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Life after death

Discussion in 'Out-of-body Experiences, NDEs & Dreams' started by AnnattaLiza, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. AnnattaLiza

    AnnattaLiza Shimmering Soul

    How will be the life after death? I am really curious about it.
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  2. Out of Time

    Out of Time Visiting Paragon

    You may (or may not) want to research the soul reincarnation trap, which is supposed to be white light beckoning you to follow it, which a few sources suggest that you should not lest you may be forced to reincarnate here again. Many believe that this trap does not exist, still others say it no longer works properly. The advise often given is to turn away from the light and say that you want to go to Source or your star family.

    There may be people asking you to go to the light, and it is not recommended to do that even if the look like a loved one or Jesus.

    This is what I have read, I have no memory of having such an encounter.
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  3. Stargazer

    Stargazer Boundless Creation Staff Member Moderator

    On the other hand, I've also read that the opposite of this is true--that accounts of soul reincarnation traps are misinformation intended to confuse people and create division. :rolleyes:

    As Slayer suggests, it's best to do your own research and "feel into" the material. Use your own discernment to determine what resonates best with you.

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  4. Sinera

    Sinera Visiting Paragon Staff Member Moderator

    I agree. It's the ultimate 'spiritual conspiracy'. Of course, if you look another way at it that is not so alarmist, dramatic and negative, there might be some truth in it.

    People after death can become trapped in astral realms and belief system territories (e.g. read some OBE experts Monroe, Buhlman, Leland, Campbell and some others). Likewise can they become trapped even "lower" in physical Earth as 'ghosts' when they have material attachment or any kind of traumatic life/death to cope with. Both are subjects to 'retrievals' by helpers, in and out of body.

    Personally, I do not believe in a 'set trap' to 'catch' souls or sth (by whom - the devil, evil ETs, demons, the Archons ...?).

    William Buhlman's video that I linked here in another thread is a great explanation of how to avoid BSTs or any 'traps': demand your Higher Self / Source Self. I do not believe that you can be 'tricked' by any 'false lights' after termination of your body here, but that your soul knows where to go to if you are not to traumatised and stay focused on your HS.
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  5. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Boundless Creation

    AnnattaLiza, I notice your avatar is the gift of a candle waiting to be lit. Go ahead and light it!
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  6. Stargazer

    Stargazer Boundless Creation Staff Member Moderator

    Yes!!! Please do...let that beautiful light of yours shine, shine, shine!!

  7. AnnattaLiza

    AnnattaLiza Shimmering Soul

    Whenever I go for researching about it, I feel like someone is following me. I have seen black shadows even.
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  8. Linda

    Linda Sweetheart of the Rodeo Staff Member Global Moderator Administrator

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  9. Laron

    Laron Healing Facilitator & Consciousness Guide Staff Member Administrator Creator of transients.info & The Roundtable

    I suggest you read these three books which in my opinion are extremely accurate and reliable in terms of the truth, but also for understanding a small part of what occurs in relation to our Earth based lives.

    Journey of Souls, Michael Newton
    Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
    Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit, Dolores Cannon

    Anyone on this forum could provide you with an answer, but what will have the most impact will depend upon your belief system, astrological makeup, current age, and so many other factors including your personality, ego, and so on.

    You may gain comfort from what we tell you, and you should as there is only comfort unless you fall into the fear trap. If you don't let fear anywhere near you, and overcome your current fears, this will help you a great deal on your path.

    Our higher self and guides can resemble shadows, which are just how we perceive energy or spirit beings sometimes, especially at night when we are in bed in a more relaxed state. But some people have psychic based senses at any moment, and this is perfectly fine and 'normal', you are just observing the higher frequencies that make up the 5th dimension, or what we sometimes refer to as the astral plane, which is really the next level up from out 3rd dimension when going out of body and traversing the frequencies.

    There is nothing to be afraid of. They are there to help you and you may be being presented with challenges that you need to overcome, for your greater learning, so if it produces fear within you, you need to pass the test and overcome that fear. You can also overcome anything you chose to overcome as you are a powerful being.

    Also check out the recommended teachers section of transients.info under the menu (Focal Points).

    If you want to know where we each come from, like I mean right at the top, another series of books which are really helpful, and which is really a life journey through out of body exploration that is presented in a diary type of format, are Robert Monroe's three books.

    Journeys Out of the Body
    Far Journeys
    Ultimate Journey
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  10. AnnattaLiza

    AnnattaLiza Shimmering Soul

    Thankyou Laron
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  11. KarlaSM

    KarlaSM Guest


    I have lots of personal daily experiences with two soulmates (a very close soul brother and a soul sister) who passed away around the end of last year as well as an uncle (blood relative). My aunt, my cousin and some other relatives close to my uncle also have had lots of experiences mostly in dreamstate related to my uncle, as a way for him to communicate with them.

    My contact with my loved ones is conscious in waking life, through telepathy and I sense them when they touch me, they share loving energies with me and I see them when I close my eyes.

    They are most definitely in a much better situation than we are in physical. They have the freedom to move from one place to another so easily and have less restrictions because of how they can shape-shift based on their etheric DNA codes. The etheric bodies of my sister and my brother are very large because they merged with so much of their essence residing in other timelines just like my own etheric body is.

    I can say honestly that both my brother and my sister have filled my days with so much joy and healing, but in the beginning when I got to know about their death I was devastated. I had not even met them in physical but I was aware of their existence (that is a very long story).

    When I was ready to have more conscious contact with them, they shared with me a lot about how their lives where before they passed away and the reasons why they had to leave. They both had very painful lives.

    My uncle is always smiling and he feels very calm, and he even told me that someone up there told him that I am a medium, which no one in my family knows.

    They have also shared with me that the ones of us residing in physical have our own advantages over being on the other side because in here we can accomplish lots of tasks that cannot be accomplished on the other side. But for the ones who know a lot about dynamics up there, can really do lots of things like for example move energy and heal, like in the case of my brother and my sister.

    There is much more remembrance up there than down here in general and people can time travel a lot without modifying anything like how we can modify outcomes in physical. But they can somehow relive certain things. It is a bit complicated to explain.

    I hope this helps somehow.
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  12. Out of Time

    Out of Time Visiting Paragon

    The Blue Dragoness is back!!!

    Oh, what can I say on the topic... The real question is if there is life before death :)
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    Last edited: Oct 18, 2016
  13. KarlaSM

    KarlaSM Guest

    OMG Laron I am sooooo happy to read this because this is something very consistent with several experiences I have had with shadow people or shadow beings. I see how this has given birth to several myths.

    One time when my ex partner was channeling his HS he mentioned that what we perceive as black is actually much brighter than white itself. How can this be? Because black is a very high vibrational set of frequencies that our brain cannot translate as a color, so it is like having a loophole, like a hole in the information received from the eyes to the brain.

    It is hard to imagine something that is brighter than the brightest white we can perceive. So we see it as black then.

    The shadow beings then can show forms to us that we can feel comfortable with, like a human shape based on their codes from previous experiences in physical and even combine forms. :)
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  14. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Boundless Creation

    Thank you, Karla! When my daughter was very young (< than 10 years old) she would often see a black shadow following her, hiding in trees, etc. Or just passing over her head. I didn't freak out about it, I knew it must be a paranormal experience, and that kid is very paranormal! Then one day she saw a white shining "shadow" and asked me how come it wasn't black. You have given me my answer. It was probably because she was moving out of this phase of her life where she could see the shadows with ease.
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  15. Laron

    Laron Healing Facilitator & Consciousness Guide Staff Member Administrator Creator of transients.info & The Roundtable

    It's good to see a few more pieces of the puzzle fit together. :)

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  16. KarlaSM

    KarlaSM Guest

    You are welcome Hailstones!! Wow children are often so open to see the spirit realms and when encouraged to understand them in a positive way they can keep that connection and develop it further. <3
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