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Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Life After Death

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Lorna Wilson, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Lorna Wilson

    Lorna Wilson Resolute Spirit Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

    Dr. Wayne Dyer's daughters share details of his life after death.

    'Since his death, the signs and the communication have continued, not just for Serena (his daughter), but for all his family members. In fact, the family connected with fellow Hay House author and medium Karen Noe, who delivered specific and accurate messages from Dyer, not only about his family, but also about his experience on the other side.

    “After we die, we go through a life review where we can see how we affected other people through their eyes, and he was able to see what he had done, good, bad or indifferent. He wasn’t able to see how much he affected everyone with his work, and now he can,” Noe tells Elevated Existence. “At one point, he said everyone was yelling at him after he passed, asking, ‘Why did you leave?’ and he said, ‘Tell them I’m still here.’”

    Full article: http://www.elevatedexistence.com/dr-wayne-dyers-life-after-death/
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  2. Vickie

    Vickie Visiting Paragon Retired Moderator

    "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change" I love that! I imagine Dyer has lots of messages considering what he did in life!
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  3. Hailstones Melt

    Hailstones Melt Realized Sentience

    Wayne Dyer's energy signature was more intense than most people's. I remember Dolores Cannon talking about Nostradamus's intent showing up as great multiple spikes when the Earth viewed off world as a sphere was seen by the subconscious at a time he was in the body and making an impact. Just having the will to create, or the will to make change can make a big difference to layers of intent.
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