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Create a poem/song out of a dream

Discussion in 'Roundtable Creative Gallery of the Arts' started by Anna, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Anna

    Anna Aware Presence

    Create a poem/song out of a dream can be a fun and alternative way to express a dream in a dreamjournal or for just using dreams as an inspiration source for writing.
    Sometimes we might have feelings, thought or visions lying latent which we feel not able to grasp or express. Then, using a dream and make a poem or song can be a catalyst for these hidden expressions as well as a way to also understand a dream better in the process of writing. I feel also that the poetic language can bring out aspects of ourselves in a different way than common language.

    If you find it difficult to start to put words on the dream i have a few suggestions of how you can start.
    Lets say that you had a dream about a green dragon sitting in a red couch. One way is to start to feel if there was a message from the dragon if that was not clear outspoken and write that down. If you cant grasp a feeling you can check the symbolic meaning of the dragon in various sites for inspiration. Maybe then a memory comes or also words that might not make sense like a silver spoon or a nose or anything. Just write it down and see what happens as even if it doesnt make sense at the moment it could make sense in the end.

    You could go on with the couch and maybe a memory comes or you could write out of something that a couch could be related to, as perhaps something which is familiar, your comfortable zon or a place to rest and heal. The color could relate to the root chakra so it can be related to stability, finding ones roots, beeing close to the earth for example. Maybe you have a strong feeling what the message was but maybe not. In that case you could ask yourself: "If i knew the answer of the message what would that be". This could be a way to get i flow with fantasy and/or express a latent knowing.

    Sometimes dreams can also be related to our shadow self, parts of ourselves that we might not want to see or need to heal and the dreams can also be unexpected. Meeting a dragon in a couch for example might be unexpected as we might picture them in different places. I could then start with the word unexpected meeting in a familiar place (the couch). I could go on with what happens then and use the same method as above.

    Here is a poem out of a dream i had opening a window

    Opening the window of the soul

    Opening the window of the soul. Empty garden, empty space. Embrace that empty space, no fear.
    Mysterious sounds and faces, full of grace.

    We walk in light. Opening the window of the soul. The light within. You`ll feel your goal. You hear.

    The calling from the stars. The stars rests in your face. Opening the window of the soul.

    What remains in the end and here, the stars can trace.

    Timeless streams of light fills our souls with bliss. And the hearts beats different those days. In the window of the one who feel, when its close.

    If you have a poem or song written out of a dream you would like to share, feel free to do so here.
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  2. Laron

    Laron Healing Facilitator & Consciousness Guide Staff Member Administrator Board Moderator Creator of transients.info & The Roundtable

    I think this is an amazing concept and idea. Thank you Anna for starting this thread. I have bookmarked it using the forum bookmark feature so I won't forget it!

    I have been recording my dreams sporadically over the past year. I don't have many of them and I have them written on my phone, in a journal and in a large notebook.

    Some background for me. I interpret dreams and have been doing so for at least five years for people; it's one of my services I provide on my site listed in my signature. I only recently started charging. For about 3 years straight, back in 98, I recorded my dreams every night, some nights noting down five or six dreams, each lengthy — I became very good at recalling lots of detail. It was when I was practicing astral projection on a regular basis. I often had prophetic dreams, which is not uncommon if you actually take notice of your dreams. I became decent at interpreting them based on feedback from people.

    From the 29th of December, 2017, not long ago, these are a combination of the first two dreams out of three I recalled after waking, the third being about a past partner cheating on me.

    I have written a lot of poetry. It takes a long time and should be left for days, if not weeks and months before perfecting and completing, but here is one I just wrote tonight.

    Sliced in two like the flesh of a blood orange —
    spectacular and vibrant —
    are the colors of his waistcloth and robes.
    Exiting a structure after being confined for a week
    the monks leave him and head to Laos.

    Golden arches tower above as the spiritual leader swiftly enters.
    The target of his journey is fries and a coke.
    My laughter erupts like I had just got the joke.
    Walking over and bending down, he leaves an item on the ground.

    The urge is there to capture it in my galaxy.
    The screen focuses on a lonesome yellow fruit.

    A stadium crowd ignores me and another takes the limelight,
    as I share the story of Tenzin and his hungry belly.

    I’m on the web being educated about the Lama,
    who’s been unable to project; but I can’t stop laughing —
    the joke being about that banana.

    Like I had left my body, suddenly I'm standing on a highway.
    A vest sits on the ground which I pick up and pull on.
    It’s labeled paramedic, I see.

    With much effort I try to find someone, to pass the vest on,
    but inside a building there is no one,
    except children and nurses who surround me.
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    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
  3. Anna

    Anna Aware Presence

    Thanks Laron for your answer and lovely poem.
    I liked the expression of "Sliced in two like the flesh of a blood orange". It gave an interesting and lively start of the poem. It raised thoughts to me about different lifetimes and how they can relate in dreams(even though i do not know if this can relate to your poem) It was interesting that you put together three dreams in one poem if i got it right?
    And also for ourselves, if we are able to recall many of the dreams in a certain time we might be able to understand the bigger picture/meaning more as also how certain dreams can be connected to past lives as well, giving the poem more content. I notice more and more, the relationship between dreams the more i focus on remembering.

    Dreams,astral projection and writing belongs to my favorite areas and since i put my soul in learning and focus i had profetic dreams last years as well as remembering meetings with spirit animals in dreams since childhood. So far i have not attended a proper dream-school put my intention is to start in the nearest future learning in the school of Robert Moss which you might be familiar with which i am looking forward very much.

    Nice to hear that you work with dream interpretation, something i intend to do in the future more. Life without dream interpretation is to me like living our daylight lives trying to catch answers with a feeling at the end of the day that something is left out.:)
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  4. Pucksterguy

    Pucksterguy Visiting Paragon

    Great idea, Anne. Maybe it's something I need to work on. I have no trouble putting pen to paper to write out an idea or thought. It can come out almost eloquent and intelligible. But I must be part Vulcan. I can put out a thesis but I can't seem to put it into prose or lyrics. Interestingly (to me) I've never worked at it.
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  5. Anna

    Anna Aware Presence

    I understand what you mean Pucksterguy and sometimes i think when we shall do an attempt to put ideas into poems it can be helpful trying to catch the very essence of your ideas in a few words and work out from there with help from metaphors and perhaps rhymes can help sometimes to get in the flow. Looking forward for your poem:)
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  6. Lila

    Lila Boundless Creation Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

    Okay, here is what came when putting together in poem form a series of dreams over time. Some of it is quite unexpected, especially that last line!o_O

    Ripped apart from horn to seat
    Partner torn; left as meat
    We journey on and find ourselves
    Again, again and yet again

    Here we are in times so cool
    We get to heal those ancient scars
    The stars, moon, sun help us do
    What we ourselves could not quite get to

    It's time! Ride out! Together again
    We find each other in bliss
    Meet again to kiss
    Ourselves, each other, the sky

    Higher and higher we fly
    Didn't know we could
    But remembered we would
    So high we go when we die
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  7. Anna

    Anna Aware Presence

    What a nice poem Lila and interesting to put together many dreams, i was inspirated to do so. I like the last sentence "so high we go when we die". I imagine when we die we see things from a higher perspective, we are higher:) and as some scientists suggest, there is a relationship between released natural DMT as in dreams. Sometimes i like to think of life as just a preparation for to die. Thanks for your lovely poem<3
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  8. Lila

    Lila Boundless Creation Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

    Oooh, intriguing thought! I hadn't thought of it from that (high;)) perspective.

    Me too:-D
    Specifically, something about choosing how/when/where/with whom/etc to die...
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  9. Anna

    Anna Aware Presence

    On the 11/11 last year in an astral dream i met two beings whom I think are connected mostly to Sirius. I wrote a poem of what happened. After the dream i noticed I had a painting I had done before that with their faces so my conclusion was that i channeled their energy before the dream as the looks was very similar to theirs as on the attached picture.

    The Chrystal children

    Walking away from the old world, of smokey eyes and grey. With confident steps, on a redbrown golden ground. The road so clear, there was no other way. I was alone, but i just couldn`t stay.

    Wasn`t neither searching for a familar place to land. With confidents steps, on a redbrown golden ground, hearing their voice behind my back. Two beings took my hand.

    We are the chrystal children and you are one of us. We`ll follow you in the new world, cause now it is the time. The time to get together and heal the world from fear.

    They said that they were children, the tallest i have seen. They smiled while they said; on our planet we are all the same height you see.
    Oval faces, cat like big eyes. Brown golden faces, so loving to me. Deep inside a longing for a place where i have been.

    Hand in hand, towards the new world as they knew. The new world was so different. The colours were so clear. Like a fairytale brightness and magic atmosphere.

    I can feel their presence, i know they are around. I always remember.

    We are the chrystal children and we are here to stay. We`ll follow you in the new world. cause now it is the time. The time to get together and heal the world from fear.

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  10. Lila

    Lila Boundless Creation Staff Member Global Moderator Board Moderator

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