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Health Guru Allegedly Died From Eating His Own Superfoods


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There is a big coverup going on over the death of a superfood company founder, Jameth Sheridan. Sheridan created a company called Healthforce that has become a giant producer and distributer of health foods and supplements sold in many stores in the USA including Whole Foods, GNC and more. Last year the FDA found his products contain high levels of toxic heavy metals.

It is alleged that Sheridan died due to complications with his kidneys because of the high levels of heavy metals he ingested from his own foods and supplements. To make matters worse, his death certificate has been put online and his death was covered up for six months so the company could continue to rake in profits and this company brings in BIG profits. The company denied knowing about Jameth Sheridan's death until yesterday although the death certificate clearly shows that Sheridan died in March of 2016 at 46 years old.

Really? They didn't know that their own founder and the man that runs the show had died?

If any of you use supplements or speciality health foods please read this article and find out if what you are taking was produced or distributed by Healthforce.

Read the story here

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