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Getting Back On My Feet

Discussion in 'Health, Somatics & Psychological Well-being' started by Kontufuto, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Kontufuto

    Kontufuto Shimmering Soul

    I would like to share a most interesting experience I am finally moving through and out. My body started to succumb to sickness several weeks ago. There were some physical and environmental agents that did the body IN and I suppose it was inevitable though I misunderstood the source until later on. It started with a sore throat and escalated to chest congestion. After almost a week of that and no end in sight I decided to go to the doctor who put me on antibiotics and received a steroid bacterial shot. Within a day more symptoms manifested. The typical flu symptoms e.g. headache, loss of taste and smell, sniffles, as well as others...the chest congestion getting worse. Tea infused with apple cider vinegar and lemon & Nyquil were my friends to get through the day and night but toward the end of the illness another interesting turn of events happened. My illness broke after it lasting 3 or more weeks.

    Last Wednesday it broke for an unknown reason at which time I received an email from someone I know. Without getting into details I will say the news was so remarkably positive my chest congestion quickly retreated magically as well as several other remaining symptoms. Shortly thereafter it dawned on me that I was in an empathetic predicament for well over five years! It was over! There was no further need to take on someone else's pain and misery. So basically I pulled in every possible reason to take on the harmful and negative energy of another and it rolled out so pervasively it blanketed my awareness and capability to see things straight!

    Since the flu breaking my intuitive self is back on the mend and rather a reset took place. Like the slate was clear and ready to receive again cleanly and emotion-free. Matter of fact, in the last few days, positive and desirable actions have been happening that have either been wanting with clarity and intention. A change that I thought I had not invoked but pleased with the outcome and results of my 'cleansing'. I must admit I was never focused on this sort of predicament so clearly before but I have a new expression of thanks and gratitude for an understanding of energy-how it manifests and survives!
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  2. Pod

    Pod Realized Sentience Staff Member Board Moderator

    So glad that you are recovering well. I think almost everyone in the Western world has had the flu this last season.

    Louis Hay: Influenza: Response to mass negativity and beliefs. Fear. Belief in statistics.


    YUP we got through that one.

    Why did you go to a doctor? Why did you not use homeopathy or colloidal silver?

    Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Linda

    Linda Sweetheart of the Rodeo Staff Member Global Moderator Administrator Board Moderator

    Welcome back. Quite a few people have had something along the lines of your illness, so you are in good company. Now you are ready to go for the next stage, right!!
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  4. Anaeika

    Anaeika Boundless Creation Staff Member Board Moderator

    I think the illness forced you to see the energetic connection so you could sever it and be free. Do you feel like you are vibrating higher and letting in more love?

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