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Hear The Frequency of The New Earth

Discussion in 'Channeling & Interdimensional Communication' started by Henda, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Henda

    Henda Multidimensional Healer & writer Staff Member Board Moderator

    I received this channel yesterday and I am posting it here today because so much has been going on since the last weeks and last night. So as I heard so much the frequency of Gaia during the last 3 days in my ears, I was allowed to channel her message that came through The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace which is at its 36 level of crystallization today ! I feel my hear is turning and I need to rest !
    Hope this message help you and heal you
    hope it brings light and love in your entire being

    I channeled this message from a tree I used few times ago for healing from the forest

    Much Love

    "Hear the Frequency of The New Earth
    It is very subtle now as you shift in higher dimensions
    Hear the Frequency of the universe
    It is calling you to be part of a greater realm
    You may walk along with your life purpose and feel gratitude for what you are receiving
    Receiving the frequency of the New Earth in your being is a gift from higher self
    Your higher self is talking to you tuning in that frequency today
    As you tune in more you will hear the messages sent through the voices of the angels and the Universe
    All voices will come to tune in you
    You have to be patient and strong for your life purpose is also to bring back more of these experiences in this lifetime
    When you hear that frequency of Gaia
    You are diving deeper in the core of the light
    The core of the crystalline earth
    As it is here now in you
    Waiting for you to grab it with your heart and send it with your bodies
    Your hands are only a channel of many others that are in you
    You heal with your entire being
    You heal with the light within that you Channel from the Core of The New Earth
    This energy is of a marvelous time
    It is coming through you and asking you to use it and help with it
    Help yourself and help others
    In helping others Your also help yourself
    This is how you are in a blessing union with That Which Is
    As you see Source in you,
    you also have to see it in those around you
    Help them see it in themselves
    Bringing back your divine essence
    And connect to the frequency of the New Earth
    You are living amazing times
    Times of magic and wanders
    Times of healing and creation
    You are coming from so far from where you are now
    Your soul is your true house
    It is bound to an earthly shape
    Celebrate it and take care of it
    You are the traveller of the universes !

    Here is the tree

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  2. Entity jade

    Entity jade Transient

    This is very true I told agree with Wilderness Therapy it is the only way for my healing, re-grounding and Energy communication conduit ..

    I did have some questions regarding this subject. If you would mind conversing? I’ll wait for your approval of my question/ questions
    Thank you
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  3. Henda

    Henda Multidimensional Healer & writer Staff Member Board Moderator

    any question is welcome :-D


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