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Hillary out, Trump Wins - Clif's Wujo 12-Sept-2016

Discussion in 'Future Forecasts, Prophecies & Clif High's Webbot' started by Bill, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Bill

    Bill The magic has always been within you. Staff Member Global Moderator

    Here is a brief (7min) YouTube video by Clif (he calls them wujo's) with him commenting on the flurry around Hillary's "medical episode" yesterday. He say's she will be out of the race soon, Dem's "select" a replacement (in other tweets he says not Bernie nor Biden) who is younger. But Trump wins anyway.

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  2. Vickie

    Vickie Boundless Creation Retired Moderator

    We knew this was coming! I had read lots of predictions that Trump would be selected for POTUS and the predictions say that Trump will be the fall guy. He'll take the blame for the economy hitting bottom too.
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  3. Angela

    Angela Resolute Spirit

    It still seems hard to believe that the country would take this sitting down though. Maybe it's my inability to accept that either person will get the presidency. But for how bipartisan the country is, that's over half that would just be super pissed off about trump winning. Not to mention the "unfairness" of a party's presidential candidate coming in randomly at the end.

    A prophecy is just that, a possible outcome for the future. May happen may not, but i keep thinking about that one chick that said a black president would be our last.

    I have high hopes for our country's future. Again, it may just be me not believing that such a thing could continue anymore, but it's all been just so bizarre.
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  4. Vickie

    Vickie Boundless Creation Retired Moderator

    Are talking you about the predictions of Baba Vanga? She said that Obama would either destroy the country in his last year or that he would call martial law and stay in office. Another psychic Glenda Jackson said so too and Nostradamus hinted toward it in his predictions. My friend tells me all the time that Obama will stay in office. You are so right, Angela. Bizarre is an accurate word to describe these crazy times.

    If Obama does stay in office I guess we better pay attention to the predictions that would come after that.
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  5. Angela

    Angela Resolute Spirit

    Thank you for the correction. I was thinking of baba yaga.
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