meant to connect with me and yes we don't have the same crew
It depends on many things and also the kind of message is being sent
I guess we hear what we are meant to hear and see what we are meant to see
It is also in relation with the way the channelers deal with their languages too
I am not a native English speaker but I have been learning English since I was in high school and my second language is French
My French Channels are different too from the English ones
My native language is Arabic ( Tunisia. Arabic) but never had any channel in that language
May be because no one wants me to Channel in it
May be it is not yet time to spread their words in that country as people are not awake
The first channels I had were in French
Then many others came in English after I did Eric Pearl's Seminars on2014
That was the way I met all of you here
All is given for a reason ❤️


Multidimensional Healer, Astral Projector & writer
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I left my hometown 25 years ago
I also know now it is for a reason because I could no more handle the living there
Always felt I was from another planet or place and wanted to reach out
So now I did partly the work of reaching my mission
By all is not yet done
I feel there is so much to be done in the future
I learned lately that I am a walk -in
This happened to me on 2007
And it took me 10 years to really know it and discover it
That is the amazing experience that led me to what I am doing now

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