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More activity in the paranormal

Discussion in 'Psychic Phenomena, Intuition, Mediumship & Tools' started by Hailstones Melt, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Realized Sentience

    When being open to the potential existence of millions of life-forms other than the terrestrial ones we experience here, it appears that paranormal activity goes hand in hand. Many people have posted about their close encounter(s) of the third, fourth or fifth kind.

    As far as sighting UFOs and alien beings is concerned, I have only 2 experiences, which were very brief.

    1) Sighting of an unexplainable light (such as the headlight of a large aircraft) flying directly towards me in the mid-distance, as I waited at a set of traffic lights. I did think it was a plane, though we have no flight path there. Then the light blinked off (cloaked) so I knew then what I had seen. As I was in the act of driving, I was wide awake for this one. The timing was about dusk.
    2) In the state of hypnagogic sleep (between waking and sleeping) I saw a robotic looking spider on my bed (posted about this before) with a red spot on its back. Robotic, because it was made of metal. This was not the same as people who have reported black spiders crawling up their bedroom walls.

    Over the course of my lifetime, I have had many more experiences of paranormal activities and synchronicities. The latter are too many to name, or even to recall. For the paranormal:

    1) Precognition of an actual location in dream state, which was experienced 2 weeks later.

    2) I saw what I thought was ball lightning in a rural place on Akaroa peninsula, NZ through the window of my bedroom, at night time. I was in a strange house in a strange land (to me). While this light could have been headlights, I had the weird experience of all my hair standing on end (up arms and on the back of my neck). Vivid and terrifying feeling.

    3) Many times I have had the feeling of a presence in my bedroom at night, and have woken up shouting very loudly. I have the feeling this was my own HS trying to contact me, and has been leaving me alone until I overcome fear at this type of contact.

    4) I have felt footsteps walk over me whilst I lay in bed (husband next to me felt nothing). This was multiple times in a particular bedroom in a house in the mid-1990's.

    5) I have dreamed I have had snakes in the bed under the covers and woken up shouting or jumping out of bed (hmm, seriously Freudian, wouldn't you say?)

    6) Seen a misty, ghostlike but definitely human presence walk through my bedroom at the foot of my bed at night from left to right and pass out through the wall.

    7) And now, last night, I got to see a ghostly apparition, in full colour, about an arms length away from my head while I was still awake as I had only lain down and turned out the light 5 minutes earlier. I felt no fear. The person was a dark-skinned man (looked African or negro) wearing a blue jacket of some kind. He did not look at me, but moved through my bedside table (and lamp) and passed along about a metre, before the molecules all dissolved and faded out to nothing. There was no interaction between us, as there would have been if it had been an alien visitor. This was merely my observation of something passing in a close-to-me dimension which I could see, hence I felt no fear.

    Could this be verification by lived experience that the dense veil between the dimensions is thinning, as we have all read and heard on the internet? Now ghostly apparitions are no longer mist but real people, going places?
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  2. Lila

    Lila Realized Sentience Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

    Wow! That is some list.
    I'd have to think about whether I have a list at all, lol. Right now I can't recall anything.

    If nothing else, it seems your reactions are changing, and perhaps the content of these events is becoming less frightening:)
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  3. Linda

    Linda Sweetheart of the Rodeo Staff Member Global Moderator Administrator Board Moderator

    Now that would be interesting!
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