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Large smelt quartz obelisk - it works



A month ago I ordered a large smelt quartz obelisk. I did not know exactly what the term "smelt" meant so did some research and found that perhaps my new crystal would not work well because of the melting procedure to create crystals using quartz and other materials like silica that turn into glass without a crystalline structure.

My guides said not to worry because my crystal had chosen me and that I could infuse it with the essence of other obelisk crystals I held in past lives at a time I was a healer.

Not long ago I saw myself as an Egyptian lady holding a large rose quartz obelisk and chanting, along with my ex partner and other people. I knew right away what from now on I am meant to do.

While chanting, I notice that individual grids and the collective grid of Earth can be easily repaired, curses can be undo more easily and other tasks can be accomplished.

Before my first session using my new blue obelisk, I infused it with the essence of the rose quartz and also a large obsidian obelisk from some other lifetime.

The end result was that I could see more clearly the tasks that I had to do in my aura and within the aura of my mom and the energy flows faster and more fluidly. This piece is unique and powerful, contrary to what people say about smelt quartz not working. Most of my sessions are done with a broken obsidian point, which technically is also a form of molten material without crystalline structure.

I even decided to name it Lian (pronounced Leean) which has a combination of both male and female energies.



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I did not know about the smelt process - thanks for the info.

After today's healing session, I feel a need to get a big piece of rose quartz. Our local shop has some from Madagascar and from South Dakota, US.

With your info, I may take a stroll to the other side of the store with the finished crystals.


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This is like looking down at the Earth from the atmosphere! Beautiful.


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