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Eating habits and spirituality

Discussion in 'Health, Somatics & Psychological Well-being' started by Onmyway, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Onmyway

    Onmyway Shimmering Soul

    Just a quick question for y'all. Has anyone experienced any food intolerance or aversions ,the further along you go down your spiritual path? I feel like I can't eat anything, especially processed food, most meats, breads and pastas. At this point I mainly eat fruits, veggies and lean proteins. There is nothing medically wrong with me, but I noticed that the sudden intolerance to certain foods started as I began to take an active role in my spirituality.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I feel like I'm not only purging spiritually, but also physically. I have no complaints, my body is loving it. Just curious to see if others have had similar experiences.

    Thank you all in advance :)
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  2. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Realized Sentience

    I'm afraid resistance in that one area of my life is what keeps me human. :nail:))
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  3. Bill

    Bill The magic has always been within you. Retired Global Moderator

    Over the course of the year I felt the need to and changed my diet considerably. Cut out artificial sweetners (Nutrasweet). Switched to raw sugar for my coffee for a few months. Then cut out the sugar ...I'm good with dairy (blood type B's are usually ok with dairy) and that is enough sweetness for me. Cut out all the sweets (I f'ing love cookies and such) so much more sugar gone. Then at the end of March I felt the pull to drop wheat/gluten from my diet. Did so pretty easily...though I do miss the bread I loved on occasion. Added veggies and fruits. Very occasionally have red meat, mainly fish for protein and turkey sometimes. The diet changes coupled with getting back to regular exercise (light weights/elliptical) supplemented by yoga a couple of times a week have had a big impact on me. Have lost 55 lbs since the start of the year. All pretty easily and without hunger pains or struggling with the diet. I still have some fun stuff on occasion and do so without guilt. It's all ok. And life just keeps gettin' better.
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  4. Onmyway

    Onmyway Shimmering Soul

    Congratulations Bill! :D It sounds like your transition was a huge success and it went rather smoothly for you. I felt an initial nudge to change my eating habits early on this year, but then with certainly things like breads and red meat, it got to the point where I could not hold it in anymore. My body just wasn't having it, I had a few bouts of that before I caught on to the real reason for my random "stomach bugs". Its only been a 3 weeks for me, but I've dropped 10lbs already, the daily aches and pains are no more and my body has overall rebalanced itself for the most part. I do have an occasional splurge, but for some reason my usual treats don't hit the spot anymore. Mixed fruit with raw honey and cinnamon is my new go to sweet fix.

    Congratulations again and job well done :)
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  5. Linda

    Linda Sweetheart of the Rodeo Staff Member Global Moderator Administrator Board Moderator

    OMG - yes. I can tell pretty quickly when something I eat does not agree with me and the list keeps getting longer. I do fine with what I prepare, which are simple meals. Our kids took us to lunch last weekend, and there was exactly one thing on the menu I could eat - spring roll appetizers. I've always been sensitive to dairy but more so now - now lattes give me terrible stomach cramps - :)|

    Bill, HEB carries Rudi's gluten free bread in the frozen food dept. I love the millet and chia, which I use for toast.
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  6. Sam Vause

    Sam Vause Aware Presence

    I resonate with your words. I'm no longer tolerant of meat (four-legged kind, even lamb - SOB!!!! - all cause major inflamation), nor sweets, nor artificially-sweetened items. And I'm not tolerant of MSG, either (massive muscle spasms) - with the result that since January I'm looking more and more like a fresh / local veggies snob. Fish 'n Fowl are still on the list, fortunately. I have mostly given up dairy - 'cept butter and cheese. And I now love snacks (especially raw nuts), but stay away from fruits with high sugar content. The bonus: my weight is definitely drifting down noticeably (more than 20lbs this year), something that has eluded me for years.
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  7. Sam Vause

    Sam Vause Aware Presence

    Are you perhaps Blood Type A (I am...)?
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  8. Out of Time

    Out of Time Ancient Consciousness

    I am vegetarian but quite frankly enjoy abusing all non-meat food. Then I realize I don't want to be fat any more :(
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  9. Onmyway

    Onmyway Shimmering Soul

    I am type O- actually.
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  10. Onmyway

    Onmyway Shimmering Soul

    This made me giggle :D

    I know your pain my friend. I was never a big meat eater, but pastas and desserts have always been my kryptonite :(:(
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  11. Bill

    Bill The magic has always been within you. Retired Global Moderator

    Thanks for the HEB tip...will check it out. I find a very nice gluten free bread at Whole Foods (7 Grain by Canyon Bakers) that I will usually have on the weekends with some scrambled eggs w/veggies. Yum!
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  12. Jenny

    Jenny Aware Presence

    Yes I totally agree with you Bill, over the last year my eating habits have changed drastically from being a meat, wheat and dairy lover to a plant-based, high raw lifestyle. It was prompted by me getting some digestive issues last August, and I figured that a process of elimination might make things better. First to go was meat and dairy - the meat part was easy, I'd never been that much of a meat eater, although I DID love bacon, and the dairy was actually not as hard as I thought (surprising as I loved loved loved cheese and butter!). The digestive issues improved and I got used to this new way of eating. It actually made me more adventurous with my meals because I had to source more interesting plant based recipes. Then about six months ago I cut out wheat because of bloating when I ate it. I definitely feel better for doing it, less bloated, not so sluggish and I lost a bit of weight as a side bonus too!

    So I currently eat fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, plant-based milks, rice and legumes - basically trying to eat food that's as unprocessed as possible, the way Nature intended it. I do still have moments when a chocolate croissant demands to be eaten, but I figure if I'm eating well 90% of the time, I've got a little leeway for some not-so-healthy options occasionally! That said, my body has a way of informing me when I've eaten something that's not so good for it, so there's always a small price to be paid ;) I feel like I'm still transitioning to a healthier way of eating so perhaps in time the croissants will fall by the wayside (or maybe not - they're pretty good tasting!)O.o:D

    For me, the change was prompted by a desire to feel healthier, but I do think that it also ties in with spiritual development as well. It seems that a lot of people who are on a conscious path of awakening are naturally gravitating towards a plant based lifestyle, and I've seen/read various channellings where this way of eating is recommended. Everyone's different and I guess plant based eating may not feel right for some people, but it works for me and I definitely see it as a part of my spiritual journey.
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  13. Sinera

    Sinera Healer, Musician, Astral-Traveler Retired Moderator

    Vegetarian for years now. Still trying to go on the vegan path but the decisive step still missing.
    Currently working on cutting down (or out) more dairy and sugar (or both in combination). Sometimes in small steps, e.g. now only eating dark chocolates as it has more healthy stuff (polyphenols, etc) in it and of course also a bit less sugar.
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  14. Laron

    Laron Healing Facilitator & Consciousness Guide Staff Member Administrator Board Moderator Creator of transients.info & The Roundtable

    This is an area I have focused on a lot for about eight years — monitoring what my body requires, but also learning more about diet and spirituality as I go.

    I've been a vegetarian (which means no meat including seafood and CHICKEN, as some people think you still eat chicken...) for over 8 years. A few months back I stopped having dairy, and I felt that also helped me a great deal.

    I feel my body can't do with wheat anymore, but I am yet to cut it out fully just yet.

    I still eat eggs, as long as they are free range and organic. I do feel that eggs which are not grass fed, or organic, are not good for me.

    Sugar has been my most recent focus, so trying not to have any at all, but I am aware it's in some of the foods I sometimes get.

    The reason I become a vegetarian was based on some research I did. Back then I had just fallen onto my spiritual path (2008-2009). The rainbow diet is something I respect a lot; I read a book back then dedicated to the topic. My understanding showed me that the energy signature, really the spirit and consciousness, of more sentient beings such as animals, reside in the meat, including their emotions, so by consuming it you are taking on a part of them.

    Basically, my conclusion back then, and I'm talking logically, not intuitively, was that meat generally caused your energy field — which is made up of the subtle bodies / auric layers, many energy centers closer to the physical body including the chakras, and the central energy lines — take on a range of energies that belonged to the animal you consumed. This was not at all good for your energy field for a range of reasons.

    Studies have shown that people who eat red meat can generally become more aggressive over time, and I have seen this happen to people I know who have gone from being vegetarian to meat eating again. Research has been done in prisons where they took out meat from the diet, and suddenly there was a major drop in violence for inmates.

    The point is, we know it’s a high possibility that eating meat can impact our emotions, but then what else can it do?

    I also concluded back then that it lowers our immunity to a degree, but there are many things we can do in life to keep our immunity strong, so this wasn’t a huge factor. It was really more about the spiritual side for me, because of what it did to our energy. I became a vegetarian to help me with astral projection, as that was my passion. It did help I found, and helped me become much more focused in meditation. My health improved dramatically. I stopped getting sick for many years.

    One could argue that plants can sense and feel, which they can, but you have to think about their stage in evolution in terms of how conscious they are, the situations they are in, what they take on, as in on a mental and emotional level, and so on. Usually a plant isn’t having such a range of experiences as an animal or person, as they are in a fixed position only going through the experiences that come to them.

    As I went further along my path my intuitive side began to kick in and I started listening to my body more and more. A lot of what I had researched was feeling very accurate to me, but I began to pick up on more things that were going on based on my diet.

    The way I look at this is that we are all unique. We all go through stages where we have to adjust our diet. For some people, meat is fine because they are at a level that requires it. For others, they need to stop eating it based on where they are at. The same goes for everything else.

    There are exceptions here though, when you have a health condition that shows you need to stop consuming something, that’s really quite different to the stages I am referring to. So we could be lactose intolerant for example, but that may have nothing to do with where we are at on a vibrational and spiritual level.

    As another example here, I think the blood type diet is very helpful, but, once you reach a certain stage in terms of your frequency and vibration, which is connected into your spirituality in different ways, then you will end up adjusting your diet otherwise your body will suffer in different ways, and this means stepping away from the guidelines of a blood type diet.

    From a health perspective, if a person has cancer, or another major condition, it’s been proven that from changing to a vegan diet dramatically improves their health and immunity, and helps them heal. But a person will need to address the emotional connection to the condition as well, alongside that. That doesn’t mean they should keep on with the vegan diet forever, just until they have improved their health to a certain stage and overcome their condition. From then, they can begin adjusting their diet to be healthier, which may mean they still eat meat, but they are being more mindful of organic food, having less sugar, and so on.

    So in conclusion we are all very different and are on different levels. There should never be any judgement around what a person decides to consume. It’s a complicated situation for some, as there are other things to consider, so it’s not always straightforward.

    Recently I have been drawn back to seafood. I had a holographic balancing scan — which for those that are not familiar with the two groups I have run through transients, this software taps into your energy field and provides information about your state of being, including your health — and it has shown I need to take Omega 3. I have the choice to start eating seafood, or to take Omega 3, which could be fish oil based or algae based.

    I personally don’t feel seafood is going to be a big issue for me, but I am very wary of where it comes from. I’m concerned with the radiation levels in the water, but also the levels of mercury. I am extra sensitive to radiation so I seem to have it impact me more than a lot of others. I recently came across an article talking about studies showing a dramatic increase in ocean mercury levels. So just from a basic health perspective, seafood is something I am just unsure of returning to, but it is certainly the healthiest flesh or meat you can eat from an energetic perspective.

    I have ran into some tasty dairy free dark chocolate!
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  15. Linda

    Linda Sweetheart of the Rodeo Staff Member Global Moderator Administrator Board Moderator

    I've given up on seafood because everything available to me comes from the north Pacific and Gulf of Mexico - two heavily polluted bodies of water. Every now and then fish from the south Pacific show up, but it is expensive, so I don't get it either.

    That leaves me with Omega 3s, which have their own source problems. Thank goodness for the people at Natural Grocers who got the source info for me (the young man called the companies and asked where their fish came from). When it was just me, I bought a product that was manufactured from krill near Antarctica. However, it was expensive. When I started giving it to our dogs (they need it too), I switched to another brand that is manufactured from fish near South America.

    Eggs provide another source adventure because descriptions such as cage free and free-range do not mean the same thing. (See earlier post about how much space chickens have http://www.transients.info/roundtable/threads/how-much-living-space-do-chickens-really-have.1267/)

    Not long ago, I was trying to explain about the importance of knowing the source of omega-3 supplements. I could see their eyes starting to glaze over, and one person said "just tell me which one to buy".
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  16. Laron

    Laron Healing Facilitator & Consciousness Guide Staff Member Administrator Board Moderator Creator of transients.info & The Roundtable

    That's great info Linda, especially about the topic of Omega 3.
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