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Feeling out of it? Try the 8 minute tune-up with Donna Eden


Sweetheart of the Rodeo
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I've mentioned Donna Eden's work to many people. I find her simple exercises personally helpful. Many of us are having bouts of not feeling so great, so I thought I would share this video. These three exercises, especially the cross crawl, work wonders. (Don't worry, no actually crawling required.)

Crossover Shoulder Pull — mental clarity, great for preventing illness and speeds recovery if you’re sick

The Cross Crawl — helps your brain work better, helps all energies in your body flow

The Crown Pull — opens space in your head for energy, blood and lymph flow, increases mental clarity, good for clearing headaches



Illusion Investigator
Looks like a version of the Emotional Freedom Technique. I tend to do a similar thing but just using my awareness.

More often than not these days, my body goes on automatic, I just need to sit quietly and read.


Boundless Creation
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She has a really cheery disposition too. Thank you for sharing this.
Looks. Like she combines yoga, EFT, & osteopathy.
I’ll try the crossover shoulder pull,

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