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Jose Arguelles and his thoughts on UFO events in our dimension

Discussion in 'Extraterrestrials & Ufology' started by Hailstones Melt, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Realized Sentience

    I have received a Noos-letter Issue #97, Attune to All that Lives.

    Here is an interesting clip from Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan:

    From the newsletter:

    In light of disclosure and release into the mainstream news of the Pentagon's secret multimillion dollar UFO program, here are words witten by Valum Votan in a document entitled, Who are the ETs? Are They Already Among Us?

    Any consideration of UFOs raises serious questions concerning the limits of human perception and knowledge, at least as these perceptions and knowledge have been shaped by a civilization following a distorted and materialistic timing frequency. That is, we only see what we have been conditioned to know. If something beyond our conditioned knowledge manifests itself to our perceptions, we are frightened and challenged. We will project on to the unknown phenomenon according to our levels of understanding and enlightenment. If our knowledge and perceptual capacity is limited to material phenomena – the third dimension or physical plane – whatever penetrates that veil will be labeled as we have labeled the UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects.

    However, UFOs are only UFOs as long as we limit our knowledge to a third-dimensional materialism conditioned by a false and artificial timing frequency. A few among us, however may be instrumented to go beyond the label to the inner experience of the phenomena. What then are we dealing with? And who are the ETs?

    Yes, the universe is far vaster in intelligence and dimensionality than that to which we have conditioned and limited ourselves. There is a comprehensive light of holistic knowledge, a higher coordinating intelligence, and a grand galactic council presided by the nine lords of time and destiny who abide only by supreme divine law. In fact, it is because the present Earth civilization based on a manifest error in time has veered in the direction of complete planetary self-destruction that the UFO-ET phenomenon has occurred at all. And at the same time, everything that is occurring is part of a divine unfolding, a divine plan.

    Holistic knowing, supreme superconscious intelligence is capable of being all-pervasive and omnipresent. This type of advanced evolutionary intelligence is possible because it is not fettered by the encumbrances of a false and deceptive timing frequency.

    If the present race of Earthlings in its present condition were suddenly liberated from operating by a mechanical clock and erroneous calendar that keeps them enslaved to a Babylonian lottery of material addictions, they would experience their consciousness as ETs. The ETs are the manifestations of the possibilities of consciousness operating in spiritual freedom dedicated solely to the spiritual enlightenment of all that is.
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  2. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Realized Sentience

    The above clip was recorded at the Congress 2012 - Spiritual Awakening - People with Visions - held in Germany on 1st December 2010 (so, a preparatory event). Jose's obit states his dates of birth and death as: 24th January 1939 to 23rd March 2011. Therefore, I think this vision and recording of him may be one of his last international appearances, and therefore pretty special. He died of peritonitis while visiting Australia in 2011.
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  3. Lila

    Lila Boundless Creation Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

    I finally had time to watch this. You'd referred to his comments about how we would do art on a grander scale than we have ever imagined, along with the earth. Now this makes sense and resonates with my increasing desire to 'hang out with beauty' and just savour it, comment on it, enjoy it. Thanks for the pointer, Hailstones Melt.
  4. Pucksterguy

    Pucksterguy Harmonious Healer

    I always wondered how humainity here was supposed to advance with literally both hands tied behind your back and a DNA set working at only 33%. Unless that was the challange coming here.... still a tough job.
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  5. Carl

    Carl Ancient Consciousness

    So true PG! I even read comments in the past indicating that this is not a school, or test, or challenge, but in reality a punishment.
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  6. Pucksterguy

    Pucksterguy Harmonious Healer

    I'm not so sure of the punishment part, Carl. However this is prob the toughest school in the Cosmos...
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  7. Carl

    Carl Ancient Consciousness

    What surprises me PG is the number of souls currently "enrolled" in this school. Even assuming that some souls have parallel incarnations simultaneously we are still talking about billons of souls right now.
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  8. Sinera

    Sinera Healer, Musician, Astral-Traveler Staff Member Board Moderator

    Like the number though.:)

    But okay... let's make it 3 * 33% = 99% instead. O.o:D
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  9. Sinera

    Sinera Healer, Musician, Astral-Traveler Staff Member Board Moderator

    The incarnated ego often perceives it thus. The Higher (Self) perspective might be totally different though. Maybe a kind of virtual game where your avatar is prone to experience everything from utter joy and bliss and victory to defeat and suffering. The whole bag. Often I don't like it either.
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  10. Pucksterguy

    Pucksterguy Harmonious Healer

    On track 33 lol
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  11. Pucksterguy

    Pucksterguy Harmonious Healer

    Seeing Gods propensity for vastness ie; the sheer number of galaxies and stars maybe that few billions here is only a drop in the bucket to the potential number of souls out there. Which would put us in a very select group. Even if there is several "Earths" in each galaxy.
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  12. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Realized Sentience

    I think I was very lucky to have a mini-satori experience when I was approximately 22 years old. It gave me a glimpse into the nature of living a blissful existence. It only lasted about 6 months, and was probably a karmic overflow from a previous life, (where I probably worked very hard and reached that level of living all the time!) Also, when you read the life stories of enlightened masters (or get to know one through being in their auric field; and through their expression of their own experience, as I did, in the case of Osho) they state that they live in connection with a level of universal bliss. It becomes their daily breathing in and out. This can be achieved in this 3D life. Experiencing a feeling of punishment is only the flip side on the coin of duality.
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